My Best Friend Became My Foster Sister

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Electrike1010 - 10 minutes ago
Person: Says comment like this
Others: Says comment like this
My life as Emily
My life as Emily - 12 hours ago
what if your friend doesn't want anyone to tell her about her problems because she is scared of her family
jeonghoon choi
jeonghoon choi - 12 hours ago
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Joshua Lasikiewicz
Joshua Lasikiewicz - 21 hour ago
I think that was the right thing to do
Cremated Hotdogs
Cremated Hotdogs - Day ago
No one:
Literally all the comments:

*MakEs SenSE*
*doeSn'T MaKe SEnsE*
Idk my YouTube Name
So in third grade I was bestfriend with this girl who got abused, I couldn’t see her bruises since she wore baggy clothes. She told me that she got thrown into a brick wall by her dad. I didn’t want report bc I feel like she loose my trust and not be my friend anymore. She later killed her self September 2019
• K a w a i i R o s e•
This reminds me of my bff Kate. She’s abused by her dad and this is like the same scenario🤧😔😭
Padre De max ruby 1st
Year of 06/04/2010
Mama Sebro
Mama Sebro - Day ago
You can ask for charity to buy a bigger house and then you could Foster the siblings
The Graveyard of the Youtube
More like not having enough cash.
ibezooming - 2 days ago
storybooth: My Best Friend Became My Foster Sister

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Titus Brown
Titus Brown - 3 days ago
Dang the voice cut is annoying me
mellissa scott
mellissa scott - 3 days ago
I feel everyone has a dream about your best friend living with you
But I’m glad she’s happy 😊
Who's watching this in 2036
Blossom Gymnast
Blossom Gymnast - 4 days ago
This is every 7 year old girls dream

*For their best friend to become their sister*
Puress Spxrit
Puress Spxrit - 4 days ago
Not a single soul:
Not even story booth:
The comment section: "Storybooth: so and so Other channels: this and that"
yamiGAJw - 3 days ago
Carmen Lau
Carmen Lau - 4 days ago
Hey storybooth how would you guys react if they saw Accually happened and my my story animated channels
JD Comedy
JD Comedy - 4 days ago
Story booth:real stories

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Sile kiman
Sile kiman - 4 days ago
Storybooth: Real stories
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Sara sana
Sara sana - 5 days ago
I feel bad 😥😥😥
Madeline Aragon
Madeline Aragon - 5 days ago
Omg my close friend is now my foster sis
Jolene Balto
Jolene Balto - 5 days ago
I have a friend name Megan
ali salah
ali salah - 6 days ago
Come just get it and get you some stupid stuff and get your money 💵 I don’t have time I can go pick it my hair bow 🎁 was my day I got my dad
Cookie Clouds
Cookie Clouds - 6 days ago
Her luck:100000000000000000
My luck:100
Jeriyah Mackey
Jeriyah Mackey - 6 days ago
Not good
Tibni Valle
Tibni Valle - 6 days ago
That's so sad that the siblings can't be with her
Nur'Herlyana Allyssya
Nur'Herlyana Allyssya - 6 days ago
I do!
•ÃshŁyñ• - 7 days ago
Title: *My bestfriend turned into my Foster sister*
Me: This is totally rea-
*My story animated*
d a n k L i e s
d a n k L i e s - 7 days ago
Ok but what abt her siblings though?
Ethan Reyes
Ethan Reyes - 7 days ago
She roasted her whole family 0:53
IcOnicxDilz - 7 days ago
Me: *reads title*
Me: Hah probs one of those other fake cha-
Me: Whoops nvm
marxl - 7 days ago
Storybooth: pure content
Other stories: *my cat was my foster kid and married my brother*
Gacha drawings
Gacha drawings - 7 days ago
What happened to the siblings?
Julian Olivas
Julian Olivas - 7 days ago
99% of comments:storybooth:true
The 1%:other
Angel Rai
Angel Rai - 7 days ago
Storybooth:real stories
Fake story channels:My brother got married to my mom and gave birth to my dad
Tkih Yafea
Tkih Yafea - 7 days ago
Your so luckyyyy but I feel bad for her
leenplus12 -
leenplus12 - - 7 days ago
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Fatma Nazlim Arslan
Fatma Nazlim Arslan - 7 days ago
I think that your best friend becoming your foster sister is pretty cool. But the things that happened are not of course cool, thats sad. But sisterhood part is nice
Mairead Donohoe
Mairead Donohoe - 8 days ago
The's a good thing to do
Harrison Gysler
Harrison Gysler - 8 days ago
Great school because my school don’t care what happened who is doing what for example this person called jack let’s say he Touch something what isn’t his body and two polices was on the investigation and the next day he was just in a classroom all by his self and 7 weeks time he was in our class again and this is in England what kind of school am I in!
Vladimir Enlow
Vladimir Enlow - 8 days ago
This needs to be a TV show. I'm thinking a family sitcom--especially if the two siblings have a tendency to just wander in out of nowhere at random and involve themselves in whatever hijinks are in progress.
PewDie ッ
PewDie ッ - 8 days ago
hey that was perfectly fine yeah whatever
Bella AF Tibbetts
Bella AF Tibbetts - 8 days ago
Girls: *with both parents, aka they aren't apart, popular, and pretty.*
Me: *mom cheated on my dad, heartbroken, dad is with my best friends MOM, (also her dad is in jail) and I'm confused about it all...*
Emysister 456
Emysister 456 - 8 days ago
Well i notice That one Girl Can't learn... Im Trying to help but It Won't help..
vhadvfluff hvsv
vhadvfluff hvsv - 8 days ago
KPOP FD - 8 days ago
StoryBooth : My best friend became my foster sister
Other channel : My Ex bf hooked up with my Best friend and they had me
Brambleberry Vlogs
Brambleberry Vlogs - 8 days ago
Honestly, who didn't say to their best friend "I wish you were my brother/sister"? I remember my best friends trying to hide in my house whenever they came over so they could stay longer and vice versa lol
x_iza_x - 9 days ago
bro what happened to her siblings:((
RoseDaBooyahKidThing Ya.
Story booth:
Actuall shit happened: my sister used to be my bff but then i saw hipnotisying my mom!
Donux Playz
Donux Playz - 10 days ago
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Donux Playz
Donux Playz - 10 days ago
HANLO my bootiful fwenz
Koko Chanel
Koko Chanel - 10 days ago
So if I report that my classmate smells like ass its good?
Arthur Hastings
Arthur Hastings - 10 days ago
I was mocked by my classmates and the teacher even insulted me for being stupid, lazy and self-centered even though I was locked out of the loop by the other classmates in Mandarin class
Vanilla Banilla
Vanilla Banilla - 11 days ago
Aww 😊
Matryoshka Miku
Matryoshka Miku - 11 days ago
*Yeah dude she's like a sister to me!*
Keicee Jae Salang
Keicee Jae Salang - 11 days ago
I meant a white dude
Keicee Jae Salang
Keicee Jae Salang - 11 days ago
Hey will you still adopt a black dude ok don't sue me or call me racist ok am just asking ok chill
Chris Hart
Chris Hart - 11 days ago
I have a bff 👯
Violet 2020
Violet 2020 - 11 days ago
Awww thats really nice of you 😊
jiaadeng - 11 days ago
My best friend of 5 years moved into my house when I was 12, and it was the best thing ever living with her, but she had to move with her family in another state, because her mother that moved in with us died in a car accident on the way to school.
Maridiamond Fleur
Maridiamond Fleur - 11 days ago
Your nice and kind Girl
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