Russell Westbrook, Paul George not feeling questions after Game 3 | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Positive Mentality
Positive Mentality - 14 days ago
Next season
P 12345
P 12345 - 15 days ago
Its like listening to Donald Trump
David Israel
David Israel - 22 days ago
Next question 😂😂😂😂
cikif - 23 days ago
That's Popocich's line
UeProductionz - 23 days ago
Westbrook and Paul George couldn't carry teams alone and even when they came together they still couldn't carry a team as a tandem. OKC will never win much less contend with these 2 kids paired up so they should just take a page out of Portland's book: grow up, do your fucking job and get over themselves.
Joe Alaimo
Joe Alaimo - 24 days ago
Westbrook is honestly a dick
Gangsta Knuckles
Gangsta Knuckles - 24 days ago
Baby mama :
Did you pull out
Next bby
YoungKing 97
YoungKing 97 - 25 days ago
These the kinda role models we got nowadays . That’s why everybody act like a little bitch
YoungKing 97
YoungKing 97 - 25 days ago
Pg energy throw me off
Ian Fitchett
Ian Fitchett - 25 days ago
Lol I don't watch much basketball but this is so much tamer than everyone made it out to be.
Here Come Dat Boi
Here Come Dat Boi - 26 days ago
Who’s here after Dame’s Buzzer Beater that eliminated the Thunder lol
Ultra Gamer
Ultra Gamer - 26 days ago
Paul George saying next question doesn’t feel right
Richard Richardson
Richard Richardson - 26 days ago
Did you put a condom on?.. next question
yo momma's toilet
yo momma's toilet - 26 days ago
PG: Tries to stop a series winning buzzer beater
Dame: next season
Patrick Jinkins
Patrick Jinkins - 26 days ago
Who’s here after lillard game 5 game winner?
butterman70 - 26 days ago
Russ better be thinking about next year not next question Russ a pussy when he loses it’s so funny tho 😂👌🏾🤫
Garrett A
Garrett A - 27 days ago
westbrook is so toxic. PG made an extremely stupid decision signing there
Genis Fernandez
Genis Fernandez - 27 days ago
Kevin Durant next ring
Genis Fernandez
Genis Fernandez - 27 days ago
Nex triple double
Adamson - 27 days ago
2k they must include the NEXT QUESTION in my career interview
Joe Hall
Joe Hall - 27 days ago
2:05 thanks Paul.
Andy Hernandez
Andy Hernandez - 27 days ago
Next question
joe odhiambo
joe odhiambo - 27 days ago
I did not check out the postgame interview until I heard all the talks about it. I checked it out and its horrible. Guys are looking at their phones, laughing, checking out their stats, etc. Glad they are going home soon, and we don’t have to deal with these kinds of arrogancy.
Luis Flores
Luis Flores - 27 days ago
This is fucken gross your black kids will see this Westbrook
Juan Bolova
Juan Bolova - 27 days ago
Not feeling paul George blouse
Jodin Bell
Jodin Bell - 28 days ago
Westbrook looks like a idiot
Bad Cholesterol
Bad Cholesterol - 28 days ago
Lmao FUCK the fake news
Northwest Reign
Northwest Reign - 28 days ago
Westbrook is the nba marshawn lynch lol
Atl.slimee - 28 days ago
1:24 Paul George knew what was coming😭😭
LexAnderson World
LexAnderson World - 28 days ago
I’d rather these two lames pay the fine of not appearing for a post game interview than demean a hard working reporter just doing his job
prashanth yerramilli
prashanth yerramilli - 28 days ago
Thats some real mature, grown up NBA stars. Well done. I have learnt a new two words today- NEXT QUESTION.
edgar Rivera
edgar Rivera - 28 days ago
Mom: You smell like weed. Did you smoke???
Me: Next Question.
bm9tube - 28 days ago
Bunch of pussies acting tough going fishing in 2 days
Brother Malcolm
Brother Malcolm - 28 days ago
That's just childish.
Laron DaGod
Laron DaGod - 28 days ago
Why do the media always studder when asking questions 😂😂😂💀😉
The F Wave
The F Wave - 28 days ago
Westbrook looks like a dick that Just came
muh ashevliw
muh ashevliw - 28 days ago
Russ you are an arrogant piece of thing, I cannot believe your lack of respect for those reporters , and just take a look to your left and learn from Paul George.
It is just embarrassing every time you show up to that post game table.
How about just going somewhere else rather than to that table ??!!
Not nice, not funny ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I bet those reporters don’t want to see you !!!!
oshankowich27 #music
oshankowich27 #music - 28 days ago
For one year westbrook shouldn't be named an all-star that would motivate
oshankowich27 #music
oshankowich27 #music - 28 days ago
I am not an Nba player but when I play basketball and my shot isn't going, I take the ball to the hole and russ could of had at least 30 points in the game with the energy he can bring to the floor
HAN Lin - 28 days ago
Next question  Next question Next question Next question Next question
Milan K
Milan K - 28 days ago
They think they real cool saying next question don’t they, think cause they won a game they back, nah what Paul George did was embarrassing at the end of the game and little did they know they were bout to lose the next game at home, guys going back to Portland 3-1 down and bout to get sent out in the first round, next question
Derrick Everhart
Derrick Everhart - 28 days ago
My girl: "who is the bitch in your phone sending you nudes!???"
Me: "Next question..."
ghe426 - 28 days ago
Westbrook is a miserable fuck and always will be!!! We won't see the asshole again this year (Thank god) after Portland takes them out tomorrow!! He'll never get a championship!!! Mindless fuck!!
Prince K
Prince K - 28 days ago
Russ really don’t like that nigga😂😂
Ty Bostic
Ty Bostic - 28 days ago
Westbrook looks like a crack headed stepmom
latinsizer - 28 days ago
That's right PG, you do as you daddy Westbrook tells you.
HtownTX - 28 days ago
Grow up Westbrick!!! What you do off court weighs more than that layup
Cspire Cspire
Cspire Cspire - 28 days ago
Westbrook need to grow up
Anthony James
Anthony James - 28 days ago
0:58....Russ is the only nba player that I know who roll his eyes like a BITCH when he mad 🤣🤣
funkyflights - 28 days ago
Russell holds grudges, that much is true ... But hey, he has that right...
Dylan Ceaser
Dylan Ceaser - 28 days ago
Watching this after game 4 is so refreshing...stay humble ladies and gentlemen
Tim Macon
Tim Macon - 28 days ago
Russ won't have to say next question 😂 for long it's almost over
matty cakez
matty cakez - 28 days ago
i guess Andre Roberson is OKC coach, i don't see Billy Donovan doing anything during this game 4 fallout..
Dankest Ranch
Dankest Ranch - 28 days ago
I cant wait till these two clowns go home
Andrew Furrer
Andrew Furrer - 28 days ago
What dicks. I'll always cheer against this team from here on out.
Gideon Beck
Gideon Beck - 28 days ago
Paul George was never a "next question" rude asshole. Boy, how bad company corrupts. You don't want these guys to win. You don't want to root for them and I am an OKC fan. I don't care what the history you have with a reporter who is PAID to criticize and critique performances. What a baby. WAAA this big bad reporter bashed me WAAAA my feewings all hurt WAAAA big baby.
Joseph Katz
Joseph Katz - 28 days ago
He’s such an ass
SealAngel - 28 days ago
Russ is the best player in the league right now.
alexander leos
alexander leos - 29 days ago
@russellwestrook and @paulgeorge ... your lil bxtches acting like that when your MAKING MILLIONS TO DRIBBLE A DAMN BASKETBALL around..
D H - 29 days ago
Russell with never get a ring.
Average J
Average J - 29 days ago
😂😂 when berry said his name PG looked like "aw shit"
Rogue Sniper Gaming
Rogue Sniper Gaming - 29 days ago
Berry is a troll😂
Jovanni Torres
Jovanni Torres - 29 days ago
Can somebody please make a Russ vs Berry compilation 😂
Chicago773 Williams
Chicago773 Williams - 29 days ago
Next question 😂😂
Coleman Jeter
Coleman Jeter - 29 days ago
He likes nick he just don't like you lmfao 😂
B. Easzze
B. Easzze - 29 days ago
Damn I got caught stealing.
The manger ask me why are you stealing CONDOMS. I said NEXT QUESTION
John Mack
John Mack - 29 days ago
OKC is fun but they probably have the most 3 for 18 lines in the league...
Catema Moffatt
Catema Moffatt - 29 days ago
matt #ADOS
matt #ADOS - 29 days ago
Brothas we are not kids we are men, answer the fucking questions and move on. Keep your head up don't slouch and speak with authority.
Mount Rison
Mount Rison - 29 days ago
He can answer the way he wants.
Sckrilla Illa
Sckrilla Illa - 29 days ago 😕😉😎
Tyler Cleverly
Tyler Cleverly - 29 days ago
OKC is shook....Go Blazers !
ltzp2 - 29 days ago
paul did a good job executing the next question meme
Julien Julien
Julien Julien - 29 days ago
Daniel Becker
Daniel Becker - 29 days ago
Westbrook and Paul George will be NBA champions eventually they could do it this year but everyone needs to play well if they win it it'll be the greatest achievement of a team with heart and passion beating super teams
Daniel Becker
Daniel Becker - 29 days ago
I really like Westbrook and Paul George if they both have great games together the thunder will beat Portland
Toren Johnson
Toren Johnson - 29 days ago
Hey no bullshit I'm no OKC fan.. all rockets here but I fw Russ and pg .....and don't ask me shit you already know my question
Thunder Buddy
Thunder Buddy - 29 days ago
It’s time for Barry T to find another job, Barry got buried again, learn to respect and earn respect.
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty - 29 days ago
Dumb ass questions by these reporters omg!! These reporters ask these questions on purpose
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty - 29 days ago
Russ don’t play with the questions 💯💯💯👋🏽💪🏾
SIRLOIN66 - 29 days ago
Reporters should just not ask them questions and ignore them when they have great class
Keenan Moore
Keenan Moore - 29 days ago
I'm going to start using this in every day situations. Save a lot of time arguing and wasting energy dealing with stupid shit.
allen henderson
allen henderson - 29 days ago
We executed
Maurice Lingard
Maurice Lingard - 29 days ago
Next Question 😆😆😆
Dr LazerFangz
Dr LazerFangz - 29 days ago
Golden State blew a 3-1 lead in the finals
facemobxlive - 29 days ago
Lol fucking divas. Get paid a billion dollars to shoot a ball and cant answer anybody's questions.
Thomas Woods
Thomas Woods - 29 days ago
All good westbrook, you’re getting bounced in the first round again anyways
O.G. XIV - 29 days ago
So what do yu feel cause the loss in game four
PG: Next question 🤣😂
paulus veltran
paulus veltran - 29 days ago
The sly shuddup comment... who was that directed to? The journo or paul george.
2 Cents
2 Cents - 29 days ago
When Russell Westbrook retires he will be remembered for getting tons of triple doubles & saying "Next Question" at interviews.
Cameron Long
Cameron Long - Month ago
1:34 “do you want me to tell them” Russ “quiet”
money game
money game - Month ago
Russ such a goon 👍
Q C - Month ago
Black folks are only ever in the news section for something criminal or playing with a ball. Prove me wrong.
Major Bollocks
Major Bollocks - Month ago
eesh, hate to be that guy.
Tori Temple
Tori Temple - Month ago
They better win this series or these reporters are gonna eat them for lunch. Payback is a BIIAATCCHHH
istartedajoke - Month ago
Only people I've ever seen rock the baby was dr j and Jordan. Idk what Russell Westbrook is thinking
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews - Month ago
No one likes berry, berry is a ballbag. Don't be like berry
Ben Sims
Ben Sims - Month ago
Sir is your jersey number 0? Next question
Phuong Pham
Phuong Pham - Month ago
I just saw a guy outside my window look up a girl’s skirt. Then he made sniffing noises.
Karim Amin
Karim Amin - Month ago
No wonder they don't want to talk. These reporters ask the most stupid questions ever. "Hey Russ, you won game 3. How do you feel going into game 4? Think you can win?"
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