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3 541
Welyn - 3 months ago
Jason Kasper
Jason Kasper - 2 days ago
Welyn *video gets 12M views*
gamerjj228 - 6 days ago
12 million views...
Jason Jones
Jason Jones - 10 days ago
The way you handled that base, expert job. You're a genius at raiding, aren't you? I'd hate to be in a server with you lmao.
scooby doo
scooby doo - Month ago
your channel is fuck great
kao380 - Hour ago
4:38 "I was asleep" 😂😂😂😂😂
Zetsku - 2 hours ago
true vs faze
Ty3rdEye - 2 hours ago
I have no idea what this game is but the commentary is awesome
Julio Jaramillo
Julio Jaramillo - 2 hours ago
You should play with blooprint!
IDerp_ 20
IDerp_ 20 - 3 hours ago
One question, why do you even need all that?! 😂🤣
Captain Creepfool
Captain Creepfool - 3 hours ago
Clan member kills him Welyn: DIE YOU CLAN SCUM
Tiago Fgc
Tiago Fgc - 5 hours ago
Asian Boi
Asian Boi - 6 hours ago
This is so smart wow...
Cool gamer56
Cool gamer56 - 7 hours ago
I don't play this but somehow enjoy rust vids
Mustafa Baykoz
Mustafa Baykoz - 7 hours ago
This was the REAL Fortnite.
Roguepanda79 - 7 hours ago
Those dislikes are from the clan
Jay Cunningham
Jay Cunningham - 9 hours ago
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James Quaile
James Quaile - 10 hours ago
I know nothing about this game but this was very entertaining. Really enjoyed it. Thanks
Сергей Прокопенко
кто от бздена, лойс
Mad Masks
Mad Masks - 13 hours ago
The best time 7:06
Udhoi - 14 hours ago
Ty YouTube recommendations for once. Don't know who you are but keep up the great content! Stay strong!
Shadow Hunter
Shadow Hunter - 14 hours ago
A full team of warriors vs one elite invader
Ronis G
Ronis G - 18 hours ago
This has been recommended to me for the past 2 months, i dont watch this channel, i dont play or watch rust, yet its always on video suggestions, so i clicked it, watched it for 3 secs and left, so youtube can fuck right off.
Farid Musbah
Farid Musbah - 19 hours ago
Very much appreciate the perfectly timed music. I tip my hat to you sir.
Kav Cav
Kav Cav - 20 hours ago
Yeah those 2 or 3 people definitely got kicked from the clan for feeding all there shit to you like god damn
Dark Knight
Dark Knight - 23 hours ago
I used to play rust solo, so i didnt enjoyed that but know i interested & want to play again. GREAT VIDEO
gian swift
gian swift - 23 hours ago
What is that game?
ZincPlayz Gaming
ZincPlayz Gaming - Day ago
He Will Revenge
Logan McIlmoil
Logan McIlmoil - Day ago
I literally have no idea what rust is but I enjoyed this video! Good job!
Tyrantosaurus - Day ago
Just became my new favorite rust content creator. Thank you.
FoOeYeE - Day ago
Imagine someone just randomly found ur outside base and looted the shit outta that
crazyeye1 - Day ago
Thank you for getting revenge
01100110 01110101 01110010 01110010 01111001
This was a better heist than the ones games about heists offer.
Meltzer Chaos
Meltzer Chaos - Day ago
I don't know why, but this guy is like the balance of Rust. If a clan becomes too big, they will have to face the greatest threat (Welyn).
Heisenberg - Day ago
I have never played this game I only know one person who regularly plays it I have watched maybe one video of this game outside of this one and yet this guy is my hero
IschurosAlexandra - Day ago
Baba yaga
Louise - Day ago
You sound like leonardo dicaprio lol
Lucca Boff
Lucca Boff - Day ago
I think that more than 50% people watching this video dont even play Rust
Verticalpizza17 OFFICIAL
Best plan in history
Dekaleb Beard
Dekaleb Beard - Day ago
I like how he planned the whole thing out
projectmach - Day ago
Was this a movie?? o_O
Abdulmajeed Kumi
Abdulmajeed Kumi - Day ago
That’s why the bank next to me got robbed
CamoLive - Day ago
Literally narrated it like a world war documentary
I'm out y'all
I'm out y'all - Day ago
Bruh that thumbnail must have done wonders.
tim roemer
tim roemer - Day ago
I was asleep
SillyGoose - Day ago
Idunno if id ever wanna spend time playing this game...but you sure do make it entertaining to watch...
shawn lepine
shawn lepine - Day ago
howd you control the m249 so well. Gun insta goes up to the sky if I shoot more then 3 shots.
Fellow Gamer
Fellow Gamer - Day ago
1st video in my life ive seen with 4k :0
Scrotum Monster
Scrotum Monster - Day ago
I only tried Rust once. I created a character to represent myself. By randomization, Rust created a spot-on replication (right down to ths most important detail). It spawned me with a 3 foot penis. My character kept tripping on it. So I stopped playing.
I have a ps4 should buy a PC to play this game
Noro - Day ago
Hey did you manage to get all the loots to the enemy camp?
Aldane Thomas
Aldane Thomas - Day ago
I was hoping he’d strap explosives to everything and blow it all to hell. Never seen rust btw
Matheus Diefenthaeler
So much security, so much lack of using it...
nemmeh - Day ago
I like Ramseys videos too...
Blazy - Day ago
1:53 giveitem failed?
John Zeus Maglasang
Po: the sword of heroes
Me: ok
Danz Floor
Danz Floor - Day ago
Wow seems Rust became so much better over the last years.
Sharkie Licious
Sharkie Licious - Day ago
Narrating your play...awesome and btw......your gameplay detects that you sir......a genious. U deserve a subscribe
rodericklep285 - 2 days ago
wow he is better than hjune
Brandon Rich
Brandon Rich - 2 days ago
How many lives? Unlimited? Like most here I’ve never played this lol
Zarrox - 2 days ago
Clan: Makes a bigass base surrounding a gas station.
Welyn: I'm about to end this mans whole career.
ChickenRieder - 2 days ago
I've had this video recommended to me since it was posted even when I don't play Rust. I've got to say I'm happy I finally came around to watch it. It is awesome!
Sorrow - 2 days ago
okay 12m views
Sixclauneck - 2 days ago
Thanks for the great anime episode
kjn5991 - 2 days ago
Some clan they are if they played alone.... had you been jumped by 2 or 3 guys at the same time it would've been different....
KD9t911 - 2 days ago
Tony Gartrell JR.
Tony Gartrell JR. - 2 days ago
Your a gaming legend!
NationOne44 - 2 days ago
Great music!
artixneo The IV
artixneo The IV - 2 days ago
this is like buzzfeed.....before they fucked legit good video
Primary - 2 days ago
lmfao god damn you ruined them. Good. Clans are the worst things about these kinds of games imo
Seref Sendil
Seref Sendil - 2 days ago
I dont even play this game but this guy is awesome 👏
Tim Jones
Tim Jones - 2 days ago
Why is it that the people that you kill don’t respawn and come find you
wicher2die - 2 days ago
This isnt Multiplayer is it?
Frederick Röders
Frederick Röders - 2 days ago
This is why rust is awesome and also why I no longer play it.
If people arent always online patrolling the perimeter, youll just log in one day to have all your stuff jacked, totally regardless of how many defence measures youve taken.
I had a few awesome bases with a classmate that both just got trashed in one afternoon just because we didnt play that day
Strix Animation
Strix Animation - 2 days ago
How long did it take you the whole thing
mrriffraff2009 - 2 days ago
A nuclear attack on that clan would've been even more epic.
PlaYzGTR - TDGZ - 2 days ago
I enjoyed this video so hard. But I don't even played this game before looool. QUALITY CONTENT THANKS YOUTUBE
Thor Hanners
Thor Hanners - 2 days ago
Does any one know the song at 16:00
2bamrs - 2 days ago
this shit was hilarious...i dont play rust and i never will but this shit was just retarded stupid hilarious.....
Rishi Pathak
Rishi Pathak - 2 days ago
Can this guy do my English language GCSE exam
Morbius The Menace
Morbius The Menace - 2 days ago
12 mil views
Swill87 _yt
Swill87 _yt - 2 days ago
This game is boring but he makes it look so fun and exciting and I love how he narrates what he does
Kass - 2 days ago
Aleksa - 2 days ago
I was waiting for something bad to happen in the end but I'm glad it didn't! Amazing editing skills mate! This could pass as a movie in my book
Raphael Loh
Raphael Loh - 2 days ago
"It felt right!"
Emmanuel Monforte
Emmanuel Monforte - 2 days ago
ffs so much time and effort were done by that clan. damn, why you little snot.
Who Cares869
Who Cares869 - 2 days ago
This is like a documentary about how you pulled off the best solo Vs clan ninja style
Ironsight33 - 2 days ago
Give this man a stone.
Rory Blizard
Rory Blizard - 2 days ago
videos are actually so good
Vidoke69|V1D0KS - 2 days ago
Too Smart for me sorry
Jan Inge Nygård
Jan Inge Nygård - 2 days ago
Nice video. Though Im not sure how you got building permit by just jumping over the wall? How did you have permit to build that triangle floor to the cupboard across the wall, with the spikes all around on the ground? That cupboard should have blocked you from building anything, so how did you do that? :)
vlad maslov
vlad maslov - 2 days ago
есть русские?
Lyxs - 2 days ago
Who doesn’t even know rust is but is more entertaining than fortnite
Máté Szabó
Máté Szabó - 2 days ago
This was better than an action film , nice job !!!
FBoMBYaMOM - 2 days ago
hahahh blasting through the intestines of your stronghold!! hilarious man, great video!
The Cereal Guy
The Cereal Guy - 2 days ago
Nice lol
Saiba - 2 days ago
What's the title of this Movie?
Béla Málnási
Béla Málnási - 2 days ago
What is the game's name?
Marcus Webb
Marcus Webb - 3 days ago
Has the clan since found you?
Rmenn'o'on Mick'kle'len
stealing is wrong / ,even if it is a game, to me.
yes sir
yes sir - 3 days ago
Clan: exists
pumpkin boi: ah shit, here we go again
Jaydn Gray
Jaydn Gray - 3 days ago
Love the content!
Pi - 3 days ago
One man heist
Austin Gay
Austin Gay - 3 days ago
Dang, raided a clan by yourself..... NIOCE 👌
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