THE TRUTH... My Crush Does My Makeup

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Alex - 13 hours ago
Is it just me, or does Jeff kinda look like that guy from that movie, I think its's called "leap year"
Chloe Lyons
Chloe Lyons - 22 hours ago
the cringe of the friendzone
Kelsey Blakley
Kelsey Blakley - Day ago
Jeff: im not a fan of lip stick
James: im NEVER wearing lipstick again...
William Quintanilla
So he fucked james Charles
Arina Ventura
Arina Ventura - 2 days ago
Aw yall would make a cute couple💖
abi Hood
abi Hood - 2 days ago
Run Jeff. Run he yeah
POTTERHEAD 4 LIFE - 3 days ago
James...honey, the video is called my crush doing my makeup, u do know that he can see this right??
SOS Tori
SOS Tori - 3 days ago
jeff is so hot. Kill me please
지민Park Jimin
지민Park Jimin - 4 days ago
mAh NaMe Is JeFf
It’s Chloe
It’s Chloe - 5 days ago
bring Jeff back in a new video
Gacha Potato Bella
Gacha Potato Bella - 5 days ago
Damn 😐
Weave megan
Weave megan - 5 days ago
Jeff has a better new york accent than anyone in the world
Jasmine Reyes-Hernandez
James: cause mama im in love with a criminal 😂
SansReview0w0 - brawl Stars
No amigo hace un xvideos dale :v
حمید بهترین
حمید بهترین - 8 days ago
What was the result? a wise guy never does vain.
Clare Murray
Clare Murray - 9 days ago
James Charles I know it’s April 13, 2019 that is my birthday
hount lava
hount lava - 10 days ago
Jeff: "please let me out of here"
itzmemakayla Smith
itzmemakayla Smith - 10 days ago
9:28 Jeff's looks like he was actually considering it lmao
Avriss Pool
Avriss Pool - 10 days ago
Jeff seems so uncomfortable . 🤢 james probably forced him to do his makeup .
Riziki O
Riziki O - 10 days ago
You guys can look cute together
Vloudic - 11 days ago
So cute
Buzzy Borg
Buzzy Borg - 13 days ago
I ship you guys
Ponny Life
Ponny Life - 14 days ago
You are guy oh
Angel Vazquez
Angel Vazquez - 14 days ago
Tessa Thurner
Tessa Thurner - 15 days ago
This video didn’t age well 😂😬
Robeena Eketone
Robeena Eketone - 17 days ago
Good job Jeff!
sarah deason
sarah deason - 18 days ago
This was a cool video.the ❣❣ Loved the communication between James & Jeff ... very honest ❣❣❣Love these guys ❣❣❣
Alex Levine
Alex Levine - 18 days ago
How many people noticed Jeff was sweating
rosie - 18 days ago
january 19th is my birthday:'))
Jocelyn Solis
Jocelyn Solis - 19 days ago
Hey sister
Miguelito Solis
Miguelito Solis - 19 days ago
Tu number
Miguelito Solis
Miguelito Solis - 19 days ago
Ey cuh
Absurd Kraken
Absurd Kraken - 20 days ago
jeff looks so uncomfortable at the end
Tabitha Welch
Tabitha Welch - 20 days ago
They need more vids together 😍
Mëøw Kētçhüp
Mëøw Kētçhüp - 21 day ago
Parez Morris
Parez Morris - 22 days ago
The next Nikita Dragon! 😂😂😂😂😂
lizz shields
lizz shields - 24 days ago
Jeff is also like 10 years older than James.
Verbale Mondo
Verbale Mondo - 10 days ago
Wut? YOU gotta be kidding me
Lilly_Games_:D - 24 days ago
I smashed the like 👎🏻 :]
Katie Thomas
Katie Thomas - 24 days ago
Daddy Jeff LOL
GG_ Red
GG_ Red - 25 days ago
Do you think that your crush parents would like that
nimo abdi
nimo abdi - 25 days ago
The entire video James was blushing 😗😄😀😰💅
boo5t_50F - 26 days ago
my names jeff
Shaurya Hegde
Shaurya Hegde - 27 days ago
I don't think James would force anyone. He's very outspoken but not insensitive if someone said they didn't like what he was doing, just insensitive when it comes to knowing if anyone is uncomfortable. Jeff shouldn't have agreed to do this vedio if he wasn't 100% comfortable.
Tatyana love
Tatyana love - 27 days ago
He did very good 💓and I love u James charles
belèn Segura
belèn Segura - 29 days ago
Si eres de chile Dale 👍
Рера чан
Рера чан - 29 days ago
Они такие милые)))
Keira Gilbert!!!
Keira Gilbert!!! - Month ago
I don’t think “Daddy Jeff” is as into it as James🤣Anna-oop
violeta sanchez
violeta sanchez - Month ago
You guys should totally date
mjsemperfi Rivera Jones
Ur a boy...
Lilkevin Sierra
Lilkevin Sierra - Month ago
orla shinnick
orla shinnick - Month ago
have y’all not listened to the podcast where jeff said he never minded all of this flirting lmao
tatiana avedisian
tatiana avedisian - Month ago
Jeff did a phenomenal job honestly, especially on James' eyes! I kinda expected him to do well overall since he is a barber and all, but damn Jeff!
PugzBest12 - Month ago
I hope u get -16.1 mil subs
Alondra Garcia
Alondra Garcia - Month ago
get a haircut by jeff hes more experienced now
Whitney Wurdinger
Whitney Wurdinger - Month ago
Jeff just really doesn’t want to be touched by him...he’s almost out of frame.
June Helyn Taveesook
June Helyn Taveesook - Month ago
Jeff look like he’s scared
Ivfalenandicantgetup _
I am watching this video to torture myself because I haven’t done my homework yet
Dimitrije Blagojevic
Dimitrije Blagojevic - Month ago
b l a c k s k i n n e d
Jeff is acting very uncomfortable, and James is just doing whatever it takes to just flirt.
This is even uncomfortable and funny to even
Sicily - Month ago
I love this lol
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