Everything Wrong With Clash Of The Titans (2010)

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desh rich
desh rich - Day ago
Do wraith of the titans
Gotdayme it
Jason Martin
Jason Martin - 2 days ago
Did anyone else notice that there are two Harry Potter actors who appear in the two Clash of the Titans films (Maggie Smith in '81, Ralph Feinnes in this piece of crap)?
LaggyPlayz - 2 days ago
9:26 “what up nigga” or is it jus me that heard that
GamerZrage - 2 days ago
Prometheus created man in Greek mythology. Not Zeus.
James Cole
James Cole - 3 days ago
Not too happy with the amount of people glorifying hades. He kidnapped and raped Persephone. Do five entire minutes of research from reputable sources and your entire argument for him being the most laid back god immediately fucks off. If we’re talking most laid back, how about Dionysus? He didn’t RAPE OR KIDNAP ANYONE. He’s also literally the god of parties. But Hades? Seriously; read more.
James Cole
James Cole - 3 days ago
Ask allow me to reiterate that Persephone is his niece. She did not enter on her own accord. He tricked and kidnapped, then raped and force-married his fucking niece. But sure, glorify and romanticize the guy. I promise you, every one of the Big Three are virtually irredeemable, and Hades is, by far, no exception.
Angel _Dee
Angel _Dee - 3 days ago
I died laughing at the "shame" scene😂😂😂😂😂
ZEROKOOL-20 - 4 days ago
When says she’s Perseus - it was so his mortal dad would know what to name him.. like her whispering in his ear
DanGan808 Ella
DanGan808 Ella - 4 days ago
Speaking of the djinn, y’all gonna be doing the Wishmaster movies anytime soon?
Red Hoodie
Red Hoodie - 4 days ago
In Sam Worthington's defense, he's been busy filming the Avatar sequels almost back to back. The first one took 7 years to make, part of that was the language, sure, but new cast mates still have to learn the language. And since there's supposed to be 5 or 6 Avatar sequels, him not being in every movie like Brad Pitt used to be makes sense. He's done some small stuff here and there between Avatar filming, and I'm sure after those start coming out he'll start being in more stuff more frequently.
mnschoen - 5 days ago
This movie is total garbage, but...

Welcome to Greek mythology, I see you guys are new here.
Serpico Gamer
Serpico Gamer - 6 days ago
7:43 hey isn’t the guy training Perseus the bad guy from 007 Casino Royal?
Mike The Gamer
Mike The Gamer - 7 days ago
Io fuckdoll. hmmmmm.
Wang 5087
Wang 5087 - 9 days ago
Lucky I doesn`t need to work with guy like Cinema Sins, just like nuclear bomb in the ass.
MACK D - 9 days ago
Solon is ser davos from game of thrones lol i never noticed till now lol
MACK D - 9 days ago
Lol! Can someone please explain the "revenge of the nerds sex trick?" Lol
Atipaj - 10 days ago
OMG, your comment when the black Pegasus came swooping in, omg I laughed hard lol.
Ty Edwards
Ty Edwards - 11 days ago
Have you seen the game called smite?
John Rubino
John Rubino - 12 days ago
Why is this movie called Clash of the Titans anyway? I know what you mean.
Matt Lever
Matt Lever - 13 days ago
Criticises Medusa for having a bow.
Ignores the fucking *Scandinavian* Kraken migrating to Greece completely.
Matthew Mcnamara
Matthew Mcnamara - 16 days ago
The kraken, despite being the bastard son of hades. Is in this movie. Classed as a titan.
Medusa. Despite not being a descendant of a god, and therefore not being of titan blood. Is also classed as a titan. For some unknown reason that is not explained in the movie.
Medusa is also classed as a villain in pretty much all media despite the fact that she is a helpless victim. Raped by Poseidon. Cursed by athena. She hid herself away from humanity so as to hide her shame. The restriction that only men could enter her cave was because if humans were to hunt her, it would only be men, whom she feared and despised after her rape, would fall victim to her curse. A movie depicting her struggle would be historically and mythologically accurate and would be one of few movies to both remain true to the source material while appeasing the liberal left. Meaning that it would have a global appeal with few people having any leverage to criticise it for pandering. Instead they depict her as a monster.
The kraken is also misunderstood. Created by hades as a weapon against the titans and then kept imprisoned, only gaining moments of freedom when his father sets him loose upon the world to punish those who sin against or threaten the survival of the gods. Not really a difficult task to understand why the kraken obeys hades and terrorised those who stood against the Olympians
JESSE B - 18 days ago
Love the humor in this videos.... Good Job!
Hydreigon5466 - 17 days ago
Ikr! I like the "Perseus" part at 5:02 lol
raptorms773 - 19 days ago
That one took me a bit i forgot kevin sorbo was in andromeda.
Hercules thas what i remember him from
Kirika Yumura
Kirika Yumura - 20 days ago
hey Zeus, I want an Io f' doll. Make me one please?
Wilford Pongyan
Wilford Pongyan - 21 day ago
"That's racist" had me dead lol
Lucious _
Lucious _ - 22 days ago
Basically the only reason there are any heroes in Greek mythology is because Zeus can't keep it in his pants.
Shadhin Magnito
Shadhin Magnito - 24 days ago
Add another sin, the djinn is middle Eastern mythology. Not Greek.
Kitty mcPurr
Kitty mcPurr - 24 days ago
Why Hades who is the chilliest and least murdery of all the Greek gods always the villain, not to mention he didn't go around banging random human women..
Alex - 25 days ago
Hades is Poseidon’s brother... they were prolly chillin in the man cave when they knocked the statue over....
Truth Stalker
Truth Stalker - 27 days ago
*Exactly, Jeremy. Also, Why is it that ONLY insanely attractive people (Lo [this chick], Dorian Gray, etc.) are 'Cursed with Agelessness', anyway??* 👀🧐🤔
Wyzai - 27 days ago
5:16 I agree. "Agelessness" seems like a very convenient curse. At best it means you never suffer from old age - and then you die of it, at worst it means you have eternal life unless you get killed. Either way not that bad. Real immortality is a lot less convenient since it doesn't have an off switch.
Albin Lidman
Albin Lidman - 29 days ago
And the kraken is from the Nordic mythology but ok
Jake LaMotta
Jake LaMotta - 29 days ago
And l think they didn‘t speak english
Wundabar Klaus
Wundabar Klaus - 29 days ago
Isn't IO like his grandma, or great great grandma?
X X - Month ago
The best Part of the Movie is Io 🤔
Message Man
Message Man - Month ago
Brahh you should pay attention more to the movie.. what your comment makes no sense even make it worse.. are you just bored without a plan in life? Thats sad and horrible channel.
Abhijith Abhi
Abhijith Abhi - Month ago
These clash of titans and wrath of titans and related movies are made to brain wash the children and future generations to believe that hindu god's are aliens and demons ( like makai , two beings and heads in one body with multiple hands)
And Zeus who has made to look like Jesus or his father is stronger that other gods and demon's
These movies are funded by christian machineries and made to feed an idea into children mind to think and believe bullshit
victor njoku
victor njoku - Month ago
OMG the walk of shame............................... you're killing it man.
Michael Giovinazzi
Michael Giovinazzi - Month ago
I'm Sinning CinemaSins for not making a Kragle reference in their end credits.
Cthonis Princess
Cthonis Princess - Month ago
I’m adding a sin for Medusa’s backstory- in Greek mythology she was never raped.
It was the ROMAN author Ovid who changed Medusa from a bonefied monster into some nobody who was sex (in some translations it’s consensual) with Poseidon in Athena’s temple.
Moreover, this story never appears in any other ancient authors’ writing because Ovid pulled it out of his arse to fuel his anti-authoritarian views (he was banished from Rome by the emperor because of his actions).
The Android
The Android - Month ago
So why does a Roman have an Australian accident?
Alphasnowbordergirl - Month ago
You know what I hate? Everyone villainizing Hades. The only one who didn't was Perrcy Jackson and its movie adaption messed that up too.
Los 23
Los 23 - Month ago
Are you deaf when the guy opened the coffin a goddess appeared to him and said the name.
serendipity - Month ago
7:33 Acrisius got the slash on his head when Zeus struck him with lightning as punishment for executing his wife and child.
Joshua Litzinger
Joshua Litzinger - Month ago
Seriously, add a sin for continuing to make hades the bad guy when he’s the most responsible god of the big three.
Sunflower Queen
Sunflower Queen - Month ago
For movies like this, why isnt there a bonus round that's basically "everything that is inaccurate compared to the original mythos" or something like that?
Kieran Sentance
Kieran Sentance - Month ago
I loved the original
I’m 13 and watched when I was 3
Dark Miss
Dark Miss - Month ago
"No more free woman and child slaves in the ocean!? Fuck!" Also, are you assuming the Krakens' gender? gasp
Michael Compton
Michael Compton - Month ago
Actually it was known in mythology that Medusa was quite skilled with a bow and arrow, and the reason her stare worked on the kraken but not the jinn was because the stare only works on creature made of flesh and bone. That specific jinn no longer had any flesh or bone from all the battles it had encountered and was therefore immune. 👌 love the videos though
Heather Reagan
Heather Reagan - Month ago
You know you've watched way too many CinemaSins videos when you start hearing Jeremy's voice doing sins while writing fanfiction. I am not kidding.
Alarec Scarbrow
Alarec Scarbrow - 4 days ago
I hear it in the back of my mind when watching anything now. It's not a bad thing though. XD
Tokyoneko1005 - Month ago
I’ve read that Sam Worthington was a real duck and broke Bubo on purpose many times , because it drew attention away from him.
Screw you , SW!
1822138 - Month ago
I mean, is it really that surprising that Zeus would give his bastard rape-son an Io fuckdoll? By Zeus standards that’s not at all weird. Speaking of weird, isn’t the Io/Perseus pretty creepy since she knew him as a baby?
1822138 - 6 days ago
Matt Jeevas Jeez. Zeus wtf bro. You’re a god just an invent an Xbox or something and stop raping people!
Matt Jeevas
Matt Jeevas - 6 days ago
Actually it's a lot creepier than that. Io was originally a human princess that Zeus seduced, and for that was later on cursed by Hera and recovered by Zeus. As a compensation, her lineage was blessed to be one of heroes and saviors, including Heracles. And Perseus. And Minos. Yup. Zeus would bone one of Io's (and his own) great granddaughters to give birth to Perseus, who by this movie ended up marrying his own great great grandmother, that his own father/great great grandfather used to fuck as well. Then Zeus would do it again, banging Perseus (And Io's in this case) granddaughter to convince Heracles.
southweststrangla420 - Month ago
i liked both of these movies.
Stephanie West
Stephanie West - Month ago
We had to watch the original Clash of the Titans in school and I remember when the guy said release the Kraken a kid in my class thought he said release the cracker that had the kid very confused LOL. The kids said What another white guy with powers?
Catalyst-Chris - Month ago
5:59 have you met Zeus
Random User
Random User - Month ago
I'm sorry, but the coin is in the original story. How stupid are you. Review a movie about greek mythology and don't know the original story. Why don't you review a movie on the Iliad also. I'm sure it will inspire millions with your insight.
nycholaus - Month ago
This is literally the worst remake of all time when compared to the original.
Guitarded - Month ago
do you have another channel we don't know about were you talk about movies you like?
Κοσμας Πασχαλης
Sudden davos seeworth
Jordon Wu
Jordon Wu - Month ago
Omg, like there is almost nothing, actually accurate about Greek mythology in this movie...he literally should give a sin for everything that is inaccurate. We would get way more sins.
BTW Jeremy, if you want to get some Greek myths, check, Overly Sarcastic Productions, to get maximum sins from movies that are based on mythology
nil bogg
nil bogg - Month ago
What? You want to know how to KILL a GOD? ANY god? It's a secret as simple as it is ancient: Laugh at them. And their followers. Laughter is deadly to deities.
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