I Made A Cake For TOY STORY 4 RED CARPET! | How To Cake It

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How To Cake It
How To Cake It - 3 months ago
TO CAKE AND BEYOND! 🍰💫 I was lucky enough to be invited to the Toy Story 4 premiere and I loved every moment of it! 🎬🤩I know you're all going to love it just as much as I did! Let me know if you're planning on seeing the movie and which character you are most excited to see 🤔I have to say my new favourite is Forky! 🙈
A&A Crew
A&A Crew - Month ago
Would you rather make a cake for nicki Minaj or cardi b
Mrs.Potato Head
Mrs.Potato Head - Month ago
What do you do with your cakes? 👀😍😂🙈
Eldana Biniam
Eldana Biniam - Month ago
I wachted it (in the cinema's)with my school for free .year 5&6 i loved forki and his freinds the dummies it was so nice and emotional at the end i loved the little girl who got lost and also the teddy 's ,who were stuck together. If u still was reading please like if you have watched toy story 4.😃😃😊😊😊😊😊
carolyn a
carolyn a - Day ago
Regular Youtubers: get sponsored by Honey, nail polish companies etc..
Yo: Gets sponsored by Disney..
Acts like: Meh whatever.. it’s cool.. so how I made the cake....
Krystle Gaines
Krystle Gaines - 2 days ago
I would love for you to make my wedding cake. And I also want you to make the heart cake with all the blood
Krystle Gaines
Krystle Gaines - 2 days ago
H Gh
H Gh - 7 days ago
Poop emoji?
Rylee Warkentin
Rylee Warkentin - 7 days ago
Cake story!
Kaleigh Powell
Kaleigh Powell - 8 days ago
My favorite character on toy story is bo peep
Nathaniel Worthan
Nathaniel Worthan - 9 days ago
cakestory cake story
Laura-Lea Compagnoni
Laura-Lea Compagnoni - 11 days ago
Those straws were multi crome not holographic 💿
Sarah Wahlquist
Sarah Wahlquist - 13 days ago
those are not holo they're multi-chrome.
Hilary Lai
Hilary Lai - 15 days ago
Your cake looks amazing, the design is just like the cartoon
Yulissa Rios
Yulissa Rios - 16 days ago
you made a video with Christine frum simply nailogical and you still don't know what is holo and what is no holo 🤦‍♀️🤭
Stefanie Bachmann
Stefanie Bachmann - 18 days ago
Allanna Lindsay
Allanna Lindsay - 18 days ago
Woody and Bo Peep
Mine girl Xox
Mine girl Xox - 19 days ago
Make a cake that is a Minecraft creeper
batsheba joe
batsheba joe - 23 days ago
forky is my favorite character
Chiak Voon Wong
Chiak Voon Wong - 25 days ago
can you maKe a CaKe for me😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Jocelyn - 26 days ago
Yo when she said “you’re talking to me, Jocelyn,” I kinda freaked but then I remembered her friend is also named jocelyn 🤦🏾‍♀️
a shah gaming
a shah gaming - 26 days ago
Jasmine r white
Jasmine r white - 29 days ago
# cake story. Forking
Dameshia Parker
Dameshia Parker - Month ago
What an hour
Joli Stella
Joli Stella - Month ago
My fave character is Bo peep
bacishere - Month ago
What do you do with the cut offs ?🤔
Olivia Crummer
Olivia Crummer - Month ago
OMG its the JOCELYN!!! i was scrolling through the comments and how is nobody talking about this
SARAH ! - Month ago
That guy basically called her cake trays coz forky only goes in trash lol but the cake turned out gorgeous
morgienyc - Month ago
Danielle Woods
Danielle Woods - Month ago
I wish the cake was real... Cause that's a waist of fondant if your not gonna eat it
Danielle Woods
Danielle Woods - 11 days ago
@seavey’s watermelons why was there glue on it
seavey’s watermelons
seavey’s watermelons - 11 days ago
Danielle Woods it is real
Kayla Johnson
Kayla Johnson - Month ago
You're officially the Beyonce of cakes! 😍 All those movie producers trying to compliment you and the cake and get on your good side! 😂
Bluetastic Master
Bluetastic Master - Month ago
Or stinky the 🐶 dor
Bluetastic Master
Bluetastic Master - Month ago
I meant dog
Bluetastic Master
Bluetastic Master - Month ago
The horse 🐴
Tiffany phan
Tiffany phan - Month ago
Gabby Gabby
Hobhouse - Month ago
The cake is amazing! Also would you be able to do a Krispy Kremes Doughnut cake?
Francisco Medina
Francisco Medina - Month ago
My favorite toy story character isforky
Geovanna Pezzotti
Geovanna Pezzotti - Month ago
Krystal King
Krystal King - Month ago
my cousin my cousin said she don't like you because you have a Toy Story 4 toys Toy Story 4 toys yeah
Camila Estling
Camila Estling - Month ago
Dumb question but do people ever choke on dowels
Sophie O Sullivan
Sophie O Sullivan - Month ago
Anyone else wish they had this much time

And got to go to a Disney premiere😭😂
andioopskskskskskks - Month ago
reindeer poop
Sienna Ball
Sienna Ball - Month ago
Hey yo, could you do a marvel cake, like all the avengers endgame moment and put on it “ proof tony stark has a heart’ 😀
Shannah R
Shannah R - Month ago
I don't fully understand why most of the cake was made from cake dummies?
Calista Muskitta
Calista Muskitta - Month ago
finally, someone else thought about it!
sofia - Month ago
is the dummy fake is there any real cake besides captain boots helmet
Grace's World
Grace's World - Month ago
omg jocelyn is stunning!!!!🤭
Darlene Willman
Darlene Willman - Month ago
# cake story my favorite character is Bo Peep
Jess W
Jess W - Month ago
How many hours did the Toy Story 4 cake take you?
Zion Mount
Zion Mount - Month ago
Hashtag cake story bo peep
Roxie Parker
Roxie Parker - Month ago
Cake story buzzlightery
Fatima Malik
Fatima Malik - Month ago
Next week's cake is going to be a cupcake
Aryssa Villarreal
Aryssa Villarreal - Month ago
bow Pete
Akilah Yates
Akilah Yates - Month ago
Can you please do s stranger things cake
Sigfridur Gardarsdottir
Can u eat a dummy is that cake? Or just starefoam or somthing?
Del - Month ago
Wait I’m so confused (sorry for being dumb)
When she says “dummies” what is that?
Is this not actually cake?
has name
has name - Month ago
@Lily Pebbs this is true!! But something about her putting hot glue on the cake was really offsetting, even though it was only on a dummy lol.
Lily Pebbs
Lily Pebbs - Month ago
Del nope, just the bit that goes on top of the dummies is made out of cake. The rest is just dummies covered in fondant.
Jasmin Baker
Jasmin Baker - Month ago
Hello there! I also make cakes, so if u can’t get to Canada come down to Dallas, Texas and let me make u a cake for ur next event! Email me!
nidauno jacinto
nidauno jacinto - Month ago
Cakes movie
Colleen Anderson
Colleen Anderson - Month ago
# love your videos .
Eldana Biniam
Eldana Biniam - Month ago
Ahw so nice of u like if u liked the cake
Victor Freitas
Victor Freitas - Month ago
When DISNEY sponsor your video you know you’re a big deal, love the channel 💗
Emma Castino
Emma Castino - Month ago
fristy - Month ago
im so proud of u bc thats just A LOT of work
Catherine Petrovich
Catherine Petrovich - Month ago
Elyse Blaquiere
Elyse Blaquiere - Month ago
Jocelyn is so pretty
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