I Dressed Like It Was 1967

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - Year ago
HAPPY NEW YEARS FRIENDS!!! pls enjoy the last video of 2017, the finale (for now) of our decades through fashion videos!! maybe we'll do some more next year, but probably mix up the format a lil bit. thank u all for sticking around through 2017, i can't wait to share what we have planned in 2018 with u all! xoxo, saf
Elif Tyildirim
Elif Tyildirim - 11 days ago
Safiya Nygaard sup
Chantelle Landon
Chantelle Landon - 2 months ago
Loved seeing this it was fascinating. I liked the long dress, the colour and pattern is nice and it really suits you! (i myself wear long dresses a lot. Actually wearing a fairly long one now) 67 was the year my future husband was born 😇 me. I am an 80's girl (85) I have really enjoyed watching you cover each decade. It has been so cool and entertaining
PICKLO FO LIFE - 4 months ago
It's 2019 know😃😄😀ikr
Puggirl 16
Puggirl 16 - 4 months ago
Now it's 2019!
Lissy London
Lissy London - 5 months ago
Your hair in the second outfit- pulled back and up- ROCKS!
skibbos - 16 hours ago
“I’m twiggy!.......I’m thiccy.” SENT ME
Aruna - 21 hour ago
Your grandma's dress was so pretty. My grandma wasnt so fasionable, at least I dont have much pics of her young. This was fun
She -ha
She -ha - Day ago
Where did you grew up? Where fo you live now? I love your accent I can understand entirely what do you speak. I am brazilian, and I loved you way to talk. 👏👏👏👏
Xx Rëd Ōwł xX
Xx Rëd Ōwł xX - Day ago
The- oh God *MEMORIES*

Alexandra Giambastiani
Oh my word! That purple designed dress with the structured updo is stunning. I would love to acquire that outfit :D
Chloe Littell
Chloe Littell - Day ago
She looked SO GOOD in outfit #2
Lotte Blom van der Male
Omg your dad with his graduation hat!! 🥳😃😃
D.C. Destiny
D.C. Destiny - 2 days ago
I gotta say, Tyler does a pretty sweet Beatle accent.
Daria Dlugosz
Daria Dlugosz - 2 days ago
3:47 does anyone remember a textbook from school using this picture?
Teresia Diane
Teresia Diane - 2 days ago
Lol my Mom made all our clothes and she sewed our mini skirts but made bloomers we had to wear under them. Even with that twist my sisters 9 and 12 years younger than me could not believe our extremely conservative Mother let us older girls wear miniskirts.
Eve Slyth
Eve Slyth - 3 days ago
mikaylaoj - 3 days ago
I watched this video with my grandma, she laughed at your jokes too 😊 She was growing up in Ecuador in this year
Wolfy Eclipse
Wolfy Eclipse - 3 days ago
13:24 you look like you’re eating the flower, one time I ate a flower, it’s true XD
Edit: I only ate one petal
Maya Chapman
Maya Chapman - 3 days ago
Really love these videos!
Deanne Michele
Deanne Michele - 4 days ago
Super cute! I was born in '67 so I'm partial to the era. Liked the purple out fit and hair the best.
Izzy Sheeran
Izzy Sheeran - 4 days ago
lucy in the sky with diamonds was elton not beatles ://
Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips - 4 days ago
I have an aunt named michelle phillips but not the celebrity
Ysabel Dino
Ysabel Dino - 5 days ago
Buttercup is that you?
Dream Sisters
Dream Sisters - 5 days ago
At 5:19 one of the pictures has shrek 3 was in the backround
czc Khol
czc Khol - 5 days ago
I loove this video.You are great in donning vintage looks.This is great.
Brianna The Wolf
Brianna The Wolf - 6 days ago
Kelly Clark
Kelly Clark - 6 days ago
His accent
Fernando the lost piece of bacon

----> that person is the first meme

Rosalyn Twomey
Rosalyn Twomey - 6 days ago
What Sharon no 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amaya Cervantes
Amaya Cervantes - 7 days ago
Ik this is from a year ago but
Why does Safiya kinda look buttercup from the power puff girls when she wore the 1st outfit
Robin D
Robin D - 7 days ago
I loved all the research you did and the history! Although as a yarn and craft nerd, I must inform you that your hippie bag was not, in fact, knit. It is crochet
Viktor Nikiforov
Viktor Nikiforov - 7 days ago
The hippie look reminded me of of some of my dad's old clothes. According to him his brother and friend used to be hippies.
Chloe Wardman
Chloe Wardman - 7 days ago
You see the Game of Thrones pillows on the same night the series finally comes out...
steve henrichs
steve henrichs - 7 days ago
Dead_ Inside
Dead_ Inside - 7 days ago
* wearing neon orange and pink tie-dye shirt *
What about nudes being popular?
Logan Ainsworth
Logan Ainsworth - 7 days ago
Do you ever feel like a blade of grass
swaying in the wind
wanting to start again
Logan Ainsworth
Logan Ainsworth - 7 days ago
the first one looks more like the queens outfit
the yee to the yaw
the yee to the yaw - 7 days ago
my mother was born in 1967 :)
Lily Pickett
Lily Pickett - 7 days ago
i like the seccond one
Jiyeon Jung
Jiyeon Jung - 8 days ago
I want the shoes from the first outfit...
I need them ;-;
Edit: I need all those shoes. From all the outfits.
Gracie Schadegg
Gracie Schadegg - 8 days ago
At 7:21, the picture on the left is George’s son... they look so alike
Liam McCarthy
Liam McCarthy - 8 days ago
Lmao at those people 6:45
Kerrigan Zachry
Kerrigan Zachry - 10 days ago
12:44 he saw the opportunity, and he took it

Adah Perry
Adah Perry - 10 days ago
Professor Kwee-url! >:L
Pandarlovegacha PLG
Pandarlovegacha PLG - 11 days ago
1:00 the chick on the left ARIANA GRANDE WHOO!?!??!
Carolyn Rice
Carolyn Rice - 11 days ago
The green outfit make you look like buttercup from power puff girls
XxxCool_caTxxX kitten
XxxCool_caTxxX kitten - 11 days ago
I love this video but one thing.
Like the style from the 1960s best selling book The Outsiders. I absolutely love the grungy look and definitely think you should make another video like this one but include that and definitely pinup dresses!
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 8 days ago
That's more 50s style
ipurple bunny
ipurple bunny - 11 days ago
First one looking like 60s buttercup
Snowflake Frost
Snowflake Frost - 11 days ago
my grandpa was a hippy and my grandma was a flower child my grandpa even had long hair i saw a picture of the wedding and my grandma had a simple dress and flower crowen while my grandpa in a suit and long hair.
Jessica Phelps
Jessica Phelps - 12 days ago
Love it! I love the bangs, big hair, soft makeup and colorful outfits!
Not to mention, Tyler might just belong in the 60's.
Livy The Unicorn
Livy The Unicorn - 13 days ago
jjk08 - 13 days ago
In the first outfit, if she lost the white tights and put on pink bunny ears, does anyone else think she would look like Louise from Bob's Burgers?
Gloria love
Gloria love - 13 days ago
Mi dad wus 14 and mi mom wus 0
BLONDIE. - 13 days ago
Where did you find your 3rd outfit? I am too in love
Ciara Verzin
Ciara Verzin - 13 days ago
The Kaftan momeht reminds me of Maude i dont know why....(Bea L Arthur)
Afton Delgado
Afton Delgado - 13 days ago
To add something, hippies were attracted to counterculture. Native Americans were perceived as the embodiment of counter couture. Many hippies wanted to counter the government and fight during the Red Movement toward the end of the 70s... hence stereotypical headbands and fringe. lmao
Wencke Hinrichs
Wencke Hinrichs - 13 days ago
Well now neon is kind of a trend again 😅
Person Person
Person Person - 13 days ago
I wonder what people think when she's walking around in old style clothing 😂
Florida Girl
Florida Girl - 13 days ago
Don't forget teen model Colleen Corby! She was a top model in the 60s, especially in Seventeen magazine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60AN3HD03BI
Natalia Pena
Natalia Pena - 13 days ago
The first outfit is 60's Buttercup
Emily Wing
Emily Wing - 14 days ago
You should wear the hippie outfit again. It's so cute!!!!
jeong ja choi
jeong ja choi - 14 days ago
The first one looks like buttercup in power puff girls LOLOLOL
Ayen Lotino
Ayen Lotino - 14 days ago
Not gonna lie she looks like buttercup from powerpuff girls!😂😂
Milena Haese
Milena Haese - 14 days ago
Penny Krnavek
Penny Krnavek - 14 days ago
okay but i love safiyas long hair in that hippie look
imaweirdkid - 14 days ago
in the '60s love was free! that did not work well for me...
Cora Su
Cora Su - 14 days ago
I love that Tyler started playing The General. Such a good freaking song!!!
Awesome_Ava21 - 14 days ago
I swear the second one looks like an Chinese dress for like back back then
Makayla Groves
Makayla Groves - 14 days ago
1967 is the year my mom and dad was born
galactic smol
galactic smol - 14 days ago
The second look really reminded me of Wa by AVA #oldkpop
denisse chuco
denisse chuco - 14 days ago
I loved all the looks omg ;;;
きつねChirichu - 14 days ago
Swedish Snail
Swedish Snail - 15 days ago

XalexxnderrX XalexxnderrX
I learn so much watching you😂
GG Girl
GG Girl - 15 days ago
**Pattie Boyd is shaking**
asrar a
asrar a - 15 days ago
You should bring this back
Sophia Martinson
Sophia Martinson - 15 days ago
omfg you look like marlo thomas😍
Naomi McIlvaine
Naomi McIlvaine - 15 days ago
She looks like Marlo Thomas aka That Girl in the first outfit
Aubrey Jordan
Aubrey Jordan - 15 days ago
Saf: Maxi mama
Tyler: OOOO 😂😂
Seriously love those two! 😂 They are just perfect together. They never cease to crack me up 😂
Vaishali Sakharkar
Vaishali Sakharkar - 15 days ago
Hi safiya the similar headband hippie look is flaunted by a indian actress zeenat aman in the movie "hare rama hare krishna " movie was a superhit and still remembered
캐 틀란
캐 틀란 - 15 days ago
My dad was born in 1867 lol
Craigmeister999 - 16 days ago
*Soul Bossa Nova Intensifies*
Jaderyan - 16 days ago
Tyler's Liverpool accent actually wasn't bad 😂
Ric Romano
Ric Romano - 16 days ago
You guys def get the award for Farthest Travel for that One Line award
Marti Barde
Marti Barde - 16 days ago
You are my favorite youtuber, your videos are fun and interesting
Jenny Donkin
Jenny Donkin - 18 days ago
Well I'm british and can safely say that Ty's Liverpudlian accent was ON POINT
Aoi Mayfield
Aoi Mayfield - 19 days ago
Every school Monday till Friday I dress in my uniform.
Anthony Ginther
Anthony Ginther - 19 days ago
The bag then would have been patent leather not plastic.
mj mamauag
mj mamauag - 20 days ago
Love it!!!
April Aries
April Aries - 20 days ago

My mom was born this year.😁
story telle
story telle - 20 days ago
no one:

no one at all:

not a single person:

safiya: tells a bad joke

tyler: ohh my god
Artful Millie
Artful Millie - 20 days ago
The thumbnail gave me powerpuff girl vibes 😂❤️
Louise Welland
Louise Welland - 20 days ago
Honestly, if you don't believe this then tough but I'm turning 11 in 2 months and my dad was born in 1957 or 1956 no joke.
Oh rad it's the year I was born
Chillii Draws
Chillii Draws - 21 day ago
At the end I was getting a lot of sonny and Cher vibes 😂
Amanda Foster
Amanda Foster - 22 days ago
When I first saw the first hair style I thought of the mom from "Malcolm in the Middle"
Thalia Friedman
Thalia Friedman - 22 days ago
have Ty do more make over
Nastia - 22 days ago
Hippies 🤢🤢
Alice B
Alice B - 21 day ago
Why are you so grossed out?
Futurelameboi - 23 days ago
'av you seen POL and REngO??'
6rooroo - 24 days ago
I love that the person that is referenced the most in pictures and outfits in this is George Harrison he’s like my favourite person 😂😂
Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark - 25 days ago
Your maxie look was gorgeous!!! The whole look!
Hailey V
Hailey V - 25 days ago
My name’s Forrest, Forrest Gump.
Sam's Studio
Sam's Studio - 25 days ago
I’m still waiting for a 1927,1937, and 1947
desiree hernandez
desiree hernandez - 25 days ago
The third was my fav
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