I asked my Subscribers to represent Climate Change in Minecraft

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CG - Day ago
lol just send water to space
UNF0RTUNAT3 _ - 2 days ago
Scotland has so many wind farms that we can actually power 5 scotlands
Ana'ira Muirés
Ana'ira Muirés - 2 days ago
We only have 12 years until our negative effects on the planet are irreversible
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - Day ago
It’s already irreversible, all that matters now is how dramatic the effects are
MagicMissle - 2 days ago
Just saying, with all the nuclear power plants, I feel obligated to say that the "smoke" coming out of the towers I actually steam. Nuclear power plants run by putting uranium through a process called fission, which causes extreme heat. That heat is used to heat water, much like a giant kettle. Nuclear power plants are among the cleanest and most effective sources of energy. People need to realize this.
Royal Maniac
Royal Maniac - 2 days ago
I liked how he put asked, not forced in the title
Royal Maniac
Royal Maniac - 2 days ago
I like how there was no background music
frenchgummy - 3 days ago
Boycott Nestle.
The sable Preacher
The sable Preacher - 3 days ago
Stand user:
[ RTgames ]
Stand Name:
[ I Want Die ]
[ I Want Die’s ] ability is to enslave anyone. RT cannot control the stand. Sometimes it will enslave people for good causes like stopping global warming

Sometimes it will trap people inside a cube and see what happens
Chubnubbs - 4 days ago
Why does he always sound like he has a cold
CookieClub - 4 days ago
As a dutchman I can confirm all of the things said about the Netherlands in this video are true
Pardon me are You aaron burr sir
Don’t say “I can’t help” or “it’s too late” as corny as it sounds you’re NEVER too late or too small to change things. I 100% understand that big cooperations are a big percentage of the problem. But we need to work on ourselves AND find a way to stop them. Stop pointing finger and not working on yourself.
Quokka - 4 days ago
I feel like I speak for everybody when I say I secretly hope I’m dead before it gets too bad
Finn KNIGHT - 4 days ago
2060: every body is dead, and our teachers once said climate change did'nt exist.
they were fucking wrong
Asbestos Fish
Asbestos Fish - 4 days ago
_”can’t just call it we’re-fucked-field”_
-Robin Williams
JayHog1992 - 5 days ago
At my work place, lids and straws (plus their plastic) are now optional. We don't hand them out at first unless requested or unless it's a take away.

Not much, but it's something my boss thought of helping the planet.
Scariett909 - 5 days ago
Wish all the middle class would realize we have the power and rise up to fight for change.
True -Otaku
True -Otaku - 5 days ago
Learning that climate change is irreversible makes me want to Yeet my self off a bridge
Destroyer of Worlds
Destroyer of Worlds - 5 days ago
I wish I had minecraft to participate in the streams. Set fire to everything.
Zander-notch77 - 6 days ago
I’m Michigan there was a tornado that didn’t touch the ground
Zander-notch77 - 6 days ago
In 2135 we will all be in the Lorax
Adusakful - 7 days ago
Everyone: "Humanity is single-handely making the planet warmer"
Climate change which happens every damn thousands years that goes from ice age to warmer temperature and back to ice age: You stand amid my achievement, not yours!
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - Day ago
Notice how it should take thousands of years at absolute minimum, not a few hundred.
Mardal Sow
Mardal Sow - 7 days ago
Build kashyyk
Agar HERO - 8 days ago
Ok then I will get the army.
Lenge leve Norge
JOhnny JOhnny
JOhnny JOhnny - 8 days ago
To the people that don’t believe in climate change, surely you just give it the benefit of the doubt and try and help with the preservation of the earth anyway? Or are your egos too fragile? And if you were to help the cause then yes, maybe the only thing for you that would come out of helping the planet would be that it would become more beautiful, but is that not enough? and I know for certain that people like me who believe in climate change would put our hands up and take the L if it all turned out to be a hoax. But where I stand now is that you should do things that work towards the preservation the world regardless, even if that means guiding humanity away from fossil fuels that are such a pivotal part of the running of our society. Eco friendly energy is very real, and efficient.
cédric léonard
cédric léonard - 4 days ago
Pushing back against the alarmism component of the climate debate is not the same thing as denying the fact that the Earth evolves over time. I don't deny that the climate does change, but that's not what skeptics argue about. They deny the claim that humans are single-handedly the cause of a future catastrophic change. A claim which is hard to convince skeptics of because the Earth is a complex system which is not only affected by the carbon dioxide in the air. But the stakes are higher than just "let's make our world better and preserve the Earth". We have to remain free peoples who do our local environment-protecting efforts by our own individual rational initiative. Look, I agree that it's stupid to have food/beverage containers that have to be trashed. In most cases (except things like disaster relief plastic water bottles) there are much better types of containers for food and beverages, and I guess washing those is better than trashing other types. And plastic water bottles for regular drinking are a scam and a disgrace. But at least I have the choice to have a reusable water bottle and to criticise bad disposables, and the freedom to discuss which product options might be best for us. But I won't have much choice if supranational entities get my nation's politicians, which could turn out to be corrupt in one specific sense (specifically the corruption of pushing their electorate aside in favour of being influenced by international (i.e. not organisations that are governed by the nation's people) nongovernmental organisations), to sign into law undemocratic laws. And these supranational entities and NGOs do want us to live in fear so they can control us. Why do a lot of those I see who "believe" (strange word, that. It's almost as if there's a cultlike element to that whole side of the debate) in climate change say they're terrified about the fate of the world? We even have an example in this very video. I presume it was in the stream chat saying it had to leave the stream "to not have a panic attack [because seeing the stuff in minecraft makes them think too much about potential catastrophic scenarios]". And here it is. There's several suprastate actors who have an interest in making them psychologically unstable because then they can exploit them better. Keeping populations in fear is one of the crucial things needed to control it. And the more people are like this, the more there will be politicians using this to get power. And indeed, those like the UN get these leaders to pledge to initiatives without our nations' democratic consent. The ensuing agreements that are signed either are binding (Which means it's a piece of authoritarian control to keep the people unfree) or worthless (To which I ask the following question: why would anyone sign an agreement if there's no teeth behind it?). So no, I don't really want to give alarmists the benefit of the doubt when this is what's at stake. And I do call them alarmists because they thrive on instilling fear in others. They also thrive by making normal people like you (those who have reasonable ideas about not putting toxic waste in rivers, recycling what we can, valuing the preservation of habitats that hold life, etc.) believe that anyone opposing them in any way is a science denier. As far as I can see, it's alarmists vs skeptics, not climate science vs science deniers. But of course there'll always be subintellectual people who deny whole branches of science. That doesn't mean every climate skeptic is that. I'd need some actual data to know how many climate skeptics deny the WHOLE concept of climates changing over time, but until then my experience tells me the science deniers are rare, although I would understand if they might self-selectingly gravitate toward climate skepticism, but that doesn't mean that simple climate skepticism itself is to blame. So saying "can we try protecting our environment, mmkay?" is vapid. Of course we could. But we don't agree on what that means. Alarmists will claim that the use of fossil fuels is enough to say we're destroying the planet. It's not even close to enough. Is that the standard we're adhering to? Or, is it responsible management of waste which ought to be the standard? Because a lot of the climate debate boils down to how we frame it. Alarmists want to frame it as "IF WE DON'T DO MAJOR CHANGES THE EARTH WILL BURN IN TWELVE YEARS. NO MORE DEBATE. WE NEED ACTION, AND WE NEED ACTION NOW!" while I want to frame it as "Let's use efficient and minimal-waste energy methods, use reusable products and manage the necessary waste responsibly; and to minimize loss of life, the territories which do have certain types of climatic events more often have to set up safeguards like shelters and dikes. But most important of all, that doesn't mean panicking and getting undemocratic laws created by supranational entities." Unfortunately most non-fuel energy methods have major problems which makes them not quite yet suitable for adoption on a global scale. IF the biggest contributors even do adopt them. Wind is somewhat unreliable. Solar works only on clear-sky days. Hydro and geothermals can't just be put anywhere. But in any case the question is how much resources it would take to do a major retooling of our electrical grids with mega-batteries if those are needed, and what that will do to the environment due to the byproducts of extracting or processing materials for that. I'm thinking that, in the meantime, biofuels and nuclear fission ought to be used more until proper fusion reactors which actually produce more energy than they eat up are built.
Vilmer Gelius
Vilmer Gelius - 9 days ago
I live in sweden I am on my way to invade America
O5-15 - 9 days ago
Du vil at vi Norge skal ta over verden? Norge...og svenskene..... hva faen er galt med deg?
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson - 9 days ago
Who is sherly
The British Monkey
The British Monkey - 10 days ago
well i do know britain is gonna go eco freindly by 2031 but it still along way and 5 countrys aint gonn stop it
Sana - 10 days ago
Love your videos! I especially love the one where you address the harsh reality of mankind and the fact we are all gonna die! 10/10 would go into a panic attack again!
BLACKDRAGON The shadow - 11 days ago
Sadly NO ONE is planning to do anything about Climate Change
BLACKDRAGON The shadow - 11 days ago
BLACKDRAGON The shadow - 11 days ago
Umm yeah never watch this in when you in a bad mood... it’s pretty dark and depr
e1543 - 11 days ago
Then there's the US and we have someone who doesn't realize climate change is real as our freaking president.
hamster of destruction
hamster of destruction - 11 days ago
I came here to have a good time and now I'm questioning my existence
Dept Wolf
Dept Wolf - 11 days ago
I just started secondary school and after a stressful day I come and watch you! Tanks
B DAWG - 12 days ago
Why not just have your community build some liberal shit hole like San Francisco if you really want to portray shitting on our environment.
Steph H
Steph H - 12 days ago
Great stream and I'm glad you stopped for a sec to get everyone to acknowledge a very real issue in a way that's still relevant to your channel (and even if it wasn't, still, good for you). Keep it up!
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale - 12 days ago
We shouldn’t worry about global warming flooding as water can’t rise in minecraft
BLACKDRAGON The shadow - 11 days ago
... you do realize GLOBAL WARMING IS NOT A GAME?!!!!!!
zjoeker - 13 days ago
oh btw nuclear reactors are clean for the enviorment the smoke is just the water
Freckles9510 - 13 days ago
Don't worry, humans will kill each other off through war and a lack of procreation long before global warming is ever a real issue.
0MindSwept0 - 13 days ago
I never thought I’d say it, but people need to watch this guy play Minecraft o.o
DaLagMan - 13 days ago
Donald trump skipped the meeting on climate change and sold the Forrest’s to logging companies
alper kaderli
alper kaderli - 14 days ago
Tree of debt
alright - 15 days ago
how can you represent something that does not exist
Joe Row lands
Joe Row lands - 15 days ago
The thing is climate change won't destroy the planet, it'll just make it uninhabitable for people. We polute the earth so the earth says fuck you and tries to kill us
Ender Rock
Ender Rock - 15 days ago
Climate change will start singing country roads, and then were all screwed.
Emily :\
Emily :\ - 16 days ago
I don’t even,, understand why people would think climate change is just a hoax. What would people gain? And also, I’ve watched many a documentary and I’ve searched it myself, and unless every single source I checked was wrong, the earth has started getting increasingly hotter over the past like 200 years, not over the span of earth’s existence. The temperature wouldn’t be going up this rapidly. The ozone wouldn’t be getting destroyed for no reason. That is OUR fault. And like he said, even if you don’t believe in it, why would you want to be living in a world with two trees, black oceans, and micro plastics in our water??? It just doesn’t make sense why nobody is taking action, ESPECIALLY the places that can easily afford it.
Emily :\
Emily :\ - 16 days ago
Nobody is benefiting from the pollution of earth! :( Money is just green fucking paper
1/2 Horse
1/2 Horse - 16 days ago
"Can we all just be like Norway..."
"...and Sweden?"
*If anything the immigrants will r*pe and kill the offspring before climate change :^)*
the reaper fox
the reaper fox - 16 days ago
1 day on rt:this is from in weird 1week on rt: kevin...is rt hmmmm.1year on rt: a 10 mile long hallway display st help me
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson - 17 days ago
sweden is burning trash and calls it recycling
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith - 17 days ago
Climate change makes me feel trapped. being 12 years old I don’t have a voice but there is so much to be said and the people who can say things and get heard aren’t doing anything. I don’t want to be in constant fear that I will never live past 30-40. And I am in constant fear. I’ve had a teacher tell my class climate change is not real. I want to grow up in a safe earth I want to be thinking about class not climate change. I just want to be scared of the dark not in fear for my life.
Finn KNIGHT - 4 days ago
well, say to your teacher that climate change is real and that if she won't believe that, welp, the world is doomed as fuck
Sana Khan
Sana Khan - 19 days ago
People : * Don't believe in climate change *
RTGame : *I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move*
Aiden Rivera
Aiden Rivera - 6 days ago
Sana Kahn Non-believer in climate change : RTGames : *Im about to end this mans whole career*
TheBig Q
TheBig Q - 19 days ago
“Back when Minecraft was on youtube it was only on pc”.

RandomRabbit2OO7 - 20 days ago
fuckin shirley
Just_some1 - 20 days ago
the problem with renewables is that it is inconsistent. When the wind blows you have energy... But what if the wind isn't blowing anymore? We just got to stop all activities and assemble around a campfire waiting for the wind to come back?. The same goes for solar. So the solution is intaling batteries... Like really, REALLY BIG batteries, and gues what, batteries are hella poluting in the manifacturing proces. So that isn't a solution. Now my opinion is that we should heavily build nuclear reactors with the most modern and safe technology yet invented. SO we get a certain amount of reliable energy that never stop for anything. Now we can instal solar on rooftops and windfarms on unutalized spaces. And to answer the certain sortages of energy on night's and windless days we gotta have gas- or oilpowerplant's because you can activate them easily and rapidly. Now this will of course cost a lot of money but if people really want to battle climatechange i see this as the best solution, but of course it will cost a LOT of money, and surely not everyone wil be wanting to pay the price, let alone be able to afford this price. And we can't force people, even in america and europe, to get into poverty and struggle for end's meat for a extensive energy switch.
10KChromosomes - 20 days ago
In 1983 scientista told people that global warming will destroy the Earth by 2000. I just wanna leave that there.
Elitey - 20 days ago
Climate change isn’t really a huge thing.. it changes 4 times a year summer = melt ice. Like ice cream does the outside layer melt before the middle? Even if you have the carbon argument, it was 42 percent of the air back in the dinosaurs days and now it’s 4 percent? Honestly don’t start this stuff man.
Emperor Void
Emperor Void - 21 day ago
No offence to religious people, but like can some of you just stop using your god as a reason for why global warming couldn't possibly exist despite the mountains of proof?
Also I think this is one of my first comments on one of your videos despite me watching a lot of your content so whoops guess it's just a downer :/
Brodie Tyler
Brodie Tyler - 21 day ago
There is going to be Kerbal Space Program 2
WickedWyvern - 21 day ago
That wasnt the netherlands XD we have been fighting the water for a long time now... XD
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