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brightbite - 10 hours ago
One thing this movie proves: no one can imitate Crue!
Barbie - 18 hours ago
Cool 🤘🏻
Darth77Pimp - Day ago
I’m so wasted while watching this for the 5 time
Rick D
Rick D - Day ago
They hit the mark on the john corabi era, missed the mark on pam anderson era, she was a huuuuuge part of it all, (although im sure they tried, and were denied,) ...they kind of forshadowed tommy domestic abuse tendency with the bus scene and his fiance, (everyone mustve been thinking about that)
Jason Striation
Jason Striation - Day ago
I thought this flick was pretty good. All this shit happened pre-internet era. Only info you got was from Circus Magazine and the National Enquirer.😎
Mysticfire Denise
Mysticfire Denise - 3 days ago
Waiting for the guns and roses movie next
LLJ Lilpeep
LLJ Lilpeep - 3 days ago
Is there a movie about Jim Morrison and the doors ?
Jake Ryan Booth
Jake Ryan Booth - 4 days ago
Drugs, Sex and Rock n’ Roll
Yonnua Lynch
Yonnua Lynch - 5 days ago
I want a film about nirvana
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The Dirt was released on March 22, 2019,
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Welcome To Pittsburg
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Master Fang And The Lost Sword
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Lin Joy
Lin Joy - 6 days ago
This is the best movie I’ve seen in ages! I must have watched it 4 times so far! some of it was to actually watch the movie the rest of the time to listen to the greatest rock I’ve heard in centuries!!
0917mike - 7 days ago
I love how they threw in the song "kickstart my heart" right when Nikki comes back to life in the ambulance. These guys were a different breed...
Von Anza
Von Anza - 7 days ago
So ramsay bolton is in a band now.
duda lpp
duda lpp - 7 days ago
Vince Carter
Vince Carter - 9 days ago
Rafael Luis
Rafael Luis - 9 days ago
Best rockstars movie ever I love Mötley Crüe 😎🎶🎵💯🤟🏻
Mike Luis
Mike Luis - 10 days ago
This film is like a teenager trying to make a Martin Scorsese type film. Fucking garbage.
Skull thrasher 69
Skull thrasher 69 - 10 days ago
Rip razzle
Eric Howry
Eric Howry - 11 days ago
Great Rockunentuary!!!
Durah Chan
Durah Chan - 11 days ago
The Movie is Low...pretty low and not worth a Second watch I think
Laura Antelo
Laura Antelo - 11 days ago
I love so much this movie!!! I laughted and cried a lot ♥️ Motley Crüe Forever!!!
𝕿𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖘 𝖘𝖔 𝖋𝖊𝖙𝖈𝖍
This film isn’t about accuracy, its about telling a story.
FAT MAN - 11 days ago
Netflix is going down hill so very very fast
Romeo Reyes
Romeo Reyes - 12 days ago
Make the dirt part 2 it well be so amazing
Alessandro Andreotti
Alessandro Andreotti - 13 days ago
Long life motley crue!🤘I wanted to live your life
M. White
M. White - 14 days ago
Nikki, let us know when your fn ego is satisfied. I'll never watch it.
Zyro 1987544474
Zyro 1987544474 - 14 days ago
fuck bohemian rhapsody
gertjan545 - 15 days ago
Finally a movie with guys drest as chicks that isn't pc
PySixty - 15 days ago
Only Problem with this movie is the amount of nudity in it. I get that its rated r but Comparing it to Bohemian Rhapsody this movie doesn’t have a chance. Bohemian Rhapsody is a great film cause it doesnt include sex or all that kind of stuff. I still like this movie but does it really need this amount of nudity?
Ed Wood
Ed Wood - 16 days ago
Worst band ever
David Lineberry
David Lineberry - 16 days ago
Excellent flick🤘
none - 16 days ago
Look like drag queens but made some really good music
Karla Murakami
Karla Murakami - 19 days ago
This movie is fucking brilliant! I love it!
Skanderbeg - 19 days ago
toyotathon 2019
Luisanna Perez
Luisanna Perez - 19 days ago
What is the name of the theme song???!!!!
Luisanna Perez
Luisanna Perez - 15 days ago
Awesome thank you @PySixty
PySixty - 15 days ago
Luisanna Perez Home sweet home
Pan Świniowąż
Pan Świniowąż - 19 days ago
Bunch of freaks without any order - people should utilize such idiots
captain P
captain P - 19 days ago
What have you been doing all this time ramsay bolton !??!
IRWIN TV - 19 days ago
Best movie on the world!!!!!
Anthony PIUNNO
Anthony PIUNNO - 20 days ago
This is my favorite Netflix original movie.
willy102073 - 20 days ago
Great movie a must watch
Maria Baby
Maria Baby - 20 days ago
A mumble rapper playing the part of one of the greatest bands alive. What a fucking joke. Could have picked some metal head dude with perfect acting and could have done the job the same.
Carol - 20 days ago
Noah Cameron
Noah Cameron - 21 day ago
this movie is the straight outta compton of rock
Anna ???
Anna ??? - 21 day ago
I think the next movie they should make is slaughter. The band slaughter they had great music to and came a long way as well
The Rev
The Rev - 21 day ago
Best movie ever.
Solid Mike P
Solid Mike P - 21 day ago
This movie was pretty bad, just had every other woman giving them BJs I mean come on man.
Robert Rosalez
Robert Rosalez - 21 day ago
I watched the beginning of the movie and I didn't like it about the 80s was the worst decade I thought the 80s was a great decade
Adrian Gonsalez
Adrian Gonsalez - 21 day ago
I like the beginning of the trailer home sweet home song :)
dario lord
dario lord - 22 days ago
Excelente película!! 10000 puntos
Dorian Hawckmoon
Dorian Hawckmoon - 22 days ago
The book its much better, the history of Motley Crue need a Netflix tv serie, with two o three seasons.
Kamy GG
Kamy GG - 22 days ago
*I've posted a cover of Billy Squier's "My Kinda Lover" because of The Dirt. Would be dope ass if Motley recorded a full version of that song*
Anonimous Gr
Anonimous Gr - 22 days ago
Thank u Netflix
Cade Campbell
Cade Campbell - 23 days ago
Ramsay Snow is a member of Motley Crue
Mauricio Paz
Mauricio Paz - 23 days ago
Gale Boetticher ❤️ I love him
Hannah Playzxx
Hannah Playzxx - 23 days ago
best movie i ever saw :)
Pesty Bugatti
Pesty Bugatti - 23 days ago
Mano q foda eu amo essa banda
Tiisiphone - 23 days ago
Sex & drugs & rock & roll! Very enjoyable movie.
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies - 23 days ago
Daniel Webber would make a good Shawn Michaels if they did a biopic of him
Irontron6 - 24 days ago
Mötley fucking crüe
korosec - 25 days ago
fucking junkies
Justine - 26 days ago
The dirt : like
Bohemian Rhapsody : comment
fnafbonnie21 0
fnafbonnie21 0 - 4 days ago
Bohrap for sure QUEEN FOR LIFE
Lucy Potter
Lucy Potter - 4 days ago
Tracy Dailey
Tracy Dailey - 5 days ago
Justine - 5 days ago
vik saggu it’s just to compare 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jake_West_05 - 6 days ago
androidgeeking - 27 days ago
Well I just saw the whole movie. This looks like shit. The acting is elementary.
Arcade Games Old School
Arcade Games Old School - 27 days ago
Bohemian Rhapsody is really big shit compared to this great movie
DJ T FILMZ - 28 days ago
Definetily was a movie worth watching
Nacho. - 28 days ago
Jay Pee
Jay Pee - 28 days ago
This shit blows, motley crue were not the shit they try to make it seem in this... they were meh...
SPS - 28 days ago
A film as badass as them! So entertaining from beginning 'till the end! Always up with the damn Mötley Crüe!! 🤘🔥
Jimmy Quinn
Jimmy Quinn - 28 days ago
Netflix please
Jimmy Quinn
Jimmy Quinn - 28 days ago
Jimmy Quinn
Jimmy Quinn - 28 days ago
Make Minecraft story mode ep678
Serene Chaos UK
Serene Chaos UK - 28 days ago
0:38 - is that ACTUALLY supposed to look authentic 80's or summing !?!?!
Serene Chaos UK
Serene Chaos UK - 28 days ago
This looks like the biggest load of plastic pseudo-80's bullshit ever created ! Like those 'Rock Of Ages' cover acts who play in the theatre ! I've read the book; I'll stick to that !
Zoe Ferreiro Azon
Zoe Ferreiro Azon - 28 days ago
esta peli tiene una re pinta, parece un cacho de mierda cagado x dios (pipe de la torre)
fernandez - 29 days ago
excuse me while I pick my jaw up
Mariah Robinson
Mariah Robinson - 29 days ago
Best movie ever made
cecilyt006 - 29 days ago
Mostly lies, officially endorsed by the band. It was always style over substance by Poseur Douchebags taken to an exponential degree.
Miguel Costa
Miguel Costa - Month ago
what song are they playing in this
Pavel Sedlář
Pavel Sedlář - 28 days ago
First is Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home, second is Kickstart My Heart ;-)
Dino Divkovic
Dino Divkovic - Month ago
im gay
mandymancan - Month ago
I don’t get how rotten tomatoes only gave this movie 39% but Us got like 97% that movie sucked ass
Tommy 1975
Tommy 1975 - Month ago
Wow, and I'm lucky enough to say that I actually have seen Mötley Crüe live in concert. Been a fan for years and I love this movie!
DUDE Sicko
DUDE Sicko - Month ago
Bring back Pearl Harbor
mega man
mega man - Month ago
No no no who the fuck picks mgk for an iconic role he's like the shittest actor wtf oh thats rite its Netflix they just try anything these days
Remero Russ
Remero Russ - Month ago
Next please make a movie about Metallica
M B - Month ago
Fuckin awful film, avoid like the plague.
MasterOfCheetahz - Month ago
Now we need a movie about the band Sublime
Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose - Month ago
Great movie!
Dinkle Berg
Dinkle Berg - Month ago
Song at 0:17?
louis hughes
louis hughes - Month ago
The book was great but the movie a big disappointment:( B-movie
Honestly I'm very happy that lately people are remembering 80s bands. Really, do they need movies to remember how amazing they are?
H Kay
H Kay - 28 days ago
In this case it was done with real heart and great flow.
Sally Cobain
Sally Cobain - Month ago
I saw this film and I realy love it
I give it 1000000000 from 10
Kaffeine 01
Kaffeine 01 - Month ago
Make a movie on MEGADETH
Celine Martin
Celine Martin - Month ago
Machine gun Kelly was perfect for the part of Tommy Lee.
Nemesisツ - Month ago
Max ThunderTM
Max ThunderTM - Month ago
MaiHead - Month ago
I didn't know Ramsay was in Motley Crue!
AKSebi2 - Month ago
This was awesome, okay we had a movie about Queen and about Mötley Crüe, its cool but pllleaseeee Netflix do a movie on Guns N' Roses already!!!
tim doolin
tim doolin - Month ago
Great film but how was Vince Neil's wife pregnant the night Vince killed Razzle if Skylar was not born until 1991 and the car crash was December 1984?
Fernanda C.
Fernanda C. - Month ago
We need a PART 2!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Jolin Karlsson
Jolin Karlsson - Month ago
I have seen it
vegan x
vegan x - Month ago
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