KSI vs. Logan Paul Thumb Wrestle Challenge

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Cole Smith
Cole Smith - 4 months ago
4:33 ITS FINAL SPACE!!! whens the next season coming out btw?
Elliott - 5 months ago
F jack paul he be racist
janice zhu
janice zhu - 8 months ago
Donald trump vs brack obama
Vixen Fox Sly
Vixen Fox Sly - 8 months ago
funny alex
Im Nota Candy
Im Nota Candy - 8 months ago
Like =KSI
Reply =logan
(I Don’t like logan)
King D - Mind
King D - Mind - 9 months ago
The thumbnail is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate literally never
David Morquecho
David Morquecho - 10 months ago
How come Logan looks like Ken from street fighter in the thumbnail?
harry chung
harry chung - 10 months ago
you cant thumb wrestle with a left hand and right hand wtf lmao
Edit: nice fix at the end tho
Calypso Bond
Calypso Bond - 11 months ago
Ahh it's final space!! I luv mooncake
that_masked_one - 11 months ago
he uses somthing expinceve and is good I use a free website AND im GOOD. so, i dose not matter what you use!
the Domanic
the Domanic - 11 months ago
You should have a animation of you falling and saying bye
Icyplant videos
Icyplant videos - 11 months ago
Logan paul looks like ken from street fighter in the thumbnail
Dan Magic
Dan Magic - Year ago
I watched this video before I went to sleep, about 25 minutes later I get woken up by Alexa...
I’m just Messing around
Why did he draw Avdol from jojo s bizzare adventures on the thumbnail
BIG GUY! - Year ago
6:29 sadly it didnt😭😭
ERS Pandan
ERS Pandan - Year ago
r u mine?
r u mine? - Year ago
Alexxxxx you set of my alexa 😂
The Cooper Squad
The Cooper Squad - Year ago
Who is Ksi?
FalconGaminPlayz - Year ago
Enzo Quiroz
Enzo Quiroz - Year ago
4:18 Final Space that thing madevme cry :")
Youtuber Maybe?
Youtuber Maybe? - Year ago
DANNY HOGAN - Year ago
can u invite me to ur discord please :D and thank you :) i love ur vids also if u like manga or anime u should watch Death Note really good in my oppinon :D good bye and id love to have a reply :D
Lovdov 126
Lovdov 126 - Year ago
I’m coming from the future they tied
Thog don't caare
Thog don't caare - Year ago
Waffle Butters
Waffle Butters - Year ago
Kyle Kauppila
Kyle Kauppila - Year ago
How can a thumb war end in a draw
Actitout - Year ago
Drunk Alex is the best Alex lol
RaidForFun - Year ago
they drew
Hanna Burska
Hanna Burska - Year ago
As soon as you said 'Alexa', my Alexa responded and listened to every word and said the exact same things as yr Alexa at the same time XD
amit itzhak
amit itzhak - Year ago
Can u draw mooncake
flaming blade
flaming blade - Year ago
Is it weird that at the start I thought he sounded like gidien from gravity falls
LooneyToons Noob
LooneyToons Noob - Year ago
I use Huion as well
Oliver Mikulic
Oliver Mikulic - Year ago
I love final space. I always laugh at the start because in the intro the gets hit by a cookie. I seen all of final space its the BEST. Mooncake
SiMsTR eXe
SiMsTR eXe - Year ago
Thats really cool youre an aquarious and you draw.
Mini Monkey Man
Mini Monkey Man - Year ago
final space on the huion?
SSGSS Gogeta
SSGSS Gogeta - Year ago
I want ksi to win
Eleojo Audu
Eleojo Audu - Year ago
Alex Clark is that you mooncake and Gary?
Nicolas Beaumier
Nicolas Beaumier - Year ago
That was a awesome Final Space drawing
brand_marvin marvin brand
You are a talented soul👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍your vids are great 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Dwayne V
Dwayne V - Year ago
Ksi's hair be looking like burnt marshmallows xD
MAD ¿ - Year ago
I didn't know he had a Discord
Bernadette Barton
Bernadette Barton - Year ago
Gary,MoonCake and Alex Okay. BUT WHERE'S AVOCADO
Dawson Wagner
Dawson Wagner - Year ago
You set a timer on my Alexa...
ToyTaanic - Year ago
Ksi has black hair not brown
Mario - Year ago
It’s a bummer that we have to pay 6 pounds just to watch it, can someone do a livestream of the livestream?? Cheers
Line Runner
Line Runner - Year ago
Awesome work tho
24FretGeek Gaming
24FretGeek Gaming - Year ago
love your channel pls look at my twitter i love playing guitar so let me know if you want me to play a song backtrack it and record it for you ill do it for free i am starting school in two days first day of high school!!!!
KpopNEVERlooses ARMY
Ok I’m gonna say is, there is a war in the comments
Samiya Ibrahim
Samiya Ibrahim - Year ago
I really wanted to see KSI and logan kissing i think if they see this there rections... priceless
domenica lag
domenica lag - Year ago
You made my Alex's set a 35 minute timer
GalaxyAlien - Year ago
I bet you made someone else's Alexa set a timer for 35 minutes
Gemini3K - Year ago
This fight is serious
Kurulean - Year ago
anyone else notice that thumbnail?
Alicia Gayle-Mitchell
KSI wins
Infernal Soda
Infernal Soda - Year ago
Wait if u don’t like fighting then...then... WAAAAAA U DONT LIKE DBZ 😢😭😥... ur still AWSOME tho
Alex clark talking about logan paul MY DREAM CAME TRUE
Jakub Budzich
Jakub Budzich - Year ago
Did someone notice the Final Space Easter egg?
Jboogy __99
Jboogy __99 - Year ago
Kid will win
Jamie Wakefield
Jamie Wakefield - Year ago
Final space drawing O M G
Kaily - Year ago
Lmao when you said Alexa set a timer, my Alexa turned on and set the timer
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