Vicky Ward: Only Melania Can Say 'No' To Ivanka

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Lisa Fredell
Lisa Fredell - 20 hours ago
Vicky Ward, you are my new favorite person.
Snow Angel
Snow Angel - Day ago
How the hell did Trumputin even get a security clearance.
Matias Sanchez
Matias Sanchez - Day ago
Hey Stephen Colbert why does your name APPEARS on PEDOPHILE Epstein plane logs ?? TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Eric Gregory
Eric Gregory - Day ago
The Kushners are wonderful, loving people that care for each other, have respectful children and take care of their elders and domestic staff! I catered some of their elegant family dinners for the Jewish Holidays and they were warm and generous! God bless them!
ronald bouvette
ronald bouvette - Day ago
neck deep in corruption,who would have thought that?
wili h grolsch
wili h grolsch - Day ago
This audience is rapt by this lovely woman. No hooting & yelling. What a gorgeous voice - I understand why!
Gary Karr
Gary Karr - 2 days ago
Liar for cash
Katrinaslfriends C’Aporale
Another white blond bimbo who giggles like a cheap trick - trying to profit off of lies. Ward can go uFck herself.. we don’t care about her fake anonymously sourced book. Enough with the lies! All these anonymous sources on the news for years now have basically come up empty and TRUMP IS STILL PRESIDENT ABD THE ONLY POLITICIAN WHOSE BEEN MAKING GOOD ON HIS PROMISES!
SLEEPING BEAUTY - 2 days ago
Jared and Yael are probably using the Epstein / Maxwell mind control technologies on Trump. Regardless, get them all out, their illegal surveillance is out of control and beyond cruel and inhumane!
john doe
john doe - 2 days ago
Anonymous sources? Nope, not valid info.
juan monge
juan monge - 2 days ago
When Melania puts that stiletto down- look out!
Jeffery Lee
Jeffery Lee - 2 days ago
Trumpy will be reamed as often as he lies about not “doing” Ivanka. His fellow felon in his cell will be a foreign shit hole country (USA) because trumpy made a once great country into this piece of shit in record time. Ivanka cannot wait for trumpy to admit “doing” her well before Access Hollywood tapes. She needs the tapes for her resume as a cheap 2 bit whore. LOL. Drink toilet water you a-hole!
Anonymous Lee
Anonymous Lee - 2 days ago
Melaine, only says "NO" to invaka, when she's trying to get in her old mans pants....oops, i meant pockets!!!
Tree Climbing
Tree Climbing - 3 days ago
Late Night no longer knows Comedy. Why ppl no longer waste their time watching.
Geri C
Geri C - 3 days ago
REALLY....!!!!! I CAN Name A FEW..... The BUSHES...

...CLINTON'S... Kennedy's...
schchen2000 - 3 days ago
I think Vicky Ward would make a good singer if she so chooses. She's got one of those unique voices of British singers such as Dido, Sade, Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Hannah Reid & Duffy.
mark emilio
mark emilio - 3 days ago
Tips for budding journalists who research facts! 1) Acosta is rumoured to have been employed at one of the same legal firms representing Epstein's defence team in his Florida “sweet deal” conviction!!! Are you getting the picture! 2) Note that the colours of the temple on Epstein's paedophile island, blue & white stripes, are those of the Israeli flag which signifies "The Greater Israel Project", Israel's right to rule from the Nile to the Euphrates!!!
Pull your hack's finger out of your arse, research, fact-check and stop repeating others verbatim.
mark brownner
mark brownner - 3 days ago
behind every great fortune is a great crime.....
ese.hombre - 4 days ago
Anonymous means shady. If you can't stand by your words your words mean nothing at all. It's just gossip.
keyboard freedomfighter
The Republicans won't ever attack this woman because she's got blonde hair, green eyes and a UK accent.
Use your protection lady and keep the music playing.
Alternative Headlines
Alternative Headlines - 4 days ago
I doubt that either can stand to be in the presence of the other.
Matt Gibbs
Matt Gibbs - 5 days ago
are you sure this isn't "Eve Draper"?
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch - 5 days ago
Cocksucker cornholebert.
Warren Holly
Warren Holly - 5 days ago
I guarantee you melania hates ivanka. Lol
Sarah Goldstein
Sarah Goldstein - 5 days ago
Behind kushner satan rockefeller s rochtchild trafficking hate jesus so his wife.and want the power b presidents of usa.not work but usa paid to rob for taxes.
Hermina Nieves
Hermina Nieves - 5 days ago
Vicky Ward is part of the circus/ she'll will claim that she was the one to report on Epstein/ lier / it was Julie Brown from Florida Harold Globe / she looking for a journalist award. The book has no substance. 😡🙋🏻👅
Level 19
Level 19 - 5 days ago
The first Ho Lady ! 🤮🤮
Jerry Ozment
Jerry Ozment - 5 days ago
We're laughing our ASS OFF AT YOU LOSER'S
Jerry Ozment
Jerry Ozment - 5 days ago
Really this is why you loser's are going DOWN in 20/20.. What this a Anonymous source told me that this woman is a liar just to sell her book anonymous source told me this
Jerry Ozment
Jerry Ozment - 5 days ago
What you loser's need to learn is 1 2 3 BEND OVER AND KISS TRUMP'S ASS
V L - 5 days ago
dumb interview this woman knows nohing
Joe Hackney
Joe Hackney - 5 days ago
So Melania is Trumps Russian Handler????
MR AMERICA - 5 days ago
screeningmimi - Day ago
I recall seeing a photo of little John Kennedy as a toddler, crawling under his daddy's desk before being swept away by his mother or nanny. If he'd have been a Trump, the kid would have been given an official title and salary.
MR AMERICA - 5 days ago
Helen Trope
Helen Trope - 3 days ago
Bonnie Robinson
Bonnie Robinson - 4 days ago
Yes we do.
MR AMERICA - 5 days ago
Dali Tahir
Dali Tahir - 5 days ago
USA is run by a crazy. family : The Trump Family . CRAZY
Doreen Mitchell
Doreen Mitchell - 5 days ago
Lies to sell a book
Ds. S.
Ds. S. - 5 days ago
Melania can tell Ivanka Nooo because she's her NEW mommy,an at da end of da day once in awhile bangs Dictator Trump... LoL
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 5 days ago
The British are the source of all attacks on the President. The British Empire and their financiers in The City of London financial district control our media, major corporations, and deep state. They are the oldest money in the world and the most powerful mafia. Previously, we had nothing but paid off stiffs as president. Trump knows who they are. A British man attempted to assassinate candidate Trump. A British MI-6 operative smeared him with the fake Russian dossier. British spy agency GCHQ spied on President Trump for globalist (imperialist) flunky and Prince Harry fanboy, Barrack Obama. British operatives attempted to entrap Trump campaign workers. Establishment hitman, Robert Mueller, smeared the President with the fake Mueller dossier. Mueller previously lied us into the Iraq war claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in his testimony before Congress as FBI Director. Did he apologize for a lie or gross error that lead to the deaths of thousands of Americans and 100's of thousands of Iraqis. No!!
Li’ Li Tea-Time
Li’ Li Tea-Time - 6 days ago
Not sure how it’s legal to hire your family to help run the country, isn’t that portraying an aristocratic rule
Elaine Sensiper`
Elaine Sensiper` - 6 days ago
The nude model has Ivanka's ear.? What's wrong with this??? Discuss. Also, let's bring in Kim Kardashian to help. She whose vagina is known to the world on video? We can all see, and have described to us, what happens when some one is "playing" with it?? She should have a lot of pull with Ivanka??!! REALLY.??
Diane Dobry
Diane Dobry - 6 days ago
Stephen I have to say that you need to let your guests talk. You have asked questions and do not let the guest speak because you give your own take and then you go onto another question. There is such a short amount of time that they are on the air and I feel like there are things we are not hearing and questions unanswered.
Hector Lalalala
Hector Lalalala - 6 days ago
Only Stormy Daniels can stop Ivanka and Melanie
Maurice L' Abominable
Maurice L' Abominable - 7 days ago
this women is a complete IDIOT
Maurice L' Abominable
Maurice L' Abominable - 7 days ago
anti-trump people are always waiting for that bombshell to explode.....they are still waiting...
Carolina QUANONNE - 7 days ago
Girl legs old man hard on wish list
Bolivian Billionaire
Bolivian Billionaire - 7 days ago
she walks like she has a large butt plug in there, without lube........laughs like it too is without doubt that the excruciatingly unfunny stevie is likewise packing.......
Jeri Rogers
Jeri Rogers - 7 days ago
Volga how is President Trump taking the American people to the cleaners? He has negotiated good deals for America and brought jobs back, that Obama said would never ever be coming back to this country. Under President Trump we have the lowest African American unemployment and employment among all Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and women has never been better. What are you talking about? JFK was a great patriot. He would not be in the Demoncrat Party of today. He would be with President Trump in exposing and bring down the D.S.
Peggy McNeely
Peggy McNeely - 7 days ago
Clinton on Pedophile Epstein Island. Answer anyone!!!!!! It’s taken a long time of government coverups to unveil this beauty.. Crickets!
Will Gant
Will Gant - 7 days ago
Is she a pervert too?
Flamemaster24 Schlagal
Flamemaster24 Schlagal - 7 days ago
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