Joe Rogan Experience #1348 - Bill Burr

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AndNowWhatADO - Hour ago
James Bendle
James Bendle - 4 hours ago
I love Bill Burr and some of Rogan's long-form interviews are almost a new art form. But this is sooo self indulgent. Rogan's laugh is really fake and empty in this one as well. Creeps me out.
Young Papi
Young Papi - 9 hours ago
Bill Burr is honestly the only white person that find hilarious, absolute legend!
Aaron Collins
Aaron Collins - 13 hours ago
bill setting up that hilarious joke about locking eyes with the bear and joe cuts him off with some shit literally nobody gives a shit about hearing
"I knew what that bear was thinking! he was thinking 'hey bud-'
"Jamie pull up a video of a bear bah blah etc" jesus christ joe just wants to hear himself speak. he's the worst part about jre lol
Headkick Ko
Headkick Ko - Day ago
They should've dimmed the lights for those two, if you know what I mean 🤣
John McCloud
John McCloud - 2 days ago
Joe " I'm a bad mfer" Rogan
Shark Bait
Shark Bait - 2 days ago
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts - 2 days ago
I think swimming makes animals stinkier actually because the water in the undercoat gets mildewed.
Anderson - 2 days ago
Valerie Donahoe
Valerie Donahoe - 3 days ago
Damn Bill just got hot when he mentioned listening to Tool
Freddy Valdez
Freddy Valdez - 3 days ago
Joe “my kids are allowed to hit me as hard as they can” Rogan
Dobbies Revenge
Dobbies Revenge - 4 days ago
Joe "i dont know what an omnivore is" rogan
Micro CNC
Micro CNC - 4 days ago
I drive in the right lane too, I used to be a far left lane guy but as you get older you get out of the way for the young guys 😂 👍🏼
Micro CNC
Micro CNC - 4 days ago
Bill Burr is the only comedian guest allowed on the podcast Joe. And bring back F is for Family Bill. Tell those Netflix Nazis to put it back on or put em thru the fuckin wall. 😂
Sue Maleski
Sue Maleski - 4 days ago
Now that i know Bill says hes trying to be less confrontation, start less beef with ppl.. i notice a few times before he says it that he rushes over opportunities, skips them, changes the subject quickly. He really is going out of his way to be more pacifistic. Harmonious Bill. A bonafide roast master..
Thomas Rainbow
Thomas Rainbow - 4 days ago
In 2045 Jamie will be AI Jamie
A Fury
A Fury - 4 days ago
Gotta have these guys on -
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Sylvester Stallone
Brock Lesnar
The Rock
Gal is A pal
Gal is A pal - 3 days ago
Rogan: Stallone you ever tried DMT? Stallone: You gotta do what you gotta do.
Jeffrey Lebowski
Jeffrey Lebowski - 4 days ago
At 50:07 the story bill mentions is about 2 Dutch girls who strayed of an hiking path in some South American jungle country. Somehow they slided down an hill and got stuck below . The rescue team found a piece of bone in one shoe and when they developed the girls camera footage it seems they tryed to signal airplanes with the flash on the camera. Such an sad end.
Masha V
Masha V - 5 days ago
54:30 Ol'Billy's primal reaction 😂
TrumanEntertainment - 5 days ago
Dude they talk about the same things every podcast. I swear I have heard Joe's WorldStar story before.
zeke dawgg
zeke dawgg - 5 days ago
Evertime the camera flips to bill burr i gotta turn down the brighness level on my phone
cld - 5 days ago
These guys talking about selena... Cristiano Ronaldo has 187M..
cld - 3 days ago
Tristan Denver 187M
Tristan Denver
Tristan Denver - 3 days ago
cld the rock has more then Selena lol
Emiliano Quiroga
Emiliano Quiroga - 5 days ago
The Bostonian accent in Joe just gets thicker throughout this episode
RCGshakenbake - 5 days ago
Sorry but AC DC sucks and is played out. It all sounds the same.
beastlysk8r22 - 6 days ago
Joe "preposterous" Rogan
Cherry Belle
Cherry Belle - 6 days ago
Began with a b so you Birmingham
Rotfaun - 6 days ago
8:39 I hate this fuckin world, asteroid impact now! We need a reset
Yusuke Heller
Yusuke Heller - 6 days ago
Thanks Joe, Thanks Bill... I just diverted for the last hour and half watching animals being torn apart... chimps, huge fuckin lizards, wild dogs (HOLY SHIT), lions, hyenas, bears... I capped it all off by watching some shit on Timothy Treadwell getting eaten by a bear.
Good stuff.
Metallicfender - 6 days ago
Joe "I ate shit" Rogan
Ekh0_Alcatraz - 6 days ago
I was bullied off the bus one time, also pursued to pick up tire iron next to sewer drain. Believe, i was in 1st grade. No?
Brandon Lockridge
Brandon Lockridge - 6 days ago
Joe “If anybody fucks you” Rogan
Brandon Lockridge
Brandon Lockridge - 6 days ago
55:21 when your choking on your own air.
Brandon Lockridge
Brandon Lockridge - 6 days ago
Joe “Ate shit on a Thursday night” Rogan
Brandon Lockridge
Brandon Lockridge - 6 days ago
I learned in High School how to trace an IP and get into the webcams it’s ridiculously easy. So that’s why I tape my webcams. I’m not paranoid. It’s just that I know how easy it is to hack into webcams.
MrComeasyouare94 - 7 days ago
Joe ‘I ate shit’ Rogan
IAM REAL - 7 days ago
bill is great. his new special is fantastic. Rotten Tomatoes must be part of the fascist establishment;
Doc. Feelings
Doc. Feelings - 7 days ago
How am I only finding this now
Adam Voelzke
Adam Voelzke - 7 days ago
Bill saw you in Pittsburgh years ago, awesomeness!
Eletronic Factory
Eletronic Factory - 8 days ago
joe laughs when animals get ripped apart , some day this might happen to one of his kids.Then we can post on instagram :)
Alex DeLarge
Alex DeLarge - 8 days ago
Many of Bill's hilarious interjections go right past Joe lol.
Bill is brilliant, and I think Paper Tiger is his best special yet.
Douglas Morris
Douglas Morris - 2 days ago
Bill drawing the line that connects irony and outrage -
glitch modulator
glitch modulator - 8 days ago
Will you talk about my special? So my special.. Dude does bill not know how the internet works? We know your special is coming out holy fuck. It's not like Joe isn't going to say it, put it in the description, see it on the cover of Netflix, ads on Instagram. Can he not just chill and shoot the shit like the old bill jre podcasts? He literally couldn't even wait 5 minutes on Theo's pod to ask when he was going to promote his special. Literally like 4 min in... Then he went on to act better than Theo and like he didn't even want to be there. It's just sad to see after being such a big fan for years!
glitch modulator
glitch modulator - 8 days ago
Bill is a snob now. Lost touch with himself. It's amazing/sad how money and fame eventually gets to almost all of them.
Carsten Friesen
Carsten Friesen - 8 days ago
I fit that profile and I started to puke when I heard that story
Mr John
Mr John - 8 days ago
I gotta agree with Bill on who deserves an Oscar in Once upona time in Hollywood. Nicolas Hammond was great as DiCaprio's director in this film.
thorzyan - 8 days ago
It's the court jester; that's where stand up comedy comes from. Holding a mirror to the kings face to be a voice of truth.
johntheGoat 23
johntheGoat 23 - 9 days ago
This Guy is not that Funny ! Like bro u dont have 2 try an be funny in every sentence ! JC lame
Haxwell Eddison
Haxwell Eddison - 9 days ago
For your learning pleasures. A QR code is basically a barcode but more complex.
Dametri Watson
Dametri Watson - 6 days ago
Deez nuts are basically nuts but more deez
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - 9 days ago
Lmao "Were they able to record audio back in the days of silent movies?" If they could why wouldn't they record the actor's voice?
Trying get to Heavens Gate & cop some Nike Decades
Yes they could record audio because normal films were out too. Not every film studio/cinema had the same technology.
James Baker
James Baker - 9 days ago
I love listening to these two good friends just shoot the shit. Love it, thanks Joe and Bill.....
Austin Katz
Austin Katz - 9 days ago
That Komodo dragon video is grusome, just take Bill's word for it.
Austin Katz
Austin Katz - 9 days ago
How dare Joe Rogan talk bad about Worldstar hip-hop videos, bigot.
TheCritic - 10 days ago
Got some cool animal facts for Bill, if he'll ever read this :D :
-Elephants brains react the same way to seeing a human, as our does to a puppy, they think we are cute :3 (That might change, if the human forces it onto a tricycle)
-While a stampede of wild elephants have no problem with running down anything in their path, they tend to carefully step over fences and borders, even those that stand no chance of injuring the elephant... and it looks hilarious :D

-Sharks don't like the taste of human flesh, they just attack surfers from time to time, if they mistake the surfboard for a seal, as both look alike from below.
-The only exception to this are sick and/or old sharks, who are unable to catch their normal prey.
vacantplanets - 10 days ago
Bill "cultural appropriation" Burr. Fuck him.
Tries to be edgy by trying to attack feminism again in his newest special, instead attacks white women. Fucking moron. The same guy who tries to attack feminism goes on Joe Rogan and says shit like "my wife is so much smarter than me" "I'm a white male, what do I know about anything?"
Seth Silverbush
Seth Silverbush - 10 days ago
Man Rogan talks more than his guests, he’s like a girl.
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin - 10 days ago
54:30 😂😂😂😂
1:33:07 👌👌👌
Psyla - 10 days ago
I gagged so bad during the puke story
anjun - 10 days ago
I liked his special more than Chappelle's. Return to top form for Bill.
Null - 7 days ago
I thought it was much better than the last one where he shouted about Hitler for like 40 minutes. But top stage form were "I'm sorry you feel that way" and "You people are all the same."
Tenzil Sonam
Tenzil Sonam - 11 days ago
Bald men bond like brothers. Hey, Jamie, if by any chance this catches your eyes, get Jason Statham, asap! Even if it is for 45 mins. Tell Joe. Come on!
Urabusu - 8 days ago
Ooooh very nice idea
William Allen
William Allen - 11 days ago
Man joe you should do a podcast with Bill Withers
Jamster - 11 days ago
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