Most Emotional and Dramatic Moments in All Sport History

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arcticspirals - 2 days ago
Good vid, good people. Congrats man, I feel better.
Justen Doyle
Justen Doyle - 3 days ago
These ads are ruining this video. Shout to the guy who made it. Great job. But YouTube.... not cool man
gujja walmaster
gujja walmaster - 5 days ago
This is humanity
Norman Jueco
Norman Jueco - 5 days ago
Oh my God they are good samaritans ever God is gift for players Indeed that is incredible "most emotional and dramatic moments " what I saw yeah they are blessed we are happy to hear from them we love the players
Aziz mahsud azizullah Khan
Anq - 6 days ago
guess baseball not hockey nor american football among many others aren’t sports...
Kasia - 11 days ago
Ah yes, Ronaldo's charirty - always checking twice whether the cameras are rolling and photographers are shooting, trying to take the best pose when he does his showing off, which holds little to no real value.
Aarav nisar
Aarav nisar - 11 days ago
Max WAHYUDI - 12 days ago
“Had a date with a 10 year old fan”
soager009 69
soager009 69 - 16 days ago
Domracheva is Belorussian!
MR.Miachael Lol
MR.Miachael Lol - 25 days ago
5:23 she’s face is so good for a dank meme 😂
sveti Sava
sveti Sava - 25 days ago
Ми смо поносни на тебе Новаче!
tshewang lama
tshewang lama - 26 days ago
Yaa I am neymar fan to I love neymar
Xavplays Roblox
Xavplays Roblox - 27 days ago
Mike Bizz
Mike Bizz - 27 days ago
Pretty sure It's called a "pole".
Not a "stick"..🙄
FirstNatives TooThisLand
FirstNatives TooThisLand - 28 days ago
Some great men 👨
Mythobino Plays
Mythobino Plays - 28 days ago
Excuse me but did he call OV a striker?!😂 In hockey we call it a winger
Paul K Sunny
Paul K Sunny - Month ago
Leeds United giving Aston Villa a goal (a really important one) should be also included.
CallM3Trump - Month ago
the last one from norway

im from norway sooo yaaay norway
like if u like human existence
Franck Bordeloup
Franck Bordeloup - Month ago
Wow Nice !!!
Dejan Antic
Dejan Antic - Month ago
I am surbian
YHWH YYWH - Month ago
Remember the Sabbath day.
Williamgrahamx - Month ago
Ronaldo helped cavani to get on with the game because cavani was too slow
Asalle El Mas Fresco
Asalle El Mas Fresco - Month ago
Are you sure or are joking
lucas kiryu G-force
lucas kiryu G-force - Month ago
Magnus Brækken
Magnus Brækken - Month ago
Still Chill
Still Chill - Month ago
Me: *Is about to go Super Saiyan*
Also me: *Watches this video*
Alseo Also me: *Stops Super Saiyan*
Anhthu Pham
Anhthu Pham - Month ago
P 0o0 ison
P 0o0 ison - Month ago
True sportsmanship 😀😀
Dianne Trout
Dianne Trout - Month ago
That's what is called manners taught by Mom and Dad at home
Kel McNaught
Kel McNaught - Month ago
4:42 no one says made a hat trick
Kel McNaught
Kel McNaught - Month ago
Even if they do say that it is much more common to say something like score a hat trick
Mr Clean
Mr Clean - Month ago
Look it up
Mr Clean
Mr Clean - Month ago
People do
Myggy:MLBB and Rust
Myggy:MLBB and Rust - Month ago
Brendan Ziegler
Brendan Ziegler - Month ago
honestly soccer/fútbol platers are some of the nicest players in the world.
Lea Lea
Lea Lea - Month ago
They are all true winners in our heart regardless if they finished the race or not.... because of their kind hearted gestures 👍💕💖😘 it makes you tear up with a warm smile watching all these....🤗🤗💓😂
hope&joy - Month ago
I know that if it was my little sister, who has Down syndrome, that got to have lunch with her favorite sports figure, she would be thrilled! It is so sweet for someone to do that.
BlueFalcon - Month ago
GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL: for the Rockefeller & Rothschild's Foundation.
BlueFalcon - Month ago
Keep YOUR EYES on THE BALL....... because YOU IDIOTS WON'T have EYES for more.
Planned by the Rockefeller & Rothschild's Foundation. Look it up.
BlueFalcon - Month ago
STUPIDITY at is BEST....cry...cry...cry....YOU hug your "IDOL" get shoes, a t-shirt....KEEP CRYING.......... it ONLY shows HOW STUPID PEOPLE ARE.........
Bruce Bergstresser
Bruce Bergstresser - Month ago
Lousy GEICO commercials ruined the vid
RussianDoge69 69
RussianDoge69 69 - Month ago
.mn is that minnesota?
Divit Chetty
Divit Chetty - Month ago
Ronaldo love u man
Lucy Pender
Lucy Pender - Month ago
Haha love the guys Scottish accent !
Forest Hills
Forest Hills - Month ago
USA is going to change the disrespect and racism in soccer. USA world leader.
Lukas Lauten
Lukas Lauten - Month ago
Heia lillestrøm hei hei
Rusenescu Alin
Rusenescu Alin - Month ago
HISTORY when u ain't even going back more than 40 years ... really ?? that's history ?? so i'm guessing the worst thing in human history is the fall of communism , since hitler was more than 50 years ago
Lena Alward
Lena Alward - Month ago
Is it just me or does everyone notice that soccer/futball players are the sweetest group of humans?
A MAC - Month ago
Take notes other 'sports heroes'.. celebrities also
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams - Month ago
What about lightning mcqueen pushing a wrecked the king to the finish line sacrificing his own 1st place?
John Smith
John Smith - 2 months ago
It’s a shame you don’t see much of this in the states!
Jannat Armani
Jannat Armani - 2 months ago
Soo Heart touching!! 1:06, 4:58 & 8:57 I cried😭.. Respect to all athletes..😍 They are true humans 😭😭👍👍😢👌
FBI - 2 months ago
One day I woke up only to have my legs completely in a cramp and it felted so bad that I couldn't walk or get out of my bed and it it was like my legs were paralyzed
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