Is working with your friends good?

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Alex Tankersley
Alex Tankersley - 3 days ago
I am really digging this new channel. I love the direct-ness of this show.
MrLittleSam - 10 days ago
My god. The kiss by a rose video was removed. I'm so disappointed now.
SouthpoleSoul - 10 days ago
Wait Arin drinks? I thought forever ago he mentioned he didn't
MuseShop - Month ago
Can you really only go halfway into a forest though? To define halfway, we must first define in. Is in is the point of the furthest possible distance from all edges of the forest? Is in a ratio of density of forest vs non-forest? What even IS the forest?
DaisiesN Shhh
DaisiesN Shhh - Month ago
Noooooooo! I raise and sell black widows. :(
Exavain - Month ago
For the longest time I was like is Toilet Princess lol
Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller - Month ago
Machinima apparently no longer exists what happened?
D M - Month ago
*_Colgate Optic White_*
Wesley Whiteside
Wesley Whiteside - Month ago
I think you should keep that copy of Spider-man 3
Austin Overkamp
Austin Overkamp - Month ago
Would you mind explaining what a game jam is?
Saul MS
Saul MS - Month ago
What is that bottle Dan always has with him? It is some kind of soda?
Diamond Tacos
Diamond Tacos - Month ago
Yeah I don’t get why people kill bugs out in nature like that’s their house
Joshua Goforth
Joshua Goforth - Month ago
Ok I’m so glad arin said that about yu yu hakusho I’m so glad someone else agrees it’s one of the best anime openings hell one of the best animes
DWE - Month ago
Arin talks shit about BK and McDonalds but drinks Monster....
ssfbob456 - Month ago
TIL spiders don't care about rental agreements
Shelbi Preston
Shelbi Preston - Month ago
Dan is fandanstic.
Mortimer107 - Month ago
That double question mark in the title wouldn't last long if Brian Wecht were still around.
Rockos Basilisk
Rockos Basilisk - Month ago
Woah! I didn't know the irate gamer Chris Bores works for you! Lmfao jk
Julie Huebner
Julie Huebner - 2 months ago
I love the Ross pillow! Also, would you guys consider playing an older game, like Dark Fall the Journal?
WEEMEANSYES - 2 months ago
Why'd you fire supermega?
Kyashi Tsuki
Kyashi Tsuki - 2 months ago
"aw you make such a cute anime girl...."
-Dannnnnnnnnn 2019
ColaNotes - 2 months ago
like is for dan talking abt his wine
SaruCharmed - 2 months ago
When is Phoenix Wright coming back? :(
Hol Your Horses
Hol Your Horses - 2 months ago
Now the just gotta beat the Space Lasagna
Jontman42 - 2 months ago
Jesus I wish my hair curled like Dan's
BAZZiiiNGA - 2 months ago
You need to hire the Groove Grumps guy to produce that on the channel. It’s fucking incredible.
Aggieboy - 2 months ago
What's Ross's twitch channel name?
Finkster5 - 2 months ago
I used to use the "if they're in my house" thing too, but if you think about it, insects existed long before we did, and it's more than likely that we came along and built our houses right in the middle of their natural habitat. So if anyone is intruding on anyone's property, it's more like it's us. The property thing is an excuse to make us feel less bad about killing a living thing, not that I wasn't just as guilty of falling back on it. And sure, I wouldn't expect people to be civil in every single situation (like when there's an infestation for example), but I think it's good to be honest with ourselves about what we do. Most of the time we kill bugs because they're an annoyance or an inconvenience to us, which doesn't seem too valid to me.

As for black widows, they're far less dangerous then they're made out to be, rarely ever lethal and incredibly docile and reluctant to bite as well.
Melinda Strange
Melinda Strange - 2 months ago
punkpossum - 2 months ago
okay it might be because I’m like, super stoned, but is it just me or does this lighting make dan look like a newborn baby
aequa - 2 months ago
OMG Dan the black widow story definitely almost made me cry haha
horohorosrin - 2 months ago
Hear first notes of Hohoemi no Bakudan
Rikusgirl001 - 2 months ago
RIP Portal Bathroom
Inks Hermit
Inks Hermit - 2 months ago
Can't help out think of that video where someone uses a broom to kill a spider but a whole nest of tiny spiders disperses. It's scary thinking one day you might open Pandora's box
Tori Ruby
Tori Ruby - 2 months ago
Yall look really nice in this one (not that you don't always, but you know what I mean)
Wyatt Ehinger
Wyatt Ehinger - 2 months ago
9:12 I think there in some kind of time loop. Do you know what that is?
Sunbae ju
Sunbae ju - 2 months ago
Omg plz play yakuza 0 that would be amazing
trefrog - 2 months ago
7:07 Toilet Princess
kernelPANIC - 2 months ago
I finally understand why Jon left. He didn’t want to be a part of this... From the current state of things, I would have done the same.
Spirit At Mach Speed
Spirit At Mach Speed - 2 months ago
I wasn't absolutely sure it was the same Borf from Respawn, but it's nice to know that it is.
Christina Edmunds
Christina Edmunds - 2 months ago
I'm sure this will get lost in a sea of comments, but would you guys ever consider hiring someone from another state/through an online process? I've recently got my first job as a software engineer and I would *love* for the opportunity to work with you guys.
wbkussmaul - 2 months ago
The new tool album so good.
wbkussmaul - 2 months ago
I’ve never been one for business talk but I would love to sit down with Arin and just listen to him talk about it. He makes it seem so interesting. Plus hearing game grumps mechanics is cool.
Nicole - 2 months ago
wait..Arin drinks now? no judgement i mean I drink was just wondering. been out of the grumps loop for so long now.
cryptic - 2 months ago
this is great
Thomas Light
Thomas Light - 2 months ago
Hey Dan, maybe you could give Arin that signed wine if he SUX YER DIIIIICK!
Jessica Mooney
Jessica Mooney - 2 months ago
Hnnng y’all singing kiss from a rose makes me moist 👌🏻😂
MW2366 - 2 months ago
It's like a time loop, do you know what that is?

... I swear, Dan hasn't lost the feeling of straight hair... he keeps pullin' on his curls.
Meigsmerlin - 2 months ago
Ok the game jam bit got me too hard. The first few times dan kept asking i was like "alright this is their usual fare." But when arin turned around and brought it up again i burst out laughing
Hermogeon - 2 months ago
Game idea: Arin and Dan respond to each other 2 sentences behind.
Murpaderp - 2 months ago
Lots of comments on title change, but what about the Arin thumb in the thumbnail?
bubls - 2 months ago
Dear Dan's squiggly strand of hair across his forehead, I love you.
lProN00bl - 2 months ago
I'm surprised Arin can stop himself from screeching at the name newgrounds given how much he apparently hates the community he came from.
Sarah Cepeda
Sarah Cepeda - 2 months ago
“Toilet princess is coming back...”
Ed Boon
Ed Boon - 2 months ago
Dan talking about Tool and APC? I am complete.
Johnyliltoe - 2 months ago
So there's a whole game making fun of Dan's dad's broken English. Ehhhhhhhhhhh....
Dane Maricic
Dane Maricic - 2 months ago
I want to see them react to PolyGrumps
Anthropomantic Fiend
Anthropomantic Fiend - 2 months ago
I rescue spiders whenever I find them in my house. But if they get on me, I WILL freak out.
Greifchen - 2 months ago
Pleeeeease play more Pokemon! I was so sad when you stopped playing Snap ;_;
wiredmindset - 2 months ago
I haven't seen an answer to this, but for those wondering what Dan is drinking in these videos that he always manages to keep faced away from us, it's a bottle of The Mountain Valley spring water.
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