Nokia 9 PureView Review: Trust The Process(ing)

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MrMobile [Michael Fisher]
MrMobile [Michael Fisher] - 4 months ago
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John Carlo De Juras
John Carlo De Juras - 2 months ago
a rtx 2080ti!
Hansamita Majee
Hansamita Majee - 3 months ago
Nokia 9 deal
Dan Da Man
Dan Da Man - 3 months ago
i love the stock andriod on the google pixels, and i already used retailmenot to get a pixel xl for 150 and im planning to get a pixel 2xl in the future so thats what ill use retailmenot to buy (btw i love your vids, they are very professional and i was very surprised to see you only have 768 k subs. good luck to a million) (and also please try to use a song called "hold my hand " by Ricci)
Bane Tudajfor
Bane Tudajfor - 3 months ago
I installed the extension but I think the link you provided doesn't work for you!
Craig Beam
Craig Beam - 3 months ago
I already loved you, and then you threw into the Tolian Soran clip. ::swoon::
Alec Collinsworth
Alec Collinsworth - 11 hours ago
Doesn't it come with 128GB standard? I mean, that's a lot of storage. Maybe not enough for everyone, but certainly enough for the large majority of people.
Antonio Java
Antonio Java - 15 hours ago
Would love to see your input on the Nokia 9 after HMD's recent updates.
Bhagz O'really
Bhagz O'really - Day ago
The way you narrate your every review is so soothing and the same time convincing.
Aku - 8 days ago
This device is going to be 499$ for Prime Day, so if you've wanted one, but was holding off because of the price, you might want to reconsider!
Eggy Noggy
Eggy Noggy - 10 days ago
This is what happens when you give a serious photographer the nokia 9 and tell him to only edit the raw in the phone...
malamri424 - 18 days ago
Google camera app makes a huge difference
Ashish Magadum
Ashish Magadum - 21 day ago
The back camera design is so ugly! Ughh
جيك اكاديمي | geek academy
we just need the 1020 running android with upgraded specs (the xenon flash is the perfect solution for lowlight)
Baby GuiGui
Baby GuiGui - 28 days ago
when I saw the finger print scanner...Im Done
Marco Pollo
Marco Pollo - Month ago
Dam this dude is eloquent af
Robert Adams
Robert Adams - Month ago
The processing on the SNAPDRAGGON 845 is irrelevant in 2019.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams - Month ago
Lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂. Nokia has never led the smartphone camera industry. It has and never will happen. You know better. I can understand that your forced to say this because Nokia gave you the device to create a video review about the device.
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mrmarcellos - Month ago
I had this phone but didnt like it
Ringo Rinka
Ringo Rinka - Month ago
Poor nokia hanging on competing with god level phones better to stick to 3310
Vinny LT
Vinny LT - Month ago
Elias Puolakka
Elias Puolakka - Month ago
Fingerprint sensor is fixed and the prosessing is faster now.
epic gamer
epic gamer - 28 days ago
You have it
Fernan Aquino
Fernan Aquino - 2 months ago
I just remembered. How bout editing night shots in lightroom to makd it brighter
Zangeef Fangsteen
Zangeef Fangsteen - 2 months ago
The dynamic range looks so incredible, it makes me sad I have to wait for V2 or V3 of this phone. I want to completely get rid of Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy and never use them again because they have horrible DNR.
Syed Rayyan
Syed Rayyan - 2 months ago
You can do better Night Camera Still Pictures in Nokia than Google Pixel, by Using Pro Mode. And increase the Shutter Speed.
Syed Rayyan
Syed Rayyan - 2 months ago
You don't need a dedicated camera button, you can use the Volume Rocker instead by changing the camera settings
Kas - 2 months ago
Thanks Michael, was thinking of getting this phone, but too many down falls. I wanna upgrade from my LG v30, but can't make up my mind. Latest flagships are way too expensive and no phone out there is perfect tbh.
Himanshu Mishra
Himanshu Mishra - 2 months ago
This is purely for photography enthusiasts... Not for lads who just want click-upload..
Roy Hsieh
Roy Hsieh - 2 months ago
6:54 nokia must've coated it with Teflon, and forget about samsung, they dont even do big cameras right.
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai - 2 months ago
My Health Vlog
My Health Vlog - 2 months ago
People still loves NOKIA but NOKIA is not updating himself according to market demand and as per people's choice. I have samsung and Nokia 920. Too many times NOKIA fell from my pocket, even from some height but there is no scratch and no problem at all. i can bet no other phone can compare NOKIA's hardware quality but in matter of Software, Design, Performance it needs to improve a lot.
Ivan M
Ivan M - 2 months ago
5g version late this year with bug fixes fixed
Francis M.
Francis M. - 2 months ago
Can you unbox and review the nokia X7/nokia 8.1 and the new nokia X71. Thanks! More power and more viewers. 👍👍👍👊✌️
chickenazz - 2 months ago
Why it doesnt have a dxomark score?????
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai - 2 months ago
bad review
epic gamer
epic gamer - 2 months ago
Can't wait for the next pureview and hmd Nokia flagship
epic gamer
epic gamer - 2 months ago
What do you think of Nokia ozo audio
N_ R
N_ R - 2 months ago
Sticking with my Huawei P30 Pro but thanks....
creativeboy1 - 2 months ago
The LG g5 had bad finger sensor when it came out but was solved so keep the hopes up
Cecília Carvalho
Cecília Carvalho - 2 months ago
Honestly I wouldn't mind a thicker phone if they had the sd card slot and some kind of night mode or better image processing overall, and I don't care at ALL about a fingerprint reader under the screen, just put a physical one, nokia!
phones with greater durability and performance >>>>>>>>> thin phones
Dan Beißwenger
Dan Beißwenger - 2 months ago
Money for nothing.
Clicks for free.
Subbed. (Pfff who am I kidding. I've been subbed)
incediery - 2 months ago
Hey Michael Nokia just pushed an update for this phone that may fix all the issues you had...can you do a follow up review
David Harrison
David Harrison - 3 months ago
Thought the Soran quote was gonna be “Nice try”...
Mike Stevenson
Mike Stevenson - 3 months ago
This just makes me miss the Lumia 1020 =[
Tech Smart Best
Tech Smart Best - 3 months ago
awesome video
Bhushan Doiphode
Bhushan Doiphode - 3 months ago
Those sunglasses are dope! Can you link them down in the description?
Tiza - 3 months ago
I'm so tired of this "don't worry if your phone is a buggy mess, bro. we'll fix it later" mentality that HMD Nokia had ever since their inception.
Other than Nokiafans, I really don't think people are willing to buy those phones just for headaches on user experience.
Sven Kindervater
Sven Kindervater - 3 months ago
Well, as a day-one-owner of a Lumia 920 and a Lumia 950, I can tell you: The software of the 9 PureView is supreme in comparison. Especially the 950 had a completely unfinished beta-version of Windows 10 M. I'm not a huge fan of android, but pie ist really good. And there is no bloatware what so ever on the 9. Yes, ist has some downpoints, but Nokia Phones had these for years. If you are willing to accept them, you get a really good camera-phone.
MikeTheShadowWolf - 3 months ago
Best camera on a smartphone 2019 hands down.The Pixel ain't gonna beat this one.
mena seven
mena seven - 3 months ago
It doesn't make sense to have a specialize camera phone with no SD card slot and no camera button. Regular camera have SD card slot.
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin - 3 months ago
4:21-4:37 6:01-6:06 That explains why I never been a fan of fake bokeh. I'd just leave it as it is.
Merker Jerker
Merker Jerker - 3 months ago
Dislike squad!
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez - 3 months ago
cant wait for Nokia to get its second wind..
Fahim - 3 months ago
Was about to say the same, I'll wait for the next one...
Fernando Dinis
Fernando Dinis - 3 months ago
The 10sec delay for photo processing and the fingerprint scanner issue is a deal breaker for many people.
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