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Team Fearless
Team Fearless - 2 months ago
Let go of WHO YOU WERE if you don’t you’ll never know who you TRULY CAN BE. Let go of WHO YOU WERE and FOCUS on who you WILL BECOME.
جهاد عصام Gehad Esam
@Team Fearless what do you think can I ?🤔💖
جهاد عصام Gehad Esam
@Team Fearless hello . Can I work with you by putting Arabic in you videos. Respond please 💖. And thank you 💓😊
Topper - Kesari
Topper - Kesari - 2 months ago
Where can I get this background music, seriously !😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
MusiC arOunD Pakistan
MusiC arOunD Pakistan - 2 months ago
@Team Fearless I reallY Love your channel I'm inspired from such motivational videos of your channel Love it ♥️
Ashish Kr. Sahu
Ashish Kr. Sahu - 19 days ago
Wipe the side clean
heff520 - 21 day ago
I hope it will be ok thst I use this in a new video to inspire others...and to share my story now. Love ur channel long time subscriber
Abhinav Kumar
Abhinav Kumar - 21 day ago
But what to do when there is financial problems and not proper food for atleast once a day
Dennis Vidot
Dennis Vidot - Month ago
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Nawaz Khan
Nawaz Khan - Month ago
Manushruti Manay
Manushruti Manay - Month ago
Thank you Team Fearless for making me a better human being.
Luvuyo Dube
Luvuyo Dube - Month ago
"Let go of WHO YOU WERE and FOCUS on who you will become"
This one hit me very hard
Ben Kremer
Ben Kremer - Month ago
Thank you for changing my life
thalia joy bartolome
thalia joy bartolome - Month ago
Really feeling down, but i'm happy i discovered this channel...i want to be motivated everyday and thank you for your insipiring videos...i guess if i will always watch it i'll be better and better each day..
You have the ability to do anything,
But don't wait for anyone.
Avinash Shinde
Avinash Shinde - Month ago
Thank you...
mohammed medo
mohammed medo - 2 months ago
What If You Got The Opportunity To Start Over? | Fearless Motivation
What if you got the opportunity to start over? To go back.
To learn from every mistake, to scrape every lesson from your past, and start with a clean state.
What would you do differently?
What lessons have you learned in your past, and how would you apply them if you could start over?
What if you had another opportunity, to do better, to be better… would you take it?
Well, you get that opportunity every day. We all get that opportunity every day. It’s called WAKING UP. Every day you wake up is a blessing and you should never take that blessing for granted.
Which means you let GO of your PAST and FOCUS on NOW. RIGHT NOW. What are you going to do right NOW to create a better FUTURE for yourself?
What PLANS are you going to make NOW, for today and in the future to ensure this NEW VERSION of you is better than the last?
Will your FUTURE self be proud of you? Will your TOMORROW-SELF be proud of you, by the work you do TODAY, by the PERSON you are today?
You have to EARN that future pride. If you’re not putting in the work today, your FUTURE will pay the price.
Let go of WHO YOU WERE if you don’t you’ll never know who you TRULY CAN BE. Let go of WHO YOU WERE and FOCUS on who you WILL BECOME.
Every morning you wake up, remind yourself that you have another opportunity to experience your GREATEST day. Another opportunity to push yourself. Another opportunity to set an example. Another opportunity to LEARN something that will make YOU BETTER. Another opportunity to ENJOY the day, to enjoy other people… to enjoy life.
You are blessed to get the opportunity of LIFE… make the most of it.
Roberto Dominguez
Roberto Dominguez - 2 months ago
Brand new me
Sanketh nt Sanketh nt
Sanketh nt Sanketh nt - 2 months ago
Bro u changed day thanks u very much
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma - 2 months ago
I jst love it ur wordings inspiring me daily.........
Inside Future
Inside Future - 2 months ago
You know, all of us should be doing this. We shouldn’t be living the same day as the same us over and over again unless you’re happy with it. If you’re not, it’s up to you to make a change.
SUCCESS POINT - 2 months ago
Armin Rau Leadership For Entrepreneurs
What I would do differently?I would never ever expect loyalty anymore.
Neeraj Mehra
Neeraj Mehra - 2 months ago
Start over all over again .....
Neil Grant
Neil Grant - 2 months ago
I just burst into tears of anger and frustration I can’t get this shit right
Silverwolf Reaper
Silverwolf Reaper - 2 months ago
I subscribed I love your motivation stuff and the lone wolf song
Andre's Davis
Andre's Davis - 2 months ago
10 Months of Grinding aka Gradual Success
ritu lia
ritu lia - 2 months ago
Wow 😮 ur channel videos r so motivating 👍🏻 keep goin 😍
Zo_muana CX
Zo_muana CX - 2 months ago
Well this video make me wanna workout even though i am sick, beside that its 11:18pm
Ashes & Mahi
Ashes & Mahi - 2 months ago
I have started over ...after this video ended....and I'm watching this video again...
Sangita Mondal
Sangita Mondal - 2 months ago
Dear Sir, I'm a teenager. And I'm distracted this very day by love. So sir, its my request to you plz make some vedio in this topic.. 😔😔.
Mamajason 120
Mamajason 120 - 2 months ago
Rai&Music Rai
Rai&Music Rai - 2 months ago
Please all videos put translator
Alexutzu54 - 2 months ago
That's it guys. I'm cleaning all my past and I will start over again. No more bad choices. No more procrastination. Be right back in 1 month with my progress. Who's with me?
It's been a progress, not the desired one, but good enough.
I went 4 times a week to gym and lost 4 kilos (73kg atm).
I learned for my certification for ISTQB to become a verified tester.
I started to learn French and I'm getting better.
My speaking skills in English have been improved (my second language).
I almost eliminated all my bad habits.
I successfully woke up at 8 am everyday with a proper sleeping schedule.
I stopped blaming myself and others about my past and focus more on the present and future.
I became more positive and happy overall.
There are still a lot of things that I want to improve for the upcoming month. If you are interested in them, I can enumerate some of them here.
Reina Virtucio
Reina Virtucio - 2 months ago
Jumaal Simon
Jumaal Simon - 2 months ago
U inspire me more than I inspire my self thank u for the speech
aegonum - 2 months ago
Yey just do it day or day one✊👊
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo - 2 months ago
What about tomorrow 😊
Hemavathi K M
Hemavathi K M - 2 months ago
3 min video made me do what i am afraid to do from 3 week 😋
V inspirational
First2Ten - 2 months ago
Who Indians saw the fevicol ad
Tasneem Omari
Tasneem Omari - 2 months ago
when I listen to it I feel like I can break down a mountain in a minute
Parishi Booneadeee
Parishi Booneadeee - 2 months ago
Same here 👋
Motivation Media
Motivation Media - 2 months ago
One word. Powerful.
shahram khodaei
shahram khodaei - 2 months ago
Mandara.k.k Mandara.k.k
Mandara.k.k Mandara.k.k - 2 months ago
It's really inspiring
Samuel Mlilo
Samuel Mlilo - 2 months ago
Thank you Team Fearless💯
Samuel Mlilo
Samuel Mlilo - 2 months ago
TRUE DON FIGURE - 2 months ago
most people think starting over means quit.
Josh Spivey
Josh Spivey - 2 months ago
Every waking moment is a START IVER MOMENT!!!
Whatsapp Status Hub
Whatsapp Status Hub - 2 months ago
Thanks for this
Azor - 2 months ago
Dear Team Fearless, I hope you will read this comment, though I am aware that you also might not. I have gone from almost having to repeat the last 4 years of my school to getting my diploma with almost the highest grade. I know that it's just a piece of paper, but it is also an opportunity in countries like mine. I enrolled in university, and will one day become an entrepreneur. I've used(and still do) to listen to you every morning when I'd walk to the library, studying up to 12 hours daily with 10 min breaks every hour. At home, family was an issue, but I was dependent of the money they provided so I had to push through it. There were many nights I banged my head against the wall and wanted to tap out, but I could not allow my promise to go unfulfilled. I've met an amazing woman in the city we were in, but financial problems forced me back to my natal town. So here I am, all alone, enrolled into university. But I'll be damned if I ever give up, and even if it will take me 3 or 5 more years until I can do what I like, I will get it. Thank you for all the content that helps so many people. Many listen to you in a wrong way, but also a few learn to take the lessons you teach and achieve their potential. I now have a blogging project(along a few others) through which I want to pass on the lessons from a more personal plan. To anyone reading this, don't you dare give up. I've failed miserably for years, and now I fucked up worse than you could imagine, as all I wanted was a relationship with someone like her. I might fail ten thousand times more. But for you, for your future self and family, and for the world that is in a desperate need of help and leaders, you can not let this go. No matter how many tears or cuts, how much pain or desperation you will face. Once you die, it is over. And you are not going out without a fight.
Joey Chapman
Joey Chapman - 2 months ago
I would have never started doing drugs or started drinking
Sabitha Sachu
Sabitha Sachu - 2 months ago
Thank you team's 5.53 am...I will make my best today...and never regret ....
S.T Naik
S.T Naik - 2 months ago
Forget what you were understand what you are and work for what you want to be.
Zo Ella
Zo Ella - 2 months ago
I needed this thank u ♥
Deepak Dhankhar
Deepak Dhankhar - 2 months ago
A superb , attitude motivations . awesome sir
Stabgan - Music
Stabgan - Music - 2 months ago
I'm going to be the best version of me. Watch out
нαρργ κ!иg Yadav
нαρργ κ!иg Yadav - 2 months ago
Thanks team fearless...
Your motivation is chang my life
&change me
Love from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳.....
Vishwajeet Singh
Vishwajeet Singh - 2 months ago
DUBZ285 - 2 months ago
If you know who you are then you know who you are not.
seanjones20 - 2 months ago
Rochelle Pratt
Rochelle Pratt - 2 months ago
I would have never pick up  alcohol,  I would have went to the police when I was rape,  I would have never trust an adult to introduce me to drugs,  I would have never allowed a man to mistreat me,  I would have never listen to my mother who put me down in front of her friends,  I would have choose to live the way it was meant for me.
Chris Ross MorMotivation
Chris Ross MorMotivation - 2 months ago
Rochelle Pratt now you can let go of your past and forgive everyone and everything you went through. You have a clean slate today to be a better you tomorrow. Keep pushing yourself and you can become better everyday.
HatianHurricane - 2 months ago
Jean Aimé Faustin Tapsoba
Thanks for all !
Faisal Kp
Faisal Kp - 2 months ago
TeAm fearless
What type english?
American? Brittish?
Answer =
ProTheBro - 2 months ago
Sir I am from India
Please I need Hindi subtitles
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