The battle for control of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Fieldcruiser - Year ago
Elizabeth Warren started this monstrosity of an agency, and is a major recipient of monies from this agency. No wonder the LIbs want to regain control. Old habits die hard.
H Pn
H Pn - Year ago
That agency has annual 609.1 Million budget!
It's no wonder Trump assigned mulvaney. Follow the money Mick!
M - Year ago
This is grandstanding. This democratic slush fund source is going to be dried out.
Zerimor 6ren
Zerimor 6ren - Year ago
It's part of the executive branch, the president nominates and the congress approves. The agency can regulate itself lol
Granny Loca
Granny Loca - Year ago
no battle, Trump won. CFPB's own legal counsel informed ms.English of that this morning. Wapo is fake and late.
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