Star vs the forces of evil (S04E03B) - Swim suit - (legendado) - parte 1

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Jason Jones
Jason Jones - Day ago
I love eclipsa’s voice
Jewel Ravenberg
Jewel Ravenberg - 3 days ago
Wait is'nt dead and in a dream asleep forever the same???
Speed Plays 2019
Speed Plays 2019 - 3 days ago
2:02 star wants to look but doesent want to at the same time XD star you perv
Nolan Bennett
Nolan Bennett - Month ago
Star, the teenager, is more mat ire than the two adults. Oof
Libreria Los cota
Libreria Los cota - Month ago
Goh Rue
Goh Rue - Month ago
How did that crystal dude lose one of his diamond niples
Rozlyn Law
Rozlyn Law - Month ago
omg wen marco was abote to show star what it look's like her heart was blusing
Ryzen ANG
Ryzen ANG - Month ago
RocketRaven101 - Month ago
ouroboros? oh god
꧁ŜÕ ĜĂMÊŜ꧂ - Month ago
Eduardo López
Eduardo López - Month ago
todos los vídeos que sean de inglés los voha a vorar
ツAcidicAli777 - Month ago
I can’t believe I actually liked Rhobulus in the beginning of the series. I seriously hate him so much
Mocha Latte
Mocha Latte - Month ago
everyone be talking bout the blush lololol
Female asreil 398
Female asreil 398 - Month ago
Female asreil 398
Female asreil 398 - Month ago
Female asreil 398
Female asreil 398 - Month ago
Maraca I am busy just pick a swimsuit 3:07
Mayra Matheus
Mayra Matheus - Month ago
Kkkkkk star ficou vermelha rsrsr
mallory gray
mallory gray - Month ago
Thats so cute lol 😆
mallory gray
mallory gray - Month ago
OMG when Marco ask for stars opinion for the shorts on him she star blushes lol
Laurie Bond
Laurie Bond - Month ago
i love tom so much
Andrew Douglas
Andrew Douglas - Month ago
Sad, i really hoped this was it.
Kaminari - Month ago
pq só tem comentário em inglês aq?
Miss Joana of YEETYOINK
Super Estrela Games
Super Estrela Games - Month ago
Gosto muito do Tom é um personagem muito interessante e divertido.
Kronos o otaku
Kronos o otaku - Month ago
algum br caraio ?
Hiba Moktar
Hiba Moktar - Month ago
Don’t worry Marco!
I’m sure Tom will tell u his opinion of ur new swimming trunks and also take a picture! 😉😏
Sayno inn
Sayno inn - Month ago
2:25 😰
Samyra Oliveira
Samyra Oliveira - Month ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa amei
Fernanda Marina
Fernanda Marina - Month ago
Eu amooooo esse canal
Efigenia Segura
Efigenia Segura - Month ago
que dueno meguta mucho
Erick 52s
Erick 52s - Month ago
Star le abra visto algo a marco??😑😑
Faïsel El Katbani
Faïsel El Katbani - Month ago
When marco said Tom liked the tiny swimsuit I was like wait is Tomco going to happen?!
Alvenis Arevalo
Alvenis Arevalo - Month ago
Madison TV
Madison TV - Month ago
Ran Sherman
Ran Sherman - Month ago
funny how the "teenager" is the most grownup in the room...
Steven Uzumaki
Steven Uzumaki - Month ago
SNAKE:your nuts lady!
ECLIPSA:you have venom on your face!
WillOfMyD - Month ago
1:59 Was Marco about to give Star a dick pick?
Apenas uma usuária brasileira aleatorio do YouTube
Eu espero que tudo acabe para a eclipsa no final
Hahahah Miknich
Hahahah Miknich - 2 months ago
The way Esclipsa said "You have venom on your face" lol
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - 2 months ago
When you wipe put everything you see as flaw, you lose all the things that makes you happy.
I can see how Eclipsa can use this against the MHC.
Paulo Victor
Paulo Victor - 2 months ago
Poxa, eu queria ver o Marco de tanguinha 😭😭
Gabriel Rosa
Gabriel Rosa - 2 months ago
Starco aún existe porra. Si eu q acho q o Marco vai virar o reino de tudo tomara pq quando ele usou a varinha apareceu marcas nas Buchechas dele
VeliaEnid Serrano
VeliaEnid Serrano - 2 months ago
Was star blushing or were her cheek symbols glowing red.
Artisticstuff - Month ago
I’m pretty sure she was blushing because when she blushes - red appears above/ over her cheek marks.
Marlen sousa
Marlen sousa - 2 months ago
0:58 macumba da braba kkk
Choxolet yo
Choxolet yo - 2 months ago
2:01 oh... OH STAR!
😂😂😂😂 I'M DEAD
Crescenta butterfly The eager
Oh no eclipsa just have thier father argue and work things out
Bladeygaming - 2 months ago
Tell me the truth, most of you came here thinking that Star will wear a swim suit
Cierra Caffey
Cierra Caffey - 2 months ago
Star so cool
Cierra Caffey
Cierra Caffey - 2 months ago
Eclipse so cool
Mike signs
Mike signs - 2 months ago
can someone name all of the spells we've seen eclipsa cast so far
ThisisaDeadchannel __
ThisisaDeadchannel __ - 2 months ago
Keep Steven universe weird
tomstar 4 ever
luntine - 2 months ago
Só tem gringo aqui meu deus
• Alff •
• Alff • - 2 months ago
N entendo o povo que comenta em ingles se tá legendado em pt o video
Maddie Greer
Maddie Greer - 2 months ago
marco gettin frisky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
PUDIM0 - 2 months ago
she blush.... 2:01

wink wink
Sam Gacusan
Sam Gacusan - 2 months ago
Where did star get the chairs ?
I’m real and I’m proud
Yay beach dayyy
Hsae Reh
Hsae Reh - 2 months ago
At some point Marco was gonna show it to her.. she quickly rejected and a COUGH COUGH she actually got her hearts blushing
Mikaelly Silva
Mikaelly Silva - 2 months ago
Eu quero saber,oque aconteceu com o irmãozinho de Marco ??queria vê-lo
David Chajon
David Chajon - 2 months ago
I think eqlipsa was sneaky but rombulas told everyone
JustSomeRando OnTheNet
JustSomeRando OnTheNet - 2 months ago
Star:Wait! Didn’t the entire kingdom see you do that?
Eclipsa: Oh no, I’m pretty sneaky
Darwin Waterson
Darwin Waterson - 2 months ago
How does rombulous speek without a mouth wait.......
rhombulous: *talks out of butt* MEWMAN EATER
Keiren Mcnaul
Keiren Mcnaul - 2 months ago
Shark 22
Shark 22 - 2 months ago
Can you just free globgore already!?
Lindsay Matilla
Lindsay Matilla - 2 months ago
"Hey, I know that picture is from thw future, but how come I'm not in it? " -Tom Lucitor
hehehehheheheheh is this foreshadowing?
Genica Drawing and gaming
Genica Drawing and gaming - 2 months ago
0:26 the moment Marco walked in, my brother yelled "ewwwww" at something XD
Tea King
Tea King - 2 months ago
Rhombulus is so fucking sexy 🤤
hotthorns - 2 months ago
Oh they switched glos's voice actor...... yikes.
iCatMini - 2 months ago
I don’t know, that side of ranch might be the thing to make a mewman too delicious to bare
Juh Sal
Juh Sal - 2 months ago
Baranchite - Month ago
Chat Noir
Chat Noir - 2 months ago
megawolfz 45
megawolfz 45 - 2 months ago
what is star looking at
Maria Robins
Maria Robins - 2 months ago

But are we gonna ignore the "I'm pretty sneaky" from Eclipsa? Or Glossaryck saying he doesn't work for Eclipsa but he works for the current Queen/owner of the spell book/wand which should be Eclipsa? Hmmmm
Mica Moresby
Mica Moresby - 2 months ago
0:09 - 0:14
What is the real reason😕
Alina Rendon
Alina Rendon - 2 months ago
My boy--friend would do that.
Ambyr Paul
Ambyr Paul - 2 months ago
Rhombulus has the smallest legs
Klaus O'Shaunacey
Klaus O'Shaunacey - 2 months ago
Glad to see that Globgor is also a fan of ranch dressing
Echo x Eros
Echo x Eros - 2 months ago
Honestly rhombulus can go kick rocks
Edino Gechig
Edino Gechig - 2 months ago
Wut if she kept looking in the camera!
Stardust OwO
Stardust OwO - 2 months ago
CS Truth
CS Truth - 2 months ago
I love how Rhombulos says eclipsa. ECLIPSER
Doom guy
Doom guy - 2 months ago
A Doctor
A Doctor - 2 months ago
Does this mean that glosseric (I don’t know how to spell his name) is back to normal?
Mike signs
Mike signs - 2 months ago
A Doctor he's acting normal but without the book and an owner, he basically does whatever he wants now. but he is secretly helping meteora so idk
Agentpman1 - 2 months ago
[English Comment about 2:00]
am i cool yet
the power gamer playz
the power gamer playz - 2 months ago
Starco is real she was blushing when she saw Marco with the too small swim trunks
Tata Fioretti
Tata Fioretti - 2 months ago
Glossarik is God
겨울`Cloudy - 2 months ago
That blushing is so cute ^^
CanCDM - 2 months ago
Glosooric (srry) works for the owner of the book star has a piece of the book that means glosooric still works for star.
Dolphin Fun
Dolphin Fun - 2 months ago
This a weird anime
Sierra - 2 months ago
In Globgor'sdefense, he did grow up in a time where Solaria the Monster Carver was still going around killing monsters for no good reason and started Wars.
Reaper 7
Reaper 7 - 2 months ago
That last scene was like a baby sitter tricking two siblings from eating the last cookie.
"he became a vegetarian just for me" awww
Samuel  Bedsole
Samuel Bedsole - 2 months ago
I think Globgor might have eaten one more Mewman after he and Eclipsa started dating, if you catch my drift. 😉👌
SSS Security
SSS Security - Month ago
Aside from tbe innuendo, he actually did. But I think he did it as revenge after Shastacan basically threw Meteora away.
LazyDount - Month ago
This is a kids show. Be dirty minded somewherer else
Cyanpoop - Month ago
Samuel Bedsole you little shit 😂😂😂👌
Minecraft Player
Minecraft Player - Month ago
Oh you little............
IndepYT - Month ago
Ltt Grr
Ltt Grr - 2 months ago
2:23 who know, what she said?
sophie寧寧 - 2 months ago
I wonder what well I look like if I was a daemon like Tom
skyfrost_ rouge
skyfrost_ rouge - 2 months ago
Im pretty sure star is the voice actor for tiny tina from borderlands
Stephanie Brilla
Stephanie Brilla - 2 months ago
2:00 I’m Marco I think it’s better if you hold on a second......
Jackie Rocha
Jackie Rocha - 2 months ago
Am I the only one whose so happy that Rhombulous’s snake hands are talking in this episode? They were so much fun to watch bounce off of each other and rhombulous back when it was first revealed that they could talk in season 2, I was so upset they didn’t talk at all during season 3 aside from lefty making that noise at Rhombulous at the end of Monster Bash and it didn’t even sound like the snake hands! It sounded like Rhombulous!
I am happy for their return and I just hope that we’ll get to hear more of righty and lefty before the series is over
Justic - 2 months ago
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