Were You Paying Attention?

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Lofty Standards
Lofty Standards - 17 minutes ago
Coffee voucher as a carrot and getting kicked out as the stick???!!! Cheap, cheap...
Wyx Wak
Wyx Wak - 22 hours ago
Hey I’m going back to work
choco bts cookies
choco bts cookies - 2 days ago
when all by myself played, it played in my television too!
Ariann - 2 days ago
Nick did NOT seem to be happy about leaving.
Rose Puppy
Rose Puppy - 4 days ago
“Did I just tread on your toe?”
“I will be seeing you in court”
Patricia Arroyo Estevez
Shut the front door 😂😂
BigBossJones - 8 days ago
and this kids, is why there are so many homeless people in LA
BirdyDirdy - 11 days ago
he sang fine..... But good looking
Dania Donut
Dania Donut - 12 days ago
they took microphone!!!
Scott Fitzgerald
Scott Fitzgerald - 15 days ago
The girl in the tiger print was really pretty
David Lewis
David Lewis - 17 days ago
thats just sad
Shaikha alageel
Shaikha alageel - 18 days ago
why does he ask the same questions everytime
Stefania Rahn
Stefania Rahn - 18 days ago
i’d cry if i lost like no i would not play especially if it was a close seat like the first one and a guest i loved id be like no
Stefania Rahn
Stefania Rahn - 18 days ago
damn i’d never play i’d lose my seat i have adhd af and i take klonopin
Stefania Rahn
Stefania Rahn - 18 days ago
the first guy made me cringe
Luke Mcwilliams
Luke Mcwilliams - 18 days ago
His singing is shit
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger - 19 days ago
Mia Gardiner
Mia Gardiner - 20 days ago
The first guys singing was 💩
Pineapples don’t belong on pizza
This is just a rip off, don’t you pay for the seats? You get there on time, pay for a seat and then people who were late have a chance to win it? That’s just a rip off, no ones asking if they came late or not like that’s their fault.
Afro Girl100
Afro Girl100 - 21 day ago
That’s kinda rude when you think about it beacuse they have beeen waiting for a seat to see him and he makes them leave beacuse they don’t remember every detail that’s not fair
Claire Isabella
Claire Isabella - 21 day ago
did that guy really just sing drew barrymore omfg
Cindy Mora
Cindy Mora - 21 day ago
This is so sad you think you got it and then you get kicked out :(
Sierra Sheran
Sierra Sheran - 21 day ago
That first guyy😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩
kaitlyn brown
kaitlyn brown - 22 days ago
the first guy was shaking
Alana Dixon
Alana Dixon - 22 days ago
I find it mean that James makes people leave if they lose
Katherine Pulone
Katherine Pulone - 22 days ago
Figi water girl was spotted again!
Girl gamer
Girl gamer - 22 days ago
ya'll talking about the first guy but all i was paying attention to is the guy in the background at 5:11 behind the girl
Rizuna Masud
Rizuna Masud - 22 days ago
Wait hold up they waste their money for tickets and they get kicked out for getting something wrong 🤦‍♀️
Patrick Thomson
Patrick Thomson - 23 days ago
The way nick had no clue of the words of all by myself
Nola Bright
Nola Bright - 23 days ago
MAGA #45
MAGA #45 - 23 days ago
I don’t want to say anything bad about Nick (the guy that sang) because I’ve never heard him sing in a real setting where he can showcase his skills, but it does look like he didn’t do his best.
He did waste a great opportunity, though. When you’re a singer, if you want to become a worldwide selling artist, the main thing you need is exposure. He should’ve used the few seconds given to him to really showcase his voice.
Millions of people watch this show, and this video has gotten close to another 1 million views on YouTube. There’s a lot of people looking to become famous singers that would kill for the opportunity that he had. If he would’ve used his moment to slay like a Whitney Houston song, he would’ve gotten his name out so quick. Instead of him not being mentioned in the title to this video, if he would’ve killed it in stage, the title to this video would’ve been something like “random audience members blows audience away with voice on the James Corden Late Late Show.”
I used to work for AGT from season 10-13 as a talent searcher. My job was to view the video auditions people would send in to try to get on the show. If you sent a video in and didn’t make it on the show because of me, I’m sorry haha. I would also scan the internet, mostly YouTube and Vines, to look for talented people. If you were talented, I would try to get you to come on the show. A lot of people wouldn’t want to go on the show because they didn’t think they would win, or because they already had a decent following. The main thing I would tell them is that if they do go on the show, they would get exposed to millions of people that don’t know they exist. For some of the people that did go on, even though they didn’t win, they would still send me emails thanking me because it helped their career. Someone saw them and liked them and a few ended up getting signed to a professional label, and even for the ones that didn’t, the exposure still helped them.
All you need is one big moment, and then all it takes is for ONE person with a lot of power to like you and it will forever change you life. These record producers are always looking for the next best thing. They want someone with a cool story, so if Nick would’ve been great, somebody would’ve noticed because it would’ve been all over the internet, and he most likely would be signed by now. You know Ellen would’ve had him on her show. Haha.
I see a lot of people saying that he sucks, but the good thing for Nick is that he can still be a successful songwriter even if he really isn’t s good singer.
Danny Young jr
Danny Young jr - 23 days ago
That first dude is going to be the next Milli Vanilli....mark my words...
Lolmonster777 - 24 days ago
A voucher for coffee or getting kicked out? That’s like not even worth the risk
Molly The Doggo
Molly The Doggo - 24 days ago
I love James but it’s rude that the people that left spent money on those tickets and he just kicks them oht
buttercookie slimery
buttercookie slimery - 24 days ago
I think the guy, while he was singing all by myself, the key was too high for him so he sang really bad. Or maybe he just can’t sing well we may never know
Hattie White
Hattie White - 24 days ago
the first guy was just talking not singing lmao
Sophie Pijpelink
Sophie Pijpelink - 25 days ago
Ellen gives tv's he gives a voucher😂
Marcelo Quinonez
Marcelo Quinonez - 25 days ago
The photobombing Fiji girl photobombed
um ok
um ok - 26 days ago
i was really expecting him to sing well :(
Ariana Fernandez
Ariana Fernandez - 27 days ago
This isn’t fair they all paid a lot of money and you’re just going to kick them out because they weren’t paying attention to the color of polkadots in someone’s shirt to someone who got there late and won’t even see most of the show! THIS AINT IT SIS
TheLivingLemon! - 28 days ago
He sounds more like he was rapping than singing, but alright.
maya shenoy
maya shenoy - 28 days ago
5:07 guy to the right was really feeling ALL of the feels I’m crying wth omg
Ayaz Hossain
Ayaz Hossain - 29 days ago
Maria - 29 days ago
*i love james corden*
Maria - 29 days ago
this game is mean
Kaya - 29 days ago
The first guy... LMFAO WTF
A Maz
A Maz - 29 days ago
So heartless
mab oodeh
mab oodeh - 29 days ago
They paid for their seats and Ur just switching their
Story of my life with Lauren Benitez
He sounds like a dying cat 😂
Meghan or Megan
Meghan or Megan - 29 days ago
I feel bad for laughing at his singing
Aelani Doshi
Aelani Doshi - Month ago
AVERY 13 - Month ago
3:26 and he wants to be a singer???
Barbara Markussen
Barbara Markussen - Month ago
I think its rude that you just kick People out
Kacee Magee
Kacee Magee - Month ago
Kacee Magee
Kacee Magee - Month ago
The guy is not the best who wants to be a singer
Hayden _J
Hayden _J - Month ago
This was actually very unfair. Even if they did get back in they got a very crappy seat. No matter how far they came from they got in line late. They should have gotten there sooner. The fact that they took people’s seats because they missed such a small detail. I’m literally pissed off.
Molly Dottino
Molly Dottino - Month ago
The people volunteered to do the questions, they knew they would be kicked out if they got it wrong. They knew what they were getting into
TWENTY5 7TEEN - Month ago
Lol is tht even pop ahahah I’m just asking 😂😂😂
WildEJWest - Month ago
If he keeps up and keeps practicing, that first guy can be a rapper.
catherine nicole
catherine nicole - Month ago
Was that the Fiji water girl
Lonely Lovely
Lonely Lovely - Month ago
1:35 singing? it’s more like rap, but for a songwriter it’s ok
fay ali
fay ali - Month ago
7:24 the girl was just staring the camera (the girl on the left)
Mihlali Mkosana
Mihlali Mkosana - Month ago
The cringe.......it’s over
Defne Demir
Defne Demir - Month ago
Hi person scrolling through the comments have a nice day😍😍😄😄👑
Defne Demir
Defne Demir - Month ago
3:19 I felt like it was a sing along with a chicken (NO OFFENSE)
The Nerdy Kitty
The Nerdy Kitty - Month ago
3:28 he wasn’t even singing the right lyrics
The Nerdy Kitty
The Nerdy Kitty - Month ago
Why did I think the thumbnail was Miley Cyrus
Briana B
Briana B - Month ago
The first guy can't sing for his life. James sings 1000× better. Also the 2nd lady, she was A WAY BETTER singer than that Nick guy
Isabella Broadhead
Isabella Broadhead - Month ago
So the people who paid a lot of money to be there get kicked out and the people who paid nothing get in for free

*seems legit*
Rian Turner
Rian Turner - Month ago
i would cry if i got kicked out
Griffin Chalem
Griffin Chalem - Month ago
That guy can’t sing. This is what’s wrong with people in LA. He’s not a singer songwriter, he’s unemployed.
Billie Grande
Billie Grande - Month ago
3:44 you can see in the top right corner the guy "who go kicked out" entering another door to the studio
Ariii Grande
Ariii Grande - Month ago
It was someone else
azure _twiice
azure _twiice - Month ago
He didn’t even know the words to all by myself
LoLo BeaR
LoLo BeaR - Month ago
*we all look up to jimmy, he’s like an another uhm.... jimmy Kimmel!🤨*
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia - Month ago
don’t care for his singing but that is not his song lmao
His was funny but kinda rude...they kicked people out who paid for seats. They shouldn’t have to leave the show cuz they got the question wrong and give it up just people didn’t get in line faster. Which I feel bad they couldn’t get seats but still.
Alijan Sosa
Alijan Sosa - Month ago
shame shame shame shame shame
Andrew Vaughn
Andrew Vaughn - Month ago
I feel bad for the first dude
shahana khan
shahana khan - Month ago
he so bad at singing
Liam J
Liam J - Month ago
The first guy wasn’t it chief...
xamurai00 - Month ago
lets just say ... hes a tourist.. Singer songwriter me arse.
Moustache Maniac
Moustache Maniac - Month ago
Jaclyn sounds like Emma chamberlain crackly voice
Zoe Vasilijevic
Zoe Vasilijevic - Month ago
They're just gonna kick them out... I mean... did they pay for it?
I am the snacker
I am the snacker - Month ago
I'll see you in court

-James Corden
Melaney U
Melaney U - Month ago
I’ll see you in court 🤣🤣💀
Luke Peart
Luke Peart - Month ago
He need a beer stop hating
SlimeExperiments_ WithMe
I only type this so that the comment count will be on 600
jasmine eleanor
jasmine eleanor - Month ago
tip of the day: don’t move to la if you want to be a singer
jasmine eleanor
jasmine eleanor - Month ago
he wants to be a singer.. that’s cute
Anna’s Vlog/Gaming Channel
This is rude..people pay to come and you just kick them out
Makayla's Life
Makayla's Life - Month ago
The man in the back at 5:10 is hilarious
GhostGrizzlyMYT - Month ago
that guy was horrible at singing maybe it was him getting nervous
Sleeky Fox
Sleeky Fox - Month ago
Singer song writer= Reads lyrics
lexi Smith
lexi Smith - Month ago
Didnt the host play Peter rabbit someone help!!
Asmaa Mostafa
Asmaa Mostafa - Month ago
Uhh the first guy was ... interesting
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
The guy wasnt terrible he could use practice but theres always room for improvement
Tyler Lashway
Tyler Lashway - Month ago
How can people be that delusional though. You know you don’t sound good. People can’t truly believe they’re good, like in American idol and stuff. You can’t be a total train wreck and believe you’re talented. I don’t want people to embarrass themselves, I feel bad for them
Diana Michelle
Diana Michelle - Month ago
*shut the front door*
Savannah Aniston
Savannah Aniston - Month ago
EVERYONE JEEZ the first guy is literally just chasing his dreams just like the rest of us give him a chance he was put under pressure by James to sing on national television! How would you feel if you sang under pressure and everyone judged you? Jeez it’s really rude....
God - Month ago
I dont get it
Tablo Abas
Tablo Abas - Month ago
Dude you can’t sing
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