Gaming Site Kotaku is Being SHUT DOWN Soon?

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DreamcastGuy - Month ago
Leaving town in the morning to go cover the blizzcon protests so less videos for the next few days. MUCH LOVE!!
sozaj - Month ago
Be sure to give them a "Boo" for me.
sozaj - Month ago
@The Wannabe Martial Artist I'm surprised that you haven't heard of it, but in any case, if you haven't already learned more about it by now just Google Blizzard and Hong Kong. And their Diablo Immortal reveal from sometime before that incident had already been making their fans feel contempt towards them.
Skywalker ranch
Skywalker ranch - Month ago
Thanks for all your hard work man. Much appreciated.
david esteras
david esteras - Month ago
@Ian Butterfield if your hired to talk about games do so, leave the political and sjw bullshit out of it
Tinbeef - Month ago
Dude youtube tells u what to talk about!
Chris Watson
Chris Watson - 3 days ago
Thanks for brightening my day! Awesome news!
Manuel - 11 days ago
This video is such a mess of a mix of all conspiracy theories in the gaming industry
Scruffopone - 13 days ago
This video aged like shit, holy shit you're so dumb.
the gaming doggo
the gaming doggo - 16 days ago
I'm more concerned about the people in that company they most likely will lose a lot of money some of them even have families
Dallas Marshall
Dallas Marshall - 18 days ago
An SJW gaming site closing down? Good... *round of applause*
Tinn_Cup - 24 days ago
I hope they do, they've been a disgrace to the entire gaming community for years.
(Promoting Pro-corperate, anti-gaming/SJW narratives.)
Jack Louis
Jack Louis - 25 days ago
Fuck Kotaku
Mundus66 - 25 days ago
I don't get it though, why buy Gizmodo or whatever the parent company of Kotaku is called. And shut down sites? Is there just some millionaires that wanted to get rid of Deadspin and now Kotaku or what? Doesn't seem like a good investment to me. I don't like some of the Kotaku writers, but i don't really see Kotaku as news site, just individual articles and some are good. Its like i don't like some people on twitter (a lot of people actually) but i am still on there since their are some good articles.
xman777b - 26 days ago
good news. The site was gold back when Joystiq still existed. Once they folded, Kataku transformed into a blog advert, similar to the junk mail I discard from my outside mailbox each day.
Atrus - 27 days ago
IMO, they're hired to do a particular job. If you do not want to do that job, why not get a job for what you want to do instead of shirk your duties. If i'm a programmer that's hired to make databases but I then tell the company "Nah, I want to develop video games" I can't act all shocked when I'm fired. If you want to write vapid bullsh*t about dogs and the like instead of working for the sports site, ask for a transfer to buzzfeed or something. Alternatively make a deal where you do your normal sports things and can occasionally make an article as an internal guest at one of the other news sites under the company. Do what you're hired for or don't be so surprised if you're fired.
J Kemp
J Kemp - 28 days ago
J Kemp
J Kemp - 28 days ago
Kotaku absolutely sucks ass ever since they flipped from loving games to hating the people that play them.
Their Cancel Culture “journalists” get cancelled? Good. Poetic justice.
Robin Hatherall
Robin Hatherall - 28 days ago
Seems quite reasonable for an employer to tell there employees what to do. It's called a job.
Vidya Bros.
Vidya Bros. - 28 days ago
I wouldn't miss Shitaku. They deserve to be shut down. They're pure garbage like most of the rest of gaming outlets.
colin ewen
colin ewen - 29 days ago
It's their own damn fault if stuck to gaming, then they wouldn't where they are now.
They were too busy being woke, virtue signalling, and fan bashing, all of which drove away their readership. Which why the new bosses had to put in the ads.
Then they told their woke, narrow-tive pushing, virtue signallers to STAY IN LANE. NO POLITICS. NO NARROW-TIVE. JUST GAMING, ONLY GAMING.
They decided to stick it those corporate misogynist incel scum-bags by getting themselves sacked, and it serves them right.
Kori Harpoon
Kori Harpoon - Month ago
You forgot to mention that if a DMCA is false you can report it to the FBI. A false DMCA is considered perjury under federal law.
Kirstin S.
Kirstin S. - Month ago
Good riddance, honestly. God forbid a writer should feel any kind of responsibility for the words they publish. No editing, no fact-checking, no accountability. Like a screaming classroom of 12-year-olds in detention with a hi-jacked internet connection. Sites like Kotaku are a good example of institutionalized anarchy--yeah, wrap your head around that. Their closure coming down the way it is isn't justice, but it's a good start.
Circuit Bird
Circuit Bird - Month ago
I'll actually be sad if Kotaku shut down. Kotaku UK have promoted smaller, but growing events around the country and I was featured in their article for a chiptune show I played at in November 2016.
Jesse Peterson
Jesse Peterson - Month ago
I kinda agree with the new owners if kotaku had just stuck to games they wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.
CanadianGuy eH
CanadianGuy eH - Month ago
No one will miss Kotaku or it's sister's sites.
Game Making Negro
Game Making Negro - Month ago
Get woke, go broke!
Tentaisei - Month ago
While Im not happy people will lose their jobs good ridence
Metrack - Month ago
What? Pushing politics in what is supposed to be a videogame website is a bad idea? Who would have thought! /s.
412JFury - Month ago
This is absolutely a false report. It has everything to do with the elite CEOs who own these companies flooding the sites with ads. And the editors and journalists at these sites speaking out against it. That's why the guy from Deadspin was fired because he spoke out against the ads.
Derpceus - Month ago
Kotaku shutting down sounds too good to be true.
quezcatol - Month ago
kotaku has nothing to do with gaming.
Muffins McGeez
Muffins McGeez - Month ago
Kind of need kotaku, because of their hyper-sensitivity, they relate well to the absolutely batshit crazy people working in game development these days; which is why they get all the juicy deets on whats going on in these studios.
Anthony Pellham
Anthony Pellham - Month ago
Everyone knows why kotaku went down it's because it's a shit site with shit articles.
BrianC6234 - Month ago
Kotaku sucks. Good riddance.
You will cum at the sight of this fully grown man child.his blissful scrotum face
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Cause he is a dumpster fire.
KryptKicker5 - Month ago
Good riddance. They can take their fake games “journalism” and SJW crap with them. IGN can go next.
Podo - Month ago
Lies. They weren't fired for SJW reasons. They were fired for speaking out against the site's use of obnoxious ads
StoicVampire Pig
StoicVampire Pig - Month ago
There's a gaming site called Kotaku?
The only Kotaku I know is full of woke crap about everything but games cause the cool guys that work there are too ashamed to admit they like games.
Luka Megru
Luka Megru - Month ago
And nothing if value was lost
Silent Dawn
Silent Dawn - Month ago
The real question is if this will be a wake up call for "professional" gaming journalists.
RedKing1984 - Month ago
I think more game studios should boycott kotaku. It's one thing to defend freedom of speech but it's another thing to encourage the sheer amount of stupidity that stemmed from most kotaku articles.
halafradrimx - Month ago
I hope Kotaku dies and all of those stupid journalists never work again.
DEVIN POHL - Month ago
This is why I have Adblock
Adrian Lorentzen
Adrian Lorentzen - Month ago
I don't agree with a lot of what Jason Schreier says, but I do think losing his leaks is a pretty big blow. He has been very good for getting information out there and helping us essentially weaponize against greedy publishers faster.
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