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Rizlvne Rcm
Rizlvne Rcm - 7 days ago
She looking like jlo ❤️
Meeks S
Meeks S - 2 months ago
This is THE PRETTIESTTTTTT look ever! I'm not a fan of glitter or colours either (nude/earthy minimalist here lol) but I can't WAIT to recreate this look!
Nada younis
Nada younis - 3 months ago
I will pray for you Desi, and i will keep praying for you that you will have at least 4 kids. And that Allah will make all your dreams come true. Starting from today i will include you and steve in my all 5 prayers. Love you so so much. ❤️❤️
Amit Tonage
Amit Tonage - 3 months ago
Desi xxxvideo
Cassandra R
Cassandra R - 3 months ago
What concealer did you use?? You did say or write it in the caption!
noemi garcia
noemi garcia - 3 months ago
This look IS everything 🔥🙌🏻
Alyssa Mendoza
Alyssa Mendoza - 3 months ago
this is the most beautiful look I've ever seen
sirka_2 - 3 months ago
Precioso el maquillaje 🤗😍👍 Saludos desde España 🖐️
Rafaela Makrullou
Rafaela Makrullou - 3 months ago
OMG JLO??? 👑👑👑You're amazing!!! 👌👌
Sthephanie Marie
Sthephanie Marie - 4 months ago
Beautiful ❤️
Geraldine  Mernies
Geraldine Mernies - 4 months ago
I noticed that you didn't mention the concealer and there is no information in the description box. Is it part of another review or did you forget?
Tylar Pon
Tylar Pon - 4 months ago
what concealer was used?
Petra Knežević
Petra Knežević - 4 months ago
overlining your lips like that?? that's just so lvl -1000.bye
Shushan Margaryan
Shushan Margaryan - 4 months ago
It is pretty interesting what concealer you are HIDING, Desi 😀😀😀 it blended like butter and looks amazing!!! 🤩😍 waiting to buy it when it’s released 😂
Ruth Rmp
Ruth Rmp - 4 months ago
You are everythangggggg. Beautiful inside and out. Killing it always. BOMB ass lips gurl. Hope this year is full of blessings for you and your family sweet heart ❤️
Makeup By Iorva
Makeup By Iorva - 4 months ago
Amanda G
Amanda G - 4 months ago
the hairline is so weird like a wig
Stephanie Suero
Stephanie Suero - 4 months ago
I could only pay attention to these earrings, glow baby, hahahah kidding, I loved this makeup a lot ✨🖤
Frances Allen
Frances Allen - 4 months ago
Adorably Ashley
Adorably Ashley - 4 months ago
You inspire me so much. I would totally recreate this entire look!
Silvia Perez
Silvia Perez - 4 months ago
jetson10100 - 4 months ago
Beautiful! Someday I'll get my wing right, I still would have put one star at the edge of one wing, that's just me lol
Live Kanvas
Live Kanvas - 4 months ago
So freakin 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮♥️
Amanda Saez
Amanda Saez - 4 months ago
you look like a more gorgeous version of JLO 😍😍😍
chap1590 - 4 months ago
Stunning 💄💋
lauren skubish
lauren skubish - 4 months ago
I do the same exact thing and mix a bunch if translucent powders together when in super tan so I'm not ashy lol I feel ya.
Chelsie Feliciano
Chelsie Feliciano - 4 months ago
I LOVE your TUTORIALS you're such a good teacher Desi!!! 😚💕💕💕💕
Alexis R
Alexis R - 4 months ago
I love the glitter liner look. This would be fun for any night.
Mary Ankiel
Mary Ankiel - 4 months ago
🤞🏻🤱🏽 ❤️
Frances Reyes
Frances Reyes - 4 months ago
Do you still shave your face? Your skin looks like it’s glowing!😍😍😍
Beelong Mylers
Beelong Mylers - 4 months ago
Jlo ♥️
Abbie Karr
Abbie Karr - 4 months ago
Hi everyone and Desi, like the make up look and video...:) I m quite interested in the highlight brush being used on the face at 19:28 (very precise :P) ... is that the ABH tapered brush? It seems it's being used quite a LOT! :) thanks in advance!!
Josileth Karen
Josileth Karen - 4 months ago
My one year old watching ur tutorials while I do her hair ❤️❤️❤️ 🥳 happy new year
Sara Alhajri
Sara Alhajri - 4 months ago
love the look
Mia Sarwono
Mia Sarwono - 4 months ago
Your new lighting set or filter looks amazing! Somehow so dreamy/ethereal/magical. Sending looooove from Indonesia
MsDramaqueen1995 - 4 months ago
Katie Ebersole
Katie Ebersole - 4 months ago
Sending you tons of baby making juju!!! I totally see it happening for you! ❤️
kokinette - 4 months ago
what shade name is the dazzleshadow from MAC????
Marina Losoya
Marina Losoya - 4 months ago
now this is what you call a BOMB makeup day!
Karly Britton
Karly Britton - 4 months ago
Subscribers that hate on your lip liner during the video are the same IG followers that RAVEEEE how much they love the look on the Instagram lol 🙄 you bomb. You already know. That’s why it doesn’t even matter weather you do it or not! Love you!
Kylin Hernandez
Kylin Hernandez - 4 months ago
I’m getting Kim K vibes from you!!!
Fox_beauty - 4 months ago
My new year was fun until we went home. My friends and I ubered while someone else didn't. He swerved to miss us on the freeway and we watched him slide and flip his car and slide till he hit the wall. He survived and was apparently only worried bc he had a past dwi...all week I've just been trying to process and decompress.
Maria Villazana
Maria Villazana - 4 months ago
May God bless you with a baby and a brand! Go Desi!!!
Ivonne Rodriguez
Ivonne Rodriguez - 4 months ago
Thank you Desi for this beautiful gorgeous look I love it so much! I also want to say that I wish you the best to start your own brand but most of all God bless you and may you be pregnant with beautiful twins a boy and a girl lots of love from El Paso Texas
Nu Look By Lex
Nu Look By Lex - 4 months ago
Love you!
TOWANDA the STYLIST - 4 months ago
I ran across your channel & I absolutely love it! You look so Gorgeous 😍❤️ New Supporter here
thesweetpotatogirl - 4 months ago
love this filter
Samantha Sanchez
Samantha Sanchez - 4 months ago
This look!!! Beautiful 😭❤️
Hanifah Busairi
Hanifah Busairi - 4 months ago
Such a star❤️❤️❤️
evelinchy - 4 months ago
Que corrector utilizas desi???
LisaLisaD1 - 4 months ago
Not only do I always love your makeup, but I love that you make me laugh! ❤️ Lisa
Bellyni Maldonado
Bellyni Maldonado - 4 months ago
Jlo is that you?! 😩❤️
Marisol Barrientos
Marisol Barrientos - 4 months ago
Me encanto! Gracias por enseñarnos. Lo voy a practicar 🤩🤗
Alex Morales
Alex Morales - 4 months ago
is it my computer or is this video quality really bad?
Alicia Haro
Alicia Haro - 4 months ago
Alex Morales I think it’s the filter she’s been using on her videos lately it makes her skin look softer and sparkles like from her earrings more noticeable I’m not a big fan either it’s hard to focus on the actual look when the camera seems out of focus lol
Melissa X
Melissa X - 4 months ago
This is bomb. I wonder if I can pull this off w darker skin
lAENATHENINJA - 4 months ago
where are the earrings from tho sis?? I wanna wear those every day of my life
Liz Melendreras
Liz Melendreras - 4 months ago
Feliz Año Nuevo!! I stayed chilled on NYE this time around but usually I do love a good eye glam and get all dolled up! Btw, which tape do you use and also can you please start showing your tops or what you’re wearing after you’re filming? Like when you do any BTS or incorporated into the intro or during the video? You don’t have to do all the time just when you know us chicas are going to ask!!! Xoxox
Widi S
Widi S - 4 months ago
😍😍😍😍 this look is everything! Sending you positive vibes and hope all of your dreams and goals come to fruition! 🎊
Rewan Elkhooly
Rewan Elkhooly - 4 months ago
The overlinig thing don't look good on you 🤦🏻‍♀️ it looks weird but the rest of the makeup looked stunning ❤️
TheMexicanBeauty - 4 months ago
Wow this look 😍😍😍I’m sending you all the positivity in this 2019 I know really beautiful things are coming your way desi! Thank you for always making us a part of your journey! ❤️
ClaubBeauty - 4 months ago
honestly i love how this look isnt over the top - its like its just right. Totally regular night out friendly in my opinion. love you Desiii
Teenu George
Teenu George - 4 months ago
When the only product Desi doesn’t mention by name or include in the info box with the rest of the products is the concealer bc perhaps it’s the new FENTY concealer 👀👀
queenshirin - 4 months ago
2019 is going to be your year! Sending you so much love. I can totally see you having your own bomb fashion line and I’m excited to see it come to life ❤️🥰
Katherine Kok
Katherine Kok - 4 months ago
Wishing the best for you desi for this year💗
Bibi T
Bibi T - 4 months ago
PLEASE REPORT !!!!! KM ANIMAL a YOUTUBE CHANNEL that is abusing little puppies.
Geraldine Simons
Geraldine Simons - 4 months ago
One of my fave looks fr
Amanda Renee
Amanda Renee - 4 months ago
this look is EVERYTHING
Natalie McDaniel
Natalie McDaniel - 4 months ago
You will make it all happen Desi 💙💕 prayers!!!!
Ely Ramirez
Ely Ramirez - 4 months ago
I love you hermosaaaaaa ❤️
Theresa V
Theresa V - 4 months ago
stunning! where can I get those earrings?
nuria marlene rodriguez
nuria marlene rodriguez - 4 months ago
Happy New Year Desi!!! I'm praying for baby Perkins to bless your lives this year !! I've read about alot of reviews (im huge on reviews) on a supplement called Balance by Alaninu and alot of women with fertility issues have had success in finally conceiving. I'm not trying to sell anything lol i just think it's worth a shot. Wishing you all the best in 2019.☺❣
Maria Gabriela Garcia Cheran
I LOVE how REAL, HONEST, HARD-WORKING and POSITIVE you are. I love watching your videos because I always learn so much! I am dying to see what you come up with this year! You are going to make all this sh!t happen! 🎉💪🏼❤️
Billie Frey
Billie Frey - 4 months ago
More makeup tutorials 😍😍😍
Max Ammo
Max Ammo - 4 months ago
Fabi Madrigal
Fabi Madrigal - 4 months ago
Hey girl what do u do to always be so positive , especially about having a baby ? Im going through the same thing thing wanting to start my family and it just doesnt happen .. just want u to know tht when i feel sad like right now seeing ur videos and u having such a good spirit really helps. So anyways praying for u too tht way god sends u a little angel❤️🙏🏼 love the makeup btw
Lisa Kuhle
Lisa Kuhle - 4 months ago
Desi I am praying for you and Steven! This has also been one of the toughest Christmas for my husband and I as well after our 2nd miscarriage at 15 weeks. Its been so tough but your videos always bring a smile to my face. Thank you! I still have faith and I know things happen in the most mysterious ways and pray you can start a family this year. You will be the best mommy!! Thank you for always showing the real, the good and the bad. No ones life is perfect! Also a line from you would literally be the best. Love your style!! many blessings in the New Year!
Sabrina Monique
Sabrina Monique - 4 months ago
Desi you killed it in this makeup look😍 I know you will get everything you are working towards this year, because it’s you! You work so hard and are such a beautiful soul. You have been by far my favorite YouTuber ever so I hope you continue to do YouTube even after you get busy with creating your own brand, because YouTube without Desi Perkins is like a chicken without her peeps! But as always just do you boo! I just want you to know how much I appreciate your videos✨💋
Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Cosmetics - 4 months ago
DROOLING!! looks sooooooo bomb
Adriana Perez
Adriana Perez - 4 months ago
Where do I purchase those earrings??? Love the look Desi!!!
Melvi - 4 months ago
Can you please tell me what concealer you used?
dgonzalez1018 - 4 months ago
Yes! I'm so excited for you, please make us a Desi brand!!!
Ivy Sko
Ivy Sko - 4 months ago
Omg jlo vibes I couldn’t stop thinking you looked exactly like her!!!
Zoë Dalimonte
Zoë Dalimonte - 4 months ago
self absorbed af typical beauty influencer thinking they're a celeb.
Quiana Allure
Quiana Allure - 4 months ago
So perfect 💟
Lindsay Sper
Lindsay Sper - 4 months ago
why do you use two different setting powders?? Using tarte shape tape and laura mercier setting powder but having so many issues with separation under my eyes ):
Kaitlin Slaker
Kaitlin Slaker - 4 months ago
Can you do a short video on strictly updated brow tutorial followed with a close up of a over lined lip, both always look so bomb and I definitely need some heavy tips
HannahRachel Xo
HannahRachel Xo - 4 months ago
Just wow! This look is absolutely beautiful on you.
Lauren Bogosian
Lauren Bogosian - 4 months ago
Love the way this makeup looks in your pictures but this filter is seriously not good. It makes it looks fuzzy/not in focus rather than soft. Please don't do this to your videos in the future- they're great as is!
Danisha Pop
Danisha Pop - 4 months ago
happy new year! i'm so glad to share it with you once again. hope you and Steven all the best
me_shell - 4 months ago
Happy New Year!!! Just ordered the Miss Fame lipstick, I’m always on the hunt for a good brown, neutral nude that doesn’t look pasty on tan skin!
Megan Christyna
Megan Christyna - 4 months ago
Wishing all your resolutions happen this year! Brand and Fashion!!! I know it will happen for you!!!!💛💛💛💛💛
Günay Akkus
Günay Akkus - 4 months ago
I think the filter is too much, your face looks not real anymore
Julkey -
Julkey - - 4 months ago
Loved this look, but the filter in this video was kind of distracting. I feel like the crispness disappeared and made it harder to see how the makeup applied on the skin.
Nancee Babee
Nancee Babee - 4 months ago
OMGGGGGG YEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! You did it Desi! I freakin love it! I love when you do these looks! Your the best! Glam, glitter, Brown tones, flawless skin, the lashes the lips. Just love it! You gave me lifeeeeeeeeeee! Revamped my urge to do my make up! Love it! Keep it coming!
And I’m a big believer in Speaking things into existence! Manifest it!!! It works!!!! Every night before bed, dream it and tell yourself it will happen! Pray for it and it will ⚜️✨💛🌟💫🌙
kiley.elizabeth - 4 months ago
that liner is everything! xo from my channel to your's!
TrishaLynn - 4 months ago
Pleeeeease make your brand inclusive to larger sizes! Us curvy girls need more cute clothes!
Andrea St-Aubin
Andrea St-Aubin - 4 months ago
I can't help it, you're just so beautiful😍🤗
juli - 4 months ago
Sooo pretty! I hope you had a great nye and i wish you all the best for 2019 ♥
Emilie Gammelgaard Hvingel
i hope all your new york resolutions happens!
Emilie Gammelgaard Hvingel
actually, i watched bird box and when it was done my cat looked out the window into the complete dark and hissed... i was so scared and didn't look out the window haha
Rhiannon Rock
Rhiannon Rock - 4 months ago
Tryna be sneaky Desi
I just peeped that fenty concealer
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