Bonnie McKee - American Girl

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ً - Day ago
her voice is so damn good! the notes are so high and powerful 😭 i could never lol
ً - Day ago
que saudades 😭
ANNA OU - Day ago
Juul Addict
Juul Addict - 3 days ago
I just remembered this song out of the blue
yaraa_xo - 4 days ago
So I was looking through my liked videos and this is the first video I’ve ever liked. I’m trying to remember this video but it’s in the back of my mind.
Nick H
Nick H - 5 days ago
i wonder if that was the same piece of gum the entire video
Cleveland Rix III
Cleveland Rix III - 7 days ago
So Sweet
Cleveland Rix III
Cleveland Rix III - 7 days ago
I really do love your music
Shina Omisanya
Shina Omisanya - 9 days ago
I can see this being played at a Trump rally. 😂
Yas 7
Yas 7 - 9 days ago
Anyone 2019 ?
Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips - 11 days ago
A great song, hottest body ever as well has our Super Bonnie xx
K - 11 days ago
I was in bed the other day and this song randomly popped up in my mind and i couldn’t remember what it was called, and then randomly one morning i started singing the song💀💀
The question is who is the guy in the sleeveless shirt fixing the bike? (0:08-0:13, 0:19-0:22)
Stinky Uh oh
Stinky Uh oh - 15 days ago
I remember looking up “American girl”
To find the dolls and finding this instead
ptw09261990 - 16 days ago
I remember hearing this ! Good fuggin song
Jennifer Nieto
Jennifer Nieto - 17 days ago
KK Caravan
KK Caravan - 19 days ago
Beautiful American girls
rush thatspeaks
rush thatspeaks - 20 days ago
If this is an American girl, then we're all fucked.
Queen Kylie Series
Queen Kylie Series - 20 days ago
Screams 3013
SUNIL KUMAR - 22 days ago
Nice video
Blandkhalel Khalel Bland
Blandkhalel Khalel Bland - 22 days ago
New songs ft Selena Gomez
Valerie Mau
Valerie Mau - 23 days ago
Is anyone listening to this even though they’re Canadian because I am 💀
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - 27 days ago
rush thatspeaks
rush thatspeaks - 27 days ago
Dude she's 25 going on 45 due to prescription pain killers lol.
rush thatspeaks
rush thatspeaks - 27 days ago
She was 35 when she "sang" this song.
rush thatspeaks
rush thatspeaks - 27 days ago
HAHA one hit wonder, enjoy working at a shoe store, because you SUCK as as musician.
Gabriel Sarmiento
Gabriel Sarmiento - 27 days ago
2013 Vibes makes me cry
Cesar Ribeaux
Cesar Ribeaux - 27 days ago
This song reminds me when I first came out of the closet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
rush thatspeaks
rush thatspeaks - 20 days ago
Go back in the closet please.
Manish Sahni
Manish Sahni - 27 days ago
...............Nice song ..............
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Jillian Musielak
Jillian Musielak - 27 days ago
There's nothing redeeming about this.
aaliyah Younes
aaliyah Younes - 28 days ago
I remember when I was like 10 or 11 I used to pretend to be the girls in the film clip with my friends memoriesss
Steph - Month ago
Looks more like 40 year old American woman...
Logan M
Logan M - Month ago
Used to listen to this on repeat when I was 6

2019: now I know why I am they why I am
Kylee Signs
Kylee Signs - Month ago
Anyone else still listen to this song?
Helena Yesa D. Cabiad
Helena Yesa D. Cabiad - Month ago
Ave Twist
Ave Twist - Month ago
Complete bullshit
josse13579 - Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks this sounds a lot like When Can I See You Again from Owl City? The first time I heard this in The Sims 3 I only heard the first notes and then immiediately thought it was a cover or remade version of Owl City's song... Lol
rush thatspeaks
rush thatspeaks - Month ago
Is this an example of a typical American Girl? Christ I want to move to Mars. Awful. AWFUL.
Reece J
Reece J - Month ago
Laying in bed and this song randomly pops into my head. Now I'm watching the video lol.
Meriel Tiapula
Meriel Tiapula - Month ago
Holy balls...i was 11ish when this came 18 now 😂 dude...i feel old as shit i miss bops like these tho🖤🖤🖤
Waseem Khan official
Waseem Khan official - Month ago
What america song get out
Yazan Quraish
Yazan Quraish - Month ago
Mmmmm not that bad
Bart Simpson simpson
Bart Simpson simpson - Month ago
She came in to the restaurant I worked in 2015 at Universal Studios Hollywood. She was so excited that I recognized her. I was so excited about how excited she was. She stands out with her hair, but there's a zillion women in Hollywood that would make a guy stop in their tracks. So when I asked "Are you Bonnie Mckee!?" her eyes lit up like Christmas.
Rasha Abdelgelil
Rasha Abdelgelil - Month ago
i hate america
Rk, the Great
Rk, the Great - Month ago
Who will enjoying this song..??👍here
Donna Hehir
Donna Hehir - Month ago
Great song love her voice and a fun video keep it up I say xx
codeman7055 - Month ago
Robbery? No one is above the law you girls should be in jail, even if this is just a song, I am not impressed in the least when it comes to breaking the law.
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
It’s sad to believe this was back when social interaction was still a thing now everyone is too scared to say hello😂
MrRavige - Month ago
Heres a game, Count the amount of crimes she commits
tichicaliforniaa - Month ago
this is what i call the “2013 aesthetic and tumblr stuff” lmao, that year had a lot of crazy things.
Broklynn Langridge
Broklynn Langridge - Month ago
I love your songsssssss
Myriam stls
Myriam stls - Month ago
2019 ?
Anne Silva
Anne Silva - Month ago
Forgot who sings this and waited till carrie Underwood's song got interesting :'D
Cathy - Month ago
*realizes shes like 30 acting like a 17 year old XD
Pop Play :3
Pop Play :3 - 2 months ago
This is my childhood
Sydney W
Sydney W - 2 months ago
its 2019 and for some reason i thought of song
EmmaMay Espinosa
EmmaMay Espinosa - 2 months ago
Woah 6 years ago when this song came out, I was just a fetus to music and there was sm hate to this song! But honestly idc what anybody says I love it‼️ 🥰
jennie kim
jennie kim - 2 months ago
where was i in 2013 blasting this song?...i was in THIRD GRADE WTF i feel so old 😭😭boy how time sure does move fast
Maycon Alves
Maycon Alves - 2 months ago
N Body in 2019
nechural channel
nechural channel - 2 months ago
Mera bhi video dekho
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