BTS Performs "Boy with Luv" - The Voice Live Finale 2019

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ryleigh norris
ryleigh norris - 36 minutes ago
me: turns subtitles on
“than a boy with LOVE”
excuse me? 🤧
Shruti Gaur
Shruti Gaur - 2 hours ago
No one :
Seriously no one:
Not even a single soul:
Subtitles: singing in Korean...
Thankyou so much
Nayneka Gupta
Nayneka Gupta - 5 hours ago
Nobody said the fanchant!!!!!
Or anything else!!!!!
MixRou - 5 hours ago
Kudos to the limited army who did the fanchant anyway!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
cindy - 5 hours ago
taehyung looking like elvis presley i cant 😂😭
KyZ Kemm
KyZ Kemm - 7 hours ago
Used not to like BTS but I watched one of their MV now I'm an army and proud of it! ♥
Clara Torres
Clara Torres - 9 hours ago
rufusroher - 9 hours ago
I got sucked into Kpop back in 2010, way before BTS, through watching South Korean dramas & movies subtitled through people on DailyMotion & other video apps. The music in the background and OSTs were always so great, even though I didn't understand a word of it. I'm 50 now and I started a while back to take Korean at the Korean American Cultural Center in Orange County, CA because of the fact that I watch & listen to so much South Korean entertainment. I have to tell you that people would be surprised how many young girls are learning Korean because of BTS. It really is incredible how much this group shined a light on all the great talent coming out of that little country. Keep up the good work.
Arenberg Lies
Arenberg Lies - 15 hours ago
Блять ну и рыгота
Bangtan Gunya
Bangtan Gunya - 21 hour ago
I want this cameraman on bbmas
measmary - 22 hours ago
Ok, my bias is Jimin, but Jungkook's vocals here are crystal clear 😍😍
Marta Bilska
Marta Bilska - 22 hours ago
JK’s signing is so good. I’m impressed!
It’s Mia
It’s Mia - 23 hours ago
How so hot if not tell i repot
Jong Min Jeon
Jong Min Jeon - Day ago
Ok now, I realized they have much effort, talent and should deserved. Even I am a korean, I didnt know about bts from now. So, where is exit from ARMY? I couldnt find it
Joanna Marie Rubi
Joanna Marie Rubi - Day ago
Sana sa The Voice Philippines din magperform sila 😍😍😍
msyenni r
msyenni r - Day ago
Gotta say they're amazing! First time hearing them. Better than most bands and singers nowadays.
measmary - 22 hours ago
Thank you for liking them. Welcome to the fandom, hope you can enjoy their music even more. Army is a big family. 🤗
Desiree R
Desiree R - Day ago
I was literally there in the audience the day before their performance and I was so sad I couldn’t go to this😭😭
Loci TV
Loci TV - Day ago
방탄 멋짐 ^^
flower sun
flower sun - Day ago
@Loci TV :^^ 방탄.아미 포에버~♥♥♥
Loci TV
Loci TV - Day ago
저도 40이되가는데 힐링이 왜될까요^^ ㅎㅎ 멋지긴 하네요
flower sun
flower sun - Day ago
요샌 방탄 보면서 힐링하네요~^^
btstory hearteu
btstory hearteu - Day ago
Gucci Tae Tae 3027
Gucci Tae Tae 3027 - Day ago
I feel like a proud mum 😂 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜I love them so much 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜btw can we appreciate their efforts 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Ps: I wanna know what happened after they performed
Army Moon
Army Moon - Day ago
Like si cada vez que veías a tú bias cantar, bailar o simplemente lo veías te volvías loca
sang jeong
sang jeong - Day ago
best boy group in the world
Jeepman89 - Day ago
It should be boy in love not with love. Bad translation.
Jeepman89 - Day ago
@Just Ai I understand but saying Boy with love is not proper English.
Just Ai
Just Ai - Day ago
They made a song called 'Boy In Luv' in 2014. It was about teenage love In 2019, they made 'Boy With Luv' as a mature version of love
a mw
a mw - Day ago
So many people became ARMYs from this vid. 🤗
Smile N Wave
Smile N Wave - Day ago
Namjoon why did u have to run up those stairs xD he was so out of breath
Laird - Day ago
Did you hear about Japanese corporation DHC under fire for criticizing BTS and lowering Korean? Japan modified their history and taught wrong history to young japanese in the name of "Historical revisionism". Also Japan don't want to assent they forced took "comfort women" in World War 2. If you don't mind please look into it.
RainDropped - Day ago
How does Suga harmonize with himself, it's like he has 2 voices.
Nita Sinha
Nita Sinha - 2 days ago
I just can't stop loving & thinking about them 😭❤️
Hafiy Hail Aiman
Hafiy Hail Aiman - 2 days ago
I ' like v
trang phuong
trang phuong - 2 days ago
mỗi màn trình diễn là một bản hoàn hảo . làm tốt lắm bangtan .
kevin mayo
kevin mayo - 2 days ago
jm mendez
jm mendez - 2 days ago
The only kpop whodidnt push much US career yet being recognized crazily. Unlike the other like one company who combines all their star just to have a US debut. Hayss. Thats why i love BTS, they dont do cheap moves.
Phương Vy Hồ
Phương Vy Hồ - 2 days ago
annie hoang
annie hoang - 2 days ago
I love that they are everywhere ! They deserve all the love 💕
Im Done
Im Done - 2 days ago
I used to take this band as something funny but know I can’t stop watching their live performances..I mean, I’m literally into BTS now and it scares me
Im Done
Im Done - 13 hours ago
@Muse of Wind honestly im listening to The Truth Untold on Spotify rn hehe
Im Done
Im Done - 13 hours ago
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - Day ago
@Im Done i hope u both checked put their entire discography👌 and give them streams on Spotify, Apple M and RUvideos ( on official channels ) Be ready to new album in October
a mw
a mw - Day ago
Im Done, I knew about them for a couple years and had seen the dope music video, but I decided to listen to the judgmental haters.. and disliked them.🙄 BUT at the beginning of this year for some reason I started watching their dance videos and fan-made videos and now I’ve been army for 8 months.
Im Done
Im Done - Day ago
a mw anyway I knew about them for some years but I’ve never watched their live performances ... because of it I’m here cuz that’s FIRE
Rachel Bradley
Rachel Bradley - 2 days ago
Jungkook's voice always stands out to me
Eunice Paa
Eunice Paa - 2 days ago
Juban Sunabi
Juban Sunabi - 2 days ago
Wtf did i just watch?!!! 😂
Juban Sunabi A performance of ‘Boy With Luv’ by BTS. It’s the title track of their latest album ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’. BTS has a very diverse discography so this is not all they do. They cover pop, rock, edm, r&b and hip-hop. Check for example this more mellow song ->
Jonasftw - 2 days ago
The saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything," really helps me a lot.
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - Day ago
Thanks for it, for real👌
melinda garcia
melinda garcia - 3 days ago
it is also my first time to watch bts they are amazing with there dance moves while they sing👏👏👏im gonna search google about them😃
melinda garcia Glad you liked them 💜 Feel free to drop any questions you have 🤗
Areebah Azhar
Areebah Azhar - 3 days ago
How did I just find out about this!?!?
sayhey diana
sayhey diana - 3 days ago
My fried:Do you like BTS..?
Me:Umm not really..I don't really know themm thoo..
Also Me:Watching them singing in youtube for hours..😭😂💕
Jomar Zabat
Jomar Zabat - 3 days ago
Wow BTS Singing live!! One of the Few KPOP Idol who can sing live just pure vocal..
Фатіма Халілова
👑❤Ким Намджун❤👑
👑❤Ким Сокджин❤👑
👑❤Мин Юнги ❤👑
👑❤Чон Хосок❤👑
👑❤Пак Чимин❤👑
👑❤Ким Техён ❤👑
👑❤Чон Чонгук❤👑
- Кричалку сказали но просто на просто не слышно не кого🙁❤❤👑❤Armyyyy❤👑
Bituin A.
Bituin A. - 3 days ago
Congratulations, S. Korea, for successfully conquering the world. I have no idea what they were singing about, but I was dancing and singing along. #BTSArmy 😄
duckin an
duckin an - 3 days ago
Im korean 😀🇰🇷!!
Tiktok - 3 days ago
It’s good that they still sang in Korean... Respect of own country...
Park jimin
Park jimin - 3 days ago
Good song
MissesKitty - 4 days ago
Mysticalz :3
Mysticalz :3 - 4 days ago
-Singing in Korean-

Siti Aishah Binti Mokhtar
I'm proud of them, I am a fan of them since 2014, in which, I have seen them grows from a young boy to a young man. The first group ever that I was obsessed for 6 years.. Really hope that they will last. #ILoVeUBTS
Dungee MSP
Dungee MSP - 4 days ago
Puts eng captions

Captions: [Singing in Korean]
Lanna Nguyen
Lanna Nguyen - 4 days ago
Rm running up the stairs before his part 👏👏
Ellie Young
Ellie Young - 4 days ago
Jk and jhope so cute x
BTS Fangirl
BTS Fangirl - 4 days ago
I love BTS their so cute talentend and Handsome Army since 2013
Luv JY
Luv JY - 4 days ago
Jeepman89 - 4 days ago
Lip synching garbage.
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - Day ago
@Jeepman89 no. Literally BTS are one of very few groups from Korea whose live stages are literally LIVE. Check out their live stage on SNL, Make it right on Colbert show, search " BTS live stage " and you will get a bunch of their video where they sing live. They have backtrack sometimes but only bc of their choreos are too hard. Even with this backtrack they still sing over it
Jeepman89 - Day ago
@Muse of Wind looks like they do
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - Day ago
No, they don't lip - sync
Emma Emma
Emma Emma - 4 days ago
Lmao from being treated like trash by Korean variety shows to performing all over America and winning everything. Karma is an army AHAHAHAHAHA
genius - 4 days ago
*now, you are an army*
Re쌩쌩 - 4 days ago
언제봐도 멋찐 우리 방탄이들!
Kimberly Bendixen
Kimberly Bendixen - 4 days ago
Guess who’s gonna be single forever because she can’t have 7 Korean men! Lol
Kai Velez
Kai Velez - 5 days ago
Seriously, what energy drink do they take before performing?? 🤔
Nathaniel Garcia
Nathaniel Garcia - 5 days ago
It’s not the same without ARMYs in the crowd
Berlyn Lim
Berlyn Lim - 5 days ago
Give a like
Berlyn Lim
Berlyn Lim - 5 days ago
Berlyn Lim
Berlyn Lim - 5 days ago
Is really bts jimin j hope jungkook RM jin v halsey suga
yumna amjad
yumna amjad - 5 days ago
i ve watched boy with luv a thousand times but each time it makes me so happy
Dhana Aletta
Dhana Aletta - 5 days ago
I love bts im only 9 year old and i love bts
HEWWORLD - 5 days ago
Ohhh I have seen them. I'm a make-up artist for K-pop celebrities.
they are really cool
daxis 1234
daxis 1234 - 5 days ago
A lot of old people in audience.
Gacha_ Jennie
Gacha_ Jennie - 5 days ago
"Lets all wear black pants and not tell taehyung"
"Lets all not wear a scarf and not tell jimin"
Siddratul Kastury
Siddratul Kastury - 5 days ago
Omg I love u guys so much when u guys coming to New York again I want to see u guys in 2020
Emily Quiroga
Emily Quiroga - 5 days ago
Jimin sounds so different here, anyone else?
Arpita Goswami
Arpita Goswami - 5 days ago
Those people must be so lucky because they saw BTS performance live ohjesus
Jeepman89 - 4 days ago
Big deal. I'd rather watch real musicians.
Meena Mishra
Meena Mishra - 5 days ago
Kim taeyung
Meena Mishra
Meena Mishra - 5 days ago
I love this song
Senpaikook 오빠 선배
Was this the voice UK??
Precious JIN /0T7army/2014
The comments made me so happy! Thank you for appreciating their Talent!!
Maru _
Maru _ - 6 days ago
I just started to listening them today
And now I’m fcking obsessed with them tf

But I’m not complaining soo
Barbara - 4 days ago
@Maru _ They have so much content that I just spent my time watching them during 6 months...
Just Ai
Just Ai - 4 days ago
@Maru _ BTS have their own variety show on vlive called Run BTS
Maru _
Maru _ - 4 days ago
Just Ai oh okey I thought it was something bad and No I will get it thanks
Just Ai
Just Ai - 4 days ago
@Maru _ It means in the next 6 months you will so focus to them. We all call this rabbit hole😂😂😂 Do you have VLIVE app?
Maru _
Maru _ - 4 days ago
Barbara lmaoo what does that mean ?
쌉형제들. - 6 days ago
이거 언제 한거여
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