Everything Wrong With Clash Of The Titans (2010)

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August RempelEwert
August RempelEwert - 17 hours ago
I had to watch this movie in one of my mythology-related classes. I can't remember which one, but I remember being really mad that we were wasting precious learning time on something so thoroughly divorced from the actual material.
Welsh Superiority
Welsh Superiority - Day ago
Weirdest part of the ending - Io is Zeus' lover in basically every story, so he is literally giving his son his fuck buddy.
Savage s
Savage s - 2 days ago
Shut up your fucking mouth
Your soul will be vanished
Will vanish by hades
This mythology is true
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - 2 days ago
I really got off the rails there this movie was one of the worst things ever made and I would love the original movie so much I grew up with it I thought it was really cool I still think it's worth a lot even today and I so was looking forward to this and never was I so disappointed
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - 2 days ago
This was so god-awful I grew up with the other movie and was so looking forward to it I actually don't remember if I was dumb enough to waste my money on this movie but I think I did and I did fall asleep yep I remember I did fall asleep during it was so boring. I mean I'm constantly on painkillers and benzos but still II even during Rogue one I didn't fall asleep but I thought Rogue one was good thank God I didn't last waste my money on the Last Jedi. I walked out on The DaVinci Code the only movie I ever actually walked out on and I fell asleep during the 6th sense but I was wasted on heroin LOL well it's true back then I had a serious problem
Charlie Seely
Charlie Seely - 2 days ago
Perseus is the only one worth a sh*t, because in Wrath of the Titans, we see Agenor, who isn't worth a sh*t, because all he did was help them find Hephaestus and fight in the final battle, but other than that, jacks**t nothing!!! 8:08 is a Percy Jackson reference, so... Ooh, reference. And 16:15 is another one, sooooooo... Ooh, reference.
XanderShiller - 4 days ago
"The Gin definitely knows something"...like where his beloved Tonic is?
Hoodie Clan
Hoodie Clan - 8 days ago
This is so not Ancient Greek accurate it’s name alone makes me vomit
randalthor13 - 8 days ago
With all the Sorbo jokes that are in this, I hope they do Kull the Conqueror soon.
Nora Mero
Nora Mero - 12 days ago
Medusa was a skilled archer
BobTheReindeer - 14 days ago
Haha Zeus created man haha fuck off read up on this shit it was Prometheus
sinjonezp - 15 days ago
No sin for Apollo becoming Zeus in a very similar other movie
brady robertson
brady robertson - 15 days ago
Why can’t Zeus make me an io fuckdoll? 😩😭
Jeff Benesch
Jeff Benesch - 16 days ago
I notcied its at the point you dont even critize it sometimes and just give yourself points for talking and ugh the cring jokes im here so i could watch a movie in 20 mins just know its not for you
Dlastkatipunero - 16 days ago
All of this because Zeus fucked another married woman under a guide... You have to realize that breaks people's hearts and ruins trust.
Milo McMahon
Milo McMahon - 17 days ago
Sin: Medusa is supposed to be UGLY. Like, undeniably, not-just-because-of-hair-snakes ugly. Reversing her beauty was the WHOLE POINT of her origin story as the snake-haired monster.
Milo McMahon
Milo McMahon - 17 days ago
You forgot ‘Hades as some kind of villain’ cliche
SupaFlea - 17 days ago
the movie is funny indeed but it makes it even funnier watching a video about movie he didnt watch thats quite clear lol
Millicent Bystander
Millicent Bystander - 18 days ago
Despite my degree in Ancient History, every single time I hear "soldiers from Argos" my first assumption is that they mean Argos the shop and have purchased some soldiers there...
Midnight Fox Gamer
Midnight Fox Gamer - 19 days ago
Medusa was able to use both a bow and a sword.
Stubborn Pixie
Stubborn Pixie - 19 days ago
Somewhere along the lines you can blame russian trolls for meddling in how hollywood movies r made now bc meddling is russian trolls what theyre good @
Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker - 20 days ago
Please don't call my God boring
Dimitris Tsekeris
Dimitris Tsekeris - 20 days ago
From what I know, people in Greek mythology who attempted to fight gods GoW style or disrespect them in any other way usually suffered a horrible fate.
Elor Yosnak
Elor Yosnak - 21 day ago
The Kraken is Scandinavian. Why was that not a sin
CrunchyFrog - 16 days ago
@Elor Yosnak: "The Kraken is Scandinavian." Erm, no, it isn't. You are thinking of the Midgard Serpent that lives in the ocean and is wrapped around the Earth. 'The Kraken' is the titular monster in a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson. In Greek mythology, Andromeda, daughter of queen Cassiopeia, was indeed supposed to be sacrificed to a sea monster to appease Poseidon's wrath; but the name of the sea monster was Keto (Κητώ) a.k.a. Ketos and _it was female_ . Keto was the daughter of an ancient pre-Olympian sea god Pontos and the earth goddess Gaia. (Ironically, Pontos himself was a son of Gaia, meaning he fathered a child with his own mother. Yeah...) Keto gave birth to the Gorgons, to the dragon Lados, and some other beasties.
Matthew H
Matthew H - 26 days ago
13:30 How did you not sin the bow string clipping through her body?
James Bond
James Bond - 3 days ago
Oh Je$u$, that's unforgivable. 😮
azraelbatosi - 26 days ago
Prometheus created man - DING!
Tenyson Graber
Tenyson Graber - 26 days ago
Tenyson Graber
Tenyson Graber - 26 days ago
2:25 AHHHHHH!!! AQUAMORT..........rofl
- Droid-J7 -
- Droid-J7 - - 29 days ago
No fucking way zeus created man! That’s bs! Fuck that movie!
Maddox Clark
Maddox Clark - 29 days ago
7:04 more proof you don’t watch the freaking movies they explained that Zeus struck him with lightning after he through his wife into the river
Maddox Clark
Maddox Clark - 29 days ago
5:17 she explains why it’s a curse like 1 second after you sinned it just watch the movies before you decide to sin them
Infected Genetics
Infected Genetics - 29 days ago
Djinn, AKA Jin, are Arabic in their origin. The Ancient Greeks had similar malevolent "spirit entities" called Daemons, but Djinn are not a part of Ancient Greek Mythology.
WHY YOU ARE AN IDIOT - 29 days ago
wow really you are that stupid when it comes to religion
stick to what you are good at

don't talk about my GOD idiot lol
you sound stupid
R B - 29 days ago
"That's racist" had me cracking up
Chrono Ryono
Chrono Ryono - Month ago
+100 sins for Kevin Sorbo not appearing in this film as Hercules.
brison 129
brison 129 - Month ago
68th sin fucked it jup for me
Andrea Rezzani
Andrea Rezzani - Month ago
Their interpretation of the Perseus myth is completely wrong, his mother was the king's daughter, not his wife, the oracle said that his daughter would've given birth to someone who would've killed him, he imprisoned his daughter, Zeus infiltrated the prison and fucked her, she gave birth, he found out, she was like "this boi is zeus' son, his name is Perseus" which means something like Avenger, the king of I don't know what found a barrel where Perseus and his mother were closed in (Alive, both of them), the king's brother who originally found them was treated like shit by his brother, there was the whole Medusa thing, Perseus got laid, went back to the island, killed the King and became king himself.
Btw, Perseus never ever got a Pegasus, that was Bellerofon (I think that's how you write it in English) and Medusa was killed in her sleep
Goes us Christ, I always loved mythology but every single Christmas/birthday my family gave me one or more different books of Greek mythology, I at least have a dozen of them
Anyway Davos Seaworth saved everything
George Corbul
George Corbul - Month ago
Also, the -Kraken- Cetus was sent not by Hades or even Zeus, but by Poseidon, who was insulted when it was declared that Andromeda was as beautiful as his consorts, the sea nymphs. *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul - Month ago
In the original story, Perseus married Andromeda. *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul - Month ago
That scene where one of the scorpions busts through some ruined building reminded me of the beginning of one of the Transformers movies, and I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!! *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul - Month ago
Wasn't Io supposed to be Perseus' ancestor? Why d'they turn her into a kind of love interest in this movie? *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul - Month ago
Perseus says he doesn't need anything from Zeus, but accepts the coin(s) that Zeus tosses him. *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul - Month ago
Neither Medusa nor the -Kraken- Cetus were titans! *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul - Month ago
Why are the Djinn even in this movie? They have nothing to do with Greek mythology! And since I'm at it, the Djinn aren't even supposed to look like that! They're supposed to be invisible creatures with little-to-no ability to interact with the physical realm! Well, at least they didn't make the Djinn grant wishes, thanks for that. *DING!* *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul - Month ago
#73 - How did Calibos even manage to pick Perseus up with that grip? Guess Hades' magic gave him some sort of suction-cup hands? *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul - Month ago
The Kraken isn't from Greek mythology, it's from Scandinavian mythology! The creature in the Greek myth was Cetus! *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul - 10 days ago
@Andy Miller I write them as I go, no need to get picky.
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 11 days ago
9 separate comments are totally necessary
m rasmussen
m rasmussen - Month ago
The "D" in "Mads" is silent
Marko Lehto
Marko Lehto - Month ago
Pegasus shouldn't be there, he was born from Medusa's neck after she got her head cut off. I think.
Jason Samuel
Jason Samuel - Month ago
Only 140? That was one of the worse movies ever
MAYG - Month ago
I love your way of thinking, keep up the good work
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