Ganondorf VS Dracula (Zelda VS Castlevania) | DEATH BATTLE!

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DEATH BATTLE! - Month ago
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HUGESNOOK - 9 days ago
Isn't the fight just postponed until Ganon is reincarnated? Then you have to make another video... Great video, though; I would have been satisfied with either party winning
Micah Crawford
Micah Crawford - 15 days ago
You guys should make a wiz vs boomstick video
Tyler Sheppard
Tyler Sheppard - 15 days ago
Zaden Excalibur
Zaden Excalibur - 3 hours ago
2 seconds into the fight, I realize: Dracula gets hurt bad by holy weapons. Ganondorf wields the Sword of the Sages... Oh. This... this should be good.
Venus Lantican
Venus Lantican - 7 hours ago
Does this mean Richter could possibly kill ganon
Chris Chen
Chris Chen - 8 hours ago
Gandorf could have used his blights
Chaos Kumagawa
Chaos Kumagawa - 18 hours ago
Just because the Bible existed much longer than some creator's lore does NOT automatically mean THEIR god is better than HIS.

It offends me just to come to the defense of the Zelda series. I am NOT a big fan of it.
Peruvian Potato
Peruvian Potato - 19 hours ago
This can technically be a eternal fight as both can just respawn
Dominick Destine
Dominick Destine - 15 hours ago
Nah, Drac can easily take Ganondorf's soul which prevents respawn.
Im4Anime - Day ago
Why does Dracula remind me of Alucard from Hellsing. 😆
Best Anime Hero
Best Anime Hero - 2 hours ago
Because Alucard is Dracula backwards
Delusional _
Delusional _ - Day ago
Holy hell I cannot stress how much I love this. Even though he loses, Ganondorf gets so much love here. My personal favorite part is when he pulls out the triforce of power and smacks Dracula around, the colors and slow-mo were on point. That being said, I have a huge problem with the triforce just disappearing like that. Literally when has he ever been stripped of it before his death? The fight could have just ended at the holy nuke, that's how he bit it in BOTW and nobody would have complained after the explanation. Still, 9/10, easily top 3.
DATWUWEGEND 234 - 20 hours ago
Maybe not disappear but being de powered to the point where it breaks?
thelilAriMermaid - Day ago
This made me like Ganon more. I liked his voice and Dracula's laugh was spectacular. Great animation! I would constantly come back to revisit.
nick elder
nick elder - Day ago
And thus Dracula proved himself worthy of the Triforce of Power, leading to the end of the Belmonte line and his Dominion of the world.
Amazing fight I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.
Justas - Day ago
When Death Battle is more accurate than VsBattles wiki (Why is Dracula 2-C tier again?)
OccultCenturion - Day ago
*I want to hear it, pig! SO... **_SQUEAL!!!!!!!!_*
John Trammell
John Trammell - Day ago
It was all good and I was going back and forth but then they had to f*** it up by making him be able to destroy the Triforce! Get the f*** out of here with that!
Grant Strader
Grant Strader - 23 hours ago
He didn't destroy it. 21:01 top right corner
Espio56 Momene
Espio56 Momene - 2 days ago
What did Luigi do to him?
MFlint 2007
MFlint 2007 - 2 days ago
Just imagine ganondorf fighting the Dracula boss
Miran Doll
Miran Doll - 2 days ago
I would LOVE a Shego vs. Catra from the new She-ra series ♡♡♡♡
Fasttony64 - 2 days ago
What's that action looking castlevania game? The 3d one
Emperor Ssraeshza
Emperor Ssraeshza - Day ago
Lords of Shadow?
Peter Segard
Peter Segard - 2 days ago
Ganondorf would just need some Witcher training.
Luigi Dreemurr
Luigi Dreemurr - 2 days ago
I mean arguably the best answer is a tie for this.
Dominick Destine
Dominick Destine - Day ago
The only people that think that , are those that have no idea what they're talking about. Dracula would kill Ganon and take his soul with ease. This is a massive stomp in Dracula's favor , it's not even close.
Asphodelix - 2 days ago
I may agree with Dracula being more durable and besides that gannondorf can teleport as well in any instance he'd be smart enough to teleport away from a nuke and his own raw power is much greater then draculas. In twilight princess the castle didn't collapse ganndondorf is the one that blew it up not to mention his ability to become an energy being if his body dies as in breath of the wild.
Emperor Ssraeshza
Emperor Ssraeshza - Day ago
If Ganon became energy, Dracula would just take his soul and end him.
Tanner McCoy
Tanner McCoy - 2 days ago
Flappy Bird from flappy Bird vs the bunnys from super bunny man
?????? - 2 days ago
Alternate ending
Ganondorf : your castle lost vampire no man can challenge my pow- (gets caught by galeems beam of light)
Zak Bloodstone
Zak Bloodstone - 2 days ago
I didn't know Ganondorf had a last name.
D E Sanchack
D E Sanchack - 3 days ago
Ok, now that was INCREDIBLY well animated.
Damiano - 3 days ago
Vampire killer isn't playing

upstsrtfan gaming
upstsrtfan gaming - 3 days ago
15:49 did he just slap him lol 😀😅😅
Digital Silver101
Digital Silver101 - 3 days ago
Never bring a holy sword to a holy nuke fight
Terence Parker
Terence Parker - 3 days ago
16:14 🔉”I was Fighting Some Demons”🔊
Andres Ortega
Andres Ortega - 3 days ago
Airdrifting - 3 days ago
Dracula also has time stop and a ridiculous amount of op summons. Given every main protagonist ended up super op by the end before they face Dracula, the final boss in Castlevania series, you can speculate Dracula is on the same tier as the main protagonists.
Pat The Riot
Pat The Riot - 3 days ago
"Hellsing Ultimate" reference with the end of that fight.
Nice touch, but I'll still defer to Crispin Freeman's delivery.
Irini filippaki
Irini filippaki - Day ago
That too 😄
Best Anime Hero
Best Anime Hero - Day ago
@Irini filippaki Alucard vs Dio Brando ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Irini filippaki
Irini filippaki - 2 days ago
Allucard from hellsing versus dracula is something i want after seeing this deathbattle😁😁
Dj Majic
Dj Majic - 3 days ago
What about calamity ganon? He diddent even have the tri force and he's still described as being the strongest ganon has EVER been, although ganon uses the triforce, it is not the only source of his power, hes still got demise and his demonic power
Grant Strader
Grant Strader - 3 days ago
@Dj Majic cool. He still gets shitstomped
Dj Majic
Dj Majic - 3 days ago
@Grant Strader calamity ganon would have had a far easier time winning that fight
Grant Strader
Grant Strader - 3 days ago
@Dj Majic I repeat. "What _about_ calamity ganon?"
Andrew Gallup
Andrew Gallup - 4 days ago
what about if ganon had the whole tri-force?
Andrew Gallup
Andrew Gallup - 4 days ago
what about if ganon had the whole tri-force?
Tyler Sauls
Tyler Sauls - 4 days ago
Michael Miller
Michael Miller - 3 days ago
Johnny Depp was born to play Dracula.
Jackson - 4 days ago
I see the boy DevilArtemis in the credits
alucardfu2 - 5 days ago
*I always win..*
Brandon D
Brandon D - 5 days ago
your analysis of the triforce of power is terribly flawed
Tyler Q
Tyler Q - 5 days ago
Ganon should have won because he used a reverse warlock punch which basically is instant win
karkat byron
karkat byron - 5 days ago
God I thought they would stop misinterpreting laser dodging as ftl. Haven't these guys ever watched Trigun? You can dodge a bullet by moving out of it's path before the gun fires...
Andrell Hardy
Andrell Hardy - 4 days ago
Those laser's do move at lightspeed since they move in a straight line science has proved this and there are sources that claim that laser's do move 300 times the speed light.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 5 days ago
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 5 days ago
RISE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miguel Aguilar
Miguel Aguilar - 5 days ago
Dracula vs dio Brando Castlevania vs Jojos bizarre advancher
Lucifer the Lightbringer
Leave a like everytime Dracula laughs.
Noel Velázquez
Noel Velázquez - 5 days ago
Madara vs Thanos
ahlie hsusjsjsjsj
ahlie hsusjsjsjsj - 6 days ago
gananondorf didnt use substitution or alter space once
Onyxia2火 - 6 days ago
19:06 What a waste of blood right there and here I had the impression he wanted to torture him there o_O I mean Dracula is a vampire after all, it would've been cooler if he sucked all his blood dry haha
Joosh tbhidk
Joosh tbhidk - 6 days ago
I would argue the truth force is also a holly weapon so it should do more damage making this a easier fight for gannon
Balore Udanta
Balore Udanta - 6 days ago
Ganon once died to a fishing rod bow spam...
Michael Miller
Michael Miller - 3 days ago
And a net......and a bottle
Raul Romero
Raul Romero - 7 days ago
I can never fully focus on these videos when the guy with something in his throat starts talking...
Tv anggg
Tv anggg - 7 days ago
Do a Hellboy vs Diablo death battle
GreenEyeCinema - 7 days ago
How about a GTA Battle Royale?
Clause vs. Tommy Vercetti vs. Carl Johnson vs. Niko Bellic vs. Michael Townley, Trevor Philips & Franklin Clinton
TJP projects
TJP projects - 7 days ago
arnaldo alange
arnaldo alange - 7 days ago
Bowser: i Known but He Can
*Shows Dracula in the background
Frank C
Frank C - 7 days ago
Despite its shortness, that was some sick voice acting for Ganondorf and Dracula. It really felt like they were meeting and interacting.
rubjellyonme - 7 days ago
but ganondorf is the demon king demise, a god capable of withstanding hylia, the goddess of time, and the trifecta that created the universe itself
im not saying he'd win
but he wouldnt lose that bad
Mary grace Hilario
Mary grace Hilario - 7 days ago
Who thought dracula was just a normal vampire when they were little?
But after this
You learned something new
Darth Knightwing Phoenix
What is the music they used for Ganondorf’s rundown?
apex2000 - 8 days ago
Japanese, Devil Dracula makes more sense as a title segment now.
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