Jussie Smollett Turns Himself in to Police for Staging a Hate Crime | The Daily Show

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Tawnia Baze
Tawnia Baze - 4 days ago
We did the same with Obama. We didn’t hate him because he was half black. We hated him for his actions and he was an asshole!
truth truth
truth truth - 4 days ago
Oh yes, as his mother says, 'Jussie is just love to the bone'.
Riiiight. Complete taqya. Jihaad.
Rudy Bishop
Rudy Bishop - 6 days ago
he’s not even his mothers son
Fallout Guy
Fallout Guy - 6 days ago
Did watch this video but um Trump is still President of The United States? He's not getting impeach? Wow he must be doing something right for our country! LOL
Kiki Neener
Kiki Neener - 7 days ago
This guy not even a lil bit funny. The daily show went to shit, but the last line made me not break my phone
Jessie Ray Keaton
Jessie Ray Keaton - 8 days ago
Trev still got smullet cum on his mouth
bigbangnone - 10 days ago
Kamala Harris is doing her best to create a Real MAGA Country so that Empire can remain !
brandon baerga
brandon baerga - 12 days ago
He should be fired from everything
theresa webb
theresa webb - 15 days ago
Smollett wanted to be caught hilarious really smollett is crazy.
theresa webb
theresa webb - 15 days ago
Smollett fa l
ked this whole tbinf & it's on tape.
theresa webb
theresa webb - 15 days ago
Smollett will be remembered just for this fake faking a robbery.
matthias ameen
matthias ameen - 16 days ago
That last sentence, lets keep it in a plaque and hang it in ur office trevor.
Dio - 20 days ago
A reminder that Trevor Noah is from South Africa where whites are targeted and murdered for their race.
chris poe
chris poe - 21 day ago
Self righteous asshole was pro Jussie at first. His ratings plummeted to his IQ
Mine Finder
Mine Finder - 21 day ago
Jussie Smollett and Trevor Noah, both gay, both liberal, both stupid. Brothers from another mother.
Allyn Alama
Allyn Alama - 22 days ago
He went from a B-rated Empire actor to a C- Hate Crime Actor.
Maria W.
Maria W. - 22 days ago
This is boss...
D C - 23 days ago
Trevor was really fun here. I’m glad that the MSM is actually calling this dude out.
John Deon
John Deon - 24 days ago
Trevor i know you are a comedian but you know better. stop acting like a 10 year old. BOTH me & YOU are from Africa so ASEBLIEF hou op.
Fili Ili
Fili Ili - 25 days ago
What a great distraction these comedians are for you Americans. What about the migrant kids who could be sent to Guantanamo Bay? Innocent children. What about Venezuela and what your Evil Government is doing there. What about Syria? What about Yemen? Do Americans know what's happening in Iraq? Do you guys know what's going on in Lybia? Huh?
America has the biggest economy in the world, yet if you walk down city streets, it won't feel like it. Where's your $20 Trillion from last year? How can you have an economy worth $20 Trillion, yet the public owe the federal reserve $22 Trillion? THE PUBLIC. THAT'S FUCKEN YOU GUYS. THE PEOPLE.
The Rich are Eating the Poor
Outsiders love the American people, but you guys need to get some new blood in your government that can't be controlled by big cooperation.
A nation of Christians doing the Devils work.
All The Best, and May the people of America be Blessed by all the Gods.
shannon healy
shannon healy - 26 days ago
your an actor you should know where the camera is hahahaha
Kohlenstoffisotop12 - 26 days ago
jeez man, what a vicious snake
Sam Stark
Sam Stark - 29 days ago
I just watched interview with Robin on ABC News and I believe him.We will see when evidence is unsealed in private law suit.
Antonio Madera
Antonio Madera - Month ago
Ain't feeling them whack ass Tupac jokes
ARCADEIUS - Month ago
There's so much freedom in this country people are just literally paying to be oppressed or making up excuses to act like they're oppressed such as work wise or wages it's all bulshit it's all crap we don't live in the 1800's or the 1900s this is 2019 time to grow up and unite as a people
C V - Month ago
Don’t like Trevor, this was a good segment though. Just lay off the Tupac jokes
sarah deason
sarah deason - Month ago
Trevor Noah is so funny...Glad I found him here on you tube as I do not watch TV...I will be watching all his videos...Love his accent as well and he is really nice to look at..just saying 😉
GMA wants Jesse back for a follow up interview! Well that and they need someone to mop the floors and scrub toilets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😎
Smollett is guilty of the worst career choice ever! Black folks should want justice from Smollett more than anyone! He is making a mockery of their movements and credibility! He should except his judgment and apologize for his actions! Then maybe people will forgive him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😎
Robert Hetzel
Robert Hetzel - Month ago
“Can’t we all just get along.”
-Rodney King
Will James
Will James - Month ago
Typical millennial stunt....don't get what they want ....😢😢😢😢😢
Divide ut regnes
Divide ut regnes - Month ago
Why do people think this Trevor Noah guy if funny? I don't see it. By the way I'm not defending Smollett, I just find him extremely unfunny.
Ps. Just imagine if a straight white guy paid two black guys to beat him up and then filed a fake police report, mr. Noah would be ranting and raving.
Retribution - Month ago
Hes gay right? He couldve blown off the boss... And again america hates fagets again... Way to go smullet
Luke Edison
Luke Edison - Month ago
Of course Trevor Noah sells this as a disgruntled worker seeking a raise. He conveniently slides right past key facts like Smollett specifically framing white people in his testimony, pointedly attacking an opposing political party in a fraudulent smear attempt, and trying to demonize heterosexuals. But yeah, other than those clear motives, this had nothing to do with politics or ideology.
Chad Schwartz
Chad Schwartz - Month ago
The fact that other blacks support him, is why I now support the KKK. If they are gonna support racists, why shouldn't i? I hope the white hoods pay him a visit.
samuel muiruri
samuel muiruri - Month ago
i keep writing 2018 on all my murder checks, lo
Marcus rabb
Marcus rabb - Month ago
南雲Haruya - Month ago
Imagine living in a time where you can get hired more easily for being black and gay, become famous, rich and have basically anything your so called oppressors have and more. And STILL not being satisfied.
Tyler Jacobson
Tyler Jacobson - Month ago
Your hole show it completely fucking trash biased left wing bull shit you spew
yasmani martinez
yasmani martinez - Month ago
Man is 2019, am really getting tired of the race crap, when will it ever stop.
Don’t try to use logic and reason with cops. You’ll just confuse them.
Please watch my videos.
Thank you.
drServitis - Month ago
Laman Alvarez
Laman Alvarez - Month ago
The more I watch you, the more I like you. You are truly a great comedian.
anthony esparsen
anthony esparsen - Month ago
Yea he is a very bad actor
anthony esparsen
anthony esparsen - Month ago
This guy needs to go straight to hell ok no fucking way this cant happen
Fred Chavo
Fred Chavo - Month ago
Christians For Pewdiepie
This is honestly just sad...
Courtney Bush
Courtney Bush - Month ago
That last line summarizes this story well
Scot - Month ago
Jussie Smollet is nothing more than TRASH !!!!!!
Sean Adonis
Sean Adonis - Month ago
How the hell did he get a show!! This dude is not funny at all
Spock vs Khan
Spock vs Khan - Month ago
Trevor please another video when the D.A. of Chicago is arrested.
Sh! Sch?
Sh! Sch? - Month ago
Who knew subway was open a 2 am? I died LOL
Necro morph
Necro morph - Month ago
It pays to be a victim now days Trevor.
Andrew Clastic
Andrew Clastic - Month ago
4:59 First time seeing this!!! HAHAHAHA!!! YES, TREVOR!!! WE ARE WITNESSING PROGRESS!!!! LOL!!!!!
M H - Month ago
I find it funny Trevor trying to figure how someone can think that spreading lies get you higher in your career 😂
Ryon Andrade
Ryon Andrade - Month ago
Way to stand up for this man
Much respect
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams - Month ago
Lol u imagine if a white guy pulled this shit lol ohhhh mannnn
Danny Vanoni
Danny Vanoni - Month ago
But he did do exactly what he’s talking about.. Chris rock makes fun of Smollett, and this little brit thinks it’s funny 😆
KnowJesusKnowPeace - Month ago
It was never about a raise. Look at who was cast as the perpetrator. It was not whites. It was not native-born African-Americans. Instead, wardrobe gave them MAGA hats. This was an engineered hate crime, one designed to heap the burden of hate onto Trump supporters.
There was another one of these recently, a mob attacked some catholic school boys over the MAGA hat. Then, the press flamed the boys... until it became clear they were the ones attacked.
Mr Me
Mr Me - Month ago
Let's be honest. If he wasn't caught pulling this nonsense all of the shows and celebrities now hanging up on him would have had t shirts and online posts of support.
And just like the Salem witch trials they have to dunk him until he confesses to heresy so you stop looking for witches, because they're witches too. He used the standard formula for this type of fakery that everyone else was using and now people are asking questions and that's no good for fake crimes.
Matt Skierkiewicz
Matt Skierkiewicz - Month ago
There was absolutely a hate crime, it just didn’t go the way liberals wanted it too... 🤷🏼‍♂️
World Traveler
World Traveler - Month ago
just news bla bla bla all different version
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson - Month ago
Whites are so weak
joshkrk93 - Month ago
Ain’t nobody impeaching trump
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden - Month ago
From just another tighty-righty northern-whitey, nice swing, Trevor! This episode of your five-minute show has inspired me to explore the tendency for late-nite TV to oppose certain leftist viewpoints and "principles". By the way all, it's "zeh-brah" like "Deh-brah"--not "zee-brah".
Ed Reyes
Ed Reyes - Month ago
he flipped the script, 2 white guys did it.
BossFlossy - Month ago
I love how this pc clown avoids the real issue and jokes about the pay raise. He committed a felony. Fake hate crimes should be punished the same as a real one.
uncle Ricky
uncle Ricky - Month ago
BOYCOTT Michelle Obama's book!
Otheranother - Month ago
This is how democrats try and generate support in 2019.
Rals Becket
Rals Becket - Month ago
I can just hear the explosion of tumblr sjw's heads right now.
Big Dick
Big Dick - Month ago
And today he's a free man?????
I hope he gets his fuckin ass kicked every time he walks out the door!
Arma Lol
Arma Lol - Month ago
Kundan Chhabra
Kundan Chhabra - Month ago
All charges have been dropped. It turns out it was the corrupt cops who were lying as usual: https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-jussie-smollett-charges-dropped-20190326-story.html
TruthfulImmigrant - Month ago
Wow, he took a plea deal you Dalit pleb.
Shiftyeyes775 - Month ago
This clown is not funny. The fake laughs in the back only make it less funny.
JB BJ - Month ago
Fuck you trevor u were wrong U BITCH
Jonathan Howell
Jonathan Howell - Month ago
alexis bono
alexis bono - Month ago
All charges against actor Jussie Smollett -- who had been accused of staging a hate crime and filing a false police report about it -- hhhh !! now whar Mr Trevor Noah
oro acevedo
oro acevedo - Month ago
What was he thinking
TaeloJmathuloe - Month ago
Smollet looks like Noah 🤔
James Rowles
James Rowles - Month ago
Subway should serve a secret sandwich at 2am
ktarnik - Month ago
Mr. Noah, I'm not quite certain if you are upset that Smollett didn't succeed in his evil doings that some black person lied about hate crime?
R K - 2 months ago
When a leftist comedian points out the clear bullshit over a leftist bullshiter.... Is fucking scarry.
R K - 2 months ago
There are real hate crimes out there. Thanks 2nd class actor no one knew before, you just have trivialized hate crime.
???? ????
???? ???? - 2 months ago
Such a good segment. Great ending!😂
Beechpilot - 2 months ago
Great final line mate. ! What a roundup.
spungar patar
spungar patar - 2 months ago
He "comes hard on 45"
spungar patar
spungar patar - 2 months ago
When you have to import hate crimes because right wing violence is almost non existent..
Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith - 2 months ago
Another lying black Democrat!!! MAGA 2020
Arzt Merkwürdigliebe
Arzt Merkwürdigliebe - 2 months ago
Anyone that believed Jussie's story is as retarded as he is.
What's Jussie short for? Justus?
lakeysha landry
lakeysha landry - 2 months ago
How dumb can you be? You ruined your life and career for $3500!
dctPL - 2 months ago
Black-jewish-gay leftist scum... Damn... What a combo!!!
dctPL - 10 days ago
+Chris Franklin Just a bad taste joke based on stereotypical prejudices. Don't take it personally. I have a terrible sense of humour.
Chris Franklin
Chris Franklin - 10 days ago
dctPL ? what do you mean
Loli hunter
Loli hunter - 2 months ago
Nigga got busted.
Jo Mama
Jo Mama - 2 months ago
Black people are so let down.. They are so ready for a race war so they can attack whites. They want this, they are just dying to hate white people and the main stream medias endorses it all
Uncle Kyle
Uncle Kyle - 2 months ago
About time someone says it
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini - 2 months ago
What a horribly selfish and socially destructive thing to do. This makes things immensely more difficult for every actual victim of hate crimes. People who can’t be bothered to consider how their actions will affect others... I wish they were in the minority compared to those who are considerate and thoughtful. Maybe they are. Maybe assholes just seem to be more numerous.
Derek Avigliano
Derek Avigliano - 2 months ago
This whole Smollet case is just plain ignorant just like the people who actually care about it. smh
Roberto Velazquez
Roberto Velazquez - 2 months ago
Good job subway. What a way to announce your store hours lol
kombucha! - 2 months ago
What ever happened to *ASHLEY TODD?* 🤔👀😐 but okay...
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s - 2 months ago
Mark Anthony Tocmo
Mark Anthony Tocmo - 2 months ago
Where are the celebrity SJWs who are quick to foam their mouths.
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