Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

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Skye Lily Mckey
Skye Lily Mckey - 2 минуты назад
Can you do this again it was really good
•BeyondTheScene •
•BeyondTheScene • - 4 минуты назад
wtf this is amazing!! you should so more art 😍💗💕
graycloud057 - 21 минуту назад
It’s your world, yeah, no mistakes, just happy accidents.
Bob was cool.
Nihao Crystal
Nihao Crystal - 35 минут назад
Your such a good painter
Tonia M
Tonia M - Час назад
Bob Ross' technique is pretty much failproof, so that people with no experience could make a pretty painting and heel happy about it. You did great, please make more! :)
MilwaukeeGhilie - Час назад
Bob Ross was a Drill Sergant in the United States Air Force, during his time yelling at recruits he took up painting and than when he retired he choose to take vow of never yelling again
Javon Anderson
Javon Anderson - Час назад
Probably should've let the liquid white dry I think that's how he does it. Yours was probably too wet and he blend using criss cross strokes like little X's.
Cori Yonker
Cori Yonker - Час назад
Please do another painting tutorial. It was amazing!
CoachMikesFilmRoom - Час назад
gotta say, overall it's a great job. i think you should try another. that's beautiful for your first try.
ReBecca Nichols
ReBecca Nichols - 2 часа назад
7:50 😂
Kimberly Vanilla
Kimberly Vanilla - 2 часа назад
You did better than me.
takeiteasy - 2 часа назад
You're an Idiot!!
Lio Last
Lio Last - 2 часа назад
do more tutorials!
Jocelyn - 2 часа назад
That mountain is the perfect amount of loud! I loved this.
Raquel Cazares
Raquel Cazares - 3 часа назад
You should do a series of this
NikkiLeighLifestyle - 3 часа назад
I want to buy this :D
Wert Gamer
Wert Gamer - 3 часа назад
Happy Birthday!!🎉
Sumner Stuart
Sumner Stuart - 3 часа назад
This is the first video of yours I've ever seen, it feels like your going to cry or orgasm at any moment, I love it.
Olivia - 4 часа назад
I love how not even five minutes into the painting Jenna found a Marbles hair in the paint lol. I have two cats that shed a lot and whenever I paint, I find theirs and my own hair in the canvas 😂
Retro Kayy
Retro Kayy - 4 часа назад
high boot
high boot - 4 часа назад
It's actually really freaking good!
Sarena Smith
Sarena Smith - 4 часа назад
I just realized that we are birthday twins! Happy Belated Birthday to you. Thank you for paying homage to Bob Ross with this video. Keep up the good work on your channel and beyond!
Destiny Williams卌
Destiny Williams卌 - 4 часа назад
Chelsea Sorrell
Chelsea Sorrell - 4 часа назад
Do one every week I love this so much
Destiny Williams卌
Destiny Williams卌 - 4 часа назад
"The power of Christ compels you... *gasp* the devils still in here!"
Destiny Williams卌
Destiny Williams卌 - 4 часа назад
When she says "You just gotta watch Bob and just go for it" and did the back and forth motion, I nearly died 😂😂
VeganCruelty Freed Life
VeganCruelty Freed Life - 4 часа назад
Do the Bob Ross Ross by choice over inly. Cant watch just gotta listen!
Makiya Hughes
Makiya Hughes - 4 часа назад
I'm actually highkey impressed 👏
Kylie Glenn
Kylie Glenn - 4 часа назад
This is reallllyyyyy gggoooodddd
Samuel Z
Samuel Z - 4 часа назад
I’m so inspired by this and now I wanna try it
Toki Toki
Toki Toki - 4 часа назад
that stare after the "they turn me on" line omg 🤣
sam klipp
sam klipp - 4 часа назад
Jenna is so talented in the most arbitrary things! I Love It
Sarah Murphy
Sarah Murphy - 5 часов назад
Omg Jenna your happy little trees look so good
Monika Jest
Monika Jest - 5 часов назад
It's a cool! You super!
Ashleigh Zinko
Ashleigh Zinko - 5 часов назад
This was actually pretty good hahaha I've been dying to do a Bob Ross painting myself and this has definitely motivated me xD
Marguerite Edualla
Marguerite Edualla - 5 часов назад
Holyshxt she did good
Vanessa Cordell
Vanessa Cordell - 5 часов назад
J Thompson
J Thompson - 5 часов назад
this is one of my favorite videos you’ve ever made
feliciaivy - 5 часов назад
*leaves for two seconds mid-video for a drink of water*
*comes back to a squirrel on the screen*
Jess Beatty
Jess Beatty - 5 часов назад
I love it, you did very good! It looks amazing
Scribbled Habbit
Scribbled Habbit - 5 часов назад
I love how jenna looks occasionaly confused
slenderman lover
slenderman lover - 6 часов назад
Amelia Henley
Amelia Henley - 6 часов назад
*The devil is still in here*
Losinq Hope
Losinq Hope - 6 часов назад
Jeremy Sladek
Jeremy Sladek - 6 часов назад
I loved Bob Ross😇. I'm glad to see someone do a throwback to that great artist! Thank you!😁
Amber Stewart
Amber Stewart - 6 часов назад
Wow good job Jenna! That's beautiful. Two thumbs up! :D
W - 6 часов назад
This was fucking hilarious!! Your reaction when he said "this turns me on" 😂👏
Sabrina H
Sabrina H - 6 часов назад
“Wait, Bob! I need a paper towel to get the devil out of this brush!” I died😂😂
Sylvia Fey
Sylvia Fey - 6 часов назад
I use to watch boss ross all the time and even had a book on how to paint some of his paintings and it was interesting to watch someone who doesn't do painting follow one of his videos. I hope you enjoyed it! I loved watching you do it and the commentary. Your painting was actually really good. You just have to find your own way of doing it. I don't use half the techniques he does, or the same brushes and I've been painting since I was 8. Everyone has their own style. Your trees look amazing!
cat is me
cat is me - 6 часов назад

Alexius Czar P. Vergara
Alexius Czar P. Vergara - 7 часов назад
Idk but this is my ASMR..
taylorandersen - 7 часов назад
you should try and do a bob ross painting but not actually be watching it just listening!
Julissa The Latina llama
Julissa The Latina llama - 7 часов назад
She did an awesome job omg I love the trees!! I’d love to see this become like a series , like painting with bob ross😂💕
Brent Walker
Brent Walker - 7 часов назад
Now Bob ross painting on your face via makeup
Gaming Strawberries
Gaming Strawberries - 7 часов назад
You actually did really good
Victoria Green
Victoria Green - 7 часов назад
You did great. Well done 😁🤩🙌
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz - 8 часов назад
I'm literally crying my eyes out and choking on my saliva
Zara Pamboukhtchian
Zara Pamboukhtchian - 8 часов назад
Good trees, though.
Cheyenne Dringman
Cheyenne Dringman - 8 часов назад
those are tutorials? I thought they were just a blessing for us as viewers
Sabrina Hinnenkamp
Sabrina Hinnenkamp - 8 часов назад
"Hold on, I'm still beating the devil out of this brush Bob."
Kerry Ward
Kerry Ward - 8 часов назад
this made me stupid happy
Trina A
Trina A - 8 часов назад
4:28 😂😂😂
sad - 9 часов назад
One of my teachers doesn’t know who bob Ross is and I’ve never felt more disgusted in my hecking life.
Chloe Bell
Chloe Bell - 9 часов назад
LilRedFox05 - 9 часов назад
The only problems were that the brushes were cheap and not good for this kind of painting and you put too thick of a coat of liquid white which made it too wet.
Liz Walden
Liz Walden - 9 часов назад
This is so good, your trees are awesome, the sky could use some blending, what you could do is take a clean 2 inch brush and lightly go across it horizontally. The sunset is so pretty
elliewellie - 9 часов назад
Jenna, I think you did a really good job! I really love this video.
Miguel Servellon
Miguel Servellon - 9 часов назад
Jenna does ASMR
Hippity hoppity You’re a thottity
Hippity hoppity You’re a thottity - 9 часов назад
This is the video where you can see where Kermit gets his nervous...ness... from. I LOVE THIS
Morgan Hirselj
Morgan Hirselj - 9 часов назад
Make an ASMR video!
Bangtanpanics!withthe21chemicaleilish’s lol kms
Actually not bad
K Annie
K Annie - 10 часов назад
Jenna, your painting is amazing!! Good job!!!
Kylee Namicka
Kylee Namicka - 10 часов назад
I think you did a really great job,you just struggled on the clouds. I would have tried to make the edges of the clouds less rough,but this is actually quite beautiful
Lynn Burkhalter
Lynn Burkhalter - 10 часов назад
This was fun and funny. I think you did a good job! At least you tried. You are to cutee!!
Autumn Chase
Autumn Chase - 10 часов назад
I recreated this today, it turned out so good!
Ron White
Ron White - 10 часов назад
Wow! That's a wonderful painting! Well done! Bob would be very proud. Happy belated birthday!
doggos4presidentos - 10 часов назад
Now recreate it on your face.
Chase Green
Chase Green - 10 часов назад
Fríða frá Hvassafelli
Fríða frá Hvassafelli - 11 часов назад
I love you and I love this painting
ilvsamcat - 11 часов назад
Cesar Grimaldo
Cesar Grimaldo - 11 часов назад
invisibledon - 11 часов назад
Happy Birthday, ...and bye spiderman
Leah Miller
Leah Miller - 11 часов назад
I’ve been through the struggle of painting and pets. One time I dropped my wet af painting and got dog hair all over it from the carpet. I let it dry like that and now I have a hairy painting in my room😂 maybe a good idea for a video. You should make a beautiful art picture out of hair/fur or something.
Dawn McCurley
Dawn McCurley - 11 часов назад
Nice job!
Mimi H.
Mimi H. - 11 часов назад
Can you follow a Bob Ross painting without using your hands lmao
Jane S.
Jane S. - 11 часов назад
suddenly, i understand where kermit got all his NERVOUS from
Jasmyn Washington
Jasmyn Washington - 11 часов назад
xxxDuprizzle Hatake
xxxDuprizzle Hatake - 12 часов назад
When she sliced her mountain with white then groaned I fucking lost it
Megan Heiser
Megan Heiser - 12 часов назад
This painting is beautiful! You have to another one! It was amazing! ❤❤
Nadiahardcandy - 12 часов назад
I loved this video, Jenna. I am actually wearing my bob ross shirt right now as I watch it! For my last birthday we got together and had a bob ross painting party and it was just wonderful. I keep my painting hung up at home and I think yours came out very beautifully
Nicole King
Nicole King - 12 часов назад
koenignero - 13 часов назад
Lets paint is much more fun than lets plays
TrapVibes - 13 часов назад
i showed my mom this and she thought i was showing her a pornstar smdh
Annie Friesen
Annie Friesen - 13 часов назад
I think this is my favourite video on the Youtubes yet.
Logan Neal
Logan Neal - 13 часов назад
I miss old Jenna
Kade Spampinato
Kade Spampinato - 13 часов назад
He just made land out of nothiiiiiiing!!!!!... he’s like a volcanoooooo!!!!!!!
Stephen DeBerard
Stephen DeBerard - 13 часов назад
That actually didn't turn out so bad!
Jennifer Foster
Jennifer Foster - 13 часов назад
You did so well!!! Love it!!
Leilani Corredor
Leilani Corredor - 13 часов назад
You did so good
Kimberley Bates
Kimberley Bates - 13 часов назад
Omg thats amazing
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