Can I let go of 10mA mains (240V 50Hz) current? (Do NOT try this!)

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Bernd Eckenfels
Bernd Eckenfels - Day ago
For Science!
-ED case-
-ED case- - 4 days ago
You're a hero of the internetz Clive!
SnowTheGeneric - 20 days ago
clive what the fuck
VT - 23 days ago
That tidbit about 240V being safer was really interesting!
I remember getting a thump right across my chest from a capacitor charged to about 150V... Needless to say that was definitely *not* a fun experience.
I guess we can conclude that in some *rare and extreme* cases, someone could theoretically get electrocuted from a 40V ac source, but would have to try pretty hard.
bigmoney66b - 24 days ago
Nice video - this was a beginner's lesson on resistors :P So what's next ? :P
bigmoney66b - 24 days ago
"Just checking the ticker" LOL bloody hell - you are checking your PULSE mate, not your actual heart's electrical activity. Having a pulse means nothing, you could send your heart into the wrong arrhythmia - and even if you had someone with a defibrillator there is no guarantee they could restart your heart. Stupid indeed, though educational :-)
Abe Coulter
Abe Coulter - 26 days ago
Tens machines are also for pregnant women having contractions
Tr Electric
Tr Electric - Month ago
i keep coming back to this. this is a new type of entertainment. but the level of self control to do this, well it's way beyond homo sapiens.
ancient aliens are coming
17:29 jesus christ cmon i've got shocked by 220v ac too many times and nothing happened at this point i think is not just luck
bigclivedotcom - Month ago
It's luck. If you ever contact a phase while properly grounded and a lot of current passes through your body it will be a harsh lesson. Most dry indoor shocks are just a few milliamps. Add water to the mix and your skin resistance goes way down.
shabtronic - Month ago
Thanks for putting the safety info on this vid - there are far too many reckless stupid youtube vids with no safety info or age restrictions - well done!
Jesse - Month ago
Oh clive, this is exactly how I get off lol
Robbie Hatley
Robbie Hatley - Month ago
Clive, I found this video quite shocking, actually, due to the potential for fatality. But I induced that you clearly got quite a charge out of making it, so who am I to offer resistance? If such experiments are currently what drives your imagination and energizes you, more power to you. Best wishes, and have fun making more electrifying videos.
Jacob Hawkins
Jacob Hawkins - Month ago
What don’t you take into account the resistance across your hands when calculating your approximate current ?
KliqxTV - Month ago
This is the first time I heard you swear. So something was very wrong.
caino666 - Month ago
I'd happily take that hand massager off your... Hands.
bigclivedotcom - Month ago
They sell them on eBay, although it might be hard to find the right keywords.
Spider Juice
Spider Juice - Month ago
At what point is faking your own death not?
sdguy123 - Month ago
Ho Lee Sheet man! This was insane! Thx for sharing but you're way too smart to be taking risks like this for youtube.
Chef Mime
Chef Mime - Month ago
Doesn't count until you get to around 600V 50A @ 200Hz. You should do this one live just in case you never let go...or you do let go in other ways.
Addin Thatt
Addin Thatt - Month ago
this has to be one the funniest videos ever made on youtube... Awesome job buddy...
Byr0nicHero - Month ago
im sweating by watching this....
Hunter Dail
Hunter Dail - Month ago
Why dose it have to be age restricted like I'm 16 for christ sakes I know not to stick a fork in a wall socket by now
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas - Month ago
When I was 14 we were being taught the science of how a electrical motors work during physics at school. Now being an inquisitive teenager, I disasembled my mums 1960s pink hairdryer to see the motor work. As soon as I threw the switch with my right hand thumb the current went up my arm across my chest and down my left arm and out my left thumb. The wine coloured plastic cover had falling off during disamble revealing the brass switch. The involumtary contractions of up my arms was scary as I was struggling to release. Obviously I did as writing this some 36 years later. I went in to school the following day and showed Mr Jowett the burn marks on my thumbs, he remarked you were very lucky that you able to release.
There was no RCD just BS 3036 rewireables fuses and what happened to me, well I became a spark.
catranger01 - Month ago
As a teenager I remember an arcade machine at Disneyland that would test your ability to withstand electrical shock. It had two door knobs that you held on to while the power slowly ramped up and the level was displayed on a large analog dial.  The dial was marked with things like Wimp and one end and He man at the other. If you made it past three quarters the way with out letting go you were going all the way up because it was impossible to let go by that point. It was addictive to play.
MG Samps
MG Samps - Month ago
Interesting video! This makes me realize how lucky I am to still be here. When I was 13 back in the 70's I worked on faulty Tube amplifier and stupidly got nailed with 400v across both arms, it threw me 7 feet across the room on my back, it hurt like hell and felt like I'd been kicked my a mule and the screw driver I was holding ended up being launched across a 20ft room into a window. Never touched a tube amp since, worst electric shock I ever had.
Matt TheChosen
Matt TheChosen - Month ago
I wasn't sure how he would go, but l know from experience that 10amp at 240v you most certainly can't. Only hope u have is to walk backwards or use your legs to seperate yourself or pull the wires.
Richard Freeman
Richard Freeman - 2 months ago
I keep imagining this video ending with one of his family members doing an outro
"Hi, I'm Seamus and sadly, Clive passed away during the making of this video. I know he would have wanted his last video to be shown to his loyal fans. Please please please do not try this at home."
Michael Leiper
Michael Leiper - 2 months ago
You should have put this out on April 1st.
Cleatus Buga
Cleatus Buga - 2 months ago
fffuuccckkkinnngg helllll
traxonja - 2 months ago
1:50 "it's been sitting in the BACK since..." :)
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel - 2 months ago
Need to redo this experiment using a fixed amperage (maybe
alex derpy racc
alex derpy racc - 2 months ago
1:43 hahahahah that's a huge sword 🤣
david c akers
david c akers - 2 months ago
and you thought the putting the Chinese sex massager in your butt was going to be bad.....
Haze Baze
Haze Baze - 2 months ago
You are fking Crazy 😦
DahVoozel - 2 months ago
This might have been the scariest demonstration since the video of the guy who took the riving knife off his saw to 'simulate' a kick back and almost sawed his hands off.
Nodrog Awson
Nodrog Awson - 2 months ago
At first I thought what a stupid thing to do but as i watched I found it very interesting.
You proved the figures to be about right, which i thought would be way low.
I tried it and killed myself because I couldn't work my calculator as good as you.
Marcus Payne
Marcus Payne - 2 months ago
Fucking hell!? Still smiling
Wild Diode
Wild Diode - 2 months ago
Actually I only ran 10ma through both hands
But I probably can do 12ma
Wild Diode
Wild Diode - 2 months ago
I also made some 240-240v ac-ac converters
The first one i made is 240v 0.24 ma-1.6 ma
Second one i made is 240v 0.5 ma-5 ma
Third one i made is 240v 0.5 ma-12 ma
I also touched the full output on all 3 supplies and charred grapes on the 12 ma one
I actually wrote ‘zap zap zap zap 12 milli amps charred with 240 volts ac 12 ma’ on 2 grapes
I charred small lines in the grapes with 12 ma
unfortunately 12 milliamps can’t burn a whole grape at once
Mansplaining - 2 months ago
It would probably be safer to do this with an armband to keep it all on one side away from the heart.
Portaller - 2 months ago
Goddamnit, Clive. You really needed somebody with at _least_ an AED watching you while you did this. This would have been ridiculously dangerous with someone there but by yourself? It borders on suicidally dangerous.
Burn Victim Yoda
Burn Victim Yoda - 2 months ago
This was insane. Great science, though!
Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer - 2 months ago
Riight. I’m sure your “brother” Ralphie gave you that “hand massager” and it has “stayed” in the “bag” (I don’t judge) but in all seriousness I love your videos. Getting a degree in mechanical engineering specializing in mechatronics so I love this stuff!
MayContainJoe - 2 months ago
1. get recommended a many years old video about "death-dapters"
2. great content, subscribed
3. let's hope it's not another video graveyard and still uploads videos
4. next video watched is about content creator trying to electrocute himself
Da Qoraxxx
Da Qoraxxx - 2 months ago
Somehow, this reminds me of the electric hotdog cooker Clive showed us earlier...
Two electrodes with meat in between... what could go wrong? 🙃
Bungis Albondigas
Bungis Albondigas - 2 months ago
"it's been sitting in the back ever since it was gifted to me a few Christmases ago"
Sure Clive. What ever you say...
Shawn Hedgecorth
Shawn Hedgecorth - 2 months ago
This is something I would expect from ElectroBOOM
Pietro Moopy
Pietro Moopy - 2 months ago
tan yonglak
tan yonglak - 2 months ago
If you do this while talking you might bite your tongue off!
Good educational video. thanks
Perceptive Earth
Perceptive Earth - 2 months ago
What would happen to lethality if you grounded your wrists together so that the electricity has a path that bypasses the heart?
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
Unfortunately the interior of the body has a low resistance, so most of the current would still go up the arms and across the chest.
Harry Douglas
Harry Douglas - 2 months ago
I was holding a microphone getting a band ready for rehearsal, and there was a high voltage leak on the mics ground. I touched a pipe and stuck. I was frozen with alternating current trying to kill me. I was stuck inside a body that wouldn't respond to commands. After what seemed to be a forever of vibrating pain, and while the other band members just stood there staring me, I forced my arm to let go of the pipe. My hand released with so much force that I punched myself in the face and knocked myself to the floor. Then of course everyone applauded.... And this would be the most embarrassing way to die for an electronics engineer.
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
@Harry Douglas Unfortunately that technique has become part of the word of mouth training for certain sectors of the audio industry who are still cutting the earth wire in equipment plugs. Even modern amplifiers. I think that's why a lot of microphone and instrument shocks still occur.
Harry Douglas
Harry Douglas - 2 months ago
@bigclivedotcom tube amps with lifted grounds on the to reduce hum.... as a rule metal pipes are grounds.
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
It's possible that the pipe was live and the microphone was grounded. That said, there are still some idiots in the entertainment industry that think that disconnecting the earth wire in the plugs of audio equipment is acceptable practise.
iLOLZU - 2 months ago
Clive, why are you trying to be ElectroBoom?
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
Only one person can be Electroboom.
Yanizrul Yanizrul
Yanizrul Yanizrul - 2 months ago
This is a usefull experiment. Indeed it answers my questions too.
Tony Walton
Tony Walton - 2 months ago
Every time you changed the jumper on those resistors they were still live. Why put the foot switch in the neutral line?
Sean Cleverly
Sean Cleverly - 2 months ago
Mad as a cut snake! Love it.
B I G C L I V E does a S C I E N C E !
PantySlayer420 - 2 months ago
999 operator: 999 what's your emergency?
Clive: I'm about to put 14 Milliamps across my body to see if i can let go of the electrodes, It might go badly so i may need an ambulance to restart my ticker
999 operator: *Facepalm* Why exactly are you doing this?
Clive: For youtube and because i want to know if i can let go
Andreas Victorsson
Andreas Victorsson - 2 months ago
BigClive... How are you able to get up in the morning, day by day, moving through life with such massive balls? Great video!
Michael Semenas
Michael Semenas - 2 months ago
I learned something new today, passing electrical current across your body causes Tourette Syndrome..
RODALCO2007 - 2 months ago
Check the ticker, Priceless ! You were talking, so the ticker was hopefully working. Great vid Clive. 13 mA's that is a lot. rather put it in a LED.
RODALCO2007 - 2 months ago
Clive, great you survived these tests, but please don't try this experiment again with higher currents, as we need to keep you alive in one piece for your great video's. You never know if you cause harm to a hart muscle with dramatic consequences.
TeslaKaniv - 2 months ago
This video might be used for school education. Minus your brother's gift :)
Brian Nebeker
Brian Nebeker - 2 months ago
I would not normally say this but I think it was warranted this time, "Dumbass"!
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
Excellent. I have achieved the desired reaction.
ajaxoz - 2 months ago
Clive you should know better. THIS IS A BAD PLAN!
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
I do know better. It was an AMAZINGLY bad plan.
Hugo van Dam
Hugo van Dam - 2 months ago
A friend and I had to do an end project for school. We came up with the great idea, “let’s build a multistage 200V coilgun, lol”.
We built one with capacitors which were linked using bare copper wire at the aforementioned 200V, total about 12mF. To this day (I’m currently student electrical engineering) I do not know exactly what happened. I touched the heat sinks on the back on one of our psus with my right hand and I got electrocuted from it. The only two voltages it was in contact with, is the mains or the 200V DC (we chained a few psus to reach it). I fell backwards, my entire right arm felt strange afterwards for days. Possibly placebo? Couldn’t tell. We checked the heat sink later without changing anything about the setup. No voltage was there referenced to ground. The PSUs themselves are grounded through the mains power outlet. The breakers (including leakage breaker) were all good.
Phil S
Phil S - 2 months ago
@Hugo van Dam Operation was from behind a brick wall with a screened (wired glass) window; energisation was via a pneumatic system so safety was pretty paramount. The system was designed to have a fail-safe charge drain to ground too - loss of power meant loss of accumulated charge (and that was one of the things checked BEFORE we run 'er up!)
Hugo van Dam
Hugo van Dam - 2 months ago
Phil S I guess you can only feel the electrocution once from that thing :)
Phil S
Phil S - 2 months ago
When I worked for the UK RN, one of our Physics team had an interest in HV. "We" built a small-ish Marx generator - worked very well, so inevitably after a few beers - "we should build a REALLY big one, maybe??" Friends in REME provided a useful source of time-expired HV defib. capacitors, and high value power resistors (surprising what is used in the nuclear sub. industry) along with a 25kv rated SF6 breaker. MarxGen II (aka Karl Marx!) could produce a 3m (10ft) discharge onto a grounded surface with no problem. The EMP was also sufficient to crash any p.c. s in the vicinity, so we could only "play" after the day's imaging was over. I believe Les. still has the "Big One" in the Nuc Med storeroom, behind the piles of now-unreadable MT spools.
Rik van der Mark
Rik van der Mark - 2 months ago
Thank you for doing this so the rest of us don't have to. Definitely not something I'll replicate anytime soon ;)
This was very interesting :)
Common Logic
Common Logic - 2 months ago
Massaging your hand...ROFL
RobinHood East
RobinHood East - 2 months ago
I've touched live mains before it wasn't a fun experience. Without pun intended the pain was shockingly bad.
ssgeek45 - 2 months ago
Mate don't do doing close soldering with solder splatter and no goggles,You will only solder that way once if it goes wrong.Appreciate what you are trying to show here but...just don't.
REDARROW101_A5 - 2 months ago
Glad we are seeing this on YouTube and not LiveLeak.
Andreas Grothusheitkamp
Andreas Grothusheitkamp - 2 months ago
Don't do that again please.
Pro tip: build a bridge from shoulder to shoulder. With a bunch of adhesive electrodes. And measure the current between them to check if it helps.
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
Sadly the idea of a body shunt wouldn't work too well as the interior is very conductive.
Wolfin - 2 months ago
Anyone on the internet: "Don't do this"
Internet: *hold my beer*
Lance Smit
Lance Smit - 2 months ago
Good lesson man, thanks for shitting your rods for us. The "do not try this at home" is a big "NO SHIT!" in his one/ Thanks for the awesome vid :-)
roufdrapht - 2 months ago
Well at least you're not gay anymore
Peter Bonadonna
Peter Bonadonna - 2 months ago
This is dangerous when you pass current from hand to hand! Some of that current is going through your heart. If you feel that you must do this in the future, connect your shoulder to one terminal and the hand of that shoulder to the other electrode so the current only passes through your arm and hand. If possible you should only experiment like this with trained medical people around you.
Nathaniel Park
Nathaniel Park - 2 months ago
1:50 isn't that what you use to get a bull to jizz into a cup?...for science?
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
It does look similar to an bull electroejaculator.
LilKing420s - 2 months ago
GREAT experiment! Interesting video! Got a good laugh from this one. Well done!
FWIW I Thank you for torturing yourself on camera so that others may learn! We need more people like you in the world.
Thanks! Stay safe. Do good.
Scott Hays
Scott Hays - 2 months ago
Obviously this video wouldn't be up if something went wrong, but it's still quite suspenseful, particularly when he starts wanting to go PAST 10mA. This man is a nutcase. An awesome one.
gantmj - 2 months ago
My dad has one of those old battery operated quack medical devices with the brass handles.
He used to get a group of people to hold hands and dial it up until they couldn't let go of each other.
I'm told it was a hootenanny.
Twotone - 2 months ago
Many of the comments show how much we emotionally invest in this channel.
Nigel cockburn
Nigel cockburn - 2 months ago
Hello Clive,
It is unfortunate that the comments below show a magority audience that needed your disclaimer.
This was a well thought out experiment and nicely executed. Well done.
I wonder if you have watched the documentary that an English MP (he did train journies for tv) He went to America "Death Row" and he made a documentary about electrocuting people and just how very hard it was to actually kill anybody with electricity. They put butter around the wrists of people to get lower resistance (lower impedance) connections and they did the bracelet connectors up tight for best conductivity and used hundreds of AMPS not mA at mains voltage and they produced dreadful burning smells cooking the flesh to black charcoal but some people needed to be electrocuted several times because they refused to die. Ah, off the cuff, I think it was Michael Portillo, I will search.
It was an extremely good factual evidenced documentary, possibly the best thing that any MP of any party has ever done.
I did similar experiments to you (but without the current limiting) back in 1966 and found some interesting facts as I used a varied human source.
What would be interesting is to do the experiment as you did but using a variable frequency supply to determine those limits. Additionally it would be interesting to know the effects of V, I, W & Hz vs thinking vs the physical sustainability.
This is the best video and possibly the most useful to the world experiment that you have ever produced and I wish to give you my full credit. Like so many revelations of information you have opened up another door to investigate, as the body is initially shocked in both contexts of the word and then we can learn that there is a pd accross our limbs and cope with it. SO: that means that there is scope to design a more complex waveshape that would possibly better kill people. i.e. Information that would be of great interest to penal institutions and also to abattoirs improving efficiency and lowering suffering even further. In fact for cattle fences because a more effective shock would teach better and simultaneously prolong battery life essential in farmers fields.
Obviously I now have to Thank you, for producing such a potentially stimulating video - (sorry).
Justin Urhead
Justin Urhead - 2 months ago
The worst electric shock I've ever had is when I was around 10. There was an exposed plugin socket that was hanging out with no faceplate and I touched it. It was 120v and it took everything in me to rip my hand away from the socket. It wasn't exactly unpleasant but strange and scary. It was like the most intense vibrations.
Justin Urhead
Justin Urhead - 2 months ago
kinky 🐻⚡
Wild Diode
Wild Diode - 2 months ago
Please touch the 240 volt mains with no resistors like I said 6 days ago
Flix - 2 months ago
Did you just admit to haven a Sex toy
Flix - 2 months ago
bigclivedotcom XD
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
It was a joke gift from my brother two Xmas's ago.
Kirby Weldon
Kirby Weldon - 2 months ago
This was the scariest and most incredible video I've seen from you.
ArmedMonkey - 2 months ago
Could you attach a wire from one shoulder to the other to prevent current passing through your heart?
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
No. The preferential current path would be through the very conductive interior.
w0ttheh3ll - 2 months ago
couldn't you have passed the current from your hand to the shoulder or something? would be way less scary and probably less dangerous.
6A8G - 2 months ago
Fucking hell Bigclive if you must do this PLEASE have someone else with you if only to remove your corpse from the electrodes. You have my eternal respect & admiration for your work & I would miss your channel HUGELY. Kia Kaha man.
Robin Browne
Robin Browne - 2 months ago
Clive: "I'm bound and determined to conduct these tests. Nothing will stop me. You'll have to prise these probes from my cold, dead hands." :-)
Pascal van Wijk
Pascal van Wijk - 2 months ago
playing with your life is not funny to watch.
Alexandros Sotiropoulos
Alexandros Sotiropoulos - 2 months ago
Imagine the old sparky
Dean Onno
Dean Onno - 2 months ago
Wow, took me back to when I was a teenager doing "experiments" based on the mains. Never really appreciated at the time in just how much danger I was..but I survived! Have to admit that some bits had me rolling with laughter, I know I shouldn't but couldn't help myself esp. as you actually did survive your "experiment". Be well!!!!!
CHERWALLY - 2 months ago
The hand massager is...neat :D
OrbitalSaucer - 2 months ago
Now that's entertainment.
kilrahvp - 2 months ago
Was expecting a relay safety device that would limit on time to a second or 2...
Hugo van Dam
Hugo van Dam - 2 months ago
He wants to do commentary on what he feels during the shock, so a timer wouldn’t work here. Although, adding a timeout relay set to like 30 seconds wouldn’t do harm.
Eagle8840 - 2 months ago
Go to A and E and get checked.
myrakas86 - 2 months ago
Had a shock at work trying to determine live from neutral. Something came up, had to leave, came back, forgetting the wires were live. Crabbed the live with one hand and neutral with other, boom, nastiest shock of my life. Luckily one wire slipped out from between the thumb and other finger, was able to let go.
PS: At somepoint in my country the main power distributor wanted to make defibrillators mandatory in their work sites. Not sure how it went because I left the trade.
David M
David M - 2 months ago
couldn't you use a 5mA fuse if you wanted to try this at home safely. 5mA doesn't sound that high... and can you use any current limiting resistors?
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
@David M It's current that causes the shock, but voltage that pushes the current through you.
David M
David M - 2 months ago
@bigclivedotcom hmmm... ok i wont try but one question is, does voltage cause muscle contract too? Or both voltage and mA is needed? Cheers for replying.
bigclivedotcom - 2 months ago
I'm not sure you can get a 5mA fuse. If you did it would still not be fast enough to protect you. I really do not recommend trying this. It carries a risk of a horrible death if one of many variables is wrong.
Matt Holstein
Matt Holstein - 2 months ago
Back in high school by buddies and I would get high and play with an AC motor. One guy would attach a drill to the motor, one guy would grab one wire, another the other, and we'd all join hands in a circle. If you let go or, in reality, lost grip, you were out.
Roger Baker
Roger Baker - 2 months ago
BE CAREFUL. I like your videos you are VERY INTELLIGENT. You don't need to risk your life to try & prove a point on a video. I have learned a LOT from you. You can message me anytime. I'm into high end stereo equipment and solar power.
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