$500 Ebay Mystery Box

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MsFiregal8 - 3 days ago
You got ripped off!!
Hydroponic City
Hydroponic City - 6 days ago
$500 worth of curly tootsie roll. Hehehe.
Mhamad Nehme
Mhamad Nehme - 6 days ago
You got Scammed my friend
JF Guy
JF Guy - 7 days ago
for $500 bucks I'd say it's a pretty small box, or there isn't anywhere near $500 worth of stuff in the box
Ryan L
Ryan L - 7 days ago
Kudmond - 8 days ago
9:37 That’s your standard G6 Prostate Stimulator
Dean Frankovis
Dean Frankovis - 9 days ago
You got a box of junk!
Darren - 10 days ago
It's all fucken rubbish. EBay should be ashamed of themselves for sending it to you
Bay Z
Bay Z - 11 days ago
That letter was teared
Debra Wolf
Debra Wolf - 12 days ago
You got a bunch of junk sorry to say that.
Covfefe Hamberder
Covfefe Hamberder - 13 days ago
Buy a cheap laptop to use the drives on. Use a good virus protection program too.
stephen Barnes
stephen Barnes - 13 days ago
All is worth two in bush
Elizabeth Trainer
Elizabeth Trainer - 14 days ago
I know Taras "Appears" happy, but this is really quite a boxful of junk.
Mnassar47_yt -
Mnassar47_yt - - 5 days ago
Elizabeth Trainer true
Cheyenne Cadd
Cheyenne Cadd - 14 days ago
I think you did good on this one :)
suman debnath
suman debnath - 15 days ago
I just wonder how the e retailer sells their unsold junk...that's really creative
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson - 15 days ago
2:17 first package
Montana Bulldog
Montana Bulldog - 16 days ago
The picture of the "Girl", is JUDY GARLAND ! ( Wizard of Oz ! )
Mohammad Gamer
Mohammad Gamer - 17 days ago
Voodoo8648 - 18 days ago
Bunch of garage sale junk
John Henry
John Henry - 18 days ago
The last item. Just give it to your wife
X 3 R 0
X 3 R 0 - 19 days ago
They spent 480$ on packaging material
Ero Nakama
Ero Nakama - 19 days ago
I thought it was full of fire starter lol
Libby Horn
Libby Horn - 19 days ago
I have that same Polaroid camera
Peoples KarmaSquad
Peoples KarmaSquad - 20 days ago
A lot of antiquated junk. Dude, you got ripped
bleep blop bloop
bleep blop bloop - 20 days ago
TODD SHEARER - 22 days ago
photo is of Judy Garland , again!!
fran goodburger
fran goodburger - 22 days ago
nope. everyrhing was worth $450
anything at all
anything at all - 18 days ago
The point of mystery boxes and survivel boxes and every business in the world is make sell for more profit
Tom Munoz
Tom Munoz - 23 days ago
that glass with the 2 holes is a insulated for a electric fence for cattle comes from the med. west
S Rennie
S Rennie - 25 days ago
Judy Garland picture - she was Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz.
kris garay
kris garay - 26 days ago
About 3.50
clobe brother's vloggs
clobe brother's vloggs - 26 days ago
Shout out for my friends in cebu philippines
clobe brother's vloggs
clobe brother's vloggs - 26 days ago
Quick silver
Leonard Walters
Leonard Walters - 26 days ago
Retail on the modern version of the spark plugs are going for around 30 to 40 dollars each
Ugur øzden
Ugur øzden - 27 days ago
plzz plzz plzzz open the usb in some way or find us the video for the 500 $ mystery bag sender i whant to se his video and what he says
Joseph Pecoul
Joseph Pecoul - 27 days ago
The last item you mentioned October /November 1962.
My birthday December 1962.
Just saying wow. Thanks for your show.
Chowdhury Ishtiaq
Chowdhury Ishtiaq - 29 days ago
Takla zanga taras
teddy andina
teddy andina - 29 days ago
Should have added some condensed milk trust me.
Gabriel Stephen
Gabriel Stephen - Month ago
Splendid Dwarf
Splendid Dwarf - Month ago
the whole box is worth more than $1000 if you get it checked out at a pawn shop
sabertoothtigerluver - Month ago
You’re so adorable, love the enthusiasm💗 always watching your videos
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy
The avengers one alone is about $1300 now
Raccoon - Month ago
*$500 worth of garbage*
Bojan Slavkovic
Bojan Slavkovic - Month ago
The plastic thingy at 3:30 is an insulator for ham radio antennae, to attach them to a pole or a tree.
Otown613 BK2
Otown613 BK2 - Month ago
500 for that?
Juan ST
Juan ST - Month ago
What else do you want us to let you know on the comments below?
Dark Night
Dark Night - Month ago
The vintage polorid alone is about $800-$1,250
The sign $260
The posters 1,600 - 2,500 each
If the posters have authentic signatures they could be worth a million dollars depending on the signature.
Kaye Quintero
Kaye Quintero - Month ago
Taras is a happy person.. thats why I love him 😊
John Perez
John Perez - Month ago
Hi TARAS can you give me any tools
Chuck Russo
Chuck Russo - Month ago
That musical instrument is a chunk of wood
Chuck Russo
Chuck Russo - Month ago
You got at least $50 bucks worth
zuesss myboy
zuesss myboy - Month ago
Ouu it says FRAGILE, continues to manhandle it
Pure Jade
Pure Jade - Month ago
Marrylin Monroe...
Team Shmo
Team Shmo - Month ago
Pretty cool the guy made it special for you
Rebecca Miller
Rebecca Miller - Month ago
Picture was of Judy Garland
Linus Lennstring
Linus Lennstring - Month ago
If you leave everything to Gamestop you will get about 2-3 dollars at least
Ninjo Sata
Ninjo Sata - Month ago
As if $500 makes even a dent in his income...
Ben Rios
Ben Rios - Month ago
That telephone sign is now AT&T, I would definitely keep it there is a lot of value in it
40 Cal
40 Cal - Month ago
The poster of individual X-men cards will get your 500
Wonder Wom
Wonder Wom - Month ago
WOW!!! Love the unboxing!!!! Thank u have inspired me !!!!!
Zach Hugs
Zach Hugs - Month ago
Open the mystery box!!!!
joseph simonis
joseph simonis - Month ago
Worth about 20 bucks
Eric Belinc
Eric Belinc - Month ago
All those posters look like replicas, the sign is an AT&T sign replica. I think ya might of got ripped off Taras. Curious what’s in that wooden puzzle box though. That could make the difference as far as hat you paid for this box.
Jann Railey
Jann Railey - Month ago
I like the package make the video longer
MR explainer
MR explainer - Month ago
Evan Ur man
Evan Ur man - Month ago
Biggest scam that is probably only worth 150 dollars
Shan Anjum
Shan Anjum - Month ago
Let me know in the comments below.
Let me know in the comments below.
Let me know in the comments below.
Let me know in the comments below.
Let me know in the comments below.
Let me know in the comments below.

Let me know in the comments below also.
Pavel Yashchenko
Pavel Yashchenko - Month ago
All together, its worth about $700 dollars if all the vintage stuff is genuine.
9dam - Month ago
Let me know in Caaments below 🤣
L M Newman
L M Newman - Month ago
You're so entertaining my friend ✌
HR Gaming
HR Gaming - Month ago
Wasted $500
hacker dragion
hacker dragion - Month ago
They poster are so rear i think
Komen Cents
Komen Cents - Month ago
jinn box, emp, helicopter propeller accessory.
john smith
john smith - Month ago
Vintage telephone sign is a replica.
Emma Mae
Emma Mae - Month ago
This is the perfect way to get rid of all your garbage !!
Showta Ito
Showta Ito - Month ago
“Is this worth more than $500?” Someone doesnt understand how business works
wayne brown
wayne brown - Month ago
Space needle in Seattle
armen 05/12/66
armen 05/12/66 - Month ago
Screw the 3.1k haters
armen 05/12/66
armen 05/12/66 - Month ago
The 2nd poster is marvel card prints
armen 05/12/66
armen 05/12/66 - Month ago
The picture is of Judy Garlin
NIkhil Sai Maturi
NIkhil Sai Maturi - Month ago
It might worth double the price
Mohan Mysore
Mohan Mysore - Month ago
Around 827 Dollar
Mia Sterling
Mia Sterling - Month ago
I guess my dad was right by saying all russians are just lazy thieves.
Heylin C.
Heylin C. - Month ago
If this guy really knew Taras he would have filled that box with pashtiet from all over the world
J aune
J aune - Month ago
That framed pic is Judy Garland!
Elle - Month ago
The photo looks like Judy Garland
thereactionguy - Month ago
That is a saxophone mouthpiece. A nice one
Harsh raj
Harsh raj - Month ago
Joette's Casual Day *Joette Vance
can you say RIPPED OFF?
Sam The hiking man
Sam The hiking man - 2 months ago
At Cash Generators.... we will offer 2 pence per item.... ... usually we buy off desperate druggies...
Sell them all online instead.. £500
dirk ehnton c. Sumile
dirk ehnton c. Sumile - 2 months ago
Ebay yaaahoooo
01malibutony 01malibutony
01malibutony 01malibutony - 2 months ago
You forgot safety is #1 priority!!
yapyap66 - Month ago
yeah could of been a parcel bomb lol
Jake Johannesen
Jake Johannesen - 2 months ago
Tina Mitchell
Tina Mitchell - 2 months ago
you win, you were just in visited to my neighborhood ! I sell all of these item !
The gun man The gun man
The gun man The gun man - 2 months ago
dumb cunt
dumb cunt - 2 months ago
its worth 10$
Michael - 2 months ago
He keeps saying everything is “vintage” 😂
Karl Antonio
Karl Antonio - 2 months ago
the most kind person i know
KOMBAT GAMING - 2 months ago
1000$ 52 cents
kartoška TV
kartoška TV - 2 months ago
That hellboy 2 cost from 120dollars to 390dollars
Kichirou X
Kichirou X - 2 months ago
So .. immediately we know this isn't an accurate representation of what a mystery box would be.
Cosmic ZebraCakes
Cosmic ZebraCakes - 2 months ago
*crickets chirping*
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