After Earth - Nostalgia Critic

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JadedeaJade - Day ago
13:02 omg this whole bit is so funny, i love it.
6DeathRider - 2 days ago
After Earth, strangely more enjoyable than anything after Cloverfield in the Cloverfield Trilogy. At least the alien looks real here compared to the 10 Cloverfield Lane which made the 1953 version of War of the Worlds aliens look real. Think about that.
E V - 5 days ago
Can i watch another movie? Denied sit down .
Julia Johansson
Julia Johansson - 6 days ago
Momo would not aporove of those fashion choices. You should pay more attention to theme! The correct combination is gorgeous, mature, lively, sexy and warm. The theme is Army! That Bohemian combo is so obviously simple, cute, lively, sexy and cool!
King Awesome
King Awesome - 10 days ago
Wait, what was the twist?
Bob McGuffin
Bob McGuffin - 11 days ago
7:14 "He's a feeling boy... He needs a father." So... he needs a father figure to fix him by removing all emotion from him?
Jordany Fleury
Jordany Fleury - 14 days ago
I thought it was okay
Ian MacEwen
Ian MacEwen - 16 days ago
Nowadays, whenever I hear the name Will Smith, all I can think about is him saying "It's rewind time"
William Beal
William Beal - 20 days ago
Dude enough with the constant whispering. It is beyond fucking annoying.
Kerta Losataure
Kerta Losataure - 21 day ago
“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” - A much better version of denying fear.
Strifegar - 21 day ago
Strifegar - 21 day ago
The red haired guy talking to jaden about the "Ursa" before they crashed is Tormund from Game of Thrones I think.
Anirudh Shanbhag
Anirudh Shanbhag - 21 day ago
Why does Malcolm skin yellow?
Emilx311 - 23 days ago
My main question here: Where, when, and why did he get a puppet of himself???
Zero Cool
Zero Cool - 25 days ago
*cough* nepotism
arbereshe - 27 days ago
GOT IT! That's the chick from Ace Ventura when nature calls!
Zero Cool
Zero Cool - 29 days ago
why wouldn't he have a fully grown artificial leg of some type?
Toi O'Kelly
Toi O'Kelly - 29 days ago
Will Smith turned down Django Unchained FOR THIS!?🙄
Sarai the Gigabyte
Sarai the Gigabyte - Month ago
I'll admit, I'm not an expert on cinema or the Sci-Fi genre for that matter, but I'm a person whose a HUGE fan of Star Blazers and at least I know how proper "navigational space talk" is supposed to sound like. Listening to Smith and those 2 pilots talk nearly drove me out of my skull. Heck, even the 70's english dub of Star Blazers had better space dialogue than this.
andile majozi
andile majozi - Month ago
denied i cant skip this review
Mike Bowermaster
Mike Bowermaster - Month ago
Just another garbage will smith movie.
Ben Magnez
Ben Magnez - Month ago
This is my fuckin guilty pleasure
Chuckwagon king
Chuckwagon king - Month ago
Cassie Mitchell
Cassie Mitchell - Month ago
My biggest issue with this review literally occurs 3 minutes in where he says that not only do the Aliens not have names, but you never see them. THEY ARE CALLED URSA'S AND THE ENTIRE CLIMAX WITH JAYDEN'S CHARACTER HAS HIM FIGHTING A FREAKING URSA. Those ARE the aliens. wtf? that being said, this movie...sucked and could've been so much better.
Victor M
Victor M - Month ago
My only regret was actually going to see This film in theaters when it first came out.
SuperXFilms - Month ago
Can someone please tell me why the line "I like it but I think it's something bad" is stupid?
Chic Noodles Is Strange
I like the speculative zoology presented in the movie, that part is pretty cool
Halcion Koenig
Halcion Koenig - Month ago
13:39 - Fashion Souls?
Danielle king
Danielle king - Month ago
earth has had no humans for ages but all the animals have evolved to kill humans .Humans they have never seen.Humans that left earth 100s or thousands of years ago
Danielle king
Danielle king - Month ago
its M.Night.So robot acting.Nonsence story.Plot holes and boredom
Just Saiyan
Just Saiyan - Month ago
Did you know the Smith family are scientologists?
This weird ass movie kinda makes sense now right?
O corley
O corley - Month ago
Worst karate kid ever!
Namrata Jha
Namrata Jha - Month ago
20:07 oh please in canada we call every day
Robert Abreu
Robert Abreu - Month ago
16:15 This is also hilarious
Robert Abreu
Robert Abreu - Month ago
0:35 the beginning part is hilarious
Reginald Anderson
Reginald Anderson - Month ago
Thank god I didn't watch this shitbox from who else...M.Night Shyamnuts.
D Howard
D Howard - Month ago
This was an entertaining movie which is why we watch movies. I liked After Earth.
Sukki Blue
Sukki Blue - Month ago
As a kid, I liked it. So it kinda is a good kid’s movie
G MAN AWESOME - Month ago
GIT GUD - Month ago
I got bored just watching this review lmao. I don't think I can take the movie
Oton4shi - 2 months ago
25:35 I ask the same question everytime about Uwe Boll
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald - 2 months ago
Y'know, when you really think about it not having fear would be pretty bad in the long run, fear is something that can help prevent us from doing dangerous things that could kill us, fear is what would stop you from charging at a grizzly bear armed with just a Swiss Army knife, fear is what would stop you from diving into a pool of sharks, fear is what would stop you from trying to jump the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle, you see what I mean? Fear keeps us from throwing caution to the wind and doing stupid things that could end up getting us killed
Razerhdd - 2 months ago
Ya know if m night shyamalan was a genius he would have hired William Hurt in the place of Will Smith.
Vick KnewZeus
Vick KnewZeus - 2 months ago
Ghost Killer
Ghost Killer - 2 months ago
Cypher rage what a joke
Ghost Killer
Ghost Killer - 2 months ago
never did watch this never will!
Kyren Perdue
Kyren Perdue - 2 months ago
Love you Dad.
What do you want.
Your love?
AMPMASTER10 - 2 months ago
Put this as reply to someone's else's comment but thought I should put it up here too. They spit acid, guns even energy weapons probably make too much noise or smell, robots might be too clunky to work given the lack of prosthetic tech. A "invisible" sword wielder probably has a better cost to kill ratio than rockets and turrets that might attract more of those things. We also see only a snippet of that war. They're probably more conventional weapons elsewhere. I also doubt those are the alien only weapons. They seem more like weapons of terror than more useful creatures.
aidan Stenson
aidan Stenson - 2 months ago
You make all of these star trek references and yet when referencing that they never use contractions you leave out Data
Ana Verona
Ana Verona - 2 months ago
Split much?
KingpinPasta - 2 months ago
8:54 hello tormund giantsbane
random guy
random guy - 2 months ago
Apostrophies killed my mother......and raped my father
Reynaldo Bernal
Reynaldo Bernal - 2 months ago
I think everyone can agree that this movie was crap.
Collin Garrett
Collin Garrett - 2 months ago
Malcom has an awesome voice.
amerdding2021MA - 2 months ago
This movie is so stupid it managed to break the epic voice of Honest Trailers.
Lily Hannah
Lily Hannah - 2 months ago
8:33 Σ(・口・) Wait a fucking moment... Tormund?!

How did I not noticed that before?!
Starman Gaming
Starman Gaming - 2 months ago
17:23 My fellow viewers, withess the conception of the Nostalgia Muppet!
Rick L.
Rick L. - 2 months ago
What if Shamalala made a Riddick movie = After Earth
the ODST spartan
the ODST spartan - 3 months ago
2:57 they released bears?
samuel G2000
samuel G2000 - 3 months ago
0:34 How much of you want to bet that this is how Jaden got himself into this movie?
FIRST NAME LAST NAME - 3 months ago
Dew wa diddy. Words to live by.
the Cannon
the Cannon - 3 months ago
It would have made more sense for the bird to save him if she saw that he was trying to protect her young but for some fucking reason shamalan decided to make the bird a idiot
the Cannon
the Cannon - 3 months ago
That voice crack was so bad it could crack a cinder block
SHyperice - 3 months ago
2:21 Is it just me, or does her dress look like she has spilled a lot while eating spaghetti.
Raptor 3698
Raptor 3698 - 3 months ago
Quick question. How were the blind ass Ursa able to perfectly impale and hang dead bodies on the tree in the middle of scenic nowhere?
Nasir Bello
Nasir Bello - 3 months ago
Jaden smith accent is just so funny
James - 3 months ago
Yeah that happens in Missouri all the time
Serasia - 3 months ago
If it were a cool color at least then it would have been fine.
Grzegorz Dabkiewicz
Grzegorz Dabkiewicz - 3 months ago
gotta be honest ,everything is true and i am not a Smith fan, when i saw the movie though i didn't hate it , it was between meeeh and okay for me, maybe i wasnt paying attention. maybe i should see it again.
Solanum Lycopersicum
Solanum Lycopersicum - 3 months ago
Can Jaden control the Shyamalan State
Ich Bin
Ich Bin - 3 months ago
He is only named Cypher Raige because Smith didn't want to rip-off Max Power from the Simpsons.
Carlos Turrubiates
Carlos Turrubiates - 3 months ago
Or the legless ranger could have a prosthetic leg
Urban Kitsune
Urban Kitsune - 3 months ago
Phantom Tail
Phantom Tail - 3 months ago
Shyamalan: Can I Make A Sequel?
Hollywood Producers: *DENIED!*
TopDog Stargazer
TopDog Stargazer - 3 months ago
"Cypher Rage"? Y'know, fantasy writers and sci find writers may write over-the-top names but, at least, we can say we never named our characters such a plain and, frankly, boring name.
A.T Lesbian loli
A.T Lesbian loli - 3 months ago
why tf don't they use guns too kill these creatures
KanishQ Quotes
KanishQ Quotes - 3 months ago
I actually feel bad for the bird
She deserved better... Mama eagle deserves better
KanishQ Quotes
KanishQ Quotes - 3 months ago
Cypher Rage vs jupiter Jones vs pluto nash
tumppuman - 3 months ago
What she was doing in that scene wasnt the thing that stands out but how she acted when her husband entered the room. She acted like he abuses her! Cypher Raige is clearly a wife beater.
da ace
da ace - 3 months ago
that movie was so bad that i cant even watch this video. just gonna +1
Mr Brooks
Mr Brooks - 4 months ago
That upper lip though William Smith....
Danielle king
Danielle king - 4 months ago
so everything on earth has evolved to destroy or eat humans but earth hasnt had a human on it for thousands of years
Dustin Deveau
Dustin Deveau - 4 months ago
Fuck you this movie was awsome he acts like that because he has a hard time showing emotions because he showes no fear he has a hard time showing any emotion erthier
BLOODY POND LIVES - 4 months ago
Will Smith GPS.
Chrysaura - 4 months ago
I hate that self-important-yet-meaningless line *so much* that when I'm about to take a big scary shit, I encourage myself by saying "This will be your creation."
Le CO.
Le CO. - 4 months ago
Maybe Cypher Rage “giggle” was supposed to have emotions but some intern added in the fact that Rage “giggle” had no emotions to cover it up but the table scene was the only part will smith cared about
(for some reason)
MemeMayor - 4 months ago
Ah that's hot
J2 C
J2 C - 4 months ago
Umm I don't think that they're the only ones that survived
CaptainMcFlawww - 4 months ago
As of 2019, this is the second worst thing Will Smith has ever done.
mssunnylunarain7 - 4 months ago
An act of bravery can't be an act of bravery without fear. Fear is to protect us from doing stupid stuff or getting into bad situations. Conquering your fear isn't haven't an absence of it. It's the ability to use your fear in a constructive way-to achieve something despite it.
Guntherson220 - 4 months ago
This movie is basically Starship Troopers without any of the campiness.
ian long
ian long - 4 months ago
21:21 your ignorance at this point is really annoying. Jaden calmed down and relied on his training and his fathers advice. The only reason why will Smith is saying anything is to emphasize that point. It's cheesy directing but is NOT as confusing as you make it out to be.
ian long
ian long - 4 months ago
Nice nepotism joke, but I have my current job because my sister got me the interview
booognish - 4 months ago
Just don’t ask to leave the table while eating dinner, I will deny you
levelheaded0 0
levelheaded0 0 - 4 months ago
That sketch at the beginning killed me hahaha
delta squad4577
delta squad4577 - 4 months ago
8:03 Am I the only one reminded of Bob Dole at Bush's funeral?
LinkMarioSamus - 4 months ago
Is this still better than The Last Jedi?
Ryan Cottrill
Ryan Cottrill - 4 months ago
Critic please, the future to advance for regular crutches. Only super high tech wheelchair will do.
Dozy - 4 months ago
Hey don’t talk shit about Fern Gully. Hexxus makes that movie great.
Optimatt Prime
Optimatt Prime - 4 months ago
Thanos: I'm going to wipe out half the universe and don't care what anyone--
Cypher Rage: DENIED!! SIT DOWN!!
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