Elon Musk Will Destroy Ford's F-150

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer - 4 months ago
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Tom Jones
Tom Jones - 3 months ago
@Jose Medina *emissions?
Jose Medina
Jose Medina - 3 months ago
Here Florida there is no admissions test so you could drive here with a check engine light
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - 4 months ago
When has Elon Musk ever delivered on one of his promises?
David Klimmek
David Klimmek - 4 months ago
C'mon Scotty ! Tesla is almost outta $. Ford will prevail.
NtAcoustics - 4 months ago
@Mike Lipsey it's the gasket on the gas cap, there's sensors that detect gas vapors that leak out and will give you a check engine light. Gas caps are pretty cheap.
Donnie Bargo
Donnie Bargo - 17 hours ago
The guy with the pony act G6 needs to find the fastest junkyard or closest junkyard driving across the scales and get whatever he can get out of it that's about what they're worth is what they weigh in scrap metal
Mytwistedvoices - 3 days ago
Our Chrysler minivan was getting poor gas mileage. The mechanic replaced the Evap system and it work properly. He told us to stop topping off the fuel tank.
Frank Olivieri
Frank Olivieri - 4 days ago
Spark up your motor!
john hunt
john hunt - 4 days ago
I don't think so! Im keeping my F-150. I'm not planning on buying his expensive Tesla vehicle!
life of
life of - 6 days ago
Wonder if Elon is the anti-christ? He said next year he will reveal his brain chips.
THE CLEAR T.O. - 6 days ago
fords already destroyed itself
Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson - 7 days ago
His electric cars are a failure. Yet they keep pushing this crap.
J Bar
J Bar - 7 days ago
Yeah... just as soon as they figure out that spontaneous fire problem, and how to prevent the self-driving feature from running down pedestrians!
OdiousMind - 7 days ago
oh my god at around 2:20 when he makes the "pft" noise and shows the picture of the dolphin spitting water, i nearly died laughing. i had to pause the video
TheLizardKing1967 - 8 days ago
Hybrid & Electric Cars: Electromagnetic Radiation Risks. Hybrid and electric cars may be cancer-causing as they emit extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields (EMF). Recent studies of the EMF emitted by these automobiles have claimed either that they pose a cancer risk for the vehicles' occupants.
Scott O,Donahoe
Scott O,Donahoe - 10 days ago
What is the cost to put out a Tesla on fire ?
Riley Smith
Riley Smith - 11 days ago
Elon Musk, Ford will bring an electric F-150 to the market to rival your Tesla truck.
Clark Pitts
Clark Pitts - 12 days ago
Musk is truly a badass dude. Puts his money up when he talks..... BUT A F150 NEED A Coyote 302 in every Unit, no other engines, Period.
Bee 313
Bee 313 - 17 days ago
Scotty do you rebuild engines?
Lynn Baker
Lynn Baker - 17 days ago
Climate Change is a bunch of CRAP if there was a need for electric vehicles we would've had them long before now. The first electric vehicle was invented & patented by Mercedes Benz in 1823. ( Google Search ) !
My Damn Channel
My Damn Channel - 28 days ago
Tesla means overpriced, poor quality control, poor fit and finish
Team Mongoose
Team Mongoose - Month ago
The 2019 Chevy trucks come with heated tailgates. That way your hands dont get cold when you're pushing them in winter.
Nathan Braun
Nathan Braun - Month ago
elecric cars to drive around the city is fine.

but once you start hauling heavy stuff, your batteries will drain fast. I do't see electric trucks taking off
Matthew Eitzman
Matthew Eitzman - Month ago
Scotty, do a video on the quickest way to seize up an engine.
poopstain - Month ago
This sad lil fella has something against Ford.
skhou - 2 months ago
Scotty forgot to use “absolutely” in the title for this video 🤓
Brandon Masters
Brandon Masters - 2 months ago
It's annoying that you say one thing about the title of the video and start talking about a whole bunch of random crap. I mean you really do it in every video you just ramble and ramble and half the stuff you say dosent make any sense and you're wrong half the time about car problems. It's just super annoying never watching this crap again
Sammy Smith
Sammy Smith - 2 months ago
Tesla's truck will be the choice for rich city boys to carry their surf boards, sky equipment or mountain climbing stuff. Ford truck will be for work
rob wells
rob wells - 2 months ago
Tesla 👊
Robert Castillo
Robert Castillo - 2 months ago
Ford just released a video of their new electric F-150 towing over a million pounds😯. 😐What now Scotty?
JWC - 2 months ago
Scotty, you stick to your Toyotas and Celicas. Leave the electric pickups to others.
J T - 2 months ago
Robert Lucas
Robert Lucas - 3 months ago
The only way Ford gets knocked off is two possibilities.
One: Ford makes a consistently bad truck that makes fans mad or leave which they haven’t yet. Even with the problems of the 6.0 diesel ( a decade ago I think) they still remained on top.
Two: someone produces a more reliable and inexpensive truck that undercuts every truck company.
I don’t see electric trucks taking off unless they can make it cheaper to make, cheaper and faster to charge, use less fossil fuels to make than regular vehicles, use less fossil fuels from electric to charge it, drive a long time on a single charge, more charging stations, and again less inexpensive.
Rob Martin
Rob Martin - 3 months ago
Tesla employees might need...."will work for food".......cardboard signs.....
Rob Martin
Rob Martin - 3 months ago
Scotty, correct on engine mechanic repair commentary.......liers or BSers
Poj Dia Vaj
Poj Dia Vaj - 3 months ago
Rev up your motor! Can’t until Tesla destroy all the diesel pumping soot at the track.
Stand Back
Stand Back - 3 months ago
Scotty, I love the new Centro display!
RayS2able - 3 months ago
I doubt pickup buyers and Tesla buyers overlap much
rcb0683 - 3 months ago
Hopefully. The U.S. obsession with pick- up truck is absolutely retarded. Most pick up owners have no practical need for one.
Larry Antonio
Larry Antonio - 3 months ago
We dont need Ford Trucks! FOUND OUT ROAD DEAD! FORD!
Dan Hammond
Dan Hammond - 3 months ago
Scotty suffers from the same problem marriage counselors do. They both only work on other peoples problems. Thus Scotty has no idea how many guys can work on cars themselves because those cars never come into his shop for repairs. He only gets the ones other people screwed up. Thus he thinks if a car is fixed by a home mechanic odds are its been done bad.
Doby Pilgrim
Doby Pilgrim - 3 months ago
Um. No.
Jak Beanstock
Jak Beanstock - 3 months ago
I want to see Scotty's face when he sees a spider in the engine
pbasswil - 3 months ago
Thing is, the pickup market is a whole kingdom unto itself, with its own expectations. Teslas are _slick_. They're designed like a Macintosh, a Dyson, a Lear Jet. Not everybody wants a pickup that's so... _superior_! A lot of folks just want something they can proudly beat on. Will you be able to beat on a Tesla p.u.?? Will people dare to scuff 'em up?
Jose Medina
Jose Medina - 3 months ago
I still prefer getting a diesel truck especially batteries from cars electric when they break the cost a fortune
Amin Nunez
Amin Nunez - 3 months ago
Hi Scotty!
I need a pick up truck but can only afford to spend about $5,000. Which truck would you recommend?
Oh Lordy
Oh Lordy - 3 months ago
NEVER put cold water in a hot engine that isn’t running.
Daniel Cantu
Daniel Cantu - 3 months ago
Scotty my son wants to buy a new truck. We live in Texas. I have a 2013 ram diesel 2500 but I have told him to get a Toyota tundra what are your thoughts. Thanks.
A G - 3 months ago
No real blue collar man or woman would want to drive that bullshit. Leave that to the folks that buy old things because they look “rustic and vintage”
TSAmplifiers - 3 months ago
No he won't.
The next major recession brought on by tax and waste democrats or war will kill the overpriced pickup truck and large SUV market fast.
Every major fuel price "crisis" made the prices of used economy cars double. And forced non work truck, main street cruising pickup truck "look at me" owners dump their unable to afford rides. It happens every time.
Dave Kube
Dave Kube - 3 months ago
I work on other people's cars as though they were my daily driver... Thanks for throwing those that do a good job under the bus Scotty...
R Verro
R Verro - 3 months ago
That will interesting to see. Especially how it will perform, when towing a heavy load. I'm pretty sure, farmers won't buy them.
Francois Normandin
Francois Normandin - 3 months ago
Tesla truck will be the best creation of all time.
deadbutrising - 3 months ago
How destroying your truck will destroy your truck
han cowman
han cowman - 3 months ago
Scotty a bad head gasket means the motor was probably overheated at 78,000 miles don't you think? And when it comes to faulty evap systems a lot of times that can affect fuel mileage. Not in the good way.
hardleecure - 3 months ago
Tesla has 0 chance unless they get their pricing lowered. Their vehicles are priced solely for people who make 6 digits a year minimum and the strain they'll put on the electrical grid will come back to haunt EVERYONE when brown outs start becoming more common and the cost of electricity skyrockets because demand is insanely high. Also, as areas become increasingly populated and apartment/townhouse complexes become the norm, how you going to charge your vehicle when the parking lots have no outlets for that and if they did, what's stopping someone from steeling your power? It's a pipe dream. Hydrogen is the only viable option and people are scared of it because the tank might explode. These are the same people that fail to realize that a lot of vehicles are already powered by propane and do so without issue and the tanks are safer than gas tanks.
JD Spears
JD Spears - 3 months ago
Elec vehicle is a vegetarian that eats meat in the closet..
It's all a joke..
It has to get it's charge from something that consumes fuel.
From the mining for the lithium to the disposal of the batteries is a huge scam..
The Healer
The Healer - 3 months ago
No Thanks, nothing replaces a diesel truck for hauling and long distance before refueling. Electric anything can not do that as of yet.
Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic - 3 months ago
I bet this guy might has an Tesla or two maybe new Toyota Prius hidden somewhere in his backyard or at his REAL permanent home
Alex C
Alex C - 3 months ago
love the new intro btw
Tim Wallace
Tim Wallace - 3 months ago
that company in michigan is actually in normal illinois. Maybe check your facts.
Sharptooth100 - 3 months ago
Even I think all Ford and Dodge trucks must run more that 1,000,000 miles mileage, Even if Tesla came up having electric cars running more than 3,000,000 miles milage just as if the 1966 Volvo 1800S did, that makes Tesla the Volvo strong-like most reliable electric cars of them all.
Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson - 3 months ago
Ford is heavily invested in Rivian so Tesla's truck will compete against those. Besides Tesla will never even be close to a competitive price vs f-150. F-150 EV has also been seen cruising silently around Michigan.
Sleepy Ancient
Sleepy Ancient - 3 months ago
We already have an electric power system in use that I think electric trucks could possibly be modelled after: Diesel powered turbines as seen in trains. Perhaps I'm wrong about the economy of scale on this, but train companies have for years used diesel turbines due to efficiency. And as mentioned, pick-up trucks are too high off the ground for the weight of a battery pack. I think a turbine where the transmission currently is (and a smaller 4 cylinder diesel) will keep the center of gravity reasonable while reducing fuel used.
Granted, it's not fully electric, but considering the varied use of pick-ups, and the range work trucks often need, it will probably be the best option for a long time.
Fully electric trucks could be sold for the people who don't need the distance but want the size like most truck owners.
That said, Ford can afford better R&D than Tesla, and so can the other car companies, so it will only be a matter of time before Tesla gets out of the vehicle market.
Besides, according to an interview I remember, Musk mainly pushes his projects because he wants an interesting future (as opposed to a boring future), not necessarily because he wants to be one of the large competitors in any given field. Once the big three (and Toyota) get their trucks in order, Tesla will probably restructure to research something cool with electricity in another field.
As I've said before, not all of Musk's projects are plausible, but that doesn't mean the money is wasted. Musk's projects will accomplish many great things on the way to both success and failure, and the technology they create/discover along the way is what I most look forward to.
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