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Tsi_Tsi - 4 months ago
I just realized Mikey doesn't have an eyeshadow named after her and I'm devastated tbh
Mary Bright
Mary Bright - 10 months ago
Love! Love! Love! I learn a new thing with every video.
RedLipsAndHeels - 11 months ago
Binge watching Desi and Katy vlogs for the past two days! Love you girls! Seeing you two together reminds me of me and my best friend
Voluptuous Me
Voluptuous Me - Year ago
Lauren Reise
Lauren Reise - Year ago
Lauren Reise
Lauren Reise - Year ago
You look hot you don’t look like a Muppet lmao wtf that girls just mad she’s fat lmao
purple angel
purple angel - Year ago
So so so happy for u both luv u guys💋
LT - Year ago
idk why but this made me tear up!! Your friendship makes me happy!! Congrats!
Cassy Caro
Cassy Caro - Year ago
Would love to see a video of "who knows who better?!!!"" 😂😂😂 but +++ husbands additon... for example, you vs Stephan to see who knows desi better! 💕💕😂😂😂 think it would be super funny
Rya Petines
Rya Petines - Year ago
i love katy and desi but i just love jonye the most
Halley Drechsler
Halley Drechsler - Year ago
Liana Looks By Li
Liana Looks By Li - Year ago
Dose anyone know if this collection will be restocked and when? Thank you so much to anyone who answers :)
Giaret De la Cruz
Giaret De la Cruz - Year ago
So happy for you both!! Loved this behind the scene vlog! Your friendship is something to admire!! 💕
Amina D
Amina D - Year ago
Sugarplum704 - Year ago
So happy and excited for you both!!!
Danielle Byers
Danielle Byers - Year ago
Honestly after watching for years this was like watching two of my girls hustle their way to the top. I can't help but smile and be so genuinely happy to see two goodhearted people making big moves. Success looks good on you two.
Thalia Yanez
Thalia Yanez - Year ago
i seriously can care less about others collab but i HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE desixkaty's dose of colors collab!!
Kalie D
Kalie D - Year ago
I was hoping my Katy + Desi photo card that came in the Dose of Colors order I placed was gonna be signed..but it was not. 😪 Still keeping the card though lol You two look gorgeous 🙌🏻💋
Gabriela Caamano
Gabriela Caamano - Year ago
What's that dry shampoo paste ?????
Fawn Elizabeth
Fawn Elizabeth - Year ago
Everything about you two is adorable. Congratulations on the launch and collab!! 💛💛💛
Vickie Alvarez
Vickie Alvarez - Year ago
Still crying over here. So proud of you ladies and so happy I got my hands on the entire collection. Love you!!! 💙
stepha8319 - Year ago
I love jonye just going for a casual swim before the party 😂.....What happened to the white pants tho? 🤔
Yesmy - Year ago
Extremely PROUD of you BOTH!! You girls deserve this!!!! I haven't gotten my hands on your collection but once you guys announce the restock date in September...I will order the ENTIRE COLLECTION!! I seriously cannot wait I even dream about it 😂😭❤️❤️❤️
Stephanie - Year ago
love how y'all did the entire thing!! showing your fans first, having the event for it! ya'll had so much fun and thats what it is all about! Great job ladies! :)
Gionna Corgliano
Gionna Corgliano - Year ago
Beyond proud of both of you girls. I've followed you guys for years and it's incredible to see the products you have brought to the table. This launch is everything and I cannot wait to get mine delivered this week! You girls keep shaking up the world with your channels, your products, your tutorials, and your friendship. Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us in the future!💕
Samantha March
Samantha March - Year ago
I got my package yesterday! Amazing collab, and such a huge kudos to Anna and DOC for their hard work. Seriously beyond impressed
Sandra Mendoza
Sandra Mendoza - Year ago
Omg I can't wait to get my stuff. I paid for the two day shipping & still haven't received my stuff. I'm so anxious to try it already!!
Laura G.
Laura G. - Year ago
Hi Katy, congratulations to you both, I love my products! Can you please tell me where you got that sequin SKIRT from!
SweeetestSiin - Year ago
This video lightweight almost made me tear up! I love seeing yours and desi's friendship grow and evolve💕 I'm so proud of you Katy ! I've always loved watching your vids! My favorites were you drinking yerbas or eating your rainbow sour ropes 🌈 you lightweight remind me of myself , I'm from the north bay , love my KJ Chardonnay ( my boyfriend used to work for KJ) , love bay music , love my dogs 🐶 .. keep shinning hun! You've showed me that anything is possible with a good heart and an amazing personality ! I wasn't able to get my hands on the collection because I'm a stay at home mom and it's been a little rough but I still strongly support y'all. It all looks so beautiful !!!
Karen - Year ago
Please do a look book for autumn fashion inspiration that you will be wearing for autumn :D
Andrea Arzate
Andrea Arzate - Year ago
Love it! Love you guys! You guys have an incredible friendship and I'm here for it! Can't wait to receive my stuff from your guy's collection!!
butterfly49712 - Year ago
I enjoyed watching this vlog and my most favorite part was the photo shoot you guys did together. Loved it! 💜
Diana Lara
Diana Lara - Year ago
im cry
Janette H
Janette H - Year ago
Aww loved it. Thanks for taking us behind the scenes of this EPIC collaboration
Tilly Pablo
Tilly Pablo - Year ago
Who was the dude on stage in the black fur coat? I remember seeing him on the snaps.
Hannah Browder
Hannah Browder - Year ago
Tilly Pablo Joanne the scammer!!
Danielle DeFreitas
Danielle DeFreitas - Year ago
Love you ladies! I got the more creamer please lipstick, the eye shadow pallet, and the lip gloss aaayyyyyeeeee just in time for homecoming.
Nita xoxoxox
Nita xoxoxox - Year ago
So proud . U lady's worked hard for this . Yessssss !!!! So excited 💖
Celia Aguero
Celia Aguero - Year ago
I can't wait to get mine in the mail and post a look on here!!! So pumped to film it!
Heather Brooks
Heather Brooks - Year ago
Jonyes mom arm in the car 😂
Heather Brooks
Heather Brooks - Year ago
Jonyes mom arm in the car 😂
Dee Dee
Dee Dee - Year ago
I need to know where Desi's dress is from
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia - Year ago
I cried so much. I love you guys!!! This is so great. I'm so happy for you guys!!!!
Xo Xo
Xo Xo - Year ago
Lmao i felt like I was watching sweet sixteen 😂 you girlw deserve it all. Love you both😘😘
Gwendolyn Harrison
Gwendolyn Harrison - Year ago
Just received my email for my order being processed and I am near tears. Yeah that's right. I haven't even received my order yet and I am already crying!!! I am so happy and so grateful to have found you guys on YouTube!! Thank you for all that you do!
Jasmin Herrera
Jasmin Herrera - Year ago
Loved this vlog! It made my little heart happy lol 😘
Amissa Hrometz
Amissa Hrometz - Year ago
I cried at least two times during this video I'm so touched
Amissa Hrometz
Amissa Hrometz - Year ago
"How's your tummy feeling" I LOVE YOU AND JONYES RELATIONSHIP he is so sweet 😭😭😭😭😭
Deanna D
Deanna D - Year ago
Jonye's road rage gets me everytime 😂 always throwing that mom hand across you !
Cayah Wilkerson
Cayah Wilkerson - Year ago
wish the collab was with a different company. Dose of colors has been nothing but frustrating with ordering. My order just got process today and it been a full week since i placed it. I was told it would 3-5 days to process. So now im still gonna have to wait 5-10 days :(. Since i had to do two order, because when i first order there was glitch so i couldn't get the girls pallet. but it got fixed so i made a second order including that palette. i was able to cancel the the first order till the next day. I wasnt able to cancel at first bc the only way to cancel is to call them but no one answered bc the lines were busy. I legit called almost 30 times throughout the day and didnt get anything. so i waited till the next day and the first call someone answer but then i got like hung up on or sometjing so then i went to call again and the line was busy. so i finally got ahold of someone after calling 4 more times. i just have never been more frustrated with a brand. it was my first doesnof colors purchase wnd will probably be my last unless there's another katyxdesi collab.
Ricki Casta
Ricki Casta - Year ago
Hey just Katy, can you do a video on how to start a YouTube video! Please
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