Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Antonio Brown or JuJu Smith-Schuster — Who's better for the Steelers right now?
Donovan Lennox
Donovan Lennox - 3 months ago
+Vedant Leva juju can handle the number 1 corner, he worked jalen Ramsey and aj bouye with the same route in the same game
Donovan Lennox
Donovan Lennox - 3 months ago
+Vedant Leva duuuh same thing goes for ab, whenever the second reciever couldn't come through ab was on lock against the patriots cause they double him, juju is just as talented as ab and has the potential to be on his level one day
Donovan Lennox
Donovan Lennox - 3 months ago
Rah 2x
Rah 2x - 3 months ago
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED both, this isn’t even a debate😂
YOUniverse1234 - 3 months ago
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED ab
Foxy Grandpa
Foxy Grandpa - 21 day ago
Props to juju for not being completely honest and calling out ab
mixumup1 - 3 months ago
See how they do w/o Ben. Ijs
2 PAC - 3 months ago
Jenny 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️🌹💍💅
Chris Corella
Chris Corella - 3 months ago
Love the show. Love ju ju . great interview
Ronnie Sims
Ronnie Sims - 3 months ago
We got number 7 this year! I seriously predict Tom Brady starts down a hill and never goes back up. Gronk is done and they won’t get back for a long time
Clark Fraser
Clark Fraser - 3 months ago
I was at the Bengals game at the end of the year. The stadium atmosphere was insane, and I wouldn’t trade the situation for the world. That may have been the coolest moment of my life so far.
Luag Gaopoa
Luag Gaopoa - 3 months ago
chris romanelli
chris romanelli - 3 months ago
Remember when he blew their season😂
7H3_M4R714N_HY3N4! - 3 months ago
1:40 Well said
Sam Egging
Sam Egging - 3 months ago
Surprised you didn't ask about his relationship with Cincinnati
J S - 3 months ago
4:35-End, nuff said
Jihad Da God
Jihad Da God - 3 months ago
JuJu will suck next year
jaime tonche
jaime tonche - 3 months ago
Who cares...AB is out. Juju isnt a GM, just another pre-madona
Pedro Gandara
Pedro Gandara - 3 months ago
He basically got the passes that were meant for leveon Bell
LETISHA BORDLEY - 3 months ago
This man cost us the game to even be in the playoffs but y'all forgot about that we just need to get rid of Ben
Arrielle75 - 3 months ago
Ju Ju seem like he would be the reliable player Hines Ward was. AB has all the skills & perform but his head & off the field lifestyle is wack...
Kingliven Richard
Kingliven Richard - 3 months ago
What happened to dak he was suppose to be on the show as well
Squinn0303 - 3 months ago
Ski Mask The Ugly God
Ski Mask The Ugly God - 3 months ago
Theses questions really tryna catch him slipping up and say something he regrets
Joe Jones
Joe Jones - 3 months ago
Id smoke him at madden 19. Straight up.
Jordane Brown
Jordane Brown - 3 months ago
Why are they all blinking so often?
Ephesians 5:11
Ephesians 5:11 - 3 months ago
It's "Coaching Gone Wild" obviously! Short on humility and analytics.
Ephesians 5:11
Ephesians 5:11 - 3 months ago
Hope AB shows up to Steelers training camp with a "Wesley Snipes -Demolition Man" haircut or at least a "Samuel L. - Pulp Fiction." Either one would be great but I'd prefer Demolition Man. SteelerNation is ready for #7.
Jerico Thompson
Jerico Thompson - 3 months ago
Lmao, I notice they never ONCE told Big Ben to be humble. This would’ve never happened if they didn’t try to over pay Big Ben. This is what happens when you put too much faith in a quarterback and when it’s the players around him making him look good. Lol notice how they put all the blame on the black players when Big Ben failed as a leader. You never point fingers as the quarterback and that’s what he gets. Maybe they should show black athletes more respect, because we literally ARE SPORTS RIGHT NOW LOL. Tom Brady and a couple other quarterbacks are about as far as it goes, once they’re gone lol it’s all over for the traditional pocket passer.
Blair O'Neill
Blair O'Neill - 3 months ago
Damn man why fish for stories so hard. Do you think he will just burn his team and throw out the dirty laundry. I mean i know its you're job to ask the questions but come up with something better.
littlesame - 3 months ago
Juju holds a great composure and maturity for his age, looking over, seeing Skip decades older, a bitter old talking head and like what DP said - man who loves spreading hot takes and provoke players but don’t know the sports well enough.
exiledempath - 3 months ago
Juju is a good kid, obviously.
Most High
Most High - 3 months ago
JuJu is the best thing to happen to the Steelers locker room in years. I pray he stays humble and stays grinding.🤙🏼
kavyon Green
kavyon Green - 3 months ago
We don't need bell or brown we anit had them 4 years ago or when was we winning Superbowl
elver galarga
elver galarga - 3 months ago
A kid has more self control/ self discipline than a seasoned veteran like Antonio Brown , he’s a big diva 💁‍♀️
The Fuzzy Unibrow
The Fuzzy Unibrow - 3 months ago
JuJu trying his hardest to evade Season 2 of “Days of our Steelers.”
Ramson Luhk
Ramson Luhk - 3 months ago
This guy is a island boy some where pacific islands 🤙🏻
Obese Panda
Obese Panda - 3 months ago
He’s so right!
AP Terminator
AP Terminator - 3 months ago
AB=About Bitching 😭😭
Double G
Double G - 3 months ago
Juju more mature than AB!!! Stay focused and encouraged Juju don’t get caught up in no foolishness and continue to play Steelers football 🏈 Get back into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl 🏟 not just making it to the Super Bowl 🏟
Vinny Ocean
Vinny Ocean - 3 months ago
uhh, man, you know
SDJ 63
SDJ 63 - 3 months ago
toowie - 3 months ago
He doesn't deserve steelers mvp after causing a fumble against the saints n didn't make the playoff lol
dylan yates
dylan yates - 3 months ago
Why didn’t they ask him about the fumble against the saints? 😂 🖕🏻 the Steelers
MAZINGER Z - 3 months ago
AB is the GOAT of wide receivers. This dude is stealing his thunder. I don't blame AB for being mad. Mike Tomlin is treating AB with no loyalty like L Bell.
Jordan A
Jordan A - 3 months ago
They should do this with Jon Gruden, that would get millions of views because of Sharpe and Gruden 🤣
VGJ Gaming
VGJ Gaming - 3 months ago
Madden happened 🤷🏿‍♂️
Tris Matu
Tris Matu - 3 months ago
Kuddos to his parents, the kid sounds so Mature..very proper upbringing
Clayton bigsby
Clayton bigsby - 3 months ago
Ben,Bell,Brown,Tomilin. the most important pieces of the franchise and they aint cool wit eachother. Squeerlers should have had atleast 1 SB apearince with that talent in the last decade. And there all gonna be gone soon! Lol shitzburgh is goin back to the dark hole from the looks of it. *im calln it browns sweeping them in 2019*
Deflated Squidward
Deflated Squidward - 3 months ago
bro juju ain’t ever coming back after these questions LMAO
B1 Ranger
B1 Ranger - 3 months ago
Litty Mctitty
Litty Mctitty - 3 months ago
2 of my fav ppl in one video juju and shannon
Aboriginal86 WARRIOR
Aboriginal86 WARRIOR - 3 months ago
U guys must haven’t watched any of ab’s interviews u guys are just bashing him with no facts and trying to keep the division going just like the Steelers organization, the NFL as a entirety, oppressors/filthy greedy pigs 🐽 and the masses geeesh I see 👀 the division it’s alive smdh a bunch of negativity and oxymoron statements
Emad Algahim
Emad Algahim - 3 months ago
Respect Juju after watching this. Even when they were talking about AB, he stayed cool and put it back on the whole team. #respect
Carr - 3 months ago
Fight On! ✌
Tee Tim
Tee Tim - 3 months ago
Did this dude just taste his self😏😂 wth
Daniel Paquet
Daniel Paquet - 3 months ago
wow what a difference juju and antonio,juju seems like a nice kid,on the other hand,well?
Rob Rusia
Rob Rusia - 3 months ago
Juju is a beast ..
Delusional Cowboys Fan
Delusional Cowboys Fan - 3 months ago
Skipspiracy Theorist
SWERVE - 3 months ago
They acting like they got Bin Laden's nephew in an interrogation room
Charlie George
Charlie George - 3 months ago
well one thing for sure is the steelers defence was not top 5
Reko Sosa
Reko Sosa - 3 months ago
He answered the questions like a stud
Kobe jordan
Kobe jordan - 3 months ago
Antonio brown wasnt 2nd string his first couple of years juju is going to become better
Gibster - 3 months ago
Depends if he can work harder than AB
Amario Wade
Amario Wade - 3 months ago
Juju is a beast.. Conner is Great but let’s be honest AB & L.Bell are game changers... Athletes with that kind of talent are where they are because they have a egotistical personality or chip on there shoulders.All the greats do!! Brown was a 6th round pick the merit he carries knowing he was passed over to now being the best in the league is what drives him... imagine having a two headed monster at the WR and RB position🤔 AB-JuJu, Bell-Conner...The offense would be unstoppable!! I’m baffled by how the upper management is missing this🤷🏾‍♂️
candy R
candy R - 3 months ago
Agreed! They need to pay bell settle the problem with AB and get back to playing football. With that leathal combo no doubt the Steelers will be back in the SB next season.
Wadedashit - 3 months ago
If Ab and bell leave the Steelers will not make the playoffs for a while.
Wadedashit - 3 months ago
Believe they had the number 1 defense last time they won.
Gibster - 3 months ago
+Candaycia Thompson haven't had an elite defense for some time. So your point doesn't hold water
candy R
candy R - 3 months ago
But they won superbowls without them tho. What did they win with them? I'll wait
Jermaine Mitchell
Jermaine Mitchell - 3 months ago
Schuster's better
Trevain Achusky
Trevain Achusky - 3 months ago
He mature because he part polynesian of course🤷‍♂️💯🤙 growing up we get dirty lickenz 😝 learn how to respect period
snellsman - 3 months ago
JuJu is a good player but a big geek lol
Superman Ross
Superman Ross - 3 months ago
Ju Ju on the beat he a dope WR simple as that
Khal Mykey
Khal Mykey - 3 months ago
That was a horrible interview, and I love this show. I get it, you have to ask the tough question, but c’mon skip n Shannon. Only one question was really about him. I had to give this a thumbs down. I’m disappointed in you guys.
Brotha Clutch
Brotha Clutch - 3 months ago
He makes me think of a black version of Jimmy Tatro, just like how he talks I guess
akyeti450 450
akyeti450 450 - 3 months ago
Lets see how he does without ab taking all those double teams and openingnit up
Inthegreenetv - 3 months ago
it's not hard JUJU ,Big Ben was throwing picks left and right. I understand you can't say that but we know …..we know
Robert Cocker
Robert Cocker - 3 months ago
USC educated. Good stuff sole
M Chaney
M Chaney - 3 months ago
lol steelers are garbagio and approaching the end of their qb's life span and are about to be a doo doo team again.
DTS _ - 3 months ago
Juju lowkey wants AB out of Pittsburgh so he can be the No. 1 receiver.
aaron francis
aaron francis - 3 months ago
Shannon n skip lookin for some gossip like a cpl females
RoCkEtBoY Saany
RoCkEtBoY Saany - 3 months ago
Shannon! Shay! Unk!! Cmon stop tryna set the man up!! Not a good look man
Inside The Stands
Inside The Stands - 3 months ago
Kind of wish they asked him how he feels about being the number 1 selling jersey in the NFL this season. Especially considering I bought one myself!
John Lawton
John Lawton - 3 months ago
Love JuJu. New thought: he kinda sounds like Dylan from American vandal
Conny Monny
Conny Monny - 3 months ago
Love the channel
Alex P
Alex P - 3 months ago
Bruh ur putting him on the spot so hard oml
Tim Harris
Tim Harris - 3 months ago
Love this kid. Can't wait to see what he can do next year if AB doesn't come back.
Let's Go Ju-Ju
Art Artwell
Art Artwell - 3 months ago
He is right they had all the personnel.... they just have 2 play as 1.... big facts....
Art Artwell
Art Artwell - 3 months ago
Great job young fella....
Rusty Cuyler
Rusty Cuyler - 3 months ago
He won MVP because he's a team player, unlike others on the team.
de’von plymouth
de’von plymouth - 3 months ago
juju had to see those questions coming
Alton Rodgers
Alton Rodgers - 3 months ago
Juju wants a ring he don't care about all that drama get the ring
Harrison Nguyen
Harrison Nguyen - 3 months ago
Sucks that he probably won't win one in the near future. Ben was carried by a hof receiver and legendary defense to win his rings. The two MVP for both Super Bowls were receivers. For a qb to win and not be MVP in the super bowl is tragic.
wow - 3 months ago
Unc want ALL that smoke LOL
FireeStyle - 3 months ago
this isn’t even a Juju interview, it’s an interview about AB
Master - 3 months ago
JuJu getting equal billing with AB. Way to rub salt in that wound. AND, JuJu takes a subtle shot at AB by saying, "...I'm just doing what I'm told on the field...". Ouch.
SYNC2Deep - 3 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks his voice doesn't match
Bucs Fan
Bucs Fan - 3 months ago
It took this man two years and he's already a legend
PMDownUp - 3 months ago
The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf - 3 months ago
I like Juju’s mindset, very good mature attitude and respectable. Trying to stay positive with all the drama and questions he’s gets asked about his other teammates is going to get him very far in the NFL and the best part? He’s only going to get better... (this coming from a Seahawks fan since 2001) #YesWeShouldOfHandedItOffToMarshawn 😂
Jizzle 412
Jizzle 412 - 3 months ago
Now that’s how you speak about your teammates!! Bravo juju
Nicholas CECERE
Nicholas CECERE - 3 months ago
AB hasn’t been right since the head shot he got vs the bengals in the playoff game
Kings Moses Akey
Kings Moses Akey - 3 months ago
Nicholas CECERE Lmao you hella wrong for that 😂
Fritz - 3 months ago
That madden ad was goofy
MarkC538 - 3 months ago
Madden sucks
3lite - 3 months ago
Man this dude sounds like he tripping over his own lips
3lite - 3 months ago
+Django Skywalker Nah, he just plays Fortnite
Django Skywalker
Django Skywalker - 3 months ago
3LlTE He probably stuttered a lot as a kid and he’s also nervous to be on live tv..
DreAmDocTa - 3 months ago
Juju is boss
Fernando Gandara
Fernando Gandara - 3 months ago
He right. Class act. Talking about how everyone gotta work on the same goal, which is to win a ring. But of course all the player talk about money tainted the team
Jay Banks
Jay Banks - 3 months ago
JuJu ‼️
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