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Batgirl Loves softball
Batgirl Loves softball - 5 hours ago
James: claps in Ian’s ear
Ian: Ahhhh
Madam Donya Evannha
You're brother was so handsome ❤️ 😅
sera ng
sera ng - Day ago
is he ur real brother?
vince hasegawa
vince hasegawa - Day ago
Sana all
Abraham Macedo
Abraham Macedo - 4 days ago
last 2 brain cells
last 2 brain cells - 4 days ago
Wait did James just say ian cuffs his pants?
Songha Kim
Songha Kim - 10 days ago
Omg James batting his eyelashes at the end 😂
C AR - 16 days ago
I love love how great of a relationship James has with his brother..😊😊😊
kayla thornton
kayla thornton - 19 days ago
I think Ian did a great job, u did too James but Ian REALLY killed it!
abigail zeresenai
abigail zeresenai - 23 days ago
now we're 16m sisters strong lol
sabree wooten
sabree wooten - 23 days ago
I love you sister James. You have a huge heart.
raya_ &_sonq
raya_ &_sonq - 26 days ago
10:38 first time hearing Ian scream?! 😂👌🏻❤️
teenie beenie
teenie beenie - 27 days ago
wow, lil bro got the looks in the family huh...
cali 4nia
cali 4nia - Month ago
You are doing great James and love your attitude too. BTW the skinny pants made Ian look like a model. Good job James.
Jacy Kay
Jacy Kay - Month ago
James is saying Ian’s fashion taste is bad but looking at his Instagram his style is actually like great..
nia phiphia
nia phiphia - Month ago
No one:
Not a single soul:
James: *IaNnNnNnnn*
Davon Johnson
Davon Johnson - Month ago
Why the keep tags
Eillish Gang_21
Eillish Gang_21 - Month ago
I like the outfit that Ian got James because it's baggy
Emely Lomeli
Emely Lomeli - Month ago
Wish I had options from those brands
Rick Meyers
Rick Meyers - Month ago
Watching you 2 guys together brought tears to my eyes! Grayson & Ethan better watch out, you guys can give them a run doing brother videos!!! Love you both!!
Isabelle Price
Isabelle Price - Month ago
I watched all the ads hopefully you have some more money ❤️❤️
Daisy flowers
Daisy flowers - Month ago
I got a free cookie so it’s ok 😂
Bahar //
Bahar // - Month ago
Who kicked his bro? He as on face a punch trail (sorry for my english)
Xtine Guerrero
Xtine Guerrero - Month ago
They both look so good.
cutiepie 46
cutiepie 46 - Month ago
I honestly love Ian’s outfit so much like it matched him a lot
Jerold 125
Jerold 125 - Month ago
James is just like kinda fun while getting the ring 😂 I would be kinda broke
Amal Ahmad
Amal Ahmad - Month ago
james:eats icecream
miranda sings :am i joke to you
Paisley Irwin
Paisley Irwin - Month ago
Why did james look like miranda sings in the ice cream bit
Peyton Terry
Peyton Terry - Month ago
Ian said hi sisters!!!!! Omg he is a true sister not a brother!!!!!!
Zach Astakeesic
Zach Astakeesic - Month ago
It’s BOTTOMS UP.. cmon!
nanounie Unterhaltung
nanounie Unterhaltung - Month ago
Omg i love your little brother😂😂😂💖
Paula robinson
Paula robinson - Month ago
i can tell that ian hates these videos
Victoria Howe
Victoria Howe - Month ago
*buys a 4.1k ring with no hesitation* “KINDA FUN THOUGH”
Rita Wood
Rita Wood - Month ago
Ian is low key super sweet and cute and sister shy super sister sweet
I’m a psycho -
I’m a psycho - - Month ago
Brother like sister lol
Saskia Wright
Saskia Wright - Month ago
Ian: James can afford these 700 $ shoes easily
Me: yeah 20 buck seems a little muuuuchh
Natasja Pronk
Natasja Pronk - Month ago
Ian is born....
Docter: its a b-
James Charles- SISTER
crystal clegg
crystal clegg - Month ago
You both look awesome
That random gacha tuber
James buys a 4k dollar ring
Ian: Theese shoes are a little expensive
Me: this pen is expensive 1$
Layla -ROBLOX - Month ago
I have to put my volume full blast to hear ian
Our Channel
Our Channel - Month ago
James :We just hit 6 million sisters in
James :we just hit 16 million sisters
Tayshia Mack-Ennin
Tayshia Mack-Ennin - Month ago
James eating ice-cream sooooo iconic lmao
PotatoPal 4Life
PotatoPal 4Life - Month ago
If Ian doesn’t wear makeup I don’t know who does
Mikayla Medina
Mikayla Medina - Month ago
Me when my mom gives me money for icecream at school xD
Purple Pusheen
Purple Pusheen - 2 months ago
Haha 12:25 when the tag was covering the f in fate it looks like blind date
Just thought that was funny
Noelle - 2 months ago
love that james knows that ian is pleased even though he is less enthusiastic in his expression
Anonyms - 2 months ago
Lol he got a Stockholm painting in the back🙌🏼🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
Dino Jugo
Dino Jugo - 2 months ago
ITS only 590 ‚ ian 2019
Adriana Zamora
Adriana Zamora - 2 months ago
Ian looks and sounds just like Ryan Phillippe, don't you think? Alot. 🤔🤔
Javoria Hines
Javoria Hines - 2 months ago
James is really pretty without makeup so nobody can judge him like plz cause me and my cousin see who gets more likes in a yt vids
Js Vlogs
Js Vlogs - 2 months ago
Ngl Ian could be a model
Armyyy life
Armyyy life - 2 months ago
I wish I got along with my brothers like that...and you would think after having 4 boys I would also be a guy but NOPE I'm the only girl....😑🤦‍♀️
Luis Soliman
Luis Soliman - 2 months ago
Hey james make a video again wit sister ian please I really love him
Kailey And Aniyah Vlogs
Kailey And Aniyah Vlogs - 2 months ago
Definitely bring sister Ian more
Nathan Pool
Nathan Pool - 2 months ago
Your videos are ass
Soph Koval
Soph Koval - 2 months ago
I like your outfits
hdhehdhdg hdhdhd
hdhehdhdg hdhdhd - 2 months ago
no budget love it
sophia miles-simms
sophia miles-simms - 2 months ago
you guys are so grate so funny and just amazing!!!!!!
Louise DiBerardo
Louise DiBerardo - 2 months ago
Hi sister James I just subscribed and I am so happy that is subscribed and I can’t wait for more videos
Telethia Dixon
Telethia Dixon - 2 months ago
James&Ian: spends 6000+ on two outfits
Me: scared af to buy ONE $10 hoodie
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