Vicky Ward: Only Melania Can Say 'No' To Ivanka

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Ds. S.
Ds. S. - 7 days ago
Daddy doesn't want his Nasty lying incest daughter far from him...
Amanda Raeder
Amanda Raeder - 7 days ago
I can say no to her. No Ivanka.. Your not welcome in heaven and no longer in the universe. Now disappear. You disgrace my land. Ivankas not making any plans. Shes rubbish
BuchBehandlung - 8 days ago
kennedy made his brother attorney general
that is not at all new
Sopho Cles
Sopho Cles - 6 days ago
Kennedy was Senate approved and qualified and in any case gave rise to anti nepotism rules Jarvanka couldn't even get security passes
Kevin Mebruer
Kevin Mebruer - 11 days ago
Vice president Pence uses AOL
Sophie Peraaud
Sophie Peraaud - 11 days ago
Turdseye View
Turdseye View - 20 days ago
Vicky Ward is kind of a greedy dumbkunt as well
asentzio - 20 days ago
Sarah Michelle Geller should play her in a TV movie.
Become a Web Designer and Developer
She comes running across the Atlantic ocean to make a living slandering Americans. Actually, not too cool.
Tina Men
Tina Men - 23 days ago
I like her but I really feel as if she doesnt fight someone, directly, until they directly and specifically come after her. So I wonder what the Motley crew did to her?
.....Of course, I'm a little late to her party so I don't have any of her other work to compare the tones used but I've got a hunch and an opinion--those are very valid and almost worth more than actual facts most of the time these days! The truth, can go no farther than it is perceived.
RunFor OurLives
RunFor OurLives - 24 days ago
“I really don’t care, so you?”
WhileStanding in front of Ivanka 🤣🤣🤣
A T - 26 days ago
ivanka needs to be investigated just like her daddy, follow her money, jail time for both ivanda & dondon trump, BTW, where is ivanka nowadays? anyone knows?
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown - 29 days ago
I'm English and it just sounds wrong hearing this stiff upper-lipped trollop talk about American politics.
Somebody stuff a sock in this woman's chew hole ffs
em couts
em couts - 29 days ago
She's a twit
Pavor - 29 days ago
Ivanka "I *$*# my own dad for power" Trump
Truly a nation filled to the brim with pride and dignity.
Valter Ek
Valter Ek - Month ago
USA - A banana republic made by Trump... Wake up!
M B - Month ago
I believe Vicky. Look at trump KKK , kusher., Barr, trump Jrs. and Ivanka right now (big liar and super corruption)
Anna Cottle Cottle
Anna Cottle Cottle - Month ago
KryzMasta - Month ago
“Thank you for having me.”
Well, may I just say, thank you for letting me have you.
Mahjabin Afsar
Mahjabin Afsar - Month ago
Lock them up!!
Lijoy Thistle
Lijoy Thistle - Month ago
Make more lies to sell a book. Another person trying to use other people's name to advance her life, hopeful to bag more money. So VICKY WARD HAS THE VERY POWERFUL ANTHENA TO KNOW ALL THIS THINGS SO CALLED HAPPENING IN THE WHITEHOUSE. SHE MUST BE A GOD TO KNOW EVERYTHING HAPPENING AT EVERYONES LIFE
Rebeca Lomeli
Rebeca Lomeli - Month ago
craigy - Month ago
Is this going to get a Pulitzer like the collusion story did.? These hit pieces are all funded by the left.
Dahn - Month ago
Yawn, whatever fascist
Andy L
Andy L - Month ago
Dang, I wish they'd had more time so that this could have been a little longer segment. She was quite interesting to listen to (even if you were against the things she was saying, just in the fact that the things she was saying were not regurgitated talking points we've sort of all heard to the point of memorization at this stage in the game. On either side it seems there's only so many ways that the same ideas can be declared.) But in addition to that, she was also just very interesting to listen to and had a refreshing composure. Seems like there was probably a lot more they could have discussed and without much talk show host-prompting needed. I imagine the in-studio audience got to hear a little more than what made it to air. Anyway, great guest lineup tonight!
Roxy Ranger
Roxy Ranger - Month ago
Ivanka was named after Ivan the Terrible. She actually acts and talks like She is the First Lady... Unfortunately this trump fuck nation missing one all together! Melania aka mail order bride.
How the hell did we end up here?
Jerry Fraley
Jerry Fraley - Month ago
This smells like a "throw Jared undre the bus" -- but 45 is the one that issued orders/policy in the end. I think this is a ploy to prevent all out civil war by not unseating the orange buffoon. The bigger issues are not yet near resolved -- like Republicans getting Russian money/NRA, etc. So as Americans, we /still/ have to apologize to the world for this shithole of an administration.
michelle torres
michelle torres - Month ago
The president of the U.S. is a criminal!!!!!!!!
nirban2008 - Month ago
Good job America! You've got all the drama you so desperately need.
Nathalie Dufour
Nathalie Dufour - Month ago
Kushner and his wife are the perfect mirror of Donald Trump. Greedy criminals. How on EARTH are they getting away with all this filth ???
Angela Stewart
Angela Stewart - Month ago
This broad is an idiot...most her sources can't be named, this is bullshit. Go write a book about the Queen , go back to the UK.
woneata - Month ago
Lommy - Month ago
1:45 The automatic captions read "so Beyonce is actually", instead of the answer is actually 🤣
ForTheSakeOf SanityAndSuch
Wait, does John batiste & Stay Human announce all guests like that, by crooning their name?! ....
Dahn - Month ago
Fairly often, John is utterly cringe-worthy far too often
impish artist
impish artist - Month ago
Highly recommend the book.
Kelly Stephenson
Kelly Stephenson - Month ago
Is there a nepotism law, how the hell did they get jobs there then? And kept there. Geez
Niccole A
Niccole A - Month ago
Ivanka is redesigning the first lady’s designated area while lying to the public with she’ll just be a daughter?
Steve Bannon said they were evil children. Lol
Adam Menzies
Adam Menzies - Month ago
She looks so much like LIsa Kudrow
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson - Month ago
Jared "Dude, where's my car?" Kushner.
Ken Brownfield
Ken Brownfield - Month ago
Vicky is awesome !
Rich Republican
Rich Republican - Month ago
Melania stands up to Ivanka when Ivanka invades her territory. That is neither brave or heroic. Don't rest your hopes on Melania.
Terry Black
Terry Black - 8 days ago
Mail order eastern European wife controls trump😂😂😂 bollocks.
Deb. A.
Deb. A. - 14 days ago
She has the life she sold her soul for. I don't think she doesn't cares much about what happens to America.
Vesna Zakanj
Vesna Zakanj - Month ago
Melania Trump could save the president!
Vesna Zakanj
Vesna Zakanj - Month ago
Jared and ivanka are a threat to Trump! Sadly he doesn´t see it clearly or cannot!
eakherenow - Month ago
Colbert is a FRIEND of Kissinger.So,how come he pretends to be other than a another Clinton-like Republican.
mns - Month ago
Just think of the example this nepotism at top levels of the US Government is setting to the developing world..
Frank Winkhorst
Frank Winkhorst - Month ago
Sarah's Huckleberry Chicken: Prime locations now available. Get in on the ground floor before all goes to hell in the White House.
Jason Bean
Jason Bean - Month ago
Like, wow!:)
Techie DLS
Techie DLS - Month ago
She's obviously making this up just watching listening to her talk ! Ay yay yay if ur buying this!
jellyandme - Month ago
She didn't even answer the first question. Did they edit the interview down?
JaybayJay - Month ago
Still waiting on that Amarossa tape.. Has anyone even seen her? Was she gitmo'd?
Gerald Wolverton
Gerald Wolverton - Month ago
Folarin Akinwande
Folarin Akinwande - Month ago
i think i should write a book about the trump people will beleive me
VC YT - Month ago
Thats a SEXY husky accent. She should make an audiobook of '50 shades of gray'.!
Sopho Cles
Sopho Cles - 6 days ago
She is a total milf
DR Ir M - Month ago
Trump is now regretting being the President as he is pulling all his family members into prison….. Poor Melania. she was hoping to get all the cookies when Trump and family go to jail... when the taxmen have their way you would not even get the crumbs I really don't care. Do u?
Truth Isn’t Truth
Crime isn’t Crime
Don't Worry, Prison Isn't Prison either
Says Whom?
MAGA --My Attorney Got Arrested… Sure does
aupti - Month ago
Sorry but this woman does not sound genuine.
It’s easy to make a lot of money with a book that has what people want to hear.
And no I’m not on the trump side that much. I’m just tired of the nativity.
Oh Yeah?
Oh Yeah? - Month ago
So the only person left in the White House to stop the Children of the Corn Trump's main squeeze Ivanka and Jared Real-Estate-Failure-Using-His-Illegal-Security-Clearance-To-Get-Bailout-Money-From-Arabs Kushner is Melania? Somehow that doesn't offer much hope.
Midge Curreri
Midge Curreri - Month ago
The whole Trump family are insensitive to what they are going to put their children through. HARASSMENT. Their kids are going to be bullied, taunted by other children. They will need private tutors. It will never be a normal lifestyle for their kids. The corruption in this family will follow the Trump family to their graves.
artocin gerbub
artocin gerbub - Month ago
Lefty Pom, very likely ex-Guardian! They tell lies!
The BOOKKEEPER - Month ago
How many ATTENDED BERNIE/BROOKLYN RALLY? 13,000 ! Please share
The BOOKKEEPER - Month ago
How many ATTENDED BERNIE/CHICAGO RALLY? 12,500 ! Please share
friedrich nietzsche
friedrich nietzsche - Month ago
friedrich nietzsche
friedrich nietzsche - Month ago
tommi atkins
tommi atkins - Month ago
A plastic titted ex porn star bully is the only one who can say no to a plastic titted slave owning brainless wasted of oxygen?
Nope. Anyone can say no to her and watch her cry.
J R - Month ago
I pray for Melania to moderate the tRumps misguided (Fox news) agendas. I normally don't pray much, with praying being based in supernaturalism and all the dogma that goes with it. But I'm willing to give anything a try to save our lives. All the best Melania!!!
John Townsend
John Townsend - Month ago
If the ‘erstwhile’ first lady had even a smidgen of self respect, she'd walk
Gerald Wolverton
Gerald Wolverton - Month ago
Violet L.
Violet L. - Month ago
God she's difficult to listen to
Johnny Paycheck
Johnny Paycheck - Month ago
Vicky ward is unbelievably hot. I'll buy her book and believe every word she says
Jessica Lanham
Jessica Lanham - Month ago
Side note: the band was totally playing the main riff from Aneurysm by Nirvana. lol
Patricia de Pastors
Patricia de Pastors - Month ago
Lol I’d never seen heard a weak ovation on the show
D Ferrise
D Ferrise - Month ago
Tammy Stratford
Tammy Stratford - Month ago
Melania is making sure that the bigger plan gets put into action. She's the handler.
Johnny Paycheck
Johnny Paycheck - Month ago
Tammy Stratford Tammy I believe you're freaking right, it makes perfect sense. They are clearly not in love and he does need a handler so what a perfect set up the two have to get married then there is no suspicion.
Lerian V
Lerian V - Month ago
I don't know between this skank and Michael Wolfe who is more believable.
Dahn - Month ago
All you Ruskies still trying to defend the indefensible? Sad really.
Sharon Schubert
Sharon Schubert - Month ago
Cold hearted Ivanka and her closeted “hubby” are fakes. They walk around with their noses in the air, pretending they care about others thinking they’re better than everyone else. Hope Melania writes a book one day.
Gerald Wolverton
Gerald Wolverton - Month ago
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
"Be Best" isn't a good start, though...
Prefer Et Obdura
Prefer Et Obdura - Month ago
Our country is so divided with DJT in the White House.
John Jones
John Jones - Month ago
I mean Steve Bannon.
John Jones
John Jones - Month ago
Bannon was clearly a source.
Karen Lm
Karen Lm - Month ago
I don't know what it is about the expression on Kushner's face. Its like he has continuous irritable bowl syndrome; looking pale and sweaty all the time. The man just doesn't look healthy for his age.
Op2misstyk - 2 months ago
The only laughable moment in this interview was her remark of Trump reading the book🙄
Shantorey Wilkins
Shantorey Wilkins - 2 months ago
MikeTina Ramen.Lover
MikeTina Ramen.Lover - 2 months ago
She deserves a full hour interview
Humboldt Hot Takes
Humboldt Hot Takes - 2 months ago
Courtnie Kom
Courtnie Kom - 2 months ago
This didn't feel so much like an interview as a battle strategy meeting.
Hollins23 - 2 months ago
I absolutely cannot stand Jared & Ivanka - two nitwits that have gotten everything that they've wanted due to daddy's (illegally gained) money.
phiksit - Month ago
Poster children for republicon "meritocracy".
shannon cardinal
shannon cardinal - Month ago
It always made me insane when people thought that Javanka was going to do "the right thing" in any way. News media is what I am talking about mainly.
denise salt
denise salt - 2 months ago
Don't even care for him to be impeached because i dislike that weasel Pence even more. Just hope he is voted out BIGLY because that would hurt him more than impeachment. Oh yeah and giving the new President a military parade. 😆
denise salt
denise salt - 2 months ago
Our future is in Melania's hands. 2nd scariest set of words right after Donald Trump is the 45th President of the US. She was raised athiest by a communist who was a leader in his party. She lied about her education, her baptism, her work visa. This is worse than a bad comedy because this Shit is real.
fernando duarte
fernando duarte - 2 months ago
Who reads books?
Jeff Abbott
Jeff Abbott - 2 months ago
She's 49. Wow.
Rosa McDaniel
Rosa McDaniel - 2 months ago
sarah huckaPOOP sanders NEVER tells the who cares about her comments on how "dangerous, greedy, corrupt and incompetent" jared and ivanka are!!!!
qwerttzizzi - 2 months ago
Even Ivanka..besides her a true carrer focused trump..gosh..whole family is a disaster..and the american people let their country run by this rich people who only care about themselves?
AD Nunya
AD Nunya - 2 months ago
I wonder the hold Ivanka had on daddy.... I don't really but do you?
Steven William Bayless Parks
Nepotism is the new democracy.
Red Butterfly
Red Butterfly - 2 months ago
Not new anymore
Steve Martin
Steve Martin - 2 months ago
Revealing of Ivana's mindset ...
Arnis Venta
Arnis Venta - 2 months ago
I wish she would just spit it out already. It took her forever to make a point about things we sort of know and understand already. Jared is a yea?
dave etcetera
dave etcetera - 2 months ago
Is it me, or did the interview seem awkward due to sexual tension between Stephen and Vicky?
juan santana
juan santana - 2 months ago
Anothe book , im writing my own book too # i never met them 😂😂😂
denise salt
denise salt - 2 months ago
Debra Smith
Debra Smith - 2 months ago
Problematic power centers:
Ivanka and Jarrrod and Bibi the indicted- world political
Eely Anne and George Conway and buddy Kavanaugh- judicial
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
George is the wild card, though...
Chatty Cathy
Chatty Cathy - 2 months ago
What a despicable family!!!
Donovan - 2 months ago
The rotten worm filled apples don't fall far from the tree.
Ani Imastounian
Ani Imastounian - 2 months ago
Yup Stephen, all your hope stays with Melania Trump, since you smeared Tulsi over and over with the most ignorant questions one can ask to smear a great candidate. So, I guess sticking to book reviews is the best option for the show now.!
Simon Marshall
Simon Marshall - 2 months ago
Great questions, great answers.
Settings Showroom
Settings Showroom - 2 months ago
Ivanka sucks
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