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bazooka boy
bazooka boy - Day ago
After earth seems like it could've been an good video game
Caliginous Moira
Caliginous Moira - 3 days ago
i liked the premise but hate that they left all the important stuff out of the movie..... if you didn't read you know nothing about this "universe".....
JSwanKilowJ - 5 days ago
The original concept Will Smith presented for the movie was taken from an episode of I Shouldn't Be Alive. They were going to be in a nasty car accident on a mountain and Jaden Smith would've had to hike down to town to get help. Unfortunately, Shyamalan got involved and turned it into this.
Jamie Karbowski
Jamie Karbowski - 6 days ago
Yeah I'm late to this video but I'm binge-watching this channel. The book novelization of this movie explains everything from the humans trek across space, the aliens, the ursa and more importantly, the characters. It allows me to appreciate the movie for its visuals and then I go read the novelization for the details.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ulysses
Chikyu Mawase
Parzival 09
Parzival 09 - 12 days ago
Hold on... was that actually Jaden Smith in the opening!?
Salem Black
Salem Black - 12 days ago
I just called him Syfer.
Jonathan Bonatti
Jonathan Bonatti - 13 days ago
I think the best part was Tamara's little jig when showing her skirt and sandals. I'd fuck the shit out of her.
Jalen Ikezeue
Jalen Ikezeue - 13 days ago
I though it was cool fighting aliens falling though space and humans living on a different planet totally awesome
Digital Drummer
Digital Drummer - 14 days ago
8:49 Tormund Giantsbane
Alexie Alvarez
Alexie Alvarez - 15 days ago
Lifeless onion ring
Kent Brown
Kent Brown - 18 days ago
11:21 😂😂😂😂
Kevin Dolan
Kevin Dolan - 24 days ago
Is it me or is there a lot of bad sci fi movies with earth in the title?
The New Millennial
The New Millennial - 24 days ago
I didn't know Will Smith was a Soongian Android who could disable his emotion chip. Cool.

The suit can change color but it can't mute your pheromones? Couldn't they reproduce human pheromones and release them from a beacon to distract the creature? Oh, right, that would require the use of a launching device, and that too closely resembles a gun, which isn't allowed on these ships, apparently. Same reason we couldn't just shoot the fucking baboons.

'Nother question: the wounded Ranger can get a maglev-cushioned wheelchair, but not a prosthesis?

And yeah, that cutlass... I would just pack Raphael Andolini's flint pistol from the end of Predator 2... right, no guns allowed. This future sucks! 17:02

Yeah, the "psychic connection" was really just coincidence, but because everything else in the movie is cryptic and full of blank spots, it ends up not working/making any fucking sense.

Shamallama sucks.
That one Single dude
That one Single dude - 24 days ago
Hunter Ivey
Hunter Ivey - 25 days ago
I always wondered what the real Shyamalan thinks of the NC's videos
CelerityHouse - 26 days ago
This is the only movie I've ever walked out on
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick - 26 days ago
how can eveything evolve to kill humans if humans aren't on the planet?! IT MAKES NO SENSE GUYS~~~!!!!!
BatmanFan 76 Channel 2
BatmanFan 76 Channel 2 - 26 days ago
PlatinumBlonde - 27 days ago
I think the problem with this movie is the actors aren’t having fun with it. They’re just bored and disinterested.
Mimah 101
Mimah 101 - 28 days ago
Lol. I actually really liked this movie tbh, and I still do.
Der Dodopriester
Der Dodopriester - 29 days ago
Jaden Smith: May I be in a good movie, sir?

Will Smith and M. Night: DENIED
Jules Winnfield
Jules Winnfield - 29 days ago
Broken Banner
Broken Banner - Month ago
19:28 Glad to see he is admitting he is gay.
fantasiazplatkami - Month ago
haha, your interpretation is 100% better than the film
Alan Feldman
Alan Feldman - Month ago
What’s the twist to this movie?
Open Case Gaming
Open Case Gaming - Month ago
Was he in the batman and superman cartoon from the intro???
the Cannon
the Cannon - Month ago
At least he made two good movies split and split two or unbeatable 2
Batatek - Month ago
8:43 just realized that's Kristofer Hijvu a.ka. Tormund Giantsbane
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg - Month ago
Ohai Hivju. Didn't realise he was in this star rocket wreck.
Daniel lovejoy
Daniel lovejoy - Month ago
I actually liked this movie
Pavel Dundr
Pavel Dundr - Month ago
To point out the biggest technical stupidity of the movie: The emergency beacon, which is supposed to send signal deep to a fucking space does not work in the valley and needs to be taken to a higher ground?!? Why? The Earth is supposed to be desolate so I don't suppose it needs to catch some sort of signal from an earthbound transmitter which might realisticly be blocked while being in the valley. Or does extending the range of the signal from billion kilometers to billion and 0,3 kilometers make the difference between the signal being heard and leading a rescue party in and the signal not reaching far enough?
Sebi Kurthy
Sebi Kurthy - Month ago
I like the movie
Shelli Blossom
Shelli Blossom - Month ago
i understand his son talking a knee its something his father has him do alot when he needs to listen and learn so suddenly without his father and in need of help he will fall back on something
Michaela King
Michaela King - Month ago
I quite liked After Earth, yeah, it's forgettable and I really wouldn't watch again and again but I didn't think it was bad
Jysear Jones
Jysear Jones - Month ago
Was that Malcolms little brother or ?
Master of the Universe
I'm trying to figure if its set in the 3rd millennium or. The 4th millennium
Jared Gagnon
Jared Gagnon - Month ago
🎶"Why does everybody keep on hiring me? All of my work is sh*t."🎶
-M. Night Shyamalan
Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith - Month ago
Idc liked this movie 🤷 this the happening and 6th sense are his only movies I fw. Everything else....trash
Rithrius - Month ago
Can we just turn this off and watch another mov-- DENIED, SIT DOWN!!!
JG E - Month ago
Man Awesome? Naw, that's where Captain Man comes in.😂
Btw, which name is worse?
Cypher Rage of Jupiter Jones?
L K - Month ago
0:00 Don't EVER doubt Malcoms pretentiousness again...
random guy
random guy - 2 months ago
Smiths kid is more stilted and wooden then HowdyDoodie on stilts,
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy - 2 months ago
Slab Bulkhead,
Fridge Largemeat,
Punt Speedchunk,
Butch Deadlift, 
Bolt Bigplank
Splint Chesthair,
Flint Ironstag,
Bolt Vanderhuge,
Thick McRunfast,
Blast Hardcheese, 
Buff Drinklots,
Trunk Slamchest,
Fist Rockbone,
Stump Beefgnaw,
Smash Lampjaw,
Punch Rockgroin, 
Buck Plankchest,
Stump Chunkman,
Dirk Hardpeck,
Rip Steakface,
Slate Slabrock,
Crud Bonemeal,
Brick Hardmeat,
Rip Sidecheek,
Punch Sideiron,
Gristle McThornBody,
Slake Fistcrunch,
Buff Hardback,
Bob Johnson,
Blast Thickneck,
Crunch Buttsteak,
Slab Squatthrust,
Lump Beefrock,
Touch Rustrod,
Reef Blastbody,
Big McLargeHuge,
Smoke Manmuscle,
Beat Punchbeef,
Pack Blowfist,
Roll Fizzlebeef.
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy - 2 months ago
Kunisake - 2 months ago
I wanna remake
Saran Wrap
Saran Wrap - 2 months ago
Saran Wrap
Saran Wrap - 2 months ago
I remember how horrible this movie was....
On our 8th grade Ass trip
Anderson Wang
Anderson Wang - 2 months ago
After earth proved that Will May be a good actor but he is not a good writer. He can’t write competent stories
nigerianprincess101 - 2 months ago
biggest plot hole is that Cypher rage had enough emotion to get married and have a son?!
Herman Melvellei
Herman Melvellei - 2 months ago
I didn't think this movie was really bad. It seemed weird, but interesting. I love animals and future evolutionary scenarios, and some of the ideas and designs of the creatures in this movie i really liked (the baboons and the ursa being my favorite). Its a shame thats not what people think of when they talk about this movie. Its the flaws that stand out the most, which, i agree, this movie has plenty of.
Demeter - 2 months ago
Is it so wrong that I was rooting for the baboons and ursas? I really wanted this idiotic kid dead. Now I feel dirty.
Majer Jines
Majer Jines - 2 months ago
ok first off it's will Smith so no you can't talk bad about it go f*** yourself (huge fan btw)
2, he is human and everyone gets angry just having no fear dusnt mean no emotion but that also dusnt mean HE knows that so him trying to stop ALL emotion and failing works the only problem with it is it doesn't happen ENOUGH if it happened to him with every emotion but anger and the kid points it out and the dad starts to open up yet stay fearless that have been better
3,he was probably going to have the father/son talk either later on the ship or at the base to let the kid com down and give himself some time to think on what he wants to say but the ship crashes half way there
so ya suck a dick (or don't your choice again big fan 👍👍👍👍 just like Will Smith more)
Pantsalonis - Month ago
This is what a cuckold white knight would say
Swift Nimblefoot
Swift Nimblefoot - 2 months ago
Watching Jonny Quest, I cannot help but think of Ezekiel Rage when I hear Cypher Rage
Ivan TheMadVandal
Ivan TheMadVandal - 2 months ago
Swift Nimblefoot
Swift Nimblefoot - 2 months ago
That nepotism joke is kinda ironic after what happened where only his brother remained on his channel... plus his hired actors.
Zero Black
Zero Black - 14 days ago
Lol what happend?
Stephan Ginther
Stephan Ginther - 2 months ago
If there is nothing to fear but fear itself then....we should be very afraid of being afraid.
azure adams
azure adams - 2 months ago
This movie was a father/son mutual hand job
Kerrin Elyse
Kerrin Elyse - 2 months ago
This is from the same man that made Split???? Hm.
Ethan Lynch
Ethan Lynch - 2 months ago
I actually really like this movie
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper - 2 months ago
"I like it, but I think it's something bad", is a funny line. No one takes it as a serious statement. This movie is trash though.
alex wightman
alex wightman - 2 months ago
Now I think about it this might have been intresting if multiple kids from different backgrounds being stuck on earth. Showing us how we we effect the youth with our mistakes. Maybe one kid loves the planet because hes a child soldier and all they can understand is conflict. One could freak out because they can no longer rely on tech. If you still want to stroke Jaden than just make him the leader trying to get them to work together to survive.
MailMan Favors
MailMan Favors - 2 months ago
6:29 it's all sciencing and ish so where not suppose to question it 🤣🤣🤣
JadedeaJade - 3 months ago
13:02 omg this whole bit is so funny, i love it.
6DeathRider - 3 months ago
After Earth, strangely more enjoyable than anything after Cloverfield in the Cloverfield Trilogy. At least the alien looks real here compared to the 10 Cloverfield Lane which made the 1953 version of War of the Worlds aliens look real. Think about that.
E V - 3 months ago
Can i watch another movie? Denied sit down .
Julia Johansson
Julia Johansson - 3 months ago
Momo would not aporove of those fashion choices. You should pay more attention to theme! The correct combination is gorgeous, mature, lively, sexy and warm. The theme is Army! That Bohemian combo is so obviously simple, cute, lively, sexy and cool!
King Awesome
King Awesome - 3 months ago
Wait, what was the twist?
Bob McGuffin
Bob McGuffin - 3 months ago
7:14 "He's a feeling boy... He needs a father." So... he needs a father figure to fix him by removing all emotion from him?
Jordany Fleury
Jordany Fleury - 3 months ago
I thought it was okay
Some Guy
Some Guy - 3 months ago
Nowadays, whenever I hear the name Will Smith, all I can think about is him saying "It's rewind time"
William Beal
William Beal - 3 months ago
Dude enough with the constant whispering. It is beyond fucking annoying.
Kerta Losataure
Kerta Losataure - 3 months ago
“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” - A much better version of denying fear.
Strifegar - 3 months ago
Strifegar - 3 months ago
The red haired guy talking to jaden about the "Ursa" before they crashed is Tormund from Game of Thrones I think.
Anirudh Shanbhag
Anirudh Shanbhag - 3 months ago
Why does Malcolm skin yellow?
Emilx311 - 3 months ago
My main question here: Where, when, and why did he get a puppet of himself???
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy - 3 months ago
*cough* nepotism
arbereshe - 4 months ago
GOT IT! That's the chick from Ace Ventura when nature calls!
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy - 4 months ago
why wouldn't he have a fully grown artificial leg of some type?
Toi O'Kelly
Toi O'Kelly - 4 months ago
Will Smith turned down Django Unchained FOR THIS!?🙄
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