Is It A Sandwich? | People Vs. Food

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REACT - 3 months ago
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luna yuki
luna yuki - 2 months ago
Well riddle me this, what qualifies a salad
josh martyn
josh martyn - 2 months ago
But is a burger a sandwich? (yes it is)
Andrea King
Andrea King - 2 months ago
mark biggins
mark biggins - 2 months ago
icebergs are tasty
Victory Girly
Victory Girly - 2 months ago
Teens try not to get scared
Raiz Muhammad
Raiz Muhammad - 2 months ago
Jordan is as hot as red hot chili pepper 😍😍😍😍
Levi 123
Levi 123 - 2 months ago
Ashby is daddy af 😽
shaninnmarie - 2 months ago
To appropriately address this question, you need to define "bread". According to Merriam-Webster bread is "a usually baked and leavened food made of a mixture whose basic constituent is flour or meal". This makes crackers bread. This also makes the outside of an ice cream sandwich more of a cake than a bread.
David Comincioli
David Comincioli - 2 months ago
Ashby laughing at "wieners" is my spirit animal.
King Lear is Dead
King Lear is Dead - 2 months ago
Lunchables are not even food, never mind a sandwich.
layal - 2 months ago
in the middle east all of these are considered a sandwich except the chili
lzTRASHzl - 2 months ago
So a burger is a sandwich?
Xxcookie_loverxX - 2 months ago
1. Yes
2. No ( I never ate lunch ball )
3. Yes
4. No
5. No
6. No
7. Yes
Blue Balloons
Blue Balloons - 2 months ago
Wtf is a lunch ball it's lunchables🤣🤣
Nawal Sayed
Nawal Sayed - 2 months ago
For me anything that has 2 or more bread any kind I don't care if it's toast whatever bread it is if there 2 or more it's considered a sandwich to Me I don't care
Even if it's only one bread wrapped if it is covering the fillings it's a sandwich
Pan_Head - 2 months ago
I have VERY strong opinions on this topic. To me, a sandwich is:
A. Handheld.
B. Filling between two "shells" (whether that's bread, lettuce, or chicken)
Hotdogs and subs I consider a separate family (I call it the hoagie family), because it's intended to be a split "roll".
Open-faced sandwiches are "pies" (crust with filling), as is pizza and cheesecake.
Hostess pies, of course, are not pies, but calzones.
kennesha mckenzie
kennesha mckenzie - 2 months ago
lmaooo at “this is dryyyyyyy”
Brie Burns
Brie Burns - 2 months ago
There are so many moments in this episode that I sincerely love!!! 😂😂💖😂😂
katiebug31426 - 2 months ago
I can’t be the only one who takes apart my ice cream sandwich or lick the middle then eat the cookie
hello iamnotacrazedbuttstabber
I break mine down. I’d break off a piece of the “bread” eat it. Eat the exposed ice cream inside, then eat the other half of the “bread”. Rinse and repeat until it’s gone. 🥴
Chris Max
Chris Max - 2 months ago
Greek people don't even use that kind of pita. I've only seen that one once in my life and that was when i was in LA 😂
Elenh Zarkadoula
Elenh Zarkadoula - 2 months ago
Samantha Stanton
Samantha Stanton - 2 months ago
Tori is wearing Eric’s merch
Ernesto Sutil
Ernesto Sutil - 2 months ago
You can sandwichfy any food without the food itself been a sandwich 😂
Jamila Javadova
Jamila Javadova - 2 months ago
Katerina Parker
Katerina Parker - 2 months ago
🤣 11:55 is the chicken better then potpyes
It’s nigga Bitch
It’s nigga Bitch - 2 months ago
If you think a burrito is a sandwich 🥪 come fight me
JR Worthy
JR Worthy - 2 months ago
Is a s’more a sandwich
nkem gabriella
nkem gabriella - 2 months ago
Yes gurl!!!
Avery Lauren
Avery Lauren - 2 months ago
JR Worthy yes
Desiree - 2 months ago
I don’t even like sandwiches but damn I want one so bad rn
Julianna Hdz
Julianna Hdz - 2 months ago
Tori rubbing her stomach and saying can I try it with my mouth I’m HUNGRY
It’s me Kia
It’s me Kia - 2 months ago
All Watching
All Watching - 2 months ago
That dirty blonde dude looks like tfue
It’s nigga Bitch
It’s nigga Bitch - 2 months ago
All Watching no Fortnite talk here
tom mat
tom mat - 2 months ago
3 prices of bread ain't a sandwich
Stefanie Noack
Stefanie Noack - 2 months ago
tom mat what if you make a sandwich stack? there’re multiple pieces of bread lol
xx mercedes swiftie xx
xx mercedes swiftie xx - 2 months ago
gyro = fancy sandwich
xx mercedes swiftie xx
xx mercedes swiftie xx - 2 months ago
lunchables = mini snack sandwich
xx mercedes swiftie xx
xx mercedes swiftie xx - 2 months ago
ice cream sandwich is a dessert sandwich
Isaac Gomez
Isaac Gomez - 2 months ago
Troy look like tfue
It’s nigga Bitch
It’s nigga Bitch - 2 months ago
Isaac Gomez no fortnite here
Precious Joy
Precious Joy - 2 months ago
11:41 Troy's reaction made me laugh so hard. 😂💯
Chenee Thompson
Chenee Thompson - 2 months ago
When I was eight, I had a lot of lunchables
Chenee Thompson
Chenee Thompson - 2 months ago
In my opinion, a sandwich is two slices of bread with a filling in between
So, I think a hot dog is a sandwich
Eneiris Ocasio
Eneiris Ocasio - 2 months ago
11:40 my favorite part 🤣🤣
Golden Hyze
Golden Hyze - 2 months ago
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen - 2 months ago
Reason why any carb with a filling cannot be used as a definition for sandwich is do you consider ravioli, dumplings, filled donuts, pie, etc sandwiches? If you do, please do not associate yourself with me.
Tala KH
Tala KH - 2 months ago
All of them are sandwiches!! Any carb with a filling is a sandwich
Muskan Gupta
Muskan Gupta - 2 months ago
Kendall's hair is so gorg
Ashley Mac
Ashley Mac - 2 months ago
For the burrito.... it’s a split roll. In a way
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez - 2 months ago
Nah a sandwich is a sand wich itself. Like a hot dog is a hot dog. And a burrito is a burrito. It is its own category .
rebi_barb 2006
rebi_barb 2006 - 2 months ago
Im greek and when I saw that some people think that gyros is a sandwich I almost freaked out 😂
Elenh Zarkadoula
Elenh Zarkadoula - 2 months ago
rebi_barb 2006
rebi_barb 2006 - 2 months ago
@Elenh Zarkadoula όντως ρε φίλε τι ήταν αυτό που είδα στο βίντεο έλεος 😂
Alphine CPD
Alphine CPD - 2 months ago
@Elenh Zarkadoula Πες τα. Εδώ σε ένα βίντεο τους έδειναν τυρόπιτα με ΚΕΡΑΣΙΑ δηλαδή αν είναι δυνατόν! 😂😂
Elenh Zarkadoula
Elenh Zarkadoula - 2 months ago
ξερω γω ναι δηλαδη ελατε στην ελλαδα να δειτε το πιτογυρο
Alphine CPD
Alphine CPD - 2 months ago
Same! That bread tho isn't even close to what the actual 'bread' looks like. :/
DoubleV3 Why88
DoubleV3 Why88 - 2 months ago
Lmao the kfc double down still sells in some countries
Will Schahn
Will Schahn - 2 months ago
If a hot dog is a sandwich, than so is a taco. Just let that sink in
Vanesa Aviles
Vanesa Aviles - 2 months ago
Will Schahn a taco is a tortilla, not bread so no
Thiago Calegari
Thiago Calegari - 2 months ago
Bro, wtf this is insane 😂😂😂😂 best react ever
Yolanda Jackson
Yolanda Jackson - 2 months ago
11:39 his reaction is completely priceless!
larissa haugen
larissa haugen - 2 months ago
if I hear “samwich” one more mf time bro
Nicole Larsh
Nicole Larsh - 2 months ago
I prefer the term "sammich" personally.
Jennifer Ellis
Jennifer Ellis - 2 months ago
Pick 2 for 15 bucks at panera?! Is no one else bothered by that price!? Lol where I live its pick 2 for 7 bucks.
Version 0.111
Version 0.111 - 2 months ago
In my opinion, a key defining feature of a sandwich is that it serves as a meal. So ice cream sandwiches and lunchables are not sandwiches.
Claudia Ochoa
Claudia Ochoa - 2 months ago
Troy looks like tfu
raya eliz
raya eliz - 2 months ago
Thats what i said
meilirima - 2 months ago
Saddest gyro I have ever laid eyes on.
Mariana Fandino
Mariana Fandino - 2 months ago
9:37 that’s a panne cook and they are delicious (with chicken, meat, sea food, anything) 😍👌🏽
LONA L - 2 months ago
Jordan and Labib are both so beautiful
Sofia Ntova
Sofia Ntova - 2 months ago
Im greek and that is NOT a gyro
Keliyah Jenai
Keliyah Jenai - 2 months ago
According to the definition that sloppy joe bowl is a sandwich
REY KENY - 2 months ago
She said we eat mayo and ketchup I eat it on a daily it's all good
Mama Mimi
Mama Mimi - 2 months ago
Jordan looks like amanda bynes 😱
dani williams
dani williams - 2 months ago
what about peanut butter and jelly sandwich
dani williams
dani williams - 2 months ago
i love this episode it was hilarious and very funny :-D
Liam Godinez
Liam Godinez - 2 months ago
What theres NO Hamburger in this¿?😲
Liam Godinez
Liam Godinez - 2 months ago
KFC Doubledown only in the Philippines😋
Sylvia Livingston
Sylvia Livingston - 2 months ago
Lunchables isnt a sandwich its cruedité
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