Dropping a bottle cap, but face down.

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SshardzZ 123
SshardzZ 123 - 6 hours ago
I don’t get it...
unknown ?
unknown ? - 11 hours ago
I don't really care if it falls
Blue Wolf_YT
Blue Wolf_YT - 15 hours ago
That’s the worst
Taco Meme
Taco Meme - 15 hours ago
I never knew this was a problem
shoesncheese - 15 hours ago
So poignant it should have ended with a great big FIN.
Bob - Day ago
Now imagine that but on a clay tennis court.
lI Unknown Il
lI Unknown Il - Day ago
I thought I was the only one who grabbed a paper towel when I couldn’t open a bottle with my bare hands😂
lI Unknown Il
lI Unknown Il - 18 hours ago
tallerstond sometimes I use my shirt😂
tallerstond - 18 hours ago
lmao I just use a shirt
not Courtney
not Courtney - 2 days ago
This was so intense to watch
hax - 3 days ago
am I the only one who doesn't care if I drop my cap on the ground or
Felype Rennan
Felype Rennan - 3 days ago
Drama here is better than most TV shows nowadays 😂
Ashlee - 404
Ashlee - 404 - 3 days ago
How is this a issue who tf cares n put it back on damn
commie doggie
commie doggie - 4 days ago
bruh I have no clue what this joke means someone tell me I need to know
Trenton Quant
Trenton Quant - 5 days ago
I don’t get it, shouldn’t the title be “face up?” When the bottle cap is positioned like that, it’s face up. When the face is down on the ground, it’s face down.
GetaGripTV - 5 days ago
Not that serious...
Noodle Head117
Noodle Head117 - 5 days ago
All ur vids r relatable
Jaden Allbert
Jaden Allbert - 5 days ago
Why are you so upset over this
Ali Jarri
Ali Jarri - 6 days ago
I don't relate
Lua - 6 days ago
Bloodyidit - 6 days ago
I don't get why you don't just wash the bottlecap and screw it back on
why not, I do it.
ODOWSHD - 6 days ago
Basically if the cap drops face down it means you have no choice but to finish the drink, you can't save it for later. this is for those uncultured swines that don't understand this video.
Kazzy K
Kazzy K - 4 days ago
Unless you have that thing called water
angel jung
angel jung - 6 days ago
I felt this on a personal level
Adrian Cruz
Adrian Cruz - 6 days ago
If this bothers people just wash the damn cap. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Gay - 6 days ago
*That's basically me*
Smuuuth - 7 days ago
The most relatable channel easy
RadioactiveRat - 7 days ago
Bruh... you know soap and water is a thing right?
VisionaryType - 7 days ago
Dropping the Cap isn't so bad after all, as if it's landing somewhere under the Coach or so. ☹
Default Dan The Magical Man
I’m so confused
Joseph Aviles
Joseph Aviles - 7 days ago
Umm just wash it?
Aj Morris
Aj Morris - 7 days ago
Now you gotta drink the entire bottle
Lunatica9th - 7 days ago
Super Pony 3
Super Pony 3 - 8 days ago
No matter how clean and spotless the kitchen floor is, a huge wad of hair always ends up sticking on a cap that dropped face down :(
antman DJ
antman DJ - 8 days ago
Only when I'm outside dose it bother me.
Misses Witch
Misses Witch - 8 days ago
But you can just wash it hahaha
CMANIAC1 - 8 days ago
I mean, theres a sink right next to you. Just wash the damn thing off...
Joseph Aviles
Joseph Aviles - 7 days ago
Yassin TDM
Yassin TDM - 8 days ago
You know you can clean it right 😂
Bad Guy Forever
Bad Guy Forever - 9 days ago
it hurts
Savalas Lindsey
Savalas Lindsey - 10 days ago
I’m confused 😰
Alfonzo Jackson
Alfonzo Jackson - 10 days ago
What is the music
Super Might
Super Might - 10 days ago
Me:*opens bottle of water*
Accidently drops bottle cap but it lands face up
kelp shake
kelp shake - 10 days ago
That day he went into life hibernation and was never heard from again
Rodney Destin
Rodney Destin - 11 days ago
olivier - 11 days ago
Dont see the problem
TheMinecraftWhisperer - 11 days ago
Yo I didn’t know people cared about this... I just pick it up and keep using it. Plus only a tiny section of the cap (the part that never comes into contact with the drink inside mind you) ever even touches the ground. It’s not like it’s infected... talk about germophobia...
Mistur Jostur
Mistur Jostur - 10 days ago
Wow people understand that the cap is just fine...
Double XQ
Double XQ - 10 days ago
Bruh fr, i was so confused when i saw that people actually care when they drop the cap, if ya drop it on somethin messy then just clean it up a bit with sum water and its fine, but i usually dont even care
Trey Anderson
Trey Anderson - 11 days ago
Just blow it off it’s good
GWENT KENYA - 11 days ago
The way he mourns it...priceless
Lasty Hopper
Lasty Hopper - 12 days ago
just a tip, please don't shoot a white object on a white background
Yasir Rizwan
Yasir Rizwan - 14 days ago
It really do be like that
Greater Grievobeast 55
Greater Grievobeast 55 - 14 days ago
Just wash the cap!
ModderArmy - 14 days ago
I thought i'm the only person that knows that feeling😂
RynKen - 14 days ago
Look on the bright side. You can pour some out, for your dropped comrade.
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