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Alejandra Calderon
Alejandra Calderon - 29 days ago
Done! your very talented love your work daisy🙂 keeping shining 💫
Quetze Gonzalez
Quetze Gonzalez - 26 days ago
I want your pallette so bad.😩😩😢
Alejandra Calderon
Alejandra Calderon - 26 days ago
Daisy Marquez ah! thanks love just email you. Can’t believe I won so shook 😍😍😍
Daisy Marquez
Daisy Marquez - 26 days ago
Alejandra Calderon hi love you won the giveaway!!! Email me bdaisym@gmail.com with your full name and address 💘
LOS1991 - Day ago
Again why do these bitches try so hard to look like a Kardashian lmao all that makeup for what?
Eibaa Beauty
Eibaa Beauty - Day ago
$107 is wow expensive??? Uo come to Australia 🇦🇺 they sell it for more than double fountain $65 eyeshadow $95 concealer $44 primer. $49 and so on......
Leikili Maile
Leikili Maile - Day ago
Oh... my.. gosh.. lmao 😂 it started with the primer, mahalo for the review and the entertainment 🤗🤙🌺
Dave Ridlespriger 2
Dave Ridlespriger 2 - 3 days ago
Savon beauty products.
Not that interesting. Gushi
Kaitlynn Alexa and avery channel
that happend to my skin too after her foundation
Rebecca Mendez
Rebecca Mendez - 4 days ago
Done! You looked amazing 😍😍🥳 I hope your doing well and hope to meet you soon ♥️
carnage6ar - 5 days ago
Edison Welvaart
Edison Welvaart - 5 days ago
She achting out for no reason.. remember she liked the foundation in another video? Who hurt you daisy 🤨
Chatarah Jade
Chatarah Jade - 8 days ago
For such a beautiful lady you swear an awful lot and you sound like a sailor
Rose A.
Rose A. - 9 days ago
Karen - 10 days ago
Done!! 💕
dana al
dana al - 10 days ago
Hun, the foundation IS for the textured skin.I have textured and acne prone skin and the foundation makes my skin looks flawless. However, if your skin is dry it leaves patches, so hydrating the skin before applying the foundation is a must. And you've applied WAY too much foundation. In summary; wtf are u doing im-
Maritza Estrella
Maritza Estrella - 10 days ago
Done! post notifications been on for like two years
Sunny Vang
Sunny Vang - 10 days ago
Give me a reccomend that's actually useful. Not saying this video is bad btw
JennaBellinaax - 10 days ago
Smfh. Queen Huda will never disappoint
Enamorado Mucho
Enamorado Mucho - 11 days ago
I think you don t really like Huda😂😙 any way thank you for the honest review!😊
Yessenia Pineda
Yessenia Pineda - 12 days ago
Done 😌
naureen - 12 days ago
Marie Avila
Marie Avila - 12 days ago
Bitch! Who is you ? Lol esta chido el maquillaje pero como q foundation esta muy pesado
Hani Halim
Hani Halim - 12 days ago
Thank you for the honest review Daisy. And its true, not all Huda Beauty products are good. Some are hits and some are misses.
Prisie Sanichar
Prisie Sanichar - 14 days ago
Done!! 💖💖
Lorena Flores
Lorena Flores - 14 days ago
emily peel
emily peel - 14 days ago
done babe !! x
magnanimous0009 - 14 days ago
I noticed many people apply a lot of foundation.  When at home usually we all apply less foundation to make it last longer.  I think it looks great on you but color may be too lite.
Analee Rodriguez
Analee Rodriguez - 15 days ago
Done 👍👍👍👍
Stephanie Paguio
Stephanie Paguio - 15 days ago
i'm really curious if she did get her jawline done? i was looking at her old videos from last year and her face got so much slimmer, i know she works out but on her snapchat she stays eating out haha
Nicoletta tacos
Nicoletta tacos - 15 days ago
Every beauty Cosmetics works different for everyone, so if it doesn’t work her, it doesn’t work for her. 😂😂
Everybody has different skin types and it works different for everyone. 😊😂
nate nate
nate nate - 16 days ago
Holy crap...never not wear makeup
Avi Luis
Avi Luis - 16 days ago
Thank you Daisy for the review❣️❣️
HeyitsAaliyah - 16 days ago
done !
Kainaat Iqbal
Kainaat Iqbal - 17 days ago
The primer was watery to begin with because it was stored in a warm/hot area or infront of direct sunlight
Ely Saldana
Ely Saldana - 17 days ago
Taehyungs Oxygen
Taehyungs Oxygen - 17 days ago
*make a video using your favorite makeup products* ❤
Lai & Dan
Lai & Dan - 17 days ago
Nicole Gage
Nicole Gage - 18 days ago
Girl! I honestly hated the foundation when I first tried it. I have dry skin as well, although I tried it one more time but instead of a beauty blender I used a brush and I love the foundation now! Maybe try a brush if you ever use it again!
panggop jio
panggop jio - 19 days ago
Done ! I absolutely love your and how you do makeup ! 😩💘
Natacha Gutierrez
Natacha Gutierrez - 20 days ago
Girl a real one has already had your post notifications on! But I’ll just say done ❤️
kayti palmer
kayti palmer - 20 days ago
Straight off the bat
Samia Khan
Samia Khan - 20 days ago
my post notifications are on 💛 you’re so beautiful baby girl been watching you since the start is your career x
Sindy Lopez
Sindy Lopez - 20 days ago
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 21 day ago
You're complaining the foundation is too cakey? You put way too much!! What did you expect?
Nya B
Nya B - 21 day ago
Yessenia Valverde
Yessenia Valverde - 22 days ago
Done !!!!! Thanks for the very honest reviews 💯💋
Crank I. T. C. Paranormal Special ghost person
Well started watching the ghost stories then started watching the make up videos cool!
Ashley Sofia
Ashley Sofia - 22 days ago
DONE ! love your makeup skills and been having the post notification on
Kodee Carson- Fraser
Kodee Carson- Fraser - 23 days ago
Those eyes. ARE EVERYTHING ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Adriana Torres
Adriana Torres - 23 days ago
Way too much foundation. It claims full coverage so use less. Im not a hater Im a fan Im just saying❤️ and shake the primer you should shake the primer next time
Cindy Miranda
Cindy Miranda - 23 days ago
Done ✅ love you daisy honestly even if these products didn’t work for you somehow look stunning like always if this isn’t talent idk what is 😭😍❤️
Sunaina Fazal
Sunaina Fazal - 23 days ago
Balneet Kaur
Balneet Kaur - 23 days ago
Do u are enemy with huda or what... Products are bomb man
Christa Gonzalez
Christa Gonzalez - 23 days ago
Plsssss take the contacts out. Makes you look so washed out sis
Megan Bea
Megan Bea - 23 days ago
Dooooone!!! 😘☺️
Sonali Vaishnav
Sonali Vaishnav - 23 days ago
I think you should give some of these products a second chance ❤️
Amour Belle
Amour Belle - 24 days ago
✅ Done!!❤️🤭💖
Amour Belle
Amour Belle - 24 days ago
Actually, I’ve always had my notif on with your channel 😂😭❤️
Alexis Chiquito
Alexis Chiquito - 24 days ago
Done ! I absolutely love your and how you do makeup ! 😩💘
Sahar Varona
Sahar Varona - 24 days ago
The holes are not usual for you? Howwwwwww I always have holes :,-(((
muffin asmr
muffin asmr - 24 days ago
Done i wish i could win this 😭😭😭
Maria Laforteza
Maria Laforteza - 24 days ago
You're complaining the foundation is too cakey? You put way too much!! What did you expect?
Alejandra Flores
Alejandra Flores - 17 days ago
Lmao I noticed that too
lalayou11509 - 24 days ago
And yes I bought your palette and it was trash so I threw it away. A lot of fall offs and the pigment was trash
Joshua Kotongan
Joshua Kotongan - 24 days ago
Be gone THOT
Amber M
Amber M - 24 days ago
Becky Salas
Becky Salas - 24 days ago
you gorg...
Karina Leal
Karina Leal - 24 days ago
That means Sephora is selling us expired makeup, Ulta has sold me expired makeup too 😠
Glorimar Martinez
Glorimar Martinez - 25 days ago
Kinda want a redo of this whole video but something tells me the products aren't worth the hype
Elizabeth Garcia
Elizabeth Garcia - 25 days ago
Done!! Love you Daisy! Thank you for always being so truthful on all your reviews ❤️
Avery - 25 days ago
Huda isnt good for certain skin types :/
TheEmmy2468 - 25 days ago
Your just to extralol
Desiree Davis
Desiree Davis - 25 days ago
Most dramatic award goes to.... Daisy Marquez 😂😂💜
Adriana Romo
Adriana Romo - 25 days ago
Done 😽😽😽
Jenn Gomez
Jenn Gomez - 25 days ago
y’all some hating hoes, not every make-up product u like works on everyone. daisy u so cute.
Jai x
Jai x - 25 days ago
done 💕💕
Gabriella Paulino
Gabriella Paulino - 25 days ago
Kendal Walker
Kendal Walker - 25 days ago
HaleMedispa Docpreneur
HaleMedispa Docpreneur - 25 days ago
U need to shake the primer before use babe lol
Sandra Perez
Sandra Perez - 25 days ago
Girl your the realest👑 they’re eyeshadow is best thing from that brand 👌🏼
mkr x3
mkr x3 - 25 days ago
Done! You are so beautiful 😍
Liliana Vazquez
Liliana Vazquez - 25 days ago
Bosss Breeezy
Bosss Breeezy - 25 days ago
Hudas foundation is cakey af and I literally can feel it on my face
Slay x Shay
Slay x Shay - 25 days ago
I used the baking powder over and over again and it’s soooo CAKEY. I’m so happy someone is doing an honest review.
maria delgado
maria delgado - 25 days ago
Makeupbysarah23 - 25 days ago
You still made everything work!! & look Bomb 😍😍love the shadow look!!
Sagri Valdez
Sagri Valdez - 25 days ago
Love you sm btw , eres hermosa !!!! ❤️
Sagri Valdez
Sagri Valdez - 25 days ago
Done 🌸
Jessica Neujahr
Jessica Neujahr - 25 days ago
Done. Thanks for your honesty! Appreciate it.💕
andrea x
andrea x - 25 days ago
turned post notifications on ! also youre amazing ily 🥰
Aylin Esquivies
Aylin Esquivies - 25 days ago
love youuu
Lesley - 25 days ago
I’ve subscribed and turned on post notifications! 😄👍🏼👍🏼
Mackenzie Schamehorn
Mackenzie Schamehorn - 25 days ago
Amy Villalobos
Amy Villalobos - 25 days ago
It’s amazing how you do expensive and not expensive reviews! Honesty is the best, not every product is for everyone and their skin. Keep doing you boo, even though I’m late on this lol😂😘
Evelyn Frias
Evelyn Frias - 26 days ago
Try the foundation with a different primer or shake the products before using.. I use the huda beauty foundation love it I think you used too much..
Cynthia Avitia
Cynthia Avitia - 26 days ago
Done! 💞💞
Maria's world
Maria's world - 26 days ago
Griselda Hernandez
Griselda Hernandez - 26 days ago
I would think that you would know to shake your liquid beauty products. 😳 and you applied waaaaay to much foundation and that foundation is meant to hide texture soooooooo
Marysa Torres
Marysa Torres - 26 days ago
Beatriz Gámez
Beatriz Gámez - 26 days ago
I want to win jeje
Alexandra Fernandez
Alexandra Fernandez - 26 days ago
Por que les viste la cara de estupidas a tus fans?? Mintiendo que tenías una enfermedad?? Eres una vergüenza para la comunidad latina
SF Khan
SF Khan - 26 days ago
I love the eye look😍please pick me to win the palette
Kimberly Garza
Kimberly Garza - 26 days ago
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