Easy Snake Trap - Build Deep Hole Underground Using Long Pipe & Big Plastic Bottle

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sharif hossain
sharif hossain - 4 minutes ago
Marie Jo Ibao
Marie Jo Ibao - Hour ago
Santosh Navrang
Santosh Navrang - 5 hours ago
I tried
Vitrya Revand
Vitrya Revand - 12 hours ago
say ajari
Umer 1
Umer 1 - 14 hours ago
They got dinner 😁😁😂😂
Shankar Kangulwar
Shankar Kangulwar - 20 hours ago

Aakash Singh
Aakash Singh - 23 hours ago
Shibani Chakraborty
u fake .
Sk Obai
Sk Obai - Day ago
If you want to see a Dangerous Snake park click this linkhttps://youtu.be/rCmls1jyX7Q
K.Squirrel - Day ago
I just can't help looking at the boy's dirty fingers nails & his bare feet...
Gonzalo and Dark
Gonzalo and Dark - Day ago
alguien que hable español ?
a pos no :v
pero si alguien si
¿se puede pasar a ver mi canal
y el de una tal Nady-Chan Studios? :^
Warung Cak Sodik
Warung Cak Sodik - Day ago
Cak sidek
Iin Andriani
Iin Andriani - Day ago
Jihan jil bab biru
Yanina Molinas
Yanina Molinas - 2 days ago
Soy el único que Abla español

Dame like si sos Argentino 👍✌️
Sony Indra
Sony Indra - 7 hours ago
Yanina Molinas
Yanina Molinas
Yanina Molinas - 2 days ago
Dame like si jugas al freefire Poneme Un Comentario
Gabriela Quino
Gabriela Quino - 2 days ago
hasia mo kupot sa bitin ah
Naythan MARSHMELO - 2 days ago
Fake u had to release snakes you had already cought... every body knows that snakes find just come in..plus the camera cept on moving
Seema Gusain
Seema Gusain - Day ago
Uttam Dhengle
Uttam Dhengle - 3 days ago
Satish Goswami
Satish Goswami - 3 days ago
Patsy Dawes
Patsy Dawes - 3 days ago
Y r u trapping the snake?? I hope it's to release into a safer plc.awy from ppl!! But knowing yalls kind,it's to kill it!!
Aaron Orange
Aaron Orange - 17 hours ago
Fuck that snake
Thanos - 2 days ago
This person racist af
sid - 3 days ago
What do u mean by their kind
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown - 3 days ago
How do we know he didn't put them there
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown - Day ago
@Mohd shakeel what
Mohd shakeel
Mohd shakeel - 2 days ago
Cameron Brown bbbb
Elzamin Memmedov
Elzamin Memmedov - 3 days ago
Qaqaş canından bezibdi diyesen.
Mt Babul
Mt Babul - 3 days ago
Tyeb Touahria
Tyeb Touahria - 3 days ago
Filme vor Ahmed Film Horror dumm sorry
Xavier PORCH
Xavier PORCH - 4 days ago
Love the vid keep it up
Karyo Mulyono
Karyo Mulyono - 4 days ago
ba Gus dan. lucu
Kamlesh Solanki
Kamlesh Solanki - 4 days ago
bbvc giyu yu and gaeyujktqftdafhwtyjav I
Kamlesh Solanki
Kamlesh Solanki - 4 days ago
RAMSINGH ChuhAn - 2 days ago
karanh,, what
Rike rahel Rahel
Rike rahel Rahel - 4 days ago
Jangan di pegang nanti ngegigit loh
Rike rahel Rahel
Rike rahel Rahel - 4 days ago
Itu ular apa macan
Enggar Manies
Enggar Manies - 4 days ago
Rike rahel Rahel
Rike rahel Rahel - 4 days ago
Kk hebat ajarin dong aku supa'y bisa
Rike rahel Rahel
Rike rahel Rahel - 4 days ago
Kk hebat ajarin dong aku supa'y bisa
Rike rahel Rahel
Rike rahel Rahel - 4 days ago
Ko bisaan sih bikin jebakan'y kk aku aja g bisa
Sadia Hussain
Sadia Hussain - 4 days ago
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super chattishgarh
super chattishgarh - 5 days ago
super chattishgarh
super chattishgarh - 5 days ago
super chattishgarh
super chattishgarh - 5 days ago
Mani Kant Chaudhrey Mumbai
CNN Yb hmm
In in on
Hghcf Hfhjh
Hghcf Hfhjh - 6 days ago
كلة جذب ولد السقوط انها ابوكم
imam za
imam za - 6 days ago
Menqapaada ember
imam za
imam za - 6 days ago
Menqapaada ember
imam za
imam za - 6 days ago
Menqapa ada selanq
imam za
imam za - 6 days ago
Menqapa ular ini bisa masuk
Javid bhai Sb
Javid bhai Sb - 5 days ago
matias avallone
matias avallone - 6 days ago
Yosoi es pañola
shop 5689
shop 5689 - 7 days ago
Raju Gupta
Raju Gupta - 7 days ago
سارقت القلوب
والله يخوف
EL Dizan Bernolian
EL Dizan Bernolian - 7 days ago
Wau Sstuojgf GFFYUI nadse Daadvjj Vxzaf
Lalkhan Lalkhan
Lalkhan Lalkhan - 7 days ago
Hippo looper usy I koi nai or in ka WO hi ap ooooz2sex i0psjyyukokm u. Aj to p is be SB se is NY SB se b try
Moohb Oss C Aska
Moohb Oss C Aska - 6 days ago
@Xhhxu Xjudu l
Xhhxu Xjudu
Xhhxu Xjudu - 6 days ago
@Sonu Chouhan nv
Sonu Chouhan
Sonu Chouhan - 7 days ago
Ramlagan Ram
Ramlagan Ram - 7 days ago
ismaaciil shoping
ismaaciil shoping - 7 days ago
bad you
ASZNEE MY BROTHER - 7 days ago
Stop do this why do you want snakes? snakes also have the right to live on earth!
belgasem khalfaoui
belgasem khalfaoui - 8 days ago
Good luck
Mahendra Kaviras
Mahendra Kaviras - 8 days ago
Amazing video
khem singh
khem singh - 8 days ago
Kiley H
Kiley H - 8 days ago
literally smashed the fish into the bin and gave it a splash of water without even killing it but okay
Ordinary Otaku
Ordinary Otaku - 7 days ago
Kiley H the fish was for bait and scent to attract the fish
Kiley H
Kiley H - 8 days ago
those nails are a crime
f4t4N 27 P*W
f4t4N 27 P*W - 8 days ago
Tidak ada gunanya subscriber
f4t4N 27 P*W
f4t4N 27 P*W - 8 days ago
f4t4N 27 P*W
f4t4N 27 P*W - 8 days ago
Md Samim
Md Samim - 8 days ago
Marco Paulo
Marco Paulo - 8 days ago
Muktyar Kalaigar
Muktyar Kalaigar - 8 days ago
Sopar je
Muktyar Kalaigar
Muktyar Kalaigar - 8 days ago
Shubham Vlogs
Shubham Vlogs - 8 days ago
Kya yh real he..
MostlyGhosty - 9 days ago
Its 3 in the morning ffs
Aswar Aswar
Aswar Aswar - 9 days ago
बिजय।बघेल बिजय
EGS Channel
EGS Channel - 9 days ago
Anand Singh
Anand Singh - 8 days ago
EGS Channel skdhvxjx b can
ربيع عكاري
ربيع عكاري - 9 days ago
Kanchan Watwani
Kanchan Watwani - 7 days ago
J in to in hi to going k in hhjjkkjhhfcx
Anish Alam
Anish Alam - 10 days ago
Winston Roblox Man
Winston Roblox Man - 10 days ago
When are we gonna use this?
Rebwar hasan 12
Rebwar hasan 12 - 7 days ago
Enlightened Sky Watcher
Enlightened Sky Watcher - 10 days ago
Who else's is only here because yt recommendations??
Yona squad
Yona squad - 10 days ago
I’m a hundred percent that them snakes have a headache
Bright Sky life
Bright Sky life - 10 days ago
If you saw his or hers fingers they got some dirty fingers
Ramakant Singh
Ramakant Singh - 10 days ago
нурадил Алибек
Jitender Raj
Jitender Raj - 11 days ago
Jitender Raj
・Desu Waifu・
・Desu Waifu・ - 11 days ago
5:47 That snake is probably the longest snake I've seen in Youtube. ;-;
Hetal Solanki
Hetal Solanki - 10 days ago
Sadiq Sadiq
Sadiq Sadiq - 10 days ago
kaden white
kaden white - 11 days ago
Did 8:05 scare anyone else
footboll live
footboll live - 11 days ago
Pleas subskribe mt channle
Bricktop001 - 11 days ago
8:03 who els shat themself at this point??

i think these 2 snakes are his pet snakes, exact 2 same snakes from last video
Anas Anas khan
Anas Anas khan - 9 days ago
GreasyEthiopans YT qjk my
GreasyEthiopans YT
GreasyEthiopans YT - 10 days ago
Bricktop001 they might be very common in that area idk
Shy Bluesy
Shy Bluesy - 11 days ago
I fucking hope they're not his pets..
Aziza Chaoui
Aziza Chaoui - 12 days ago
Which language this? Which country?
Manoj Arora
Manoj Arora - 12 days ago
Radhe radhe is the best of luck 8th and a few other people to 28
Dabhi Shailesh
Dabhi Shailesh - 12 days ago
Riri Aul
Riri Aul - 12 days ago
Sachi Yaari
Sachi Yaari - 13 days ago
OMG Biggest snake at home...plz subscribe to my channel
ʝaʟɨռɖaʀ օɦaʟ
ʝaʟɨռɖaʀ օɦaʟ - 13 days ago
alex mini
alex mini - 13 days ago
Rare Pongah channel
Rare Pongah channel - 13 days ago
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Sixty Nine Marketing
Sixty Nine Marketing - 13 days ago
MD MDMaksud01628129916
MD MDMaksud01628129916 - 14 days ago
Anaya Putri
Anaya Putri - 14 days ago
Cilik no jebakan ulo
moch arifin
moch arifin - 14 days ago
moch arifin
moch arifin - 14 days ago
Ta to may laif
Nurfaina Kalam
Nurfaina Kalam - 11 days ago
C àqqàq8
DEEPAK YADAV - 14 days ago
Lunar_YT Kat
Lunar_YT Kat - 14 days ago
The fish is the bate
Ana Júlia
Ana Júlia - 14 days ago
Би маш их таалагдсан
Aakash kumar
Aakash kumar - 15 days ago
saquib alam
saquib alam - 15 days ago
Really it's can not work
Ramya Puttu
Ramya Puttu - 15 days ago
Snake Lover
Snake Lover - 15 days ago
Why are you hurt snakes i love snakes😭🥺😣😖
Kayla Williams
Kayla Williams - 15 days ago
You shouldn't throw the snake around like that
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