Brad and Matty Matheson Go Noodling for Catfish Part 1 | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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Becca Mock
Becca Mock - 12 hours ago
Brad treating every catfish like it’s a dog *pats it’s head* “good boy!!”
Barry McCockner
Barry McCockner - 13 hours ago
The HP bar is huge
Okie Jewels
Okie Jewels - 15 hours ago
Woohoo!!! Oklahomans represent!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Rachel Collector
Rachel Collector - 15 hours ago
Let those boys go wherever they please. This was magic.
atxtrojans002 - 16 hours ago
Best video I have seen in months
Paige Kuhnmuench
Paige Kuhnmuench - 16 hours ago
the whole BA crew should go noodling
Cody Curry
Cody Curry - 18 hours ago
9:17 never expected an NWO shirt on a Bon Appétit video
Amateur Desperado
Amateur Desperado - 18 hours ago
Just a man and his fish
Notoriouz BOB
Notoriouz BOB - 19 hours ago
Sancho Lōw Era
Sancho Lōw Era - 19 hours ago
"Brad N Matty Get Involved" 🤣
Sidney Shaw
Sidney Shaw - 19 hours ago
The fish takes it over, fight's the beaver, wins the hole!
Animaniac - 22 hours ago
“You gotta stay f*cking dipped” 😂
Aymun Ahmed
Aymun Ahmed - 22 hours ago
for so much of this i was thinking about trevor noah saying "SNAKESSSS"
Allyson Adams
Allyson Adams - Day ago
I was enjoying the video until I saw Matty was wearing a All blacks rugby short. GO SPRINGBOKS
Amy Briggs
Amy Briggs - Day ago
Where is Vinny?
D P - Day ago
lol I definitely expected more noodles
Yasmeen Rashid
Yasmeen Rashid - Day ago
I love this episode but skippers so annoying
Amirah Why Wayer
Amirah Why Wayer - Day ago
When Matty took out his leopard tote bang omfg :'D
Mister Ious
Mister Ious - Day ago
Charlotte Emilie
Charlotte Emilie - Day ago
“That’s my hand you’re putting the stringer through... just push it through, anything for the fish”
This video never gets old
James Sr.
James Sr. - Day ago
Matty walking the fish is the cutest thing ever 😭😂
Brandi B
Brandi B - Day ago
this was the funniest thing ever and definitely the content I signed up for
Jade - Day ago
Take a shot every time this guy smacks his hands while talking and every time Matty has an ounce of worry show across his face
emily bishop
emily bishop - Day ago
it’s called hand grabbing
carolbuzelim - Day ago
I'm just like matt about outdoors activities haha
I can't be the only one thinking about dirt jokes while brad was with his foot inside the hole taking instructions hahaha
Chicken Queen
Chicken Queen - Day ago
A family can be a Brad, a Matty and their son Ezekiel the flathead catfish 👬🐟
Joe Furmick
Joe Furmick - Day ago
Good adventure idea: they should use a pig and find truffles.
Gerald D Kimmes
Gerald D Kimmes - Day ago
SmithFamilyTV - Day ago
Skunked means you went fishing and came back with no fish lmao
Bailey Patchett
Bailey Patchett - Day ago
Mattie and Brad = Love and YouTube content forever.
ethan - Day ago
Brad Matty and Elias need their own version of going places
Ÿamada - Day ago
Marty wearing All Blacks shorts man what a legend
Gabriella Vinco
Gabriella Vinco - Day ago
Genuinely the best thing I’ve seen.
Rubje23 - Day ago
This is hilarious, more of Brad and Matty please!!
Jack Holland
Jack Holland - Day ago
Next year they should make comfortable dresses for men
Andrew George
Andrew George - Day ago
This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time 😂
androtaz01 - Day ago
I want Skip to be my dad.
Elizabeth J. Sentani
Elizabeth J. Sentani - 2 days ago
I got ads on Matty's channel hahaha
jasmine moreno
jasmine moreno - 2 days ago
Did someone do a wellness check on Matty after this? Lol poor guy
The007 - 2 days ago
Best video on the internet.
Lawrence Roberts
Lawrence Roberts - 2 days ago
When he throws it at Matty wow 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cynthia Baker
Cynthia Baker - 2 days ago
Oh wait... I thought fighting for our food was offensive for the SJW's.
Marcus Savina
Marcus Savina - 2 days ago
Skip needs his own series too.
Karina Maldonado
Karina Maldonado - 2 days ago
23:44. I want it. I want it. I want it. 😭
rinibaby123 - 2 days ago
Where'd Brad get his shirt? Its super cute
Deep Thought 101
Deep Thought 101 - 2 days ago
30:54 Fetty Wap????!
Jessiebooboo1986 - 2 days ago
hahahaha the 'creck' lol we called it a crEEK here in aus lol
WanderingSkunk - 2 days ago
I could watch 3 hours of just Matty reaction shots.
Jacob Odom
Jacob Odom - 2 days ago
What do I have to do to get Matty Matheson and Justin McElroy on a project together?
turniphead - 2 days ago
The lack of shirtless Brad in this video is severely disappointing...
Brian Glassman
Brian Glassman - 2 days ago
You guys messed up when you joked about going skydiving. Video title will be: "The Internet Makes Brad and Matty Matheson Go Skydiving Part 1 | It's Alive | Bon Appétit"
Luscalov Vlad
Luscalov Vlad - 2 days ago
This was one of the best videos of my life. Thabk you guy
robert searson
robert searson - 2 days ago
Brad - where did you get that awesome hat you were wearing at the beginning of the episode?!
Kalaisha K Totty
Kalaisha K Totty - 2 days ago
I’m crying
Aggrogator - 2 days ago
Just two boys and their dog
yungdresscode - 2 days ago
This is a transcendent level of entertainment, easily one of the most fun things I’ve watched in my entire life
Milly F. Hunter
Milly F. Hunter - 2 days ago
I like how Matt is calling a creek a 'crick' 😂 🍁
Piggiemushroom - 2 days ago
literally cried laughing the whole episode
Joey - 2 days ago
all of the dialog when they're in the hole can be misunderstood in a very very dirty way
Mónica Díaz
Mónica Díaz - 2 days ago
This was amazing❤
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