Farah Mehdi
Farah Mehdi - 4 hours ago
I want to see him in more roles
The Happy Worm
The Happy Worm - 7 hours ago
4:01 Awwe! Thats so sweet ❤
Lizzyplays Games UvU
Lizzyplays Games UvU - 8 hours ago
Xyra De Torres
Xyra De Torres - 11 hours ago
I know y’all know him as billy in stranger things. But am i the only one who found him first on power rangers movie w naomi scott and becky g?
Mariah Hurtado
Mariah Hurtado - 21 hour ago
*Me when I see Billy:* 😭
*When I see Dacre:* 🔥🔥💯😏👅
The lowen Show
The lowen Show - Day ago
I’m power rangers dacre crashes his car at the start in stranger things dacre crashes his car into the steel works . I’ll walk thanks #dontletdacredrive
Miku Boi
Miku Boi - Day ago
I didn't expect him to have that accent... Seriously...
v ro
v ro - Day ago
Siblings Comedy
Siblings Comedy - Day ago
This is why you dont bully that kid can be Dacre Montgomery
Buttermilch - Day ago
Everybody : He seems to be such a good soul. Oh God he is so attractive
Me: His Jacket is pretty awesome.
iii_Bxlla - Day ago
I actually thought *Dacre* was *Darcy* hahaha sorry.
iii_Bxlla - Day ago
Dacre; I don’t drink, I don’t smoke...
*me; watches stranger things and realises that’s his whole character!*
Taylor Freitag
Taylor Freitag - Day ago
i love him so much omgggg
رفـــال - Day ago
يرب ابوسك 😭😭♥️
TubularGorgon - 2 days ago
Half of the comments are just, people fangirling. I mean he's human people.
Emelia Elizabeth
Emelia Elizabeth - 2 days ago
Dacre: aca, acre, Daca, Dacre
Me: hold tf up
Kayla Bailey
Kayla Bailey - 2 days ago
I watch the scene in stranger things yes it very much does sound Australian
Kat.anne. Lynch.6
Kat.anne. Lynch.6 - 2 days ago
He would be a great ted bundy 😂
ThumpingOak - 3 days ago
4:41 the account says nnancywheeler
Frankie Hudson
Frankie Hudson - 3 days ago
He'd be a really good Enjolras. Like, how he looks.
iiamnancy _
iiamnancy _ - 3 days ago
He's so hot everyone can agree on that 😍
New Beginnings 2018
New Beginnings 2018 - 3 days ago
He is so utterly handsome. It shouldn’t be legal to be so charming... honestly. Ugh!
potato girl
potato girl - 3 days ago
Your really scary and violent in stranger things but u look so sweet in real life
Army Fam
Army Fam - 3 days ago
Some people fell so hard for Dacre Montgomery that their hand slipped and hit the dislike button
Mich B
Mich B - 3 days ago
Remember when Billy was stood facing Billy? Where’s the second Billy? Sorry but I’m holding out hope that he’s the “American”.
Mirandawful - 3 days ago
He soo fineee
Angelo Perez
Angelo Perez - 3 days ago
Bullied a lot in school. Well who’s laughing now
Anarchy - 3 days ago
I guess I’m the only one who didn’t know he’s Australian 🤦‍♂️
Salty_ Sugar
Salty_ Sugar - 4 days ago
hi im *trickling stream* montgomery
Angel Harper
Angel Harper - 4 days ago
Love him. K bye
Milkyway Anime
Milkyway Anime - 4 days ago
Billy baby
squids get buff to
squids get buff to - 4 days ago
Joe acts so much like steve,amd dacre act SO MUCH different than billy.
Izzie - 4 days ago
I’m so sad he dies in season 3 I was crying so bad 😭😭 💛💛💛💛
Izzie - Hour ago
Same I really hope he comes bk 2 :)
Sarah H
Sarah H - Hour ago
Izzie EXACTLY. There was a twin!! Or twins..but i do have a feeling they MIGHT bring him back because of that. His death just didnt feel right. I have hopes lol
Izzie - Hour ago
Ik right he might still be alive bc he was in the upside down when his evil twin was talking to him so he might be still in the upside down
Sarah H
Sarah H - 20 hours ago
Izzie i mean they technically didnt show him die die im in denial hoping somehow they can bring him back to life. In the upside down or something
ThatGirlChløePrice - 4 days ago
Can someone please bring noah schnapp to that actually me thing plz?
Brielle Klaver
Brielle Klaver - 4 days ago
He's like a big teddy bear
AKANE CRDR - 4 days ago
super handsome
Branden Sherrill
Branden Sherrill - 4 days ago
Noooo I just realised billy is dead
Me Me
Me Me - 4 days ago
YEAH he pointed out the scene in the sauna me and my friends thought the same and then i was like wait

He isn’t American?!
Samantha Furr
Samantha Furr - 4 days ago
He's so humble. It's adorable
The pelicanbeaver
The pelicanbeaver - 4 days ago
"I don't drink, I don't smoke."
The duffer brothers: Well yes but actually no.
Hilma Leppävuori
Hilma Leppävuori - 4 days ago
He is the exact opposite of Billy. I love it😂😂😂💕❣😂💝😂💝😂💓😂💓😠💓
QUEEN MARISA - 4 days ago
You're Australian wow.
Abby Sentenelli
Abby Sentenelli - 4 days ago
Dude why do his eyes match the back drop like what?
Nikki Freeman
Nikki Freeman - 5 days ago
his whole voice is different when he talks in an American accent what
Nolan Pieprzyk
Nolan Pieprzyk - 5 days ago
It’s so bizarre to hear him switch between American and Australian Accents 😂
It’s like a different person
Elizabeth Adam
Elizabeth Adam - 5 days ago
Poor guy, bullied in school. But look at him now, flexing on the haters! Yasss Kween!
Joberlyn Trapal
Joberlyn Trapal - 5 days ago
That accent tho really hooked me up!!❤
Sythe - 5 days ago
I cried a lot when he died
Alex Studios
Alex Studios - 6 days ago
Dacre: I don't drink and I don't smoke
Billy: Um excuse me
Kyle Turner
Kyle Turner - 6 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks he looks like zac efron?
Pep Buonincontri
Pep Buonincontri - 6 days ago
Everyone sees 0 followers right
Nate W
Nate W - 6 days ago
He smokes tho
AME C - 6 days ago
He has a podcasttttt????? with his voiceeeeee?????
Mitchell Sommers
Mitchell Sommers - 6 days ago
Anyone else try to follow him on twitter or insta...no...just me...ok
Mitchell Sommers
Mitchell Sommers - 6 days ago
I can’t find it btw
Morgan Beabout
Morgan Beabout - 6 days ago
I want his mullet back
Saturnino Perez
Saturnino Perez - 6 days ago
He seems so chill and I would Love to talk to him I love interior design,fashion
77 iJustRAP
77 iJustRAP - 7 days ago
It’s weird without the long hair for me 😨
Roger what did you do?
Roger what did you do? - 7 days ago
*Why is he so perfect* 🥵💗
Nadine - 7 days ago
Ahem where r the thirst tweets
Joe - 7 days ago
Petition to get Jacob Tremblay in Season 4 of Stranger Things
Aparna Suresh
Aparna Suresh - 7 days ago
He doesnt smoke??????Why is there so many photos of him smoking on in insta....wait I'm confused.
laloy demurphy
laloy demurphy - 7 days ago
only for the pic
bree yea
bree yea - 7 days ago
his face is a THIRST TRAP
Diamond Rathsack
Diamond Rathsack - 7 days ago
Than why in stranger things he smoks
slytherinfelton - 7 days ago
they’re not actually smoking in the show
The assassin jr YT
The assassin jr YT - 7 days ago
"Smiling looking good on you"
Mike's Gaming And Toy Reviews
When he said acah he sounded Australian but when he said acre he sounded completely different
Conal McKay
Conal McKay - 8 days ago
He smokes in stranger things tho
OmqItz Jadaaa
OmqItz Jadaaa - 8 days ago
Is it just me or does he look like Zac Effron when he was younger?
Mia Rita
Mia Rita - 8 days ago
Does anyone know if they actually respond to these people on Twitter
Laney C
Laney C - 8 days ago
Who has a hard time pronouncing his name lol
Laney C
Laney C - Day ago
Jami LaPrice think of day...care but then day...carr! Lol
Jami LaPrice
Jami LaPrice - 6 days ago
Even though he explained it I still can't do it 😂
Martine Lefebvre
Martine Lefebvre - 8 days ago
Je ne connais pas ta langue parce que moi je parle françaises mais les sous-titre en français stp
Mark Pour
Mark Pour - 8 days ago
Proof that upside down world exists.
Noah Ftm
Noah Ftm - 8 days ago
Am I the only one who thought his name was D-A-R-C-E?
makayla - 8 days ago
i knew he was Australian but i didn’t know he was Australian until this video
makayla - 8 days ago
bruh i just scrolled past my own comment and laughed at it
Jos Hop
Jos Hop - 8 days ago
Dacre: I don’t drink, I don’t smoke
Billy: Hold my beer and cigarettes
Tala - 8 days ago
who the heck would wanna bully this angel 🥺
Nicole Villafuerte
Nicole Villafuerte - 9 days ago
I swear he deadass look like the guy I dated before lmao ugh he so handsome not gonna lie 😂
Whitlee Halen
Whitlee Halen - 9 days ago
dacre: i don’t drink, i don’t smoke

billy: am i a joke to you?
liz8129 - 9 days ago
Not only that dacre, in the end of season 3, the moment with eleven...sorry to say buddy I heard your Australian accent. 🤷
Thalia Hwang
Thalia Hwang - 9 days ago
His eyes are starting deep into my soul. Dude 😮
DeviousKitten27 - 9 days ago
I just watched season 3 episode with the sauna in Stranger Things! Yet I didn’t hear him mess up with his accent... whelp gonna rewatch that scene!
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