Stranger Things' Dacre Montgomery Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ

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Gizele De oliveira costa
Gizele De oliveira costa - 10 hours ago
The best without no doubts
Sara Califano
Sara Califano - Day ago
Sei bellissimo😁
imax digital
imax digital - Day ago
He looks way better in Stranger Things.
Mary Rush
Mary Rush - 3 days ago
God how is he so mf hot
Libs And jas
Libs And jas - 4 days ago
No one
Legit no one

Dacre: f*ck this sh*t
Me: F*cK tHiS sH*t I’m out
OpiumVEVO - 4 days ago
I tought it's pronounced "Darch-eh"
Tommie Roberts
Tommie Roberts - 4 days ago
He is really cute,handsome and hot(pxax)i love him
No Thx
No Thx - 6 days ago
Maaaaan he's hot
Patrick Crunden
Patrick Crunden - 7 days ago
Is it just me but it’s satisfying when he types fast
Beo Nguyễn
Beo Nguyễn - 8 days ago
Billy nooooo :(
ASMR Queen
ASMR Queen - 9 days ago
Rioby - 10 days ago
I agree with the Jason Todd part
The Worshipper Of Memes
The Worshipper Of Memes - 10 days ago
Stranger Things but Billy just acts like Dacre
Michael Pike
Michael Pike - 11 days ago
Am I wrong or didn’t that person mean is there any chance Billy may have survived being stabbed and is still alive lol he thought they meant something else entirely
Millie Owen
Millie Owen - 11 days ago
I love billy
RiSe aNd ShiNe
RiSe aNd ShiNe - 11 days ago
hes perfect....🥰
Joya Lewis
Joya Lewis - 12 days ago
1:38 😂😂😂
Sorella Sammartino
Sorella Sammartino - 12 days ago
Am I the only one who didn’t know he was Australian before this video??
1000 subscribers without a video Plz
Sadie Sink and Dacre look like actual real life siblings..
GachaHalfwolf - 14 days ago
I say Dar-ce
TrussedCrown - 15 days ago
Mrs wheeler
Mohini Mitra
Mohini Mitra - 17 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Kit, Roses and his ancestors were in the same clan?!
Maria Del Mar N
Maria Del Mar N - 18 days ago
Happy birthday Dacre!
420 - 18 days ago
he’s so hot
Izzy Blake 2
Izzy Blake 2 - 18 days ago
Dacre is allergic to buttoning his shirt more than 3 times
Pragya K
Pragya K - 19 days ago
Pragya K
Pragya K - 17 days ago
@Sam Ahh SAME!! I'm always the person who gets attracted to guys like him!! Dominance, aggressiveness but sweet in a way(if u understandwhat im sayin), hot, high status!! Ugh im such a pisces!!
Sam - 17 days ago
I know I felt so Biologically Hypergamarous to him! I'm so drawn to the Bad Boys & Billy fit that role so well!!! He was *Assertive, Dominant, High Social Status, Attractive, Had resources ect* basically all the things that I'm attracted to as a Female. Ugh I can't control my Biological Hypergamy 😫
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals - 18 days ago
he did
Angga Aditama
Angga Aditama - 19 days ago
He's one of the humblest person I've ever see
margangster einhorn07
margangster einhorn07 - 20 days ago
Happy Birthday dacre
A-live - 20 days ago
So he is the exact opposite of Billy
Christine Green
Christine Green - 20 days ago
How does he play billy if he does not smoke and billy does
Ankita V
Ankita V - 21 day ago
Jesus he's gorgeous
Mary Rush
Mary Rush - 3 days ago
Ik it kills me
Divyanka Singh
Divyanka Singh - 23 days ago
GQ do it with shawn mendes
Jarrod Whybrow
Jarrod Whybrow - 24 days ago
Does any hate how most people say his name wrong dac-re ugh..
Rand0m Child.81
Rand0m Child.81 - 24 days ago
With all the yelling the sauna test scene when he pushes his hand through the “glass” you can’t really hear any slips. I listen to that bit 4 times and I’m Australian
EMILY ROBERTS - 24 days ago
Dacre I don't smoke I don't drink
Billy Hargrove ya we sure you can say that
Also Billy Hargrove I'm bout to ruin this whole mans career
EMILY ROBERTS - 24 days ago
him Hi I'm dacre mountgummery
Me more like hottie mcgummery
Chloe Furgerson
Chloe Furgerson - 25 days ago
Dacre: i don’t drink, i don’t smoke.
*Billy: aRe yOu sUre aBouT tHaT*
Zeenįt Jay
Zeenįt Jay - 25 days ago
He is so handsome! 😊
Black Sinichi
Black Sinichi - 25 days ago
Youre Fcking Irish Brother😁🇮🇪🇮🇪
Shikha Saxena
Shikha Saxena - 25 days ago
Dacre: Power Rangers cast is like my family...

Stranger Things cast: aM i A jOke tO yOUuuUuUUU
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