Making Cardboard ROBOTS (More Like Ronots lol) - Ten Minute Power Hour

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Kayleigh Haines
Kayleigh Haines - 2 hours ago
by far, the funniest start to a power hour XD you guys are great!!
Enzho The Omega
Enzho The Omega - Day ago
DivineLasagna - 2 days ago
Right after arin punched himself in the face I got an ad for the Affair.

P.S. no one cares about comments like these, so farewell, as you might only come across me when you go comment digging in this video.
Lettuce Roman
Lettuce Roman - 2 days ago
What’s that music from 10:19 to 11:00
Super Nova24
Super Nova24 - 3 days ago
Im gonna get bullied for this but what’s the song Dan sings at 3:04
Jace Burris
Jace Burris - 4 days ago
If you keep in mind that Arin is an artist you will find it terribly disappointing to watch this show
Ruby Bandana
Ruby Bandana - 4 days ago
Pleasant Whale
Pleasant Whale - 4 days ago
10:38 Oh my gosh, look how Arin is standing... The hand with the fanned out fingers, one hand on the hip...
Still a better anime then Darling in the Franxx.
10:53 Yo, Arin's death charge actually made me jump in my seat... Gosh that is scary...
8-Bit WaLuigi
8-Bit WaLuigi - 4 days ago
i want to be like you when i grow up
Corbin Weinmann
Corbin Weinmann - 5 days ago
i laughed my ass off when they was messing with the megaphone at 0:36
pleb pleb
pleb pleb - 5 days ago
Dan's batman looks like a duck doing the naruto run honestly...
keefe pierce
keefe pierce - 8 days ago
Arin punching himself was the best.
bronkus bunk
bronkus bunk - 8 days ago
1:10 for funny farting megaphone
Daymara Fernandez
Daymara Fernandez - 9 days ago
Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths
Ice cream Bean
Ice cream Bean - 11 days ago
10:41 half-man half-another man
Tohab - 12 days ago
Bruh, now I get Dan's reference, and I gotta say...

...Not a fave.
definitely a cow
definitely a cow - 12 days ago
*M U H*
*L A D Y*
Kon Sama
Kon Sama - 13 days ago
Loved the LARP session today, boys, looking forward to the next one
Nick Hantzopulos
Nick Hantzopulos - 13 days ago
Holy shit Dan made a tool reference!
Vexian Tillson
Vexian Tillson - 14 days ago
4:43 Batman!
Cedric Kerg
Cedric Kerg - 14 days ago
Me and my sister's made carboard robot costumes for Halloween. It was...not easy.
No name Needed
No name Needed - 16 days ago
Me: I am strai——

Dan: 3:33
Zavbun The Best
Zavbun The Best - 18 days ago
The second Danny made contact with arin he dropped to the ground immediately and I just could not stop laughing.
Ringtailed Fox
Ringtailed Fox - 19 days ago
Dead pool song :D
daniel lagerstem
daniel lagerstem - 19 days ago
This just in. Kmart stocks drop to 0 as all game grump fans boycott the company.
Steven Lerner
Steven Lerner - 20 days ago
I would pay good money to watch the grumps just fuck around with a bullhorn for an hour
josh uhing
josh uhing - 20 days ago
Dan are you excited for the new tool album?
You wouldn’t know me
You wouldn’t know me - 20 days ago
I was trying to eat sixlets and I kept laughing to much and it was one of the most difficult things
Mary Decker
Mary Decker - 20 days ago
Best start ever
Spook Grigsby
Spook Grigsby - 20 days ago
Guys I’m digging the new Apex Legends
TrashyIntrovert - 20 days ago
*K M A R T*
boop bap
boop bap - 23 days ago
0:37-0:44: when a beagle sees a squirrel
Anonymous Vinsmoke
Anonymous Vinsmoke - 23 days ago
I didn't know Dan liked Tool
Madame-Von Rage
Madame-Von Rage - 25 days ago
What's the music they used for the introduction of their robot outfits? I need it.
Madame-Von Rage
Madame-Von Rage - 19 days ago
Someone please help me find this song!!
Vivian S.
Vivian S. - 25 days ago
look this episode is alright but that bit at the beginning is why I keep coming back to it
Reina Yelverton
Reina Yelverton - 26 days ago
Look at Arin's hand at 5:58
Bee Nest
Bee Nest - 27 days ago
Cyberpunk 2077 (2019)
Seraphina Edan
Seraphina Edan - 27 days ago
Can we please get fan art ?
Alyssa O'Connor
Alyssa O'Connor - 28 days ago
that moment when a ten minute power hour is actually roughly ten minutes long
Alyssa Gagné
Alyssa Gagné - 29 days ago
Anyone else just kinda look at them lying there as cardboard robots and go...."this is their job....this is what they are doing every day...they are grown ass people and this is what they do every single day....and I am here....watching them do this....every single do I do that every single day?!?!?!!"
ZoAnn Elizabeth
ZoAnn Elizabeth - Month ago
6:10 gonna need you to finish that cover, Dan. Pretty pleeeeeeease.
Jfizzzle - Month ago
kmart shut down
Ana Sofia Del Rio
Ana Sofia Del Rio - Month ago
Alternate video title: Two grown ass men fuck around with boxes for 10 minutes straight
CosmiKazie - Month ago
I actually genuinely feel bad for Arin when he punched himself in the face. That shit hurted.
bobby starnes
bobby starnes - Month ago
Technology has gone too far
Mesh !
Mesh ! - Month ago
There just kids with more problems.... I love it
Teh Jabble
Teh Jabble - Month ago
danny and arnold are the physical embodiment of “boys will be boys” and eye luv eet
SonDashLover - Month ago
Arin is too excited throughout this whole video, it's adorable xD
zToxic Anime
zToxic Anime - Month ago
Looks like the sheer force of the impact snapped dannys neck mid ram.
A pretty good but not great dane
i got butter in my eye
Beckyyy J
Beckyyy J - Month ago
Arin = Bucky
DuSku - Month ago
and then there's
Overlord - Month ago
This whole episode is so much better than it has any right to be
Isabella McKinney
Isabella McKinney - Month ago
The things that questions me is

JustSamantha #ISWV
JustSamantha #ISWV - Month ago
Arin's face at 1:12 holy shit I'm crying.
Wednesday Adams
Wednesday Adams - Month ago
The Jew curl sticks through the helmet. 😂👌
Wednesday Adams
Wednesday Adams - Month ago
The machinima from 10:20 to 11:18was comedy gold. 😂
Alexander Montalvo
Alexander Montalvo - Month ago
This had me so dead bro
Syrus789 - Month ago
10:52 That cracked me up!
phl - Month ago
why is every TMPH so wholesome
Mason - Month ago
Top 10 anime battles
Roberto Donato
Roberto Donato - Month ago
We've got a city to burn.
Ten Letters
Ten Letters - Month ago
10:19 the battle begins
Sebastian John
Sebastian John - Month ago
7:36 and 8:10 that was dans tail beam comment if you know the referance
MarioLuigi TheBomb
MarioLuigi TheBomb - Month ago
3:46 aerodynamic? more like ARINdynamic
Shannon Hollis
Shannon Hollis - Month ago
2:57 sent my loins to space. Lord.
Ned Muniz
Ned Muniz - Month ago
8:15 Getting them Dusk till Dawn vibes
Ghost Royal
Ghost Royal - Month ago
7:55 Am I crazy or is that the same rhythm as Metallica-One lyrics?
Maston Dane
Maston Dane - Month ago
It is funny to watch them dick around and make a mess but I wish they genuinely tried more often with how creative they both are.
Javi Gonzalez
Javi Gonzalez - Month ago
At 8:36 you can hear someone whisper “stop”
Fredggie - Month ago
What's the song they used at the end when they were fighting?
Apentogo - Month ago
Blu•cakes - Month ago
For a second I was like what the heck is a ronot after taking 10 minutes to realize the joke
8 ANDY HARRIS 8 - Month ago
Ryan higa would’ve made shit out of this battle
Lbp boricua
Lbp boricua - Month ago
I am here for some heckin wall stains
Rogyman - Month ago
I love seeing the child come out of Arin
Mach 05
Mach 05 - Month ago
Honestly better than Pacific Rim 2
Shay Ó Laoghaire
Shay Ó Laoghaire - Month ago
Arin chose the right profession lol
Dat Lil boi
Dat Lil boi - Month ago
arin: (punches self)
youtube : oh boy time for an ad !!!
Info Chan
Info Chan - Month ago
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