9 808
ZackTTG - Month ago
If y'all got any Basketball video ideas (challenges, games, etc.) let me know!! If I use your idea, I'll shout you out IN THE VIDEO!!
Jason Leconte
Jason Leconte - 19 days ago
I did this in 1:00
Eli Meretta
Eli Meretta - 28 days ago
u could see who could make the most three pointers in a certain amount of time
Trevor Hall
Trevor Hall - 28 days ago
You guys should do something like poison but its like hide and seek so if you make it the other people have a minute to hide anywhere in the house or outside but when its at 3 people left if you make it its like dodge ball and yeah.
Kason Thompson
Kason Thompson - Month ago
Do you watch naruto
Funny Games
Funny Games - Month ago
360 duck contest
Melanie Harper
Melanie Harper - Day ago
I feel bad for mopi but I don't care because mopi is amazing and a challenge u should do is 1v1 king of the Court in hi heels and the loser has to jump in the pool than run around in there underwear
yaboiiwhite white
yaboiiwhite white - 3 days ago
Why dous lsk have to shoot with one arm
keiana banks
keiana banks - 4 days ago
Does anyone know the background song at 8:48
Lance Lerio
Lance Lerio - 5 days ago
Why does kristopher London only use one hand?
Justin Sampson
Justin Sampson - 5 days ago
Glorius Gustav
Glorius Gustav - 7 days ago
Everybody want to be kobe, jordan, leBron, curry but I want to be as good as Zack
Isaac Lesh
Isaac Lesh - 7 days ago
Go mopy!!!
Qi Liang
Qi Liang - 8 days ago
Why don't you let mopi finish
saeed saeed
saeed saeed - 10 days ago
Do floor is lava challenge but with basketball
Billy Walsh
Billy Walsh - 13 days ago
it amazes me how much basketball mopi must play at the house but he still has yet to get any better in like four years
Emanuel Nebyou
Emanuel Nebyou - 16 days ago
You should do a game of bank or you could do whoever loses has to go jump in the pool with there best suit
Emanuel Nebyou
Emanuel Nebyou - 16 days ago
Honestly mopi tried. All of that it would take me a year. Or 4. Sounds like a good number but the point is is that mopi is good. Clap it up for mopi let’s go.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Omari O'Neal
Omari O'Neal - 16 days ago
Do hide en seek
Haydes2R22 - 18 days ago
why does jesser always wear skins he even went to a trampoline park with skins
RTS1121 - 18 days ago
Mopi be like Usain Bolt who
dawson boyd
dawson boyd - 19 days ago
Why does Chris only use one hand
Jameson Pierce
Jameson Pierce - 22 days ago
Mopi if your wearing a Kobe jersey be like Kobe
Dorstic - 22 days ago
4:28 this man shooting like Ben Simmons
knicks xx giants
knicks xx giants - 22 days ago
Why can LSK only use one hand or is it his choice
Mark Hodges
Mark Hodges - 23 days ago
Why does Kris only have one arm
Carter_Tongcua 30
Carter_Tongcua 30 - 24 days ago
blue bird outro icu
FastExecutioner - 24 days ago
How did Zack make that 0:40
minastan - 24 days ago
jiedel really came into a shooting obstacle course wearing a Ben Simmons jersey
Javier Uribearce
Javier Uribearce - 25 days ago
Do a dunk contest and mopi can be the judge
Matthew Kersey
Matthew Kersey - 25 days ago
Anyone notice he was wearing Lamelo Ball Shoes? If you did like this comment.
Kristi Askelson
Kristi Askelson - 25 days ago
Had mopi ever won a challenge
Eli Sutton
Eli Sutton - 25 days ago
Mopi is a God
ASAP Shawn
ASAP Shawn - 25 days ago
They tried him hard with the lil beat they beat for mopey lmaooo
Chris Burt
Chris Burt - 25 days ago
Next time if y’all do one of the timed challenges y’all should take time off for making it on the first shot
Jordan Osenbaugh
Jordan Osenbaugh - 26 days ago
Anyone know why Chris shoots with his one hand only?
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe - 24 days ago
He had surgery on the other shoulder
Post-Goat - 26 days ago
Mopi should’ve won
eT exoticx
eT exoticx - 26 days ago
Black vs White.
eT exoticx
eT exoticx - 26 days ago
Not trying to be racist
Halle Walgenbach
Halle Walgenbach - 26 days ago
you should see who score the most point from being in the pool
Manu Mataio
Manu Mataio - 27 days ago
Yo zack you should do a dunk contest off the trampoline if you want
King Bah
King Bah - 27 days ago
I want to be in one of their videos sooo badly
willa howard
willa howard - 27 days ago
they dont know that the ball doesnt go through but they are rigt there watching him
basketball life
basketball life - 27 days ago
We're do i know that music from
River Jakepaul
River Jakepaul - 27 days ago
Why does he only get one arm
IIl Aqua lII
IIl Aqua lII - 28 days ago
Blue bird remix outro
Trevor Hall
Trevor Hall - 28 days ago
You guys should do something like poison but its like hide and seek so if you make it the other people have a minute to hide anywhere in the house or outside but when its at 3 people left if you make it its like dodge ball and yeah.
Elexius Benford
Elexius Benford - 28 days ago
Fuck YouTube
thatWavyKid Aiden
thatWavyKid Aiden - 28 days ago
What was that outro song low-key fye
Vertex Plays
Vertex Plays - 29 days ago
When you said 1:57 i laughed so hard
Nice Video
Riley Cole
Riley Cole - 29 days ago
Ybn_Damarian Vincent
Ybn_Damarian Vincent - 29 days ago
Why does kris have to shoot 1 handed
TreyBaller 33
TreyBaller 33 - 29 days ago
Why does lsk only shoot with one arm
Tamika Stubblefield
Tamika Stubblefield - 29 days ago
Zackttg you jumped over the line you jumped over the bed
shot his last shot
Panashe Kuwana
Panashe Kuwana - Month ago
Boy he got em lamelos
IllKingTooRaw - Month ago
How come Khris cant use both of his arms?
Moonroof - Month ago
Jorge Maia Jensen
Jorge Maia Jensen - Month ago
Man that’s amazing, I really wish someday I could join you in some video! I’m Brazilian and a huge fan of your and the other guys videos!!! Congrats πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ your videos are amazing!
Angel Bezares
Angel Bezares - Month ago
y’all honestly killed 2HYPE by adding that new nigga in this.
Osea Baraki
Osea Baraki - Month ago
I respect mopi
Kason Thompson
Kason Thompson - Month ago
Do you watch naruto
Legendary Sports
Legendary Sports - Month ago
You guys should do king of the court but you can only use your opposite hand.
Mr. Zoinks
Mr. Zoinks - Month ago
One foot one hand 😜
Mariam Shams
Mariam Shams - Month ago
Your team is so bad no fence
Khirvie Ong
Khirvie Ong - Month ago
Why only one hand
the immigrants
the immigrants - Month ago
Mopi reppin the Kobe Jersey I c u
Barca Elongo
Barca Elongo - Month ago
all of them are trash
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson - Month ago
Yo one day mopi gunna win one of these and the internets gunna break
Aliyan Ahmed
Aliyan Ahmed - Month ago
This is a very serious question, why does kris shoot one handed for every single challenge any of the 2hype members post?
awhat206 - Month ago
His other shoulder is messed up
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia - Month ago
I can’t be the only one who skips Mitchel in all the basketball videos
Dope Brothers
Dope Brothers - Month ago
Why does lsk shoot with one hand
School Jan MIS
School Jan MIS - Month ago
Zach in his own vids: hype man
Zach in other 2hype member vids: Introvert
Benjamin Juarez
Benjamin Juarez - Month ago
U should do the 3 point obstacle course challenge
Cheddar - Month ago
You guys should play horse with a twist so you guys find the most disgusting foods that you can find that spell out horse for example
But you can use different foods but if they miss they gotta eat such and such food that goes with the letter the get
NFS Bsblcole
NFS Bsblcole - Month ago
Why does LSK shoot one handed just wondering?
I Hit Dingerz
I Hit Dingerz - Month ago
I like the Money Mitch
Thomas - Month ago
Mopi is a bucket don’t @ me
Lucidic - Month ago
another dunk contest !
Jayne Mason
Jayne Mason - Month ago
Zack you and 2 hype should do king of the court on a slip in slide
Michael Henry
Michael Henry - Month ago
Is garbage
Paulination - Month ago
What’s the song when it’s jessers turn?
thomas tankersley
thomas tankersley - Month ago
12309Baby12309 - Month ago
Zack is wearing the Lamelo Balls
Ammar Razak
Ammar Razak - Month ago
What happens to lsk’s other arm?
Justin Luong-Nguyen
Justin Luong-Nguyen - Month ago
How you do mop I like that man
Jack Boyer
Jack Boyer - Month ago
GO MOPI GO MOPI GO MOPI MOPI MOPI MOPI always respecting the G!!!!!!!!!!!!
Assaultz Dead
Assaultz Dead - Month ago
Michie is a baller
Preston Coppler
Preston Coppler - Month ago
Zach looks like Derek Morgan, from criminal minds if he was bald
90 8j
90 8j - Month ago
love the vid but miss the 2k upload s
Not Very Funny
Not Very Funny - Month ago
You can see the desperation in his eyes
takayla scott
takayla scott - Month ago
mopi is the goattttttt
X Wavyx_ bball alot
X Wavyx_ bball alot - Month ago
Sub to me for shoutout
Adrien The boy
Adrien The boy - Month ago
I honestly thought mopi was good at the under hands
BasketBALLsavage1000 - Month ago
I like vids with Mitchell
Jaid Cooper
Jaid Cooper - Month ago
12:44. what is James doing
Basilio Dane
Basilio Dane - Month ago
8:56 lmao
Jada Haywood
Jada Haywood - Month ago
Zack and Jesser should be in the NBA
damon - Month ago
2v2 tourney
damon - Month ago
2v2 tourney
Clip_Fortnite - Month ago
The edit when mopi threw that thing πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Marcel Picard
Marcel Picard - Month ago
lmao he wore a ben simmons jersy to a shooting course
groundrocket2001 - Month ago
I’m new to this, so why can kris only use one arm
saucer mcjelly
saucer mcjelly - Month ago
He injured his shoulder most likely jerkin off or playing basketball
Arczy - Month ago
How about a a three point contest with different objects to shot etc. A flat basketball. If you decide to use this idea, may you ease shout out my YouTube channel "North Of The Border" and my friends channel "Hunter Sedore". We both love 2HYPE. You guys post bangers!
Andrew Ayik
Andrew Ayik - Month ago
during the outro jesser is just messing with mopi
Christian King
Christian King - Month ago
5:44 weird ass mopi passπŸ˜‚
PR_ 11 -
PR_ 11 - - Month ago
11:43 β€œhe practiced
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