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E D B U - 13 hours ago
15 mil subscribers!!! For what??
just justin
just justin - Day ago
wow, these undertitles are like the worst I have ever seen
Helloteam 679
Helloteam 679 - Day ago
Hi James my name is Luke and I love to watch you you help me feel so good when I have arguments 😊
Kiera S
Kiera S - 2 days ago
Are you and Emma and the Dolan twins still friends??
konnorxxstew - 2 days ago
who else thinks ian should have more emotion i feel like hes very monotone
Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill - 2 days ago
SISTER SHOOK 4K FOR A RING??? I would have cried right there
Niurka Torrez
Niurka Torrez - 3 days ago
Cuanto es que mide Ian,??
kari_10 ybar_
kari_10 ybar_ - 6 days ago
*STRINGBEAN* I CACKLED when James said that
Divya Naidu
Divya Naidu - 6 days ago
Is it just me or when James GaVe ian the ring Ian just looked at him and hugged him. THAT MELTED MY HEART
Angel. Vida
Angel. Vida - 6 days ago
put captions at 11:07
sanghamitra nath
sanghamitra nath - 7 days ago
James was trying to give Ian a sister-y look
arianna adams
arianna adams - 7 days ago
James: this is really good
Ian: I tOlD YOu
Veronica Thotianna
Veronica Thotianna - 7 days ago
Their relationship is so sweet❤️Gotta love family😍❤️
Veronica Thotianna
Veronica Thotianna - 7 days ago
Ouuu Ian is 😍😍
its ya girl Alexiac
its ya girl Alexiac - 9 days ago
2019 it's 15 mill now
Carol Wootten
Carol Wootten - 10 days ago
like him james charles full borther vices very have are this look time shoes shirts
Jimmy Cat526
Jimmy Cat526 - 10 days ago
sister string bean
sky skittle
sky skittle - 10 days ago
at 16:05 the way Ian looked at James it was so freaking sweet you can tell he genuinely cares for his brother
Aye!! It's kea
Aye!! It's kea - 12 days ago
James always shops for himself. Even on the sister squad videos
Blaze Murua
Blaze Murua - 13 days ago
Love it when James and Ian do vids together
Tarryn Watson
Tarryn Watson - 14 days ago
is it just me or does sister ian have like no expression
gangaster - 15 days ago
im watching this vid exactly 1 year later why is that so funny to me hahahahaha
Amanda Baker
Amanda Baker - 15 days ago
Their hug. I'm crying!!!!
clautze09 - 16 days ago
When you said “They’re ONLY 590” I couldn’t feel that
Aliyah Marie
Aliyah Marie - 16 days ago
I love James outfit in this 😍
Jeffrey Heister
Jeffrey Heister - 16 days ago
omg genius video :3 !
Ameerah Lamchops
Ameerah Lamchops - 16 days ago
Continue brother and sister
Sarah Higgs
Sarah Higgs - 17 days ago
Maša Hladnik
Maša Hladnik - 17 days ago
Sorry but I kinda think Ian did better
Destiny Ngata
Destiny Ngata - 18 days ago
2019 yes!!!
page down
page down - 19 days ago
10:38 fav part
##13 A.B
##13 A.B - 21 day ago
Can we juste appreciate how beautiful this ring is!!
Lazuli DH
Lazuli DH - 21 day ago
Who's having sister James marathon ??🤩🙋🏻‍♀️💕
maroon Forsyth
maroon Forsyth - 21 day ago
Awww this was sweet
Deadlie Hellings
Deadlie Hellings - 22 days ago
Me when I heard someone was stealing bread from my snack stash
KennyTheDingus - 23 days ago
Quinn ProQuo
Quinn ProQuo - 23 days ago
So much sibling love... It’s killing me... I’m dying... It’s so cute and so sweet... OMFG This is amazing
Bushra Aden
Bushra Aden - 23 days ago
Ngl I kinda love Ian’s fashion sense it very...FrEsH
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas - 24 days ago
Ian = string bean
Sonderex TV
Sonderex TV - 24 days ago
james has natural beauty:))
nick Ronin King
nick Ronin King - 24 days ago
idk i couldnt do it
Liv Hellsten
Liv Hellsten - 25 days ago
6:39 Miranda Sings food eating vibe
Christian Daoud
Christian Daoud - 26 days ago
Who’s watching this after the argument
Maya Mcghee
Maya Mcghee - 26 days ago
james looks like a sister spy
It’s Izzy!
It’s Izzy! - 26 days ago
6:38 Miranda Sings moment 😂😂😂
weea smath
weea smath - 26 days ago
Sofia Olvera
Sofia Olvera - 26 days ago
who else loves Ian 😂💗
Maris Filatenko
Maris Filatenko - 27 days ago
James is me shopping with my parents.
Ian is me shopping by myself.
Jenzie 4lifee
Jenzie 4lifee - 27 days ago
James buys a 4K $ ring w no hesitation
Me buys 5$ ring w so much hesitation
Paige larchmont
Paige larchmont - 28 days ago
i wonder how long it took James to figure out how many videos sister Ian was in 😂
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