NOWHERE IS SAFE - Minecraft - Ya Dead, Ya Dead (#356) | Let's Play

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LetsPlay - 2 months ago
There be SPOILERS in these comments!
Solus Darkcoat
Solus Darkcoat - 2 months ago
There's always spoilers in the comments.
I need a new name
I need a new name - 2 months ago
LetsPlay thank you
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas - 2 months ago
Jeremy get off the Let'sPlay account! Lol
Vierynbryn - 2 months ago
in relation to the idea of reviving fallen people, what if you have someone go in and set up altars in the nether(nobody in the group knows their location, they can receive general hints to get them on the right track), where if they can go and sacrifice given materials, dependant on the person (diamond sword and armor for michael, a shield 32 steaks and a golden helmet for ryan, etc etc). putting the materials in a chest at that altar gives a one-time revival to that person, destroying their altar in the process. you get ONE respawn per person.
Syphaxis - Day ago
Everyone: Forget boats exist.
TCGLitten - 4 days ago
Gavin got his revenge for last time
DeadlyKhaotic - 8 days ago
Does anyone know the seed name?
Antonio Morrison
Antonio Morrison - 9 days ago
Im crying. This is the funniest shit ive ever seen.
Qaser Resa
Qaser Resa - 11 days ago
Havent watched lets play for a long time, watched this one for a re-introduction

7 minutes in: Ryan already dead, Gavin shouting "WE'RE SO BAD AT MINECRAFT, ITS BEEN SEVEN YEARS!!!"

Glad to see not much has changed :D
I3rigand - 12 days ago
Jeremy trying to justify his incredibly stupid decision to swim to the bottom of the ocean with half-hearts is amusing. Stupid, but amusing. I mean Jeremy getting all bent out of shape when everyone was shocked by what an absolute idiot he was because they WERENT doing stupid risky shit. Like yeah no shit Jeremy, the point is to survive.
IdioticReborn - 15 days ago
Peace for the fallen...

RIP Michael
(Trident, Drowned)
Episode 1

RIP Matt
(Trident, Baby Drowned)
Episode 1

RIP Gavin
(Skeleton, Fall Damage)
Episode 1
Whitey Games
Whitey Games - 18 days ago
What was the seed
John Michael Castigador
John Michael Castigador - 20 days ago
Alfredo is practiclly the adventurer in this game
xstma - 22 days ago
32:16 look at ryan on the left wtf
Michael Pierrynowski
Michael Pierrynowski - 23 days ago
The pure disappointment in Michael when Jeremy died lmao
Excetty - 24 days ago
I’m watching this high.
afromaniacle - 24 days ago
Anyone else wonder the coord of the island I loaded the map and spawned somewhere else
Zhrine - 26 days ago
the audience is gonna fucking love me bc im using tools n shit,
using a shovel on FUCKING STONE XDD
memejeek - 26 days ago
alfredo mining iron with fucking wooden picks smh
surprisinglyroomy - 28 days ago
I feel like they only restarted so Jeremy wouldn’t cry
surprisinglyroomy - 28 days ago
Damn I didn’t want them to restart
DJ Patterson
DJ Patterson - 29 days ago
Is this a mod or normal Minecraft? This makes me want to play again, but idk if the normal purchase has all of these things
JynnMorgan - 28 days ago
It's normal Minecraft
realityforlorn - 29 days ago
The Petruccinator
The Petruccinator - 29 days ago
Hearing Gavin call Ryan bad at Minecraft after all these years is fucking hilarious
I love Achievement Hunter, but god damn Mojang adding more stupid shit to this game made it impossible to watch. Underwater bitches that throw tridents? Really, as if walking green dicks that blow up your house weren't already bad enough? God damn Mojang is a bunch of fuckheads, honestly. Like I want to watch the new YDYD but this is honestly keeping me from enjoying it.
liquidlethe - Month ago
Me pretending to care when Matt died
Anthony Seykora
Anthony Seykora - Month ago
48:59 bwark
KillerKress8 - Month ago
Can we get a fishing jamboree on Sea of Thieves! 😁😁😁 please
Unnatural Dusk
Unnatural Dusk - Month ago
I just don't understand how people that have played hundreds, maybe thousands of hours in minecraft, can be so unbelievably bad at minecraft.
Zac Buchheim
Zac Buchheim - Month ago
The fucking music when Ryan was about to die in the water, followed by Michael saying "Come to me" was incredible. I wasn't ready xD
InformalNarwhal - Month ago
47:15 Ryan puts a cow in a hole and years later he is haunted by holes set up for him.
German Suplex Potato
German Suplex Potato - Month ago
So does Matt still have the greasiest, most disgusting hair situation in existence or has he finally taken a shower
Renegade2062 - Month ago
When they began to pillage the continent, the commentary is literally 1492s Spain discovering America lol
Justin Verity
Justin Verity - Month ago
alfredo sounds like hes drunk
Reeeb - Month ago
Still waiting for the Ya Dead, Ya Dead and PBG Hardcore crossover with Ray as the link between the two.
Vladimir Kool-Aid
Vladimir Kool-Aid - Month ago
Jack's "OH GODDAMNIT!" when Jeremy drowned killed me.
PapiCulosito - Month ago
The intense battle music is always appreciated. almost had a heart attack for ryan
Max Barr
Max Barr - Month ago
InformalNarwhal - Month ago
3:06 "Does anyone know my skills?"
"Gavin, what are you gonna be?"
"I don't know!"
Being in your 20s in a nutshell.
herrnenne - Month ago
So they reset it when it actually is fun? ok.
AquaticChaos - Month ago
Jesus fucking christ you guys. 9 minutes in, and two people- Ryan and Jeremy- die. All because he ignored Michael's warning, and wasn't aware of the swimming mechanic recently introduce, respectively.
Garrick Martin
Garrick Martin - Month ago
40:48 home base is everywhere when you have two shields! #IB #Neverforget
Evan Ingber
Evan Ingber - Month ago
" let's light the damn place up!"
- Gavin Free episode 1 11:11
So many dropped creepers could have been prevented.
Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium Fanboy
seriously if they ever do this again they should just make a rule saying "dont go into ravines" they arent gonna light up the different layers and they know it
Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium Fanboy
not even that FUCK RAVINES
Attewir - Month ago
They should make two servers, and when you die you switch
LTC _Marc
LTC _Marc - Month ago
What is thee seed name?
ChaosNinja666 - Month ago
Charcoal guys, make a bunch of charcoal and basic house before going down. They always complicate everything lol
Klnwltrnk - Month ago
When the going gets tough, they all just run head long into danger for some reason.
BagelGrenade - Month ago
I just want to see these guys play a hardcore modpack now
Jason Shine
Jason Shine - Month ago
Gavin just casually communes with the dead
Michael Goldsmith
Michael Goldsmith - Month ago
1:26 and thus it had begun
Gamma - Month ago
"How did he drown, though?"
Ruben Valadez
Ruben Valadez - Month ago
whats the seed?
Coco Arts
Coco Arts - Month ago
Ruben Valadez Livescrub
spaze_cat - Month ago
Ah yes, of course, Ryan. The sound every turtle is known for. *Cluck cluck*.
ShiveringYoutuber - Month ago
Is it liveskrub or livescrub?
Cory Thompson
Cory Thompson - Month ago
“Jack Patillo, the balls of a legend.” Please make that a t-shirt!
Sebastian - Month ago
"You can tell they didn't even want to play" I fucking love Trevor in this moment, making fun of these dumb ass commenters.
Mcj Iii
Mcj Iii - Month ago
Jeremy killed Gavin
Jared Thompson
Jared Thompson - Month ago
People were dying less than eight minutes into the series... before the first sunset. That goes beyond bad luck; that is incompetence in its purest form.
The LoonyBoone
The LoonyBoone - Month ago
I feel like Gavin and Michael are the greatest duo of all time
Redtail big-gun
Redtail big-gun - Month ago
10:20 omg😂😂😂😂
Mitch_ Potato
Mitch_ Potato - Month ago
... kelp can be cooked in a furnace for food...
Justin DiRisio
Justin DiRisio - Month ago
10:20 I have never seen Jeremy get so salty in the history of my subscription of AH since 2007!!
1 007
1 007 - Month ago
Have they never heard of charcoal?
Robert Millison
Robert Millison - Month ago
Matt: How did he drown?
Chewbaccafruit - Month ago
Still waiting for Galacticraft
Thomas Molina
Thomas Molina - Month ago
They really need to make the 1st two deaths animated
Jonathan Lumsden
Jonathan Lumsden - Month ago
Omg these fools just cant stay out the water or inside huh
Joe Joe
Joe Joe - Month ago
YDYD S2E1 Official Deaths:
Michael: 25:04
Matt: 28:46
Gavin: 41:21
Melee Mike
Melee Mike - Month ago
Y does Alfredo sound drunk
Teeny Weeny
Teeny Weeny - 2 months ago
Logs on top in the furnace makes coal
Teeny Weeny
Teeny Weeny - 2 months ago
Use either Seagrass or kelp
To tame and breed turtles.
Wesley Burnett
Wesley Burnett - 2 months ago
Is the seed actually livescrub
Daniel Kaniki
Daniel Kaniki - 2 months ago
Ryan died within not even 10 fucking minutes, rip
Chef Max
Chef Max - 2 months ago
I’m so mad I read the comments.
Solus Darkcoat
Solus Darkcoat - 2 months ago
All these years and they STILL don't know how to do ANYTHING
Harry Maddocks
Harry Maddocks - 2 months ago
hilarious vid gg
Adorath 100
Adorath 100 - 2 months ago
Man, those drowned are terrifying with the tridents on that mode.. He got so many kills
Beastinlosers - 2 months ago
45:09 Britain lmao
yodaspielberg - 2 months ago
This is a fun episode but loosing Michael made me very sad.
GeneratorKiller - 2 months ago
Honestly, I don’t want to watch this anymore after seeing Ryan and Jeremy die instantly. So pointless
Edit: At least they restarted
Nvm.. someone died in episode 1, EPISODE FUCKING ONEEEE!!
boi hi
boi hi - 2 months ago
Can you guys give me the seed for this map because I want to do my own hardcore survival with my friends on this map and see if we last longer then ten minutes 😂
samsonguy10k - 2 months ago
Ryan tells the seed in the first minute.
Owen fleenor
Owen fleenor - 2 months ago
This needed face cam
Natasha Henley
Natasha Henley - 2 months ago
I really wish we had face cams for this
Ben Jazz
Ben Jazz - 2 months ago
Legit though, the best way to survive in MC isn't just armor and a shield, it is to keep a full food bar at all times. Never eat meat raw, since it is like up to 4x more valuable if you cook it. Make a gigantic farm, and all that. Caves are not safe unless you have food, they are safe when you do however, since it is very easy to mine down (if u hear no lava) or in a wall and block urself in to eat, then ur back to full hp.
Ben Jazz
Ben Jazz - 2 months ago
"Gavin, you're a fucking dig team, dude"
Anthony Clemente
Anthony Clemente - 2 months ago
Lore4697 - 2 months ago

Kane Braley
Kane Braley - 2 months ago
What’s the seed
Thomas Rosebrough
Thomas Rosebrough - 2 months ago
Anyone else more frustrated by Alfredo's recklessness than his baby voice? I would much rather they take these way too serious than not serious at all.
Dale Kumler
Dale Kumler - 2 months ago
So u know how drowned are made
Dale Kumler
Dale Kumler - 2 months ago
They are normal zombies
Reception Guelph
Reception Guelph - 2 months ago
Chris Dye
Chris Dye - 2 months ago
whats the music they use at 28:55!?
Eli hufnagel
Eli hufnagel - 2 months ago
10:23 I like how Jeremy is always salty even when he's at fault. It's like arguing with a 5 year old. He yells out when people are trying to defend their point. What an idiot.
Daniel Hawkins
Daniel Hawkins - 2 months ago
Matt died saving Ryan
Sarah - 2 months ago
i thought this was gonna be good but it became very clear 8 minutes in that this was going to shit. i’m glad you dummies restarted
John Brown
John Brown - 2 months ago
Its been seven years!!😂
Celeste Yi
Celeste Yi - 2 months ago
I love that Alfredo still has his generic skin.
InsaneTacoz - 2 months ago
Gavin! You. Had. A. SHIELD! Why did you let yourself get shot!?
114MrCool - 2 months ago
I really want to see them attempt a UHC that would be the greatest/best thing ever
J Bakerboy
J Bakerboy - 2 months ago
What is the seed for the island?
James Dale
James Dale - 2 months ago
livescrub i think
Joey Dawn
Joey Dawn - 2 months ago
Life hack: Put a carpet on a fence and you won't need gates anymore. You can hop onto the carpet to get in and out. Have a single block on the outside of the fence to lead animals into the pen.
You need more torches. You guys do not have enough torches placed. Put more torches in the dark places.
Kira Kiwi
Kira Kiwi - 2 months ago
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