Trump Admits There’s No Emergency While Declaring a National Emergency | The Daily Show

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Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster - 5 days ago
lack of respect is a bid problem in the usa now a days they took dicapline from the homes now we are raising ungratfull punks ,thats rite punks
Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster - 5 days ago
when all these freeloaders come up you all will change youre tune hell we can let them stay with you fucking idiots.
Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster - 5 days ago
fuck this guy people need to stop with trump the fucking mexicans comming across is a fucking emergancy .
ansahs ansah
ansahs ansah - 25 days ago
Why are his worshipers unable to accept these facts? I stall from calling them morons and idiots although they present themselves as such because if it was Obama or Hillary they would scream and point at the obvious. WTF? It's okay to agree with someone's view that you share but why suck their anus when they are full of sh8 on other matters? That makes you appear devoid of rationality.
Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil - 26 days ago
Liberals are scum of the earth.
Aden Noah Dayton Kirk-Crothers
Obama is a hyprocite because he thinks that mothers have the right for abortion.
Lg Steelo
Lg Steelo - Month ago
Lmao. Their 1st 3 seconds of Guitar Hero was off. But they killed it and fixed it
madyjules - Month ago
So funny , but so damned sad that this is the President of the United States....OUR BELOVED NATION : 🤪😂 /🥺😱
Gisley Alves
Gisley Alves - Month ago
Honestly, Donald Trump is the most idiot America's president ever.
Mai Yang
Mai Yang - Month ago
LOL the trump song, was that even real??? LOOOOL
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller - Month ago
Can you have Andrew Yang on?
Chuks Okoro
Chuks Okoro - Month ago
What have Americans done. Just a child
Cheryl Owens
Cheryl Owens - Month ago
🎶 that’s why 45 is special, he ‘s a racist bastard, he likes to lie, he’s a hypocrite....🎶 Wow, Trevor is right, this is addicting!!🎶
snowflake#1 - Month ago
With a face like Mussolini, hands so teeny weenie,
He's so proud, of his Emperor's New Clothes.
He's the Twitter In Chief, and the nation needs relief,
From this con-man, and his Emperor's New Clothes.
You can fool some of the people, some of the time,
But who's gonna believe a man who never stops lyin',
The man, in the Emperor's New Clothes.
So in love with himself, he can't love no-one else,
He's alone, in his Emperor's New Clothes.
Surrounded by sycophants, who shower him with compliments,
This sad man, and his Emperor's New Clothes.
He's an honorary member, of the Ku Klux Klan,
An Army of Deplorables, and he's their biggest fan.
And they love him, and his Emperor's New Clothes.
These clothes are so beautiful,
The threads, are magical,
So fine, they're invisible,
Truly fantastical.
Believe me, the world,
Has never seen anything like it.
Sensational, majestical,
I am invincible!
Twiddle diddle dee, twiddle diddle dum,
I sit on the throne and twiddle my thumbs.
Twiddle diddle dee, twiddle diddle dum,
I'll get them all with my two little thumbs!
Rome burns, I twiddle my thumbs.
Twiddle diddle diddle diddle, diddle diddle dum.
Guilty of collusion, livin' in delusion,
He can't distinguish fact from fantasy.
Up against the FBI, he can run, but he can't hide,
Justice, will get him, eventually.
He's standing' buck naked, HE's the one who's fakin',
But history's in the makin',
'Cause we're not gonna take it anymore.
From the madman in the Emperor's New Clothes.
So WhoIsMilton
So WhoIsMilton - Month ago
I love President Trump ! It's rare when I actually get a laugh out of these Anti-Trump shows making fun of him, but that Guitar Hero bit was pure Genius ! =) . . .
Zenetta Lee
Zenetta Lee - Month ago
They went to the Supreme Court with a slightly altered bill claiming that it wasn't a ban and this is him admitting that it was a Muslim ban.
Midnight Life
Midnight Life - Month ago
I prefer trump to talk like that though 😂
Kyle Stubbs
Kyle Stubbs - Month ago
5:20 _Please_ tell me where I can find that clip.
V J - Month ago
Trump is a so called billionaire- let HIM pay for it
MossyGolem - Month ago
So many 🎺!!!
MossyGolem - Month ago
Why do people care about jobs for uneducated people? Surely his supports are educated enough to get jobs illegals cant get.
Hmm. Gets me thinking.

PS. Illegals don't cost us billions. Not enough here and not enough with properties to not pay taxes on.
TupacLebt ElvisNich
TupacLebt ElvisNich - Month ago
Agent Orange is the best Comedian ever :-D
Ambrob Gatuma
Ambrob Gatuma - Month ago
Trump is Lex Luthor . Billionaire who hates aliens, possible criminal and somehow becomes president
Maritza Piccarillo
Maritza Piccarillo - Month ago
He is rushing because he is failed President!
He wants the WALL as he legacy!
This Wall could have been a 20year project....creating jobs!
Instead you have a point President fighting in court claiming National Emergency you have to prove it and fight land owners along the border!
Rizwan Shaikh
Rizwan Shaikh - Month ago
Unfortunately, a thug, liar, sexual predator, white supremacist and Russian agent has become the leader of the free world. God help us!
justin castillo
justin castillo - Month ago
A better title would be Borderwall taken from Murderball. Then again, those clips from 2015 and 2016. #OMG
Yigael Weiss
Yigael Weiss - Month ago
jbird smith
jbird smith - Month ago
Trevor is an idiot. How many national emergencies did Obama declare. Many that were for giving money to other countries. Trump has every right to declare it as a national emergency since it relates to immigration.
Smelly Guy
Smelly Guy - Month ago
All that is missing is a piano in the background of his beautiful song.
Riikka Pitkanen
Riikka Pitkanen - Month ago
According to Trump, the Dictatorship is now established All Over. Congrats, US Voters. :-(
LongRange Hunter
LongRange Hunter - Month ago
It's funny to me that people think he's funny. This show hasn't even been funny on accident since this dude took over.
Iggy Popović
Iggy Popović - Month ago
Trum P is listening Cardi B too much, way too much!
Orlando Silva
Orlando Silva - Month ago
So basically Trump reads off cards, that's hilarious.
Yadiel Franco Rios
Yadiel Franco Rios - Month ago
Is that wall get built Mexico people are smart I know they will figured how to pass drug and come to the u.s illegally
Patriot Republic
Patriot Republic - Month ago
Even the comedy channel is fake news. MAGA
Chris - Month ago
Trump is a terrorist. He is the most unamerican president we have ever seen. If you support his hateful agenda, you are also a terrorist.
If Trump really want thia wall he need to spend his money...he have 3.1 billion
tripjet999 - Month ago
Trump and his pathetic republiCONS headed to JAIL, for the ELECTION FRAUD they committed in November, 2016!
Lisa Broody
Lisa Broody - Month ago
Do we wait until 200,000 come to the border?? Then it will take military action & death! BUILD IT NOW!!!!!!
western spy
western spy - Month ago
Bruh Xd
Bruh Xd - Month ago
Guys America is putting taxes on German cars Lol
Cuz they(Trump) thinks it's a national Threat
PS I got the info on German news pages and Research.
Kareem Hayden
Kareem Hayden - Month ago
Lol cardi d
Angela Hernandez
Angela Hernandez - Month ago
This man is the BEST!!!!!!! 🇲🇽♥️
Ron Jon
Ron Jon - Month ago
Don’t you want to just punch this guys face. He has that face you just want to PUNCH
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - Month ago
Ron Jon The 🍊🍄💩 could use a good punch in the face, but be careful-the Secret Service will probably hurt you.
Patrick Kant
Patrick Kant - Month ago
Nicholas Burton
Nicholas Burton - Month ago
South Africa seems to be having an actual national emergency. Thanks for pointing out our county's sins, Trevor.
rjmidnite - Month ago
CNN and Don and democrates lying again ,go look at the leaked photos that just came out ! CNN and MSNBC and Hollywood and democrates are fake! Fake RACISM and wall! How about me and ten of my friends invade your house don, your a. Ass clown !
Lito Lito
Lito Lito - Month ago
He’s definitely RETARDANT
dave wise
dave wise - Month ago
Sean Day
Sean Day - Month ago
Kids know this guy is full of shit. Why can't the so called adults that support him see that shit?!
Tyrone Norwood
Tyrone Norwood - Month ago
The dumbest President ever... George W was a genius compared to Trump
32DEGREES - Month ago
trevor, you are an evil person who is trying to divide the american people. you are a race baiter. you are a privileged young man who isn't even from the united states, but for some reason you think you have the right to slander our great president who is improving the lives of those in the black community more than obama ever did. you make fun of trump for having a charity. it doesn't get any lower than that. is that how tolerant the left has become? unemployment is up and so is the economy as well as foreign relations. you don't want what is best for the american people because you are not american. you are a puppet for the elite who want to divide us by race.
SkullCrusher117 - Month ago
You Americans and your politics are something else entirely
Athena G
Athena G - Month ago
For real. The majority of us voted for not-Trump, but since there's money to be made, guess who's in office.
Team Heartless
Team Heartless - Month ago
I am currently on a cruise through Caribbean and was in mexico today. I didnt see one trump hat or shirt. Even from people who have worn them the entire trip so far. Conservatives are such cowards.
Bill Brinker
Bill Brinker - Month ago
I love watching this idiot's show. I laugh at what a moron he shows what he is in every show. What is his name anyway? Traitor? ohhh sorry Trevor.
marvin chitwood
marvin chitwood - Month ago
EX republican and I should be laughing but I am too scared
NPC #804353 Non Binary
Trevor Noah touched my booty hole and threw bleach at my face!
BackTo Africa
BackTo Africa - Month ago
This Trevor Noah guy sucks. Is he even a comedian? Trump is way funnier and is a great president. I disliked this video. #MAGA and yes, I am an African, darkskinned black Trump supporter.
Cap'n Crunch
Cap'n Crunch - Month ago
How can you defend stupidity??
Babebubby - Month ago
Video proof Trump is completely insane!
Raul Tiangson
Raul Tiangson - Month ago
We don't need this South African albino or mulatto to pontificate to us about border security they outright murder migrants from Zimbabwe in South Africa why don't dis boy look into that they target and murder them
Hexanitrobenzene - Month ago
That Trump "song"... he is just mocking his opposers. That's like saying "Yeah, yeah, I heard all that... If it gets to Supreme Court, where I have backing, I'll win. So, you can speak alone, I don't care."
C GR - Month ago
That’s hilarious!
Alejandro Melecio
Alejandro Melecio - Month ago
Trying to get your attention away from important issues. Main media helping
deana nightingale
deana nightingale - Month ago
This has always been about his base. He will literally say anything to keep them. He admitted this during his campaign and continues to. This President is a total nightmare of a person. I really hope that in the end, this will be a huge lesson for the U.S.
Puneet Sarna
Puneet Sarna - Month ago
A Mcdowe
A Mcdowe - Month ago
Every time I watch the daily show on YouTube it shows me an impeach trump
Sally - Month ago
Liberals revel in lawlessness.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia - Month ago
This 🤡 wants to robbe lots of millions like this guy said, clown is full of shit.
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson - Month ago
Stop bringing up cardi just let her fade
Leykavill - Month ago
we Mexicans are not the ones that are crossing the border illegally,those are the central and south americans,we have an amazing president, we don't want to leave our beautiful country.
Leon V
Leon V - Month ago
Why is he calling a national emergency? He is the national emergency!
John Gerva
John Gerva - Month ago
Some dude should had pulled out....
Vicki Jones
Vicki Jones - Month ago
The government should not be able to take your land WTF !! The Government is wasting so much money they should be required to list the amount they are spending along with what they're spending it on
Remember Our Music
Remember Our Music - Month ago
Why doesn´t Trevor Noah make such jokes about the president of his native South Africa? I dare him to do that in Johannesburg where his talent `for uniting the races` is more desperately needed.
Sally - Month ago
Vincent Sluga
Vincent Sluga - Month ago
This shit is soooooo tasteless.
Stella H
Stella H - Month ago
Put this in the file folder for shit Obama couldn't have EVER gotten away with 🤣
Mindy Hitchcock
Mindy Hitchcock - Month ago
trump...more nauseating, every day. Drop dead trump, you are so full of shit, too bad you're so incompetent...
Coral - Month ago
The person who found that 2015 speech of him "singing" deserves a raise! 😂😂
chad harvey
chad harvey - Month ago
Would doing this slow down Impeachment trials?
Saebin - Month ago
ahaha, wasn't expecting the clip at the end XD
Demovitron - Month ago
Trump is terrible, but ridiculing him doesn't really convince his following to see reason. Cold facts paired with empathy might be more effective. Also, those jokes are all the same. Do you comedy news shows all steal from each other or is this scripted like the fox shows? Repetition, repetition, repetition...
Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd - Month ago
Hearing Trump talk like he's auto-tuned is like watching a clown juggle knives and throw them at you while he does it..
It's very entertaining but also very worrying at the same time.
Jeff Steelflex
Jeff Steelflex - Month ago
And this show and this new host makes me understand why so many people have stopped watching CC. Please get your stupidity in line or just cancel the show. Only far leftist watch this's not even remotely funny. Find another job, please. Definitely wont be for the government since you obviously have no concept of how real government works. Maybe UK wants you back....doubt it tough.
J Leicht
J Leicht - Month ago
J Leicht
J Leicht - Month ago
+Alejandro Melecio another Hispanic that's ok with illegal immigration. What a surprise.... I'd bet if white Russians were illegally in America, taking jobs from Hispanics, killing Hispanics in car accidents after they should have been deported you'd be against illegal immigration. Your a racist !
Alejandro Melecio
Alejandro Melecio - Month ago
White terrorists do the most damage and they're the right color and trumpeter dont say anything it's ok they cann kill anytime
Shorty - Month ago
Wow a foreigner acting like hes funny and knows how america should be run 😂 not like were the most successful country in the world or anything
King 05
King 05 - Month ago
Hilarious! 😂
David Medina
David Medina - Month ago
You trumpsters really believe in this fool 2:10 who other then a buffoon talk's like that ? God, you people are lost.
Vincent Cheatham
Vincent Cheatham - Month ago
Before Obama left office he gave power to the government to make citizens work for free in case of a National emergency. Trump Just declared a national emergency.
Arnold Schuermans.
Arnold Schuermans. - Month ago
God, throw every person who supports this anti-Trump devil in hell. This Obama-bot is nothing but a Goebels on steroids.
Caroline Apodaca
Caroline Apodaca - Month ago
trump spoke like pinkie pie sometimes does,.... I'd say maybe he's watched the show.... but it has more morals and facts then fox.... and is pro girl..... instead of pro trump.....
Martijn Drieman
Martijn Drieman - Month ago
Trump is a robot ... no AI ... just Poetin with a Sega controller ...
ransom - Month ago
He sounds like will Ferrell singing in restroom on movie ELF
Imran Khan
Imran Khan - Month ago
Trevor Noah is another angry elite globalist with Trump derangement syndrome- Pathetic
Sally - Month ago
Noah is just another one of their puppets used to mind control the masses.
Flash Dreamer
Flash Dreamer - Month ago
Get better writers, your better than that Trevor, this jokes are lame
David Medina
David Medina - Month ago
This joke is historic, not even the two presidential Bushes we're dumber or funnier then Trump.
David Medina
David Medina - Month ago
Who needs writer's, Trump's a natural born fool, just follow and record. You would think his aids would tackle him every time he starts to ramble on . . . No, wait that would be funny too.
Adam Aldabbagh
Adam Aldabbagh - Month ago
Damn it! Why did you have to present trumps sing along! Now I can't unhear it even with his normal speaches my brain translated it to his sing along!
Claudia Fuentes
Claudia Fuentes - Month ago
Hahaha! Thank you Trevor, for keeping me sane.
Carol Dieball
Carol Dieball - Month ago
That Guitar Hero clip was genius 😆😆😆
Greg M
Greg M - Month ago
The Supreme Court has already proven that they will do whatever Trump wants them to do. Anyone who thinks Trump is going to face any criminal indictments will be disappointed, because Trump will have his Supreme Court overturn any ruling made by the lower Courts.
YaHsharun YaH'shral
YaHsharun YaH'shral - Month ago
Maritorous Manumission
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