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Mark Cantrell
Mark Cantrell - 3 days ago
It makes me tearful seeing such kindness. Its the most beautiful thing to me. Please look after our fellow brothers and sisters of the human race.
Cyclops - 4 days ago
Why does it matter if you lose your kid, I mean you can just make another for free!

Jk......or am I
Gwendolyn Brown
Gwendolyn Brown - 4 days ago
To kiss the referee on a cheek was just BEAUTIFUL❤️ the whole video was BEAUTIFUL❤️.
flaming ninja
flaming ninja - 4 days ago
If people call soccer football then what do you call footbal
Gamer to the Max
Gamer to the Max - 11 hours ago
american football
steve campbell
steve campbell - 5 days ago
Ronaldo didnt help Cavani...he made sure he got off faster lol
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis - 5 days ago
It's not called a left striker it's called a left wing in hockey there is 2 defenseman 1 goalie 2 wings and a center
aussie chicco
aussie chicco - 6 days ago
Never been a fan of football but my god they are sexy😍😍and quite sweet
ac S
ac S - 7 days ago
Fuvk neymar
kool kev
kool kev - 8 days ago
You take the clips off and go to the next one to quickly , viewers don't get time to savor the moment.
Also you talk all the time and over the clips, you should talk to introduce, then keep quiet while clips are playing. So annoying, Needless to say I didn't watch the whole vid. 😣
Semper fidelis Semper Paratus
You not supposto help athletes you get disqualified
Semper fidelis Semper Paratus
How can a mother looses her kid
Scipio Africanus
Scipio Africanus - 8 days ago
Bloody Virtue signallers.
Ohio Against The World
Ohio Against The World - 8 days ago
I had no idea that Dorothea Wierer at 5:20 was so painfully, incredibly sexy. thanks for opening my eyes to a glorious new female athlete 😁
Luciana Assunção
Luciana Assunção - 9 days ago
Neymar 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Mikael Olsson
Mikael Olsson - 10 days ago
Wait... The reason Ronaldo helped Cavani off is because Ronaldo thought cavani was wasting time on purpose...
the Lying Scotsman
the Lying Scotsman - 8 days ago
Stephen Mason
Stephen Mason - 10 days ago
My kind of sport! I gave up competing years ago when this spirit vanished and winning only gave way to cheating!
Florin F.
Florin F. - 10 days ago
The perfect example of being and compassion!
Kimberly E
Kimberly E - 10 days ago
Love the humanity of these athletes. Great reporting.
serena sebastian
serena sebastian - 10 days ago
I get those cramp things in the middle of the night while sleeping and they are so damn painful. It feels like something inside you is ripping apart.
Dick Jokes And Bondo
Dick Jokes And Bondo - 11 days ago
High five man! Yay!
Richard Calisi
Richard Calisi - 11 days ago
7:23 what an amazing and fantastic moment.
Herrera Family
Herrera Family - 12 days ago
Ronaldo isn’t even in Real Madrid
Alex Amaral
Alex Amaral - 12 days ago
Idk where the info came from about Edmund, but he CLEARLY rolled his ankle and didn't get a cramp.
Tenchoe Kyedong
Tenchoe Kyedong - 12 days ago
It was a heart touching video
Батрић Гарић
Батрић Гарић - 13 days ago
Christian Wilson
Christian Wilson - 13 days ago
Ronaldo is a really good man😊😊
NICE TRY - 15 days ago
shut up
Bojan Dragojevic
Bojan Dragojevic - 16 days ago
NAS COVEK!!!! 1:47 (translate) OUR MAN!!!!
Randy Porter
Randy Porter - 17 days ago
Give an official an “apology kiss” here in the U.S. and you’ll be on the media that night, labeled a sexual predator and sued the next day for sexual assault. If it includes a hug, I think you just go straight to prison. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
ryanredmond87 - 18 days ago
So obvious ronaldo only took the photo to get noticed as you can see he’s loving the attention,also the knobhead then almost pushed the injured player off the field.that attempt at a human is just a waste of oxygen and gives all celebrities a bad name
Panspermia Hunter
Panspermia Hunter - 18 days ago
One act of kindness outweighs any weight in gold to the good.
KooKooKrabKlan - 19 days ago
Why is messi barely in the vid?
Husnaa Hussein
Husnaa Hussein - 19 days ago
why wasnt sergios ramos included
Soundgrifter [OFFICIAL]
Soundgrifter [OFFICIAL] - 20 days ago
Darya Domracheva is no more russian than Usain Bolt..
Matchette Lopez
Matchette Lopez - 20 days ago
What awesome examples of kindness. NONE of these acts cost anything out of pocket. Small behaviors that had big meanings! Amazing!
Cuhween Sojuicy
Cuhween Sojuicy - 21 day ago
Who is that guy who gave his shirt, and his shoes??? SHOUTOUT to your mother and father for raising such a gentlemen💓💋 #GODBLESS YOU
Cuhween Sojuicy
Cuhween Sojuicy - 20 days ago
+Rose Kahn thank you so much for the info, he is the real MVP I see and he is handsome too 🤗💓💋
Rose Kahn
Rose Kahn - 20 days ago
Cuhween Sojuicy Neymar. One of the greatest international soccer players
Kaitlyn Hennessy
Kaitlyn Hennessy - 21 day ago
Did anyone else forget that only America uses the word soccer and get really confused when he said football
Monty Wormald
Monty Wormald - 21 day ago
I like watching vids without morons interrupting
Slayer Player
Slayer Player - 22 days ago
7:08 "But the most interesting thing happened... Ronaldo helped him off..."
I really don't think that was the most interesting thing. And if it was, it must have been the most boring match in the world.
Slayer Player
Slayer Player - 22 days ago
Hmmm, maybe Neymar isn't so bad after all...
Spike - 22 days ago
"Left sided Striker" WTF, at least learn the proper terminology before trying to make a buck on someone else's accomplishments. You're an embarassment to yourself and other Video producers. He plays Left Wing for the NHL Capitals.
kursed parasite
kursed parasite - 20 days ago
Spike ...I agree...he used a soccer position. He even mixed up football and soccer
Brenda Spoon
Brenda Spoon - 22 days ago
We don't know him personally, but he did that for Nana, he's our hero too. And Cool dude at that.. We rooting tooting for him... Thanks for sharing...
Hester de Vrieze
Hester de Vrieze - 22 days ago
5:51 did they just eat sushi with a fork?!
Devayani Subramanian
Devayani Subramanian - 22 days ago
Hester de Vrieze how are you so sure .Btw it’s called sportsmanship
Pervez Qureshi
Pervez Qureshi - 23 days ago
Its a beautiful n heartening gesture . Our world badly needs people like these . May Allah be pleased with you all .
Ethan Lenos
Ethan Lenos - 23 days ago
Soccer is 4 babies
Thud Thud
Thud Thud - 23 days ago
Competition can get very heated and tempers can flare at times. One of greatest thing an athlete can do is show sportsmanship and kindness toward their opponent.
That last goalkeeper is a buzkill
aditya thakur
aditya thakur - 24 days ago
Ronaldo didn't help Cavani out of sympathy. He wanted him to get off the field quicker as Cavani was wasting time.
Raymond J
Raymond J - 24 days ago
This is the stuff heros are made of !!!!
Annette Graves
Annette Graves - 24 days ago
yea no....not in the US.
Kathleen Wilkins
Kathleen Wilkins - 25 days ago
Love this kind of sportmanship, wish it wasn't so rare
anay singh
anay singh - 25 days ago
8:19. That sound
Prakhar uchiha
Prakhar uchiha - 25 days ago
Why do war to conquer land when u can conquer hearts with a little kindness and humanity
彭惠 - 25 days ago
Soccer I love soccer like Christiano Ronaldo
Comment Neymar
Devayani Subramanian
Devayani Subramanian - 22 days ago
I love Neymar and Ronaldo
My cat died om my birthday
I couldn't stop smiling and i dont even like sports
XXNick XD - 25 days ago
You mean soccer
10,000 subcribers with no videos
Proof that clout doesn't taint everyones mind
Will SERONG - 26 days ago
I hate this channel how it was rude to Australia
Caroline Eaton
Caroline Eaton - 26 days ago
These are great but we all know the real hero here is Scott Sterling.
Akash Bhowmick
Akash Bhowmick - 26 days ago
Great people
that boi
that boi - 26 days ago
Lmao this man really said ovi was a "left side striker"
chu pamela
chu pamela - 26 days ago
Humility achieved 👏
BigSexyNetta Jackson
BigSexyNetta Jackson - 26 days ago
Theirs so many sports players across the world that has such huge hearts! It's so awesome! 💞
GamingforfunXOXO - 26 days ago
thumbs down for putting ads in the middle of the video
Jen Paterson
Jen Paterson - 26 days ago
5:35 is crazy
Jen Paterson
Jen Paterson - 26 days ago
And cute
Gerald O'Hare
Gerald O'Hare - 26 days ago
Very nice people.
Lexie Cooper
Lexie Cooper - 27 days ago
Can somebody tell me where brock boesser is and his first prom date???????
George Daws
George Daws - 27 days ago
381 people who have no heart or for that matter, brains. Not all stars are narcissistic.
williamdegraft turkson
williamdegraft turkson - 27 days ago
Djikovic's own is pure class
Don Hustins
Don Hustins - 27 days ago
High five man lol
Laura Hirovanaa
Laura Hirovanaa - 27 days ago
When the blue wrestler or what not carries the red wrestler that he just won against. 💙
Diamondz Army
Diamondz Army - 27 days ago
Moments that proved this world is still full of beautiful hearted people
HaVoc ICE - 27 days ago
American athletes do good things to just thought id let you know that if you made another one of these.
Shubhankar Bhattacharya
Shubhankar Bhattacharya - 28 days ago
Who dislikes videos like this?!
SVUVM DV - 28 days ago
competing fairly is more important than winning.
Irish Lass
Irish Lass - 28 days ago
Awesome Team Sportsmanship!!
E&A Vlogs
E&A Vlogs - 28 days ago
Hat trick In futbol
sean8896 - 28 days ago
Choosenickey - 28 days ago
Making me cryyy
MoMmA bEaR!
MoMmA bEaR! - 29 days ago
True sportsmanship and just good people! God bless all!
brian holloway
brian holloway - 29 days ago
Makes me proud to be human! Love to the love of one another !
K.M. Smith
K.M. Smith - 29 days ago
If I was a professional athlete I would love making little kids happy. All you have to do is give them some attention and you make their day.
Connell Koba
Connell Koba - 29 days ago
John Petzold
John Petzold - 29 days ago
The only thing that swimmer deserves, is punishment for UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT!
ScotSpeed - 29 days ago
How's he gonna play tennis with some woman wailing in the stands? Of course he had to stop.
Jane Wilks
Jane Wilks - 27 days ago
He's not heartless. Learn a lessons.
Doug S
Doug S - 29 days ago
Imagine all people were like this in everyday life!?
Stephen Mason
Stephen Mason - 10 days ago
Never mind people, what about more Sports people?
ZaC kWinz
ZaC kWinz - 20 days ago
You can be. ~Be the change you wish to see.
Ice Wolf
Ice Wolf - 29 days ago
Når du sier Lillestrøm si det riktige
WOLVER CLAW - Month ago
Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson - Month ago
Words to remember we are all not just blood and meat some were in all that we have a big heart remember this video and do good to or for some one the world will be better for it
Fatima Al-Amri
Fatima Al-Amri - Month ago
Those I call true celebrities
Oliver Hamzo
Oliver Hamzo - Month ago
This is why Neymar is a fan favorite
juanbosco ugoh
juanbosco ugoh - Month ago
one like great deeds
Sheryl may Cabaron
Sheryl may Cabaron - Month ago
Good heart people
R L - Month ago
1:07 It's not called football, dbag! It's called soccer. Football is for real men!
R L - 29 days ago
+IM-A-BTS-ARMYBOMB Damn straight!
IM-A-BTS-ARMYBOMB - 29 days ago
R L .....of course it does...... 🙄
R L - 29 days ago
+IM-A-BTS-ARMYBOMB America is the only country that matters!
IM-A-BTS-ARMYBOMB - 29 days ago
R L it’s only called soccer in America. ⚽️ Everywhere else calls it football. You’re talking about American football 🏈
anne welch
anne welch - Month ago
I love it when people show how true sportsmanship looks in action. Caring about an injured opponent, carrying a stranger to the finish line in a marathon that is love in action. Someone's cutting oinons. Thank you for sharing this lovely video.
Vinstinctify1 - Month ago
The first one was ageism lol
I like Andy Murray anyone else
Eli Baker
Eli Baker - Month ago
Devil Reborn
Devil Reborn - Month ago
Nadal Djokovic is a Joker♥️♥️
Olga Pagan
Olga Pagan - Month ago
I'll take a hit to my nose by CR7 anytime!!!
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