RAY'S BACK 4 EVER - Off Topic #177

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Lv1OO Gengar
Lv1OO Gengar - 3 hours ago
Jacks very mean to Gavin’s mom 😳
pikap864 - 18 hours ago
Dying lights platinum and one other trophy was glitched and was so upset they never fixed it I never touched it again, probably will never play a sequel either
Emilycary - Day ago
"I love Jack the most! And Gavin."

so cute.
bananapatch - 2 days ago
Haven't watched in so long but this gets me back
Bayley Monin
Bayley Monin - 3 days ago
I hope Ray comes back in the future and does a let’s play with the original AH members. Would be a nostalgic video
Iron Balls
Iron Balls - 3 days ago
the gang's all here
Vasilios Sotiropoulos
Vasilios Sotiropoulos - 4 days ago
Geoff is such a legend
Charlie Allen
Charlie Allen - 4 days ago
I’m always super impressed by how much better Geoff looks compared to like 5/6 years ago. He’s geniunely glowing in comparison.
Eddie Mendez
Eddie Mendez - 4 days ago
Oh my God!!!!
Roberto Perez
Roberto Perez - 5 days ago
This is the most viewed video you guys had in awhile even with the other channel it’s kind of scary
adamkc0 - 5 days ago
If you enjoyed and you want to listen or re-listen to an old Ray podcast go look for RT podcast 194
015uio2 - 5 days ago
Ray is back boiss
cerindiputy - 5 days ago
I need to see a Let's Play with Ray again. Preferably with Rainbow Seven Seige... or a similar game. Or any game really. I miss him with Achievement Hunter!!!
cerindiputy - 5 days ago
Don't flush flushable wipes. Under no circumstances should you *ever* flush a flushable wipe if you're on a septic system. Ever. Seriously. Don't do it. Completely unrelated but someone flushed condoms at a house with a septic tank. After several years a leak sprang and condoms were everywhere in the yard. Don't flush anything but human waste if you're on septic. Don't do it. Please.
John Rosario
John Rosario - 5 days ago
I hope you all didn’t miss what Geoff said here. Too fucking good xD
*Ray kicks Barbara in a box.*
Geoff: “You knocked the taste out of her, that’s why she’s dating Trevor.”
Andrew Casner
Andrew Casner - 5 days ago
THANK GOD HE IS BACK . I miss the original let's play crew. Jack Ryan gavin Michael Geoff and ray. Jeremy and everyone else they have on seems like they're trying to hard to be like one of the guys
little psycho
little psycho - 5 days ago
Renato Figueiredo
Renato Figueiredo - 6 days ago
"My girlfriend and I've been praking each other a lot lately"
WELP, Geoff's gonna start his own prank channel soon.
Squidzrule Gaming
Squidzrule Gaming - 6 days ago
1:35:00 Idiot Box
Derryk Griffin
Derryk Griffin - 6 days ago
I bet if Ray / everyone wasn’t forced schooled, Ray would probably have the life in him to not want to leave rooster teeth.
DeathLotus - 6 days ago
Ever since ray died in the mc video, I've very rarely watch a ah video, saw this instantly clicked and watched
The Galaxy Doll
The Galaxy Doll - 7 days ago
Holy fuck this is 1M views
Andy Tran
Andy Tran - 7 days ago
when you hit up ray to make off topic relevant again, this has 1million views now
David Cohen
David Cohen - 7 days ago
What is the game they were talking about where they give people shit as a gift?
TheFlyingBucket - 8 days ago
Haven't seen any roosterteeth in years.... Geoff quit drinking!? He looks a lot healthier already!
Isabel Chetwood
Isabel Chetwood - 8 days ago
Petision to nickname Trevor "game kid"😂😂
Parker King
Parker King - 9 days ago
Wait is Trever really the boss of AH? Have I been gone that long?
Carver Bradley
Carver Bradley - 9 days ago
this is almost the OG group from 2011
WILLOW DAT U - 9 days ago
Fuck Jeremy
Alex Beckman
Alex Beckman - 9 days ago
Are geoff and ray wearing the same shoes?
Hydrate Plays
Hydrate Plays - 10 days ago
A lot really hates Jeremy, Lindsay, Trevor, Alfredo, Fiona and Matt. Let me make this clear, Trevor, Jeremy and Matt busted their ass to be part of AH. It's understandable that they can't match Ray. If you hate them, ok but they don't deserve this shit. You were all fans of Ray that never moved on. What do you want them to do? Fire everyone the fans don't want? This is their job, they do this for fun and to put food on the table. To say that only the best should stay on rooster teeth means the liked ones stay. For Ray to leave was his choice and for Geoff to hire Jeremy and Matt was his choice. You're all
as toxic as the RWBY community.
FightingWar - 10 days ago
There is an achievement in prototype 2 if farm instead of going around and grabbing the big dudes you can't get a single achievement, reset, just can't do it
Jerry Luip
Jerry Luip - 10 days ago
Haven’t watched AH and RT in years, saw Ray in the recommended glad to see him back for a lil
Rosaline Way
Rosaline Way - 10 days ago
This is the best thing that has happened or will happen in 2019
Tartan Salmon
Tartan Salmon - 10 days ago
Now that I know they're doing booze sponsorships, I'll keep up a little more.
I'm not an incredible beer snob, but I know what I like and what I like is good beer. I mean, if it's a barbecue in the summer, I'll have what's there because it's all refreshing, but I've had Voodoo Ranger. That Juicy Haze is pretty damn tasty. One of the best IPAs I've had.
Sir Wanksalot
Sir Wanksalot - 11 days ago
Ah Ray... Missed you buddy
SickxTriqzVip - 11 days ago
Its mental how ray leaving made me stop watching
UltimaKeyMaster - 12 days ago
Ray's utter *horror* at the mention of Trevor and following reaction from Geoff and the crowd might be the absolute funniest thing he's ever done. And that is a MIGHTY BIG LIST to overcome.
Cayden Hicks
Cayden Hicks - 12 days ago
I love the always sunny reference in the description lmao
Aubree Nolan
Aubree Nolan - 12 days ago
4 years since he left. 4 years since I stopped watching
Ben Goldstine
Ben Goldstine - 12 days ago
ghosts are not real
William Nelson
William Nelson - 13 days ago
Jeremy is thick tho
DavidtheWavid - 13 days ago
I miss Fails, Five Facts, HORSE, and Trials Files now...
Memorabilia - 13 days ago
Zion Redd
Zion Redd - 14 days ago
So is ray gonna be in videos again or?
stuart thompson
stuart thompson - 14 days ago
I go dry and I've never ever bled
Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor - 15 days ago
Tbf it’s great to see him back , but am I the only one who misses the GTA V videos with ray Micheal jack Geoff gavin and just the og members , tbh the new ones are the ones that made me stop watching AH
ashton - 14 days ago
This is exactly how I feel
yoshikid18 - 15 days ago
Get cremated, put a hole in a moon ball and put the ashes inside the moon ball and have friends throw it around XD
Rob Meme Overlord
Rob Meme Overlord - 15 days ago
Okay the fact this vid has 1 mill proves that Ray needs to at least do one game with the original achievement hunters (Mario party, board games, minigolf etc)
GameReaper740 - 15 days ago
When did Michael have another kid
Methylphenidate - 15 days ago
Love how Ray takes the piss out of Fiona. She's actually so pathetic.
Lucas - 15 days ago
Banana BJ
Banana BJ - 15 days ago
Geoff says new girlfriend, are him as. Gryphon not together anymore??
George_Bread - 15 days ago
yea they broke up and already got a divorce
Dragonborn795 - 15 days ago
Is Ray back officially or is this just a visit?
Perfectionist480 - 14 days ago
Gary Reeves
Gary Reeves - 15 days ago
I cried when I saw Ray back on the set
Amber Williams
Amber Williams - 16 days ago
I follow Brownman on Twitch, and Ray on instagram. But I still felt some tears and goosebumps when I watched this episode on their website. I will forever wish I had been able to see this one live!
BlamedAxis - 16 days ago
I wipe the same way Geoff does- I gotta keep wipping until there's absolutely nothing on the TP
YC JONI - 16 days ago
When was the last time we saw a 1m view count for an AH video? And this is only when Ray is back - sigh is AH ever going to be as good as the old days again
Tyler F
Tyler F - 7 days ago
Txu Zai
Txu Zai - 15 days ago
reason it was so good was because the job was new to them , so everything was fresh and exciting, like all things, after many years its not as enjoyable.
phoenixsplash135 - 16 days ago
Wait Geoff and Griffin broke up? Im shook
Average Guy
Average Guy - 16 days ago
It’s just not the same anymore...
Average Guy
Average Guy - 16 days ago
I miss 2013
XxTheRagingGamerxX - 16 days ago
Look at that. Ray comes back and their video gets over 1M views............ that's how you know AH died when he left.
Riley Slifer
Riley Slifer - 16 days ago
Literally love how they were talking about how people will hate AH in a few months and I’m here like “I’ve been a fan since literally 2012”
Vivian Kurayami
Vivian Kurayami - 16 days ago
Not even twenty minutes in and I'm loving this. Good amount of laughs from seeing Ray again and everything, but I feel all the people feeling super nostalgic about how great it'd be to have kind of need to really look at that without the rose-shaded glasses on (ha, roses). I remember going through all the Minecraft videos and as things go on Ray just loses energy ("I hate the existence of my life") - in other things he could summon it up at times, too, but even in some of the GTA V videos he'd be kind of asleep at the wheel ("I ain't the sharpest tool in the ted-- did I just say ted?") It's only once you get to some of the last videos of Minecraft that Ray is in that you can hear the life and enjoyment in his voice, where he sounds like he's having fun.
Ray leaving was honestly for the better for AH and him; does he still have amazing chemistry with everyone? Obviously so, he's funny as hell, but he also hasn't been making videos daily with them for years and years, and after Ray left the dark cloud of his attitude disappeared from Minecraft because it's a lot harder to make an enjoyable video when someone is very much not having a good time - well, usually, it depends on if they're down or salty (Jack w/ Cops 'n Crooks, salty Geoff in GTA V). I do have to wonder, though, if unlike what Geoff said that these new directions they've gone away from gameplay may not have helped relieve some of the tedium from the day-in day-out video making from the time in which Ray left - without any of the excessive traveling at least. The best compromise would be if Ray were a special guest every now and then for some videos, honestly, but that depends on his own schedule. Some Cops 'n Crooks with Ray for old times sake, for example.
Death By Koala
Death By Koala - 16 days ago
burnout paradise got remastered like last year
er3ctshun 69
er3ctshun 69 - 16 days ago
Sure took his sweet fuckin time
Alexis Ray
Alexis Ray - 17 days ago
everyone jut loving on Ray, been watching all the lets plays from the beginning and WOW having you guys together brings back lots memories as I'm sure it does for the AH community, love this
Remy Martin
Remy Martin - 17 days ago
1:46:45 that long silence omfg 😂
Cito Gonzalez
Cito Gonzalez - 17 days ago
The original achievement hunter(with the exception of Jeremy) was the best achievement hunter there was I feel like the company was so good and fun to watch now the new achievement hunter is so much drama and to big to get attach to a person
Matt Simister
Matt Simister - 13 days ago
Gotta miss the good ol' days
Txu Zai
Txu Zai - 15 days ago
same goes for Rooster Teeth,, it used to be a small group of people we used to see on screen all the time and got to know them, now there are hundreds of randoms, they got to big.
Samwise Gamewise
Samwise Gamewise - 17 days ago
X-ray and Vav replaces into
Steven Chapa
Steven Chapa - 17 days ago
maneoj46 - 17 days ago
The Puerto Rican returns. It is a good time to love AH
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 17 days ago
Is Ray really back or just for this video
Halby G
Halby G - 17 days ago
I realised today I'm a long time (though admittedly on-and-off) fan of AH when I thought "Ray hasn't been gone all that long".
kineticdeath - 17 days ago
only a few days ago did i watch that 3d ultra minigolf episode they were talking about with Ryan, its true they nearly died from excessive laughter
Khoonda - 16 days ago
What ep?
Sayco - 17 days ago
Wilmer Wayne
Wilmer Wayne - 17 days ago
I need a Ray-tage of the best bits
John Doe
John Doe - 17 days ago
Shit I'd be overjoyed if Ray came back for just a week out of the year. 5 videos even.
Keelin M
Keelin M - 17 days ago
1,000,000 views, this proves that we want Ray back. But he's happy doing what he's doing
Txu Zai
Txu Zai - 15 days ago
his twitch views are really low so who knows, maybe he back back sooner than we think, Geoff left the door open for him.
ABBD Productions
ABBD Productions - 17 days ago
I needed that
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright - 17 days ago
I started watching achievement hunter in 2012. And to me, achievement hunter is Geoff, Jack, Ray, Michael, Gavin, and sometimes Ryan
LeMon ShaunDreya
LeMon ShaunDreya - 18 days ago
John Doe
John Doe - 17 days ago
I think it's actually LLLLLLLLLLLets Play
LeMon ShaunDreya
LeMon ShaunDreya - 18 days ago
Can we appreciate the fact Geoff looks like he is doing GREAT after a divorce, most average guys go downhill
LeMon ShaunDreya
LeMon ShaunDreya - 18 days ago
I’ve been watching you guys for fucking years and this makes it worth it that the boys all here now
Chase Pene
Chase Pene - 18 days ago
It hit 1 Mil woooooohooooo
Hunter Hechtkopf
Hunter Hechtkopf - 18 days ago
Wow it’s been 4 years that’s crazy I miss you guys all being together
Dvalle - 18 days ago
"Sucking off Dan in slow motion somewhere"
Team R.A.N.K.
Team R.A.N.K. - 18 days ago
44:42 is when I started laughing at the voice cracks and Geoff's reaction! xD
Lukavyy - 18 days ago
Dude excellent ass wiping tips
DisassembledPen 666
DisassembledPen 666 - 18 days ago
I've been training on CoD: BO1 in hopes to be better than Ray. I want to train with him at some point. But I do want to beat him.
BLASIAN GAMING - 18 days ago
All it took was Ray
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown - 18 days ago
They didn't even need to have cream soda to get Ray on
chubb chubbs
chubb chubbs - 18 days ago
I guess twitch wasn’t working out for ya huh? Lol
Exasperaties - 18 days ago
First OT ive watched simply for ray being back in it
walruseye - 18 days ago
Would be awesome if Ray could pop in for Extra Life this year.
Andy Montecinos
Andy Montecinos - 16 days ago
When is extra life? I dont wanna miss it
Danger Addict
Danger Addict - 18 days ago
Ray looks like he’s in pain when they all start yelling.
Andrew Lyon
Andrew Lyon - 19 days ago
Amazing episode!!! I love Ray. And Geoff looks amazing!!!
almightybrooms - 19 days ago
I haven't seen an AH video in a while but Geoff looks fantastic, good on him
L P - 19 days ago
1mil views I think AH should offer Ray 12 figures a year to save their company
craze09 - 7 days ago
DECODED you just gonna ignore that the company isn’t doing the best and are losing fans and investors faster than ever.
DECODED - 12 days ago
"Save their company" I hope you're kidding.
John Doe
John Doe - 17 days ago
Its amazing really.
Felicia108 - 19 days ago
Wow have not seen geoff in so long he is looking great!!!!
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