toriamtz garcia
toriamtz garcia - Month ago
Clarinha Torres Nero Correia
how beautiful
Pat RABEH - 3 months ago
Love leigh anne pinnock
Ashlee Glover
Ashlee Glover - 3 months ago
What does she say at around 55 seconds?
"I stupidly just got back from my _____ and my throat was ruined"
Pat26 Pat26
Pat26 Pat26 - 3 months ago
Love leigh
Pat26 Pat26
Pat26 Pat26 - 3 months ago
Love leigh
Pat26 Pat26
Pat26 Pat26 - 3 months ago
Love leigh
Pat26 Pat26
Pat26 Pat26 - 3 months ago
Love leigh
Pat26 Pat26
Pat26 Pat26 - 3 months ago
Love leigh
Mad Inlove
Mad Inlove - 4 months ago
Her natural hair is amazing
Teagan with an e
Teagan with an e - 5 months ago
Girl needs to make her own music
Ece Erva ElifSu Vural
Ece Erva ElifSu Vural - 5 months ago
I'm turkish but l love you little mix
Lola Smith
Lola Smith - 6 months ago
She deserves more
Gilberto Gil
Gilberto Gil - 7 months ago
Who is watching in 2018
Lola Martinez
Lola Martinez - 7 months ago
Lindsay Staunton
Lindsay Staunton - 7 months ago
This was published on my 7th birthday I am now 11!💙💙
The trader
The trader - 9 months ago
Black is beauty.
Breanna Lewis
Breanna Lewis - 10 months ago
Liegh Anne is my favorite.😍😍😍
Steph - 10 months ago
Leigh's eyes are the most gorgeous thing
Sammy Viking
Sammy Viking - 11 months ago
Her hair is very messy
Eve SYLLA - 11 months ago
Leigh-Anne Pinnock reste ma préférée des little mix
Halimah Alasady
Halimah Alasady - Year ago
1:53 i thought he was ellen for a sec whoops
Sn R
Sn R - Year ago
My wife
and peggy
and peggy - Year ago
No offence the rest but leigh anne is my Favorite shes inspirational and cool and all over awsome
Panpan is gaming
Panpan is gaming - Year ago
Leigh Anne si my favourite
Eedit Grande
Eedit Grande - Year ago
Yousra Dz
Yousra Dz - Year ago
she's so cute 😍😍😍
Gilberto Gil
Gilberto Gil - Year ago
I always believed in you i love youu
zcxelliexcz !
zcxelliexcz ! - Year ago
*Brought to you by McDonald's* 😂
Sara sarc
Sara sarc - Year ago
What does she say at 0:54 ?
Middle Mystery
Middle Mystery - Year ago
Leigh Anne niece goes to my school when I saw Leigh Anne I was so excited 😆
leofer maguila
leofer maguila - Year ago
Leigh Anne is really unique of all,she can follow Jade's voice and she has a high pitch voice. I am a solid Fan of Leigh Anne I want to be her someday 😘😊Hi🙋Leigh Anne I'm your fan,from the Philippines 😘
I'm Princess Maguila 😘me and my friends really love you and we are the Little Mixers of our school Zoe Villaruel, Marchie Dawal and Rachelle Lumangtad and you Know I am the Leigh Anne of our School 😘
We really love you 😘😘😘
Coolbutlame Cooler
Coolbutlame Cooler - Year ago
Go Fresh Princess
Marie Djn
Marie Djn - Year ago
Leighhhh 😍
Lydia L
Lydia L - Year ago
Bruh its fate I love her my younger sister is named Sara and I have two sisters
LerrieGirl - Year ago
I'm in love with this girl so muuuuuuuuuuuch I love everything about her. Her accent her smile 😥😥
Jordan Ay'Che
Jordan Ay'Che - Year ago
So beautiful and so underrated 👑😍😍😍😍
LerrieGirl - Year ago
Jordan Ay'Che I see you everywhere I like your love for my girl
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko - Year ago
She is so pretty😍😍😍😍😍
Agnes Browne
Agnes Browne - Year ago
Is she African
LerrieGirl - Year ago
Agnes Browne no british
Cheryl Williams
Cheryl Williams - Year ago
Whos watching this in 2017?
monsterjambrony - Year ago
"The first time something just came out of me-"
That's what she said! (Office reference)
Rebecca Eifell
Rebecca Eifell - Year ago
I ❤️fresh prince of bel-air
duggan family x
duggan family x - Year ago
I love love love you can you come see me please I'm a great singer you should hear me
Yasmine Seidu
Yasmine Seidu - Year ago
I love eating nachos she says
Me too I say
o.Lucia Gacha.o
o.Lucia Gacha.o - Year ago
CaN U GUYS SWIM>? and can u do a q&a for the fans?/us
little mix fan 1123 !!!!!!!
I wish I was in Little Mix Jade Jessy perrie ligh Ann you are the best I love you all good wishes love you all Alfie lamb
Yasmin unicorn 25
Yasmin unicorn 25 - Year ago
Leigh-Ann I am obsessed with nachos as well
walter perea
walter perea - Year ago
everiday little mix l
Waabo Molapisi Anwar
myrna - Year ago
i love you mix
myrna - Year ago
hi little mix
M x
M x - Year ago
Pritha Ganguly
Pritha Ganguly - Year ago
She just said... Lotta people didn't believe her in the start...
We all loved u...
Isnt it mixers?
Diksha Mawri
Diksha Mawri - Year ago
I mean just look at her she is so pretty attractive and charming!! 😍😍😍😍
Raj Aggarwal
Raj Aggarwal - Year ago
can't select my fav from lm love all of these girls
Dynah Da Logangster
Dynah Da Logangster - Year ago
anab abdiraxmaan
anab abdiraxmaan - Year ago
I love Leigh Anne her accent is amazing she my fav in the group 💕
Fearless Bella
Fearless Bella - Year ago
lol Perrie irritating Leigh at 1.37 most halarious thing ever
Rachel Valdez
Rachel Valdez - Year ago
I'm dissapointed I was in New York the same time that they were, but I found out about them the next year. I was over looking my videos and I saw one where they are in the background of my video. I'm so upset that I never did anything.
Windy malik
Windy malik - Year ago
dat hair is old but gold
DanceMoms Forever
DanceMoms Forever - 2 years ago
Love her!! ❤️❤️❤️
Omar Alhamadi
Omar Alhamadi - 2 years ago
Ksi's sister 😂😂😂
Raylene Garcia
Raylene Garcia - 2 years ago
Leigh Anne is so pretty 💗
Music lover
Music lover - 2 years ago
Ifeoluwa Adedeji
Ifeoluwa Adedeji - 2 years ago
I love her Accent!!
Alisha cliste
Alisha cliste - 2 years ago
leigh anne i also got a chick and it turned into a rooster
kash shmoney
kash shmoney - 2 years ago
she's my 2nd favorite
sushisoon - 2 years ago
Little lele 😍😍💗
mafalda - 2 years ago
she reminds me of that girl from the misfits that ends up w simon
Ella is awesome
Ella is awesome - 2 years ago
I love little mix
Jaja Tesorero
Jaja Tesorero - 2 years ago
RqenaeVEVO - 2 years ago
Awww she's my favourite. I love her so
SeriousCroft10 - 2 years ago
She has a scar by her right cheek. Where did she get it?
Billie? :-/
Billie? :-/ - 2 years ago
look at leigh annes armpits on 00:35 so funny
Satarupa Ginger Kolay
Satarupa Ginger Kolay - 2 years ago
She is the querkiest girl I have ever seen. Love her!!!!!
Sillycat09 - 2 years ago
she's beautiful :))))))
SabrinaT90 - 2 years ago
Wtf happened to her eyebrows back then? hahaha
Freya Adele
Freya Adele - 2 years ago
Leighs hair is so... just... *POUFFY AND SHE'S SO CUTE* 😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙
Amber M
Amber M - 2 years ago
said "literally" 5 times in this video
ronisha wilson
ronisha wilson - 2 years ago
your my insperation
gracie goo
gracie goo - 2 years ago
QUEEN-HEART Msp - 2 years ago
The whole little mix has an accent or however u spell it I have the same accent as perrie lol
cyndaquillover - 2 years ago
i love you leigh-anne your the best!!!!!
Rosita Isip
Rosita Isip - 2 years ago
hey your name is leigh my classmate her name leigh liwanag
Olivia Robinson
Olivia Robinson - 2 years ago
I have a pet dog called benhee
Olivia Robinson
Olivia Robinson - 2 years ago
hi Little mix x I love you
sarahlouisecowan - 2 years ago
massive animal lover?!  Had chickens as pets, now eats them in nachos.  WTF!
LPS Erppa
LPS Erppa - 2 years ago
I love youuuuuu!!!
BurstBeauty101 - 2 years ago
i wanna be ur sister💕😍❤:(
Morgan McFadden
Morgan McFadden - 2 years ago
Ya know whats racist perry has like 1million views but leigh anne has 700,000 trumps America
Abdinasir Mahamud
Abdinasir Mahamud - 2 years ago
I love Leigh Anne follow ur dreams girl
Omarria Burton
Omarria Burton - 2 years ago
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Omarria Burton
Omarria Burton - 2 years ago
You are my favorite singer
Swag Man1250
Swag Man1250 - 2 years ago
My little sister loves singing and little mix a lot for her grade 4 school concert she sang Move
Alena Li
Alena Li - 2 years ago
I like her but not as much as Perrie. Jade is the fucking best
Leigh-Anne Pinnock
Leigh-Anne Pinnock - 2 years ago
❤ ❤ ❤
João Victor Rodrigues Rocha
What's the name of the song playing on the video?
João Victor Rodrigues Rocha
Desirée Allegra Thanks :)
Desirée Allegra
Desirée Allegra - 2 years ago
João Victor Rodrigues Rocha wings
yeahimsara - 2 years ago
my name is sara!
Hannah Bly
Hannah Bly - 2 years ago
I thought she was saying Beliebe 😂😂
Lilly May
Lilly May - 2 years ago
everyones pretty i wanna be jade or jessy BUT PERRIE AND LEIGH UR BOTH PRETTTTTYYYYY
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