6 U.S. Citizens vs 1 Secret Non-Citizen

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Jubilee - Month ago
Hello Goodhumans! We’re back with another Odd Man Out episode for ya’ll! What’s a question you would pose in this episode to find the mole?
Sabrina Slater
Sabrina Slater - 3 days ago
A good episode idea who is not a teen parent
SOHO Lif3 - 4 days ago
I dont even know the national anthem
Pancakes Rule
Pancakes Rule - 10 days ago
le.meme.machine._mp4 Are you a US citizen?
Drizzy - 10 days ago
Drizzy - 10 days ago
3:00 let me smash her
kim mi
kim mi - 3 hours ago
I forgot Shawn till the end of the video and then he was there like "uh i've had a lot impact and you'll never forget me blabla"...for sure
Akop Gyumushyan
Akop Gyumushyan - 7 hours ago
It’s going to be back to the Philippines back to the rice fields
Abu Eyad
Abu Eyad - 10 hours ago
Shawn needs to start his own emo rock group......
I think they knew clearly Shawn wasn't the mile but didn't want to deal with his goofy ads lol
prevail223 - 12 hours ago
Well ice is on there way now. You made way to easy for them.
Washenme - 13 hours ago
orange county
Jade Boivin
Jade Boivin - 13 hours ago
CANADA is the country of free expression 😂
MissyLillie - 15 hours ago
Lol being America “lets just vote the annoying ass people out”
Angelique Valadez
Angelique Valadez - 15 hours ago
bruh it’s always the people named shawn who can’t just normal like damn.
Jurgen Shantz
Jurgen Shantz - 18 hours ago
Darwin got merc’d
Efe Barış Köseoğlu
Efe Barış Köseoğlu - 22 hours ago
Im only 14 and ım living in turkry and ı need to save myself from here the education systrm is bad the economy is worst and I NEED FREEDOM ı need to be happy and ı have a dream living in usa guys ı love you so much theese people gave me a hope to live there ı will try to br american wish me luck ı love you GUYS 🇹🇷🇺🇸
Edgy Child
Edgy Child - Day ago
All my family is from America, and I’m whiter than white and I don’t know the words to the national anthem
clown - Day ago
Shawn is a living legend
Halimah Yahaya
Halimah Yahaya - Day ago
Die John die
terriblegamer - Day ago
I knew he was the mole by how he said: "I am a US citizen.", while all the other real citizens said "I'm a US citizen". Americans almost never speak that formally.
B H - Day ago
I thought it was the girl with the bow
Vonn Meneses
Vonn Meneses - Day ago
Darwin was an ass
Vonn Meneses
Vonn Meneses - Day ago
"International man of mystery"
What? Hahahaha bruh you a sociopath
Brune Castillon
Brune Castillon - Day ago
i was shook when john said that
Waleed Sied
Waleed Sied - Day ago
None of them are us citizens honestly. The natives are the only true people who belong to the land.
Umayal Nagappan
Umayal Nagappan - Day ago
Shawn was the best
Mário Cunha Ramos
Mário Cunha Ramos - Day ago
I knew he was the mole right away when he copied the same answer to where was he born. I instantly knew he was not born in San Diego.
sosi 4202
sosi 4202 - Day ago
I swear to god when I first saw zena I immediately knew she was Syrian I don't know why😂
ario rachmat wibowo
Darwin is so annoying
Billie Johnson
Billie Johnson - Day ago
Good luck dude!
Czhen Czhen
Czhen Czhen - 2 days ago
I’m just glad I saw someone with the same name as mine- Zena ☺️
Carla Reeves
Carla Reeves - 2 days ago
I know a lot of people are pissed off about Shawn but he was honestpy the funniest part of the video. Turns out he did leave an impression on us
JUNKY MONSTER - 2 days ago
Zena saltyyyy
La Flame
La Flame - 2 days ago
You can’t be working on student visa.. idk if doing this show is considered “working” but 🤷🏽‍♂️
Franchette - 2 days ago
I'm laughing so much about these shawn jokes. 😂😂😂
Laika - 2 days ago
Zena is so flipping precious, I want her in my life
Jonas Botcher
Jonas Botcher - 2 days ago
there is nothing worst than hearing Americans brag about their nation... god damn I love my Spanish blood papi
Jonas Botcher
Jonas Botcher - Hour ago
@Jaysen Bresnahan that was a joke...
Jaysen Bresnahan
Jaysen Bresnahan - 8 hours ago
Jonas Botcher sooo... you can talk about your Spanish blood no problem,but the second I talk about America theres a problem?
Sofia Guedes
Sofia Guedes - 2 days ago
ok everyone in this ep except john and darwin are so cute
Sofia Guedes
Sofia Guedes - 2 days ago
I LOVE ZENA OMG she deserved the money so much
Sofia Guedes
Sofia Guedes - 2 days ago
yeah john's def an us citizen
Sofia Guedes
Sofia Guedes - 2 days ago
okay so mikaela and zena are so cute?
Sofia Guedes
Sofia Guedes - 2 days ago
i mean just listen to shawn i'm not even from u.s. and i'm sure he's a citizen
ilikebeans365 - 2 days ago
Darwin really needs to know how to read a fucken room
SuperSimoholic - 2 days ago
That John is a disgusting person. Like, wow.
SuperSimoholic - 6 hours ago
@Zoddhand Dude, I'm not going to explain what should be obvious.
Zoddhand - 10 hours ago
In what way?
MrNurseInColorado - 2 days ago
Many people in America represent many things....Get used to it.
andrew samir
andrew samir - 2 days ago
congratulation shawn you played yourself
KimChonguk - 3 days ago
The audacity to vote John out lmao that carolina was so offended.
Geneva Jeffries
Geneva Jeffries - 3 days ago
I’m from Grand Rapids mi
Suraj Dhanawade
Suraj Dhanawade - 3 days ago
Zena just stole my heart!
#awesome7 Lol
#awesome7 Lol - 3 days ago
Morris county OML I lived there but I’ve moved to Bergen 😂
yee yee
yee yee - 3 days ago
Jubilee and Cut > buzz feed
강아진 - 3 days ago
Mikayla is the cutest person ever also Gian is attractive? lol
Lynche R.
Lynche R. - 3 days ago
Kendall Is A wannabe E-Girl
Shawn is that one kid in class that everyone wants to hurt
BishopTurtle - 3 days ago
What’s the worst thing about America: we let too many people in over the southern border
What’s the best thing about America: we are very inclusive
Flappy Pappi
Flappy Pappi - 3 days ago
Yo I liked John
Elias Shamoon
Elias Shamoon - 3 days ago
the majority of the illegal immigrants are NOT REFUGEES and NOBODY ever said “all mexican people are a threat” people are uninformed
Bird Hunter
Bird Hunter - 3 days ago
Letz go John
jxniiah - 3 days ago
ok but gian kinda fine .😳
Jama Jama
Jama Jama - 3 days ago
Do they ever get the mole lol?
Catastic TV
Catastic TV - 3 days ago
i dont like john
Anna Miner
Anna Miner - 3 days ago
John was the OG up there. Sorry sis but we have locks on our doors not to keep everyone out, but to make sure the right people come in.
Taylor V
Taylor V - 3 days ago
That old guy is nasty. I could tell he was American as soon as he said the worst part about America were the open borders.
Taylor V
Taylor V - 3 days ago
Prapti G
Prapti G - 3 days ago
Why gian and mikayla look cute together 🤧😭
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