Star vs the forces of evil (S04E03B) - Swim suit - (legendado) - parte 1

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Ori Hin Miknich
Ori Hin Miknich - 3 hours ago
The way Esclipsa said "You have venom on your face" lol
AndOY! maRpO
AndOY! maRpO - 3 hours ago
When you wipe put everything you see as flaw, you lose all the things that makes you happy.
I can see how Eclipsa can use this against the MHC.
Paulo Victor
Paulo Victor - 3 hours ago
Poxa, eu queria ver o Marco de tanguinha 😭😭
Gabriel Rosa
Gabriel Rosa - 13 hours ago
Starco aún existe porra. Si eu q acho q o Marco vai virar o reino de tudo tomara pq quando ele usou a varinha apareceu marcas nas Buchechas dele
VeliaEnid Serrano
VeliaEnid Serrano - 21 hour ago
Was star blushing or were her cheek symbols glowing red.
Marlen sousa
Marlen sousa - Day ago
0:58 macumba da braba kkk
Choxolet yo
Choxolet yo - Day ago
2:01 oh... OH STAR!
😂😂😂😂 I'M DEAD
Crescenta butterfly the egear
Oh no eclipsa just have thier father argue and work things out
Bladeygaming - 2 days ago
Tell me the truth, most of you came here thinking that Star will wear a swim suit
Cierra Caffey
Cierra Caffey - 2 days ago
Star so cool
Cierra Caffey
Cierra Caffey - 2 days ago
Eclipse so cool
Mike signs
Mike signs - 4 days ago
can someone name all of the spells we've seen eclipsa cast so far
ThisisaDeadchannel __
ThisisaDeadchannel __ - 4 days ago
Keep Steven universe weird
tomstar 4 ever
luntine - 5 days ago
Só tem gringo aqui meu deus
Alpha Lucas
Alpha Lucas - 5 days ago
N entendo o povo que comenta em ingles se tá legendado em pt o video
Maddie Greer
Maddie Greer - 5 days ago
marco gettin frisky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
PUDIM0 - 6 days ago
she blush.... 2:01

wink wink
Sam Gacusan
Sam Gacusan - 6 days ago
Where did star get the chairs ?
Gacha legends !
Gacha legends ! - 6 days ago
Yay beach dayyy
Hsae Reh
Hsae Reh - 6 days ago
At some point Marco was gonna show it to her.. she quickly rejected and a COUGH COUGH she actually got her hearts blushing
Mika Ely
Mika Ely - 7 days ago
Eu quero saber,oque aconteceu com o irmãozinho de Marco ??queria vê-lo
David Chajon
David Chajon - 7 days ago
I think eqlipsa was sneaky but rombulas told everyone
NDiamond 04
NDiamond 04 - 7 days ago
Star:Wait! Didn’t the entire kingdom see you do that?
Eclipsa: Oh no, I’m pretty sneaky
Darwin Waterson
Darwin Waterson - 7 days ago
How does rombulous speek without a mouth wait.......
rhombulous: *talks out of butt* MEWMAN EATER
Keiren Mcnaul
Keiren Mcnaul - 8 days ago
Jeff Shirck
Jeff Shirck - 8 days ago
Can you just free globgore already!?
Lindsay Matilla
Lindsay Matilla - 8 days ago
"Hey, I know that picture is from thw future, but how come I'm not in it? " -Tom Lucitor
hehehehheheheheh is this foreshadowing?
Genica Drawing and gaming
0:26 the moment Marco walked in, my brother yelled "ewwwww" at something XD
Tea King
Tea King - 10 days ago
Rhombulus is so fucking sexy 🤤
hotthorns - 10 days ago
Oh they switched glos's voice actor...... yikes.
iCatMini - 10 days ago
I don’t know, that side of ranch might be the thing to make a mewman too delicious to bare
Juh Sal
Juh Sal - 11 days ago
Chat Noir
Chat Noir - 12 days ago
megawolfz 45
megawolfz 45 - 12 days ago
what is star looking at
Maria Robins
Maria Robins - 12 days ago

But are we gonna ignore the "I'm pretty sneaky" from Eclipsa? Or Glossaryck saying he doesn't work for Eclipsa but he works for the current Queen/owner of the spell book/wand which should be Eclipsa? Hmmmm
Mica Moresby
Mica Moresby - 12 days ago
0:09 - 0:14
What is the real reason😕
Alina Rendon
Alina Rendon - 12 days ago
My boy--friend would do that.
Ambyr Paul
Ambyr Paul - 12 days ago
Rhombulus has the smallest legs
Klaus O'Shaunacey
Klaus O'Shaunacey - 12 days ago
Glad to see that Globgor is also a fan of ranch dressing
Echo x Eros
Echo x Eros - 12 days ago
Honestly rhombulus can go kick rocks
Edino Gechig
Edino Gechig - 13 days ago
Wut if she kept looking in the camera!
Stardust OwO
Stardust OwO - 13 days ago
CS Truth
CS Truth - 14 days ago
I love how Rhombulos says eclipsa. ECLIPSER
Doom guy
Doom guy - 14 days ago
A Doctor
A Doctor - 14 days ago
Does this mean that glosseric (I don’t know how to spell his name) is back to normal?
Mike signs
Mike signs - 4 days ago
A Doctor he's acting normal but without the book and an owner, he basically does whatever he wants now. but he is secretly helping meteora so idk
Agentpman1 - 14 days ago
[English Comment about 2:00]
am i cool yet
the power gamer playz
the power gamer playz - 14 days ago
Starco is real she was blushing when she saw Marco with the too small swim trunks
Marissa Lopez
Marissa Lopez - 14 days ago
I can't believe Rhombulus and Eclipsa they're acting 6th graders.
Marissa Lopez
Marissa Lopez - 14 days ago
Marco in Globgor's swimsuit 1st ever humorous thing and beach photo ever!
Marissa Lopez
Marissa Lopez - 14 days ago
Don't worry Tom you'll be at the beach with them that's a promise!
Tata Fioretti
Tata Fioretti - 14 days ago
Glossarik is God
겨울`Cloudy - 15 days ago
That blushing is so cute ^^
CanCDM - 15 days ago
Glosooric (srry) works for the owner of the book star has a piece of the book that means glosooric still works for star.
Dolphin Fun
Dolphin Fun - 15 days ago
This a weird anime
Sierra - 15 days ago
In Globgor'sdefense, he did grow up in a time where Solaria the Monster Carver was still going around killing monsters for no good reason and started Wars.
Reaper 7
Reaper 7 - 16 days ago
That last scene was like a baby sitter tricking two siblings from eating the last cookie.
"he became a vegetarian just for me" awww
Samuel  Bedsole
Samuel Bedsole - 16 days ago
I think Globgor might have eaten one more Mewman after he and Eclipsa started dating, if you catch my drift. 😉👌
Sadły owo
Sadły owo - 23 hours ago
Samuel Bedsole You mean Eclipsa’s ex-husband?
ThinkyLou Wonders
ThinkyLou Wonders - 8 days ago
Yeah I see who you're talking about.
Ltt Grr
Ltt Grr - 17 days ago
2:23 who know, what she said?
sophie寧寧 - 17 days ago
I wonder what well I look like if I was a daemon like Tom
skyfrost_ rouge
skyfrost_ rouge - 17 days ago
Im pretty sure star is the voice actor for tiny tina from borderlands
Stephanie Brilla
Stephanie Brilla - 17 days ago
2:00 I’m Marco I think it’s better if you hold on a second......
Jackie Rocha
Jackie Rocha - 17 days ago
Am I the only one whose so happy that Rhombulous’s snake hands are talking in this episode? They were so much fun to watch bounce off of each other and rhombulous back when it was first revealed that they could talk in season 2, I was so upset they didn’t talk at all during season 3 aside from lefty making that noise at Rhombulous at the end of Monster Bash and it didn’t even sound like the snake hands! It sounded like Rhombulous!
I am happy for their return and I just hope that we’ll get to hear more of righty and lefty before the series is over
Justic - 17 days ago
Danh Trab
Danh Trab - 18 days ago
Do you like eclisa? LIVE A LIKE IF YOU DO
Gielian bei D. Ferran
Gielian bei D. Ferran - 18 days ago
Star what do you do pls continue pls continue see blank in 2:01
Samara Teixeira
Samara Teixeira - 18 days ago
Tem mais comentários em englis do que em português. Eu achando que ia ver pelo menos nesse vídeo comentários br😐
Samara Teixeira
Samara Teixeira - 18 days ago
Tem mais comentários em English do que português kkkkkkkkk
cristian felipe
cristian felipe - 7 days ago
Klara Rollof TERESA pink lemonde cat
A wish star var toogerf witch marco a like de deom boyfriend but allso is a Good boyfriend but allso a love love wen star are with marco det är bara my åskit ps.
I like more wen de are speking in English då förstår mera vad det säger men wen de are speking in a diffternt loughwis a dont förstår inte vad det säger eller det bretter in swedish too för a spinking Swedish.
I love love star vs evil and det andra som heter my favorit charter for the cartoon are star för she is so happy hella tiden and marco för he are kind and funny and deom boyfriend för att he is kind and funny but allso so fantastic and dip in det han säger but allso a love star s family and de deom boyfriend and Marco family
Bescose de all are so kind and happy and Nice and more.
And kawiia de family s and star. Marco and deom boyfriend and
I love de unicor be couse she so kawaii and cute and Nice i sweet and happy and hwen she angry a fink she so fanny and more.
pkphantom - 19 days ago
I shouldn't like this series as much as I do, as I'm a grown ass man...but I do. 🤣
Littleblue graal
Littleblue graal - 19 days ago
Why do I feel that Tom is gonna die.
I want to die but then I’ll never see Hamilton
He has crystal nipples
Night Rise
Night Rise - 20 days ago
Wait a minute. What does Glossaryck mean by "I don't work for you". I thought he did
Night Rise
Night Rise - 20 days ago
See guys, Eclipsa's not EVIL. Shes dangerous. She always lets her emotions get the better of her
luna wolf
luna wolf - 20 days ago
2:00 ooooh ma god!!! 💜
UTFAN LOSER - 20 days ago
Gelianna elyse
Gelianna elyse - 20 days ago
Omg.... when star was talking to Marco on the phone. Thing she was blushing even the heart on her cheeks was more red than usual eek!! #Starco
LaLa Icyling
LaLa Icyling - 21 day ago
Glossaryck is getting more and more unlikeable. And what does he mean by " I don't work for you ? "
Night Rise
Night Rise - 20 days ago
Unlikeable? No way, he's still cool. And I wish I knew. Glossaryck belongs to the book and since Star has the book he still belongs to her. But he went with Eclipsa because when she obtained the wand. So does he follow the wand or the book?
MrVioletKee YT
MrVioletKee YT - 21 day ago
Glossaryk eat pudding is vegetarian.
意粉GachaEvanBoi - 21 day ago
Mmmm star likes what Marco let her see
D: I don’t know what my name is
He said her husband is a monster he has a freaking diamond as a head
kagome26 - 21 day ago
Glossaryk belongs to the book therefore he still works for Star since she still has a part of the book.
Moon Kun
Moon Kun - 22 days ago
It’s like Star is married to Marco and her kids are fighting xD
Idk why I feel like this, maybe it’s because the adults which are supposed to be 300 years older than her are acting like kids, and Star is being the responsible adult.
Willy Mentzy
Willy Mentzy - 22 days ago
Is no one talking about the fact how the venom landed on him
Funtime Foxtina the emotion winged fox
Oh my Harry trooter
Queen Bizz
Queen Bizz - 22 days ago
You have venom on your face
Mitzi - 22 days ago
I feel bad for Eclipsa,

Imagine the pain she went through making and giving birth to meterora😬
ThinkyLou Wonders
ThinkyLou Wonders - 8 days ago
+Rey of Jakku Of course he can : he is a Size-Shifter.
Rey of Jakku
Rey of Jakku - 18 days ago
Yeah looking at the size difference, it's a wonder that she didn't get ripped in half during the baby making process. I sure hope that Globgor had the ability to shrink down to mewman size. If not, yikes...
Jojo Siwa's Hairline
Jojo Siwa's Hairline - 21 day ago
oh shi-
Carolina'sComiCs c
Carolina'sComiCs c - 23 days ago
Umm... I think I get the joke on the trunks
Leão quartzo universo
Leão quartzo universo - 23 days ago
2:01 omg
Erin :3
Erin :3 - 24 days ago
Tom is a dork 💕
Luiz felipe vlogs e jogos
Algum BR??
Wai Hong Lai
Wai Hong Lai - 24 days ago
SVTFOE is just stupid.
Saydia Riddle
Saydia Riddle - 24 days ago
briobrandon911 - 24 days ago
Glossaryck saying he doesn’t work for her (Eclipsa) does that mean that he does not recognize her as Queen and wielder of the wand? Pretty telling.
Teddy Flowers
Teddy Flowers - 24 days ago
Well we all know he had that coming I mean being frozen for thousands of years and some random people taking the throne hint 😂
Sniper_Taco - 25 days ago
1:54 I think I know what happened!!! 😬😂😂😅😅😅
Jared Hamilton
Jared Hamilton - 25 days ago
despite all the hiccups, it seems as though the battle crazy, leeroy jenkins, warrior girl😂🤣😂🤣 seems to have a calling in diplomat, peace keeper, and civil rights activist.
Vanessa Atwood
Vanessa Atwood - 25 days ago
After reading Eclipsa's chapter in The Magic Book of Spells I'm starting to wonder if she isn't wearing some seriously thick rose tinted glasses. For some reason the line "He became a vegetarian! Just for me!" Sounded way too much like my husbands promise to quit smoking he made 15 years ago....everything seemed so star crossed and over romantic in the book. I think we got a twist coming.
Suzy Draws
Suzy Draws - 25 days ago
I feel like globgor could have been freed in this episode if they use the box what I mean by that is that the box anyone else remembers has different settings in one was an intervention so it was kind of like we need to talk let's be calm about this I feel like an eclipse that and Romulus well use the box globgor might be saved into being released and then maybe the high commission look septic lips again
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