$500 Ebay Mystery Box

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Kurt Capili
Kurt Capili - 22 hours ago
So is there any comment here that tells the price of each.
KAI TGW - 4 days ago
I tho the vibrating thing is a girl vibrater 😂😂
Vencislav Tabakov
Vencislav Tabakov - 4 days ago
140$ Sorry
Hehehe someone cheat you.all of garbage.
gerome balaoro
gerome balaoro - 5 days ago
The posters are authentic and legit
PheaCG YT - 5 days ago
That Cost only 50 dollars
stone free
stone free - 6 days ago
You could have done better with $50 at a garage sale
FBI - 3 days ago
Thats what she said
ato ando
ato ando - 6 days ago
if you like it then its worth it
Rudy Grajeda
Rudy Grajeda - 7 days ago
If I paid $500 for that stuff I would have been pissed off...
x420 cbrYTx
x420 cbrYTx - 7 days ago
Rudy Grajeda fr fr
Aly Hussein
Aly Hussein - 8 days ago
Did you say barf bags? :D
king bishop
king bishop - 10 days ago
I want to licc your head.
Tina Ingram
Tina Ingram - 15 days ago
I just love how happy he always is! Makes me smile 😊
HACKER GAMERS - 17 days ago
The vibrating thing is a cellphone jammer
pbj9790 - 17 days ago
Vintage picture in frame is Judy Garland 😍
Piper Alpha
Piper Alpha - 18 days ago
All I can say is, “One man’s meat.”...
zk oficial
zk oficial - 18 days ago
On side by he is quick silver in avengers
Sydney Patrick Marsh
Sydney Patrick Marsh - 23 days ago
This guy is awesome
Dianna Gibbins
Dianna Gibbins - 23 days ago
The framed picture is Judy Garland
WEL LOW - 23 days ago
2019 anyone?
A0glox YT
A0glox YT - 3 days ago
WEL LOW - 23 days ago
9:53 I guess a broken girls toy😂
Ricky Laron
Ricky Laron - 24 days ago
You always make me smile. Ty
TurtleTim - 25 days ago
He definitely feels ripped off hahahaha
Bp- Rz
Bp- Rz - 25 days ago
minimum 1500 $
Jason Sitz
Jason Sitz - 26 days ago
Well it looks like it's all worth about five hundred bucks
John Murphy
John Murphy - 26 days ago
The vibrating thing is for people who have had the vocal cords removed. They hold it to their throat to be able to talk. This is the ATT thing.
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah - 27 days ago
I thought it was filled with mre’s and food gadgets
Thesnake9 - 28 days ago
Why do bold guys grow beards ??
zac gaming
zac gaming - 28 days ago
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali - 28 days ago
You could easily make $1000 from this $500 mystery box.
david 626
david 626 - Month ago
I watch a lot of mystery boxes you got a good on love you show
Phil Church
Phil Church - Month ago
Give you a tenner for the lot!
LORDERIK13 - Month ago
MyMoxie House
MyMoxie House - Month ago
The Marvel poster could have been autographed by Stan Lee. Have that checked out.
Matt landro
Matt landro - Month ago
That's Judy garland taras. You received a great mystery box.
Alan Garner
Alan Garner - Month ago
The lady in the picture is Judy Garland. ( from the wizard of Oz ) 👍🏻😎👍🏻
Anas Safar
Anas Safar - Month ago
50 usd
Kolton Anderson
Kolton Anderson - Month ago
You are
Michael Arnett
Michael Arnett - Month ago
.... Why did you look at your crotch when you were making that vibrate???
Dylan Cohen
Dylan Cohen - Month ago
i think your stuff is value at $2,200.00
That Picture Was an early photo "Judy Garland" from the Wizard of Oz" A very Famous American Actress.
out of the tube you have a sheet of marvel X-men super hero cards before cutting
Ayden Houston
Ayden Houston - Month ago
Double Dragon
Double Dragon - Month ago
The weir looking glass thing is a vintage electrical insulator.
richard lawless
richard lawless - Month ago
Maybe About $30 USD of stuff the guy wanted to throw away anyway . But you’re still cool -
melvin carter jr
melvin carter jr - Month ago
I am from Seattle the bags worlds fair 62 Nixon was there and my mother and parents.
melvin carter jr
melvin carter jr - Month ago
The picture is JUDY GARLAND
Hilda Pereira
Hilda Pereira - Month ago
All the marvel posters are very rare
Letian Wang
Letian Wang - Month ago
i think u got ripped off
almost like he had an estate sale but couldent sell anything so he just put it in a box
FloridaLovin69 - Month ago
I would be so fn pissed!!! All junk!!!
FloridaLovin69 - Month ago
A bunch of junk for $500🤣😂
Sketch Hanes
Sketch Hanes - Month ago
Rita Hayworth
Danny Storbeck
Danny Storbeck - Month ago
Way to waist $500
Logan Malaihollo
Logan Malaihollo - Month ago
$10000 is what I counted
Wayne Byerly
Wayne Byerly - Month ago
What's it all worth? I'm sorry Taras ... you got robbed ... it's all worth about ... mmmm ... about $0.00
Matty Reardon
Matty Reardon - Month ago
Just the variety is amazing. Looks like alot of work putting it together.
Original Bernz
Original Bernz - Month ago
I stopped watching when you pulled out a trophy that was special for you. That ruined the integrity of the entire video.
Davut Kabaoglu
Davut Kabaoglu - Month ago
Another nice Video 👌👌👌
Tomsawyerspit - Month ago
Judy Garland , musical instrument is a bird call
ultrue - 2 months ago
2.3M views worth about 11k dollar. So yes, I think it was worth the 500 bucks.
Annyeong Eunoia
Annyeong Eunoia - 2 months ago
Taras have reached another level of maximum tolerance with all those useless things.
Annyeong Eunoia
Annyeong Eunoia - 2 months ago
Taras is the only vlogger I know who never complains about what's inside the mystery box.
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