A Journey Through Time - SNL

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Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - 2 minutes ago
That is one hell of a mullet and mustache Paul is rocking! NOICE.......
Dessie O'Donovan
Dessie O'Donovan - 9 minutes ago
SNL sucks now. Just a bunch of feminists libtard cucks
Rashad James
Rashad James - 10 minutes ago
Check out the videos and show yo boy some love and SMMMAACK that like button And stump that notification button CHYEAH!!!
Angel - 11 minutes ago
Am queezy now after her ear sucking part.ughhh
Alicia Westfall
Alicia Westfall - 12 minutes ago
SNL = Still Not Laughable
Notoriouskage1804 - 17 minutes ago
Again more gay agenda geeesh every fucking episode fuck 😨😨
Cheykese Weathers
Cheykese Weathers - 26 minutes ago
Walking around wakanda🤣
Krenar Hoxha
Krenar Hoxha - 29 minutes ago
Watching this at work, not the best idea
Nordi Mejia
Nordi Mejia - 30 minutes ago
Not that funny anymore. I insist, they are over using Kate.
uziel900able - 32 minutes ago
Wait I saw this or no!???
Phant4sm - 32 minutes ago
how is this unfunny horseshit still in trending? SNL quit being smile worthy in the 90s.
Keith Winnett
Keith Winnett - 33 minutes ago
Paul Rudd might be the best actor ever to not crack a smile while she was road dogging him.
Eğlenceli Günler
Eğlenceli Günler - 38 minutes ago
Bu ne acaba açıklayabilir misiniz
Shubham On Air
Shubham On Air - 41 minute ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2IVUAtZ9K8 lets see who is better?
Void Monkey
Void Monkey - 46 minutes ago
Not only is ant man one of the worst characters ever. He is also a liberal.
mfree234 - 46 minutes ago
These are my fav SNL skits!!! Kate always makes me laugh so much in these
Emmanuel MITCHELL - 49 minutes ago
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Laura - 47 minutes ago
otta's channel
otta's channel - 51 minute ago
Hey guyss! I've just posted my first YouTube video a while ago, I'm going to be talking about my experiences and other stuff. Check it out if you have time💕
Buds889 - 54 minutes ago
Degradation through time.
kingMadnus - 55 minutes ago
People is such a strong word
4closure - Hour ago
"Im a dumb bitch so i have to quote shit"
Omg Kate is such a legend.
Nashville Boss
Nashville Boss - Hour ago
5:03 she moved her shirt to display the🐫
Betty White
Betty White - Hour ago
Balloon knots lololololol
W O E 1
W O E 1 - Hour ago
Tall Skinny Mike
Tall Skinny Mike - Hour ago
If this video makes you laugh hit the subscribe button 😂👉🏾 https://youtu.be/EquLaYOXgDU
Ender’s Channel
Ender’s Channel - Hour ago
2:25 I mean she’s not wrong, about one of them
Ayesha Rizwan
Ayesha Rizwan - Hour ago
She is perfect
Fiona Hardie
Fiona Hardie - Hour ago
I love these skits so much
edit: "these two are walking around Wakanda" nice Marvel reference Kate!
Aidan Dixon
Aidan Dixon - Hour ago
I'm pretty sure her pants are slowly crawling up to her head.
Mick T
Mick T - Hour ago
When snl tries to continue to spew the nonsense rhetoric that people evolved from monkeys 😏
Jordi Couperus
Jordi Couperus - 2 hours ago
I will not stand for this, i like Mikey Day but the interviewers in this series should ALWAYS be Aidy and Bobby.
hijabimuslimgirl - 2 hours ago
4:00 to 4:50 Paul looks soooooo uncomfy
ZebraUp - 2 hours ago
Norbit Dre
Norbit Dre - 2 hours ago
Smell what am sipping
amelia banana
amelia banana - 2 hours ago
stephoppotamus - 2 hours ago
'I looked like a footlocker Employee' - I just died!
Paige - 2 hours ago
Rugged burned my neck 😂😂😂
Sage 421
Sage 421 - 2 hours ago
Bush smushed 😅😅😅
Steve Govea
Steve Govea - 2 hours ago
And quoting from NPR....
"This story will be archived in the Library of Congress"
Missing Diamond
Missing Diamond - 2 hours ago
She should've been in Wakanda🤣
RVAsideways - 2 hours ago
Trevor Griffin
Trevor Griffin - 2 hours ago
Comparing Wakanda to Planet of the Apes....hrmmmm did Rosanne start writing for this show?
NORRIN RADD - 2 hours ago
Nicholas Samson
Nicholas Samson - 3 hours ago
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NORRIN RADD - 3 hours ago
Are her pants getting higher waisted every time?
Douglas Jones
Douglas Jones - 3 hours ago
Zack Abdulbaki
Zack Abdulbaki - 3 hours ago
Whoever wrote this needs an Emmy.
Jason Broomes
Jason Broomes - 3 hours ago
Awesome acting💓🔥🔥🔥
Wes McGee
Wes McGee - 3 hours ago
Very tasteful.
J DS - 3 hours ago
Will Leonard
Will Leonard - 3 hours ago
Clam casino and bean burrito
Fire Frog
Fire Frog - 3 hours ago
I was hoping for a time travel episode where they go back to the 1990's where SNL was funny. It appears that is not the case.
verdatum - 3 hours ago
Wow, Paul Rudd barely cracked. I don't remember a host ever managing that on a Rafferty sketch.
Vinayaka - 3 hours ago
This skit has run its course
Ruzali Hakimov
Ruzali Hakimov - 3 hours ago
Jamie O'Loughlin
Jamie O'Loughlin - 3 hours ago
I'm completely confused...
Daemon Noir
Daemon Noir - 3 hours ago
Paul Rudd is really amazing. Other hosts have cracked in similar sketches about this Kate McKinnon character with not even a quarter of the physical comedy being thrown at them. You're a national treasure Mr. Rudd.
LordofNalicNod - 4 hours ago
Holy shit this is the funniest thing ever. By far the funniest skits of last night's episode! I wanna have Kate McKinnon's babies!
Bubski - 4 hours ago
Reusing jokes nice really show how bad snl is now.
JAYDON DRAYKE - 4 hours ago
James Zetterman
James Zetterman - 4 hours ago
I was really anticipating this sketch to be about how Paul Rudd never ages.
thedearnoman - 4 hours ago
Yes! This is very funny! If you are a retard.
davenetdog - 4 hours ago
I was waiting for a funny line but......nada
D O M - 5 hours ago
Cuter and tuter. Lol 😂🤣🤣😂
TMHOutdoorsman - 5 hours ago
Love paul Rudd but not the same without Ryan cracking up
D Doc
D Doc - 5 hours ago
very poor badly written and out of date
VALENTINEproductions - 5 hours ago
Mmmm that cooter
Anish Reddy
Anish Reddy - 5 hours ago
YouTube should make a "like multiple times" button. 😅😂😂😂😂
ImJoebob - 5 hours ago
Kate seemed to be channeling a little bit of Chris Kattan's Mr. Peepers character when she crawled up on Paul and did all that she did to him.
Steel Savior
Steel Savior - 6 hours ago
SNL sketches seem like lazy, re-used scripts. over and over and over.
roodle mcboodle
roodle mcboodle - 6 hours ago
Paul Rudd is officially the only guest host I've ever seen NOT corpse during one of these
Shahe Masoyan
Shahe Masoyan - 6 hours ago
Chris Kattan is that you?!
Dusty Showbiz
Dusty Showbiz - 7 hours ago
"the business end of 50 balloon knots..." 🤣
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore - 7 hours ago
Ant-Man talking about quantum time-travel? Where have I seen that before?
Shannon Palladino
Shannon Palladino - 7 hours ago
I’d marry Kate just to lose my wedding ring
Mullet Head
Mullet Head - 7 hours ago
Damn, that mullet is Fire as faa.
Merve Agar
Merve Agar - 7 hours ago
God I would love to see this live lol
CT 99-6612
CT 99-6612 - 7 hours ago
"Buddy, God had no part in this." 😂
Mewt - 7 hours ago
Idiocracy anyone?
Kevin Knorr
Kevin Knorr - 7 hours ago
Demetrius Houston
Demetrius Houston - 8 hours ago
They need one of these sketches every episode. Kate McKinnon kills me every time. The way she describes her private parts leaves me in tears. 🤣🤣🤣
Emma Russell
Emma Russell - 8 hours ago
can I just say, that Aidy looks really pretty in this sketch
savagenature1 - 8 hours ago
Laughed So Hard that now I Have The Hiccups :P
William Hoffman
William Hoffman - 8 hours ago
I laughed so hard I was crying and peeing my pants at the same time. This was best of them all. Hail to Kate!!
Jear Gentry
Jear Gentry - 8 hours ago
Just waiting to see if Aidy Bryant broke again lolol. Man these are hilarious. I hope these sketches go on forever.
Sabra Zafarano
Sabra Zafarano - 8 hours ago
how the eff did
Rudd not choke
during the straddle.
William Brown
William Brown - 8 hours ago
Cooter and tooter, clam casino and bean burrito. Great nicknames
William Brown
William Brown - 8 hours ago
They zerba striped my t-shirt soo much i looked like a referee 😂😂😂
William Brown
William Brown - 8 hours ago
Kates pants gets higher every time her cooter has to be happy to get some air when her cooter and tooter are on display. 😂😂😂😂
William Brown
William Brown - 8 hours ago
Its gotta be the clothes that makes them keep having these things keep happening to them
Avante-Garde Geckos
Avante-Garde Geckos - 8 hours ago
“She’s candling but there ain’t no wax” she’s such an amazing actors
Loren Solomon
Loren Solomon - 8 hours ago
Clam casino 😂
A G - 8 hours ago
Kate McKinnon is the GOAT
antmagor - 8 hours ago
OK Paul Rudd gets an Emmy for not cracking up once wile Kate was reenacting the mating ritual.
BR - 9 hours ago
Earth is Flat
Juju Bean
Juju Bean - 9 hours ago
The transition from Wakanda to Rise of the Planet of the Apes is very suspect and deserves a major side-eye. Otherwise, decent sketch.
Bryce - 9 hours ago
I didn’t know Ant Man was southern.
Bryce - 9 hours ago
Ironic that it’s Paul Rudd in this skit.
rurusiddi - 9 hours ago
Lmfao Aidy and Kate breaking character looking at each other laughing
Michael Leon
Michael Leon - 9 hours ago
Apes-future-wakanda kinda bad there
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