Taylor Swift - Lover

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Mere Skinner
Mere Skinner - 9 hours ago
Ronald James
Ronald James - 9 hours ago
Censored the v!ew$ and stop using emojis
NxThAN Bxd StREam
NxThAN Bxd StREam - 9 hours ago
I Love The Song ❤️🥰✨
izuham alejandro lopez villafaña
I love
Adrie Dones
Adrie Dones - 9 hours ago
*Hello Winter Feelings ❄*
Gerardo Noruega
Gerardo Noruega - 9 hours ago
Sigo intentando saber por que lloro con esta canción. 💕💖
Ronika Arefi
Ronika Arefi - 9 hours ago
F*ck .. I'm crying and smiling at the same time ..
Angeline Bantillo
Angeline Bantillo - 9 hours ago
mateus pereira
mateus pereira - 9 hours ago
Possessiva rs
Matthew Christian
Matthew Christian - 9 hours ago
didn't know rickey thompson did a video with taylor, i guess he is *booked and busy*
Jkitty 48
Jkitty 48 - 9 hours ago
This song is SO gorgeous, like the old Taylor and now the video is terrific and beyond beautiful! Her style and and creativity are off the chain! She has such creative vision. Bring on the new album!!!!
Robson junio
Robson junio - 9 hours ago
vivi zulf
vivi zulf - 9 hours ago
who watching from Indonesia?
Miss Anonymous
Miss Anonymous - 9 hours ago
I have Angel Face
I have Angel Face - 9 hours ago
I miss the old taylor, and she's back guys❤❤❤ love u Queen❤❤❤
Amina Baibeck
Amina Baibeck - 9 hours ago
😭😭😭 so tender
bathtimetyler - 9 hours ago
taylor is so talented and such a genius. she’s changed my life and I’ll love her forever. IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ALBUM!! :)
Edu - 9 hours ago
So happy that your videos have subtitles in many languages. Gracias, te amo Taylor 😍
Juana Dominguez Gòmez
Juana Dominguez Gòmez - 9 hours ago
The Earth is Crying and people like Taylor Swift, who is really famous, she should do something more social, more important, no this.
Tar In Wonderland
Tar In Wonderland - 9 hours ago
😍😍 so sweet 😍😍😍
Willian Will
Willian Will - 9 hours ago
Song 🎵🎶🎼Wonderful 🎧🎤🎺🎻🥁Amei essa música incrível!!!🎹🎸🎚🎙📲📱😍💖💕💝💞💟❣
Morenike Ay
Morenike Ay - 9 hours ago
Tik tok do your thing!
ABZ 002
ABZ 002 - 9 hours ago
Aaah so beautiful!! 😍😍
Marissa Hodges
Marissa Hodges - 9 hours ago
1st 25,000 comment awesome whose here Aug 22, 2019 ? 😂
E E - 9 hours ago
A family who wears matching pajamas on Christmas day ... is forever!
Franz André
Franz André - 9 hours ago
TheMustardCat - 9 hours ago
Christmas themed video in August?

*Just wow.*
Gabi - 9 hours ago
They are actually so cute together ...
Rafael Santana
Rafael Santana - 9 hours ago
rainha sem precisar esforça
dieter ho
dieter ho - 9 hours ago
This video is taking No tears left to cry’s idea
çiko exo
çiko exo - 9 hours ago
Süpersin Taylor
Nessy Rood
Nessy Rood - 9 hours ago
The song I've needed all this time.😭🙌🏼❤️✨
Marguerite Olivia
Marguerite Olivia - 9 hours ago
This song gives me chills.
Asni V.A
Asni V.A - 9 hours ago
I kind of felt like There is a Lack of Chemistry between this Guy and Her. Could've been a Better Guy!
Diego Contreras
Diego Contreras - 9 hours ago
This is the cutest music video ever I’m crying 🥺🥺
Melanie Balbaquera
Melanie Balbaquera - 9 hours ago
I wanna who this guy is? Does anyone knew him? Anyone? I just need it for research purposes.
Tykia Douglas
Tykia Douglas - 9 hours ago
Here before 1mil views
Lukas .M
Lukas .M - 9 hours ago
Idk bout y'all but I felt some serious Taylor Swift nostalgia looking at some of the rooms. Like, the green room when she was laying down with her guitar and the dude on the couch reminded me of "Teardrops On My Guitar," only this time she's in a completely opposite state in life and not alone. She has grown so much as a person and this reminded me of a part of a poem she wrote during her 1989 era: And even louder:
"without your past,
you could never have arrived-
so wondrously and brutally,
By design or some violent, exquisite happenstance
...here." So happy that you're happy Taylor and shining brighter than ever before!
Wendy Triana
Wendy Triana - 9 hours ago
This song is everything!!
Bea Yasmeen Gatdula
Bea Yasmeen Gatdula - 9 hours ago
Why are the views stuck on 466k? 🙄 it's been an hour! Arghh Youtube!
Honey O'Hara
Honey O'Hara - 9 hours ago
I can't stop smiling while watching the music video. Awwww.
Gogo Moy
Gogo Moy - 9 hours ago
She’s playing drum and bass omggggggg, that’s funny and cool 😎
Matheus Nunes
Matheus Nunes - 9 hours ago
sera que um dia vou ter um amor assim?
Maricruz Madrid
Maricruz Madrid - 9 hours ago
Julián Baez
Julián Baez - 9 hours ago
There is a palm tree at the beggining or am i just crazy?
Elizangela Ely
Elizangela Ely - 9 hours ago
my taylor is family
Holly Collins
Holly Collins - 9 hours ago
im cryin
Slime Lark
Slime Lark - 9 hours ago
free2bme2b - 9 hours ago
_httydis. life_
_httydis. life_ - 9 hours ago
Gods I luv this song!!!!:D
Aurore Stephanie
Aurore Stephanie - 9 hours ago
She SLAY yes old Taylor is back
Jordan Ponder
Jordan Ponder - 9 hours ago
Why does the zoomed out shot of the house remind me of Camila’s performance of Havana at the Grammy’s
Martin Castillo
Martin Castillo - 9 hours ago
Freaking Awesome👏✊👍
Lanee Occhipinti
Lanee Occhipinti - 9 hours ago
My wedding song for sure ❤️❤️❤️👰🏾
marilu son
marilu son - 9 hours ago
Дайаана Адамова
Jascinta Wallace
Jascinta Wallace - 9 hours ago
Love this Taylor's the most beautiful woman love her swagger and music
Juliana Picoene
Juliana Picoene - 9 hours ago
This was just so beautiful, articulated and perfect. I love you so much Taylor!
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva - 9 hours ago
Quer música ❤
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet - 9 hours ago
Taylor: finally plays on a guitar
Me:👁👄👁wait hold up i-
Megan Olsen
Megan Olsen - 9 hours ago
Who’s here before 500K?! 🙌🙌
Sally Sweets
Sally Sweets - 9 hours ago
Why did the ketchup blush? He saw the salad dressing. HAHAHHA
Veronica Eklund
Veronica Eklund - 9 hours ago
Who's here before or after trending lol
Liz G-D
Liz G-D - 9 hours ago
‘’Ladies and gentlemen will you please stand, with every guitar string scar on my hand, I take this magnetic force of a man to be my, LOVER”. ❤️ Lyrical Queen!
Hanan Alshreef
Hanan Alshreef - 9 hours ago
ah,the old tae-tae♥️
Kenia Feliz Olivero
Kenia Feliz Olivero - 9 hours ago
I want this in 8D
Kai_ Kihyun
Kai_ Kihyun - 9 hours ago
the old Taylor is back💕💕💕
Tiktok ViVu
Tiktok ViVu - 9 hours ago
jew oy vey
jew oy vey - 9 hours ago
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva - 9 hours ago
Gummy_ Smile
Gummy_ Smile - 9 hours ago
I can feel the old Taylor feels again ❤️
Alex Hilber
Alex Hilber - 9 hours ago
We have no choice but to stan
Khanun.04 - 9 hours ago
I love this song 🥰 Lover❤❤
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart - 9 hours ago
Views still frozen!! I wanna know how many views it has!!!
Bel - 9 hours ago
La vieja taylor por fin contesto el teléfono..📞☎️👱‍♀️ el que entendió ,entendió....
Sathya Seelan
Sathya Seelan - 9 hours ago
if you before 10 million
gillian forde
gillian forde - 9 hours ago
butterflyet - 9 hours ago
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