2HYPE Extreme HOT WINGS Cup Pong!

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Hood Highlights
Hood Highlights - 14 hours ago
Cash's face at 8:12 had me dead😂😂😂😂😂
Ashton Eugene
Ashton Eugene - 18 hours ago
at 6:05 he shot like it was a basket ball
Miguel Carrera
Miguel Carrera - 23 hours ago
Jesser is a goat
Polo Tulu
Polo Tulu - Day ago
Elbow way over the table 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
Robin Baluyut
Robin Baluyut - Day ago
Yo like this vid
🔥 - 2 days ago
4:51 where was kris going with that 😂😂😂🤔🤔
OGfiddle - 2 days ago
omg Cash at 5:40 “Dat one hot cuh no cap” had me ded😂😂
TheNamesK4 - 3 days ago
I wanted to eat those wings so bad
SplashMan Robloxian
SplashMan Robloxian - 3 days ago
Team effort guys, everyone like the damn video.
danny mabere
danny mabere - 3 days ago
Oh dame😦🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍗🍗🍗🔥🔥🔥
Kenna Turley
Kenna Turley - 3 days ago
The edit with Shaq got me
Young Savage Jag
Young Savage Jag - 4 days ago
do you like cheap affordable architect work for your house? my uncle is an architect
Elijah Woodard
Elijah Woodard - 4 days ago
16:37 cash reacting to flight be like
LJ Jr Belvey
LJ Jr Belvey - 4 days ago
Did cash even hit the table more than twice this video??
Jared Clark
Jared Clark - 4 days ago
Jesser's the fattest in the group. Chubs but tries to not act like hes a chubs
Anthony - 5 days ago
I love the Erie music they play when they eat da bomb
Levi Widdowson
Levi Widdowson - 6 days ago
Can we all take a moment to honor jesser the lazer as joker?
Fernando Menzel
Fernando Menzel - 6 days ago
How did they missed that much?
Wolfie Rhett
Wolfie Rhett - 6 days ago
I literally called every mad dog in this video
Christopher Escalante
Christopher Escalante - 7 days ago
Lsk the god
Jason Ortiz
Jason Ortiz - 7 days ago
16:40 that’s the bomb again BITCH!!!! And misses -jesser 😂
Lieryn Jacobs
Lieryn Jacobs - 7 days ago
I just realized every time cash says wet like water he misses
Alexandros Murshed
Alexandros Murshed - 7 days ago
when they eat a really spicy one they just walk away
MightyMJL - 8 days ago
YBK Based
YBK Based - 10 days ago
MORE challenges
Garrett Wright
Garrett Wright - 10 days ago
cash need to watch them elbows..
Kenny Simmons
Kenny Simmons - 11 days ago
Cash aim is so bad😂😂😂😂😂
Noah Pheiffer
Noah Pheiffer - 11 days ago
They're all gonna hurt when they go to the bathroom
3Singingdogs productions
3Singingdogs productions - 13 days ago
Mad dog is the spiciest thing on the planet that isn’t toxic
Kinzi - 13 days ago
Bruh the part 10:33 when mobi makes it in is funny af
Mikel Cole
Mikel Cole - 15 days ago
lsk joining 100 thievs or what i mean where the 2hype hoodie at
RT Dusk
RT Dusk - 15 days ago
"thats hot"
-cash or will smith
Basketball Singers
Basketball Singers - 16 days ago
Zack carries everybody
Ethan Koloje
Ethan Koloje - 16 days ago

He missed it :(
Petttyy - 16 days ago
Do this challenge again but you HAVE TO FINISH THE WHOLE WING
FOC Ashland Friends of the Children Inc
Kris: My butthole ohhhh
FOC Ashland Friends of the Children Inc
Zack's face after the Da Bomb sauce: :O
fallback B
fallback B - 18 days ago
You guys are too funny keep it up 😂🤣 Cashnasty is too funny yelling all the time LMAO 🤣😂🤣
Braydon Ross
Braydon Ross - 19 days ago
Cash acts so tough but always screams when he has the sauce

Like to agree
Chase Bell
Chase Bell - 19 days ago
when a girl likes me. 17:39
SpedBoiRyan24 h
SpedBoiRyan24 h - 19 days ago
Need another vid of chopped!
Nathaniel T
Nathaniel T - 19 days ago
Copys Team Edge👀
Kotuku Macky
Kotuku Macky - 20 days ago
This looks fun as
Gus. - 20 days ago
Kris’ hair in the intro is literally a 2k20 twist fade on level 10
Tristan Liggett
Tristan Liggett - 20 days ago
i could really go fotr some wings rn with some hot sauce and some ranch... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
kai demontaz fisher
kai demontaz fisher - 20 days ago
Aaron Bains
Aaron Bains - 21 day ago
Cash was like "oh my god!? Who wrote this?!"
He was genuinely upset
Heber Ahuja
Heber Ahuja - 21 day ago
I've tried mad dog twice first time was spicy second time was nun
Matthew kimani
Matthew kimani - 21 day ago
I want some fried chicken
Andres Martinez
Andres Martinez - 22 days ago
I was thinking the whole video like they ain’t got da bomb so they only have four cups making 3 da bomb so I was like there’s a chance they get all three at once😂😂
lilgreg get a bag
lilgreg get a bag - 22 days ago
He said my but hole 4:50
Eskilate - 22 days ago
1:09 I think James thought he made it then he realized mid celebration 😂😂
School Account
School Account - 22 days ago
10:30 i think mopi's hypd
Fernando Archuleta
Fernando Archuleta - 22 days ago
6:29 cash 😂
Phyllis Moir
Phyllis Moir - 22 days ago
2hypw smash bros ultimate make it happen
muky Poole
muky Poole - 22 days ago
15:55 cash look like he about to kill everyone
SIR AJ FINLEY JUNIOR - 22 days ago
Braylon Avery
Braylon Avery - 22 days ago
Tha edit
Jackson Miller
Jackson Miller - 22 days ago
7:32 That one ain’t s***. You see mopi in the background crying
angel rafael
angel rafael - Day ago
He is crying from the sauce before that one lmao
Mike Fowler
Mike Fowler - 22 days ago
Was Zack tryna do the Shaq face 😂
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