Making Cardboard ROBOTS (More Like Ronots lol) - Ten Minute Power Hour

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fergieson32 - 8 hours ago
Welcome to the 10 minute power hour!
*Nearly 2 minutes spent breaking the megaphone* 😂
Sam archer
Sam archer - 9 hours ago
Fun fact! Over time the adhesive from duct tape can actually fuse with your hand, causing the user excruciating amounts of pain through any attempt of removal :)
Truly Infamous
Truly Infamous - Day ago
Holy fuck. I was crying laughing at the start with the megaphone. It's literally been at least 5 months since I've laughed that hard and the video hadn't even started yet.
little bigdragon
little bigdragon - Day ago
Fayzian _
Fayzian _ - Day ago
10:52 the slime imprint mentioned in the metal makeup video
Buddyboltgaming - Day ago
Who else came back to see the green goo on the door
Scyrow - Day ago
I came back after the metal makeup episode to see what dan meant with "stain on the door"
I wasn´t expecting a giant mark at 10:52 where the slime apparently was eating its way through the door
nintendobitch - Day ago
The fact that Dan never called himself "batdan" still hurts me to this day
cassidy.marie - 2 days ago
10:52... the slime imprint on the door lol
David Tamez
David Tamez - 2 days ago
Can we get Dan doing Acapella rush
Hanayo Koizumi
Hanayo Koizumi - 2 days ago
the slime stain everyones comin back for is at 10:52
HATZ Rulez
HATZ Rulez - 2 days ago
10:51 *SlImE dOoR*
Shaun Thomas
Shaun Thomas - 2 days ago
10:52 to stop you searching for the slime mark mentioned in the new 10 Minute Power Hour x
Izabella Dee
Izabella Dee - 2 days ago
I had to go back and check for the slime print on the door
The_Echo - 2 days ago
Slime stain
Mia Yuki
Mia Yuki - 2 days ago
They were totally right, you can see the slime imprint on the door at 10:52
JensForum - 2 days ago
11:06 someone make a T-shirt design of this images, with the caption "half man, half robot, all badass!"
Frank Trazo
Frank Trazo - 2 days ago
3:12 Arin Armlet, I just realized about that one. And today's episode feels like childhood all over again.
Caius Jones
Caius Jones - 2 days ago
looking for he ethan slime
MsTheCommentator - 3 days ago
Wow, I have not laughed that loud and that long over a GG moment. RIP megaphone, you provided gut busting laughter in death.
Jadan Kerr
Jadan Kerr - 3 days ago
Anne - 3 days ago
The ultimate match up: dollar store terminator vs. Timmy's first OC
GGameinatorr - 3 days ago
What song is Dan singing? 3:03
Xskall - 3 days ago
Can anybody give me the time where u can see the slime on the door, I can’t see it but want too
Angel Dawn
Angel Dawn - 3 days ago
10:52 Slime Stain.
RJD1116 - 3 days ago
Arin: Does a decent battle cry and charges forward.
Dan: Does a whale impression and shuffles forward like he’s in a Christmas Tree costume.
Menelik - 3 days ago
10:52 for all of you comming after watching the metal makeup power hour, in the door
Chinagin and The lil' Chins
I love that giant stain of the door behind Arin during his bum rush. All because of their slime, lol...
The Swan
The Swan - 3 days ago
Look at the door, feast your eyes to the remnants of the slime
Snape255 - 3 days ago
The crinkled duck tape makes me wanna jump in a ditch and not come out for three years
Terminator S-K-3
Terminator S-K-3 - 3 days ago
*Shadow of War Reference*
Arin the Machine
Terminator S-K-3
Terminator S-K-3 - 3 days ago
Arin could have just pushed his head through the x shaped cardboard to give himself armor
Ashlynne Whatley
Ashlynne Whatley - 3 days ago
Dan singing that little bit of Stinkfist is my favorite thing that has happened in TMPH
Terminator S-K-3
Terminator S-K-3 - 3 days ago
Muh lady
Terminator S-K-3
Terminator S-K-3 - 3 days ago
Why would 271 people dislike this😡
the slunch
the slunch - 3 days ago
10:51 for slime imprint
TheLeoShmeo - 3 days ago
the slunch you tha goat
TatsCatsandBats - 3 days ago
TMPH? More like, "Let's make BIG MESS"
Lukas Wilcox
Lukas Wilcox - 3 days ago
I think the slime stain on the door they talked about in the Black Metal Beauty Power Hour is in the shot at 10:53.
earmuffedpenguin 34
earmuffedpenguin 34 - 3 days ago
00:30-00:45 was were it happened
earmuffedpenguin 34
earmuffedpenguin 34 - 3 days ago
I almost threw up during the megaphone park
Isobel - 3 days ago
The slime mark on the door, that poor door
AJ B - 3 days ago
The poster on the ground behind Aron says Mark Zuckerberg
Jayde The Dragon
Jayde The Dragon - 3 days ago
Best anime battle scene of 2019: 10:20
Idont Care
Idont Care - 3 days ago
For those of you who are coming from the newest power hour, the slime stain is first seen at 10:54
Wild Fang Punk
Wild Fang Punk - 3 days ago
Does anyone know how is it called the song of the fight?
Nathanael Dutcher
Nathanael Dutcher - 3 days ago
Omg a cock gun
I want die
I want die - 3 days ago
Broth - 3 days ago
slime on door from the slime episode at 10:53
Grace Diaz
Grace Diaz - 3 days ago
10:53 Imprint of slime on door
Krunchy The Clown
Krunchy The Clown - 3 days ago
Most badass robot fight scene ever...
Alex Kolodzik
Alex Kolodzik - 3 days ago
For those who came here from the most recent TMPH
The slime imprint mark is at 10:51
You're Welcome
Arnold Dsouza
Arnold Dsouza - 2 days ago
archie -
archie - - 2 days ago
liz kavanagh
liz kavanagh - 3 days ago
Alex Kolodzik my hero
Nickisadankmeme - 3 days ago
The new Nintendo labo kit looks great
IAaron Young
IAaron Young - 3 days ago
Wheres the slime stain
pkmasterjt - 3 days ago
Wheres the slime
Cooperator - 3 days ago
10:53 The door that can never be cleaned again
SeaRayBoi :-P
SeaRayBoi :-P - 3 days ago
THANK YOU!! i was looking for it lmao
Toasty Chrome
Toasty Chrome - 3 days ago
That fucking spot on the door is still there from when Arin threw that huge ball of slime against it.
Matthew Madruga
Matthew Madruga - 3 days ago
I came back to see the slime mark lol
Zephricus - 3 days ago
Wade Taylor
Wade Taylor - 4 days ago
Did anyone else notice Dan singing Stinkfist by Tool?
Zarra Elliott
Zarra Elliott - 4 days ago
Rip arin and Dan
Press f to pay respect
RandomJoker13 - 5 days ago
Such adorable box trolls. XD
Tristen Owens
Tristen Owens - 5 days ago
Arin genuinely excited about his robo hand
Gaming with Glasses
Gaming with Glasses - 5 days ago
They are actual children! Lol
nalla miller
nalla miller - 6 days ago
11:00 just brought me to tears😂😂😂
WolfNinjaAlchemist - 7 days ago
i thought danny was making the wutang symbol on his chest not the bat symbol lol
JJ - 8 days ago
3:33 Insert badass metal music here
JJ - 8 days ago
1:10 Sounds like someone had it near their ass when farting...
Burnt_R1ce - 8 days ago
K-Mart strikes from the grave
Kirmit Kogane
Kirmit Kogane - 9 days ago
Me: Arin Hansen is such a role model
Arin Hansen: *deliberately punches himself in the face*
Sarah Matson
Sarah Matson - 9 days ago
Only a minute in and I haven't laughed this hysterically in a year, thanks guys
Kayleigh - @Kaytality
Kayleigh - @Kaytality - 9 days ago
That ending is probably my favorite thing I've ever seen
Undead Jared
Undead Jared - 9 days ago
There are few sounds I hate worse than sharpie on cardboard. Must...power....THROUGH//
kebabian empire
kebabian empire - 9 days ago
10:52 top 10 best anime fights of 2019
The guy that likes music
MaSk: you're mine! Haaaaaa
Dan-bot: *OOOHHHH?!*
Miriam S
Miriam S - 10 days ago
The way it pans over to Arin with his make made me cry laughing it’s so perfect
smileyboy2021 - 10 days ago
Danny's got some double barreled action going on down there, now he can insert it into Arin's robanus for maximum pleasure
Lycanthropy {JS&B}
Lycanthropy {JS&B} - 10 days ago
Arin cries when he punches himself with cardboard

Man children
Caitlyn Bolze
Caitlyn Bolze - 10 days ago
I keep forgetting Danny is a solid 8 years younger than my dad and he’s still a fucking 6 year old.
Anthony J
Anthony J - 10 days ago
lol love the tool reference
Emily Loves Broadway
Emily Loves Broadway - 11 days ago
HeyCharrlie - 12 days ago
okay but the music from 10:20 onwards is fuckin great i'd love to have that
Ciarra Jade
Ciarra Jade - 12 days ago
TheWolfIsDead - 13 days ago
nice Tool line.
sonic boi
sonic boi - 14 days ago
It sound like a dog 0:36
Lucas Watts
Lucas Watts - 14 days ago
Top 10 anticlimactic anime robot battles.
Calla Crockett
Calla Crockett - 14 days ago
Dan: Kmart
Me: 😂😂😂😂
Frederik Jensen
Frederik Jensen - 14 days ago
Someone help. I need to know the name of the song at 10:20
Olenhol - 14 days ago
Dan sings tool
Kaleigh DeCasere
Kaleigh DeCasere - 15 days ago
Dan's laugh from 1:10-1:18 make me SO HAPPY
Tyler Kowalewski
Tyler Kowalewski - 15 days ago
"We really could've used a third for this episode"
Whelp, time to take this out of context
Paul Hasler
Paul Hasler - 15 days ago
10:20 what soundtrack?
John Sledge
John Sledge - 15 days ago
Did dan just reference “third eye” by tool at 2:32. And then “stinkfist” at 6:13.
I love this man
James Dunn
James Dunn - 15 days ago
I’m watching 5 year olds playing with cardboard
Brenden Nieboer
Brenden Nieboer - 16 days ago

Ooble Dooble
Ooble Dooble - 16 days ago
10:56, you're welcome
All Mighty Muffin
All Mighty Muffin - 17 days ago
This link is if you hate Arin 5:24
Kendall Ellis
Kendall Ellis - 17 days ago
*literally tosses megaphone into the water*
Akira - 17 days ago
Their doing a super mega bit at the beginning
Seth Phillips
Seth Phillips - 17 days ago
Did Danny just drop a Bill Hicks reference?!
Dex Antares
Dex Antares - 17 days ago
0:45 - My window is open and dogs are barking now. Thanks Arin XD
Dex Antares
Dex Antares - 17 days ago
And five seconds later, see the price you pay for yyyyooouuUUUURRR ARROGANCE
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