I Made A Cake For TOY STORY 4 RED CARPET! | How To Cake It

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How To Cake It
How To Cake It - Month ago
TO CAKE AND BEYOND! 🍰💫 I was lucky enough to be invited to the Toy Story 4 premiere and I loved every moment of it! 🎬🤩I know you're all going to love it just as much as I did! Let me know if you're planning on seeing the movie and which character you are most excited to see 🤔I have to say my new favourite is Forky! 🙈
Hangingwith JadaKeryn
Hangingwith JadaKeryn - 11 days ago
Wait is his name sporky or forky
Amy Mancilla
Amy Mancilla - 13 days ago
Bo peep
Astrid - 8 hours ago
That’s not real HOLO
Makayla Moore - Humberview SS (2472)
Do a stranger things cake
Surayah Ali
Surayah Ali - Day ago
That's not buzz lighter's helmet
Rebecca Becky
Rebecca Becky - Day ago
Awesome ♥
Pooja Singh
Pooja Singh - Day ago
Not that good and huge as you always make
Leandra Sings
Leandra Sings - 2 days ago
Yolanda: "They're like, holographic."

Me: "Chrome, its chrome, WHY DID YOU CALL IT HOLO SKSJKSJSKJ?!"
Micaela Royo
Micaela Royo - 2 days ago
19:11 Loool, she looks like a wizard; a cake making wizard
Alicia Cervantes
Alicia Cervantes - 3 days ago
What is the thing you spray on the cakes called?
Brooklyn Campbell
Brooklyn Campbell - 3 days ago
Cake story Jessie
Sarah Weaver
Sarah Weaver - 3 days ago
She should make a stranger things cake
colin oldham
colin oldham - 3 days ago
Wanda Gary
Wanda Gary - 3 days ago
Dang she got sponsored by Disney
Mason Oaks
Mason Oaks - 3 days ago
Childhood dreams created into a cake😁🎉🎂
Madelynn Wagner
Madelynn Wagner - 4 days ago
20:44 it looks like Woody is staring into the screen and it was kinda creepy😵😂😅
London Bridges
London Bridges - 4 days ago
Bo peep
SelfieQueen BK
SelfieQueen BK - 4 days ago
You didn't cover Jocelyn*s Face 😱😱😱!! I am soooo excited :) The Mystery has been REVEALED!
Cikeria Butts
Cikeria Butts - 5 days ago
I wonder if before Yolanda was a youtuber ,she was a baker 👩‍🍳. I say that because she is so good at what she does
Kendra Brown
Kendra Brown - 5 days ago
I was not completely wrong about what Jocelyn looked like😋 I imagined her with long brown hair, black thick glasses, freckles along her cheeks and nose, brown eyes, medium lips that were pink and her complexion was white 😋 That’s what I imagined every time I heard her voice😋
Natasha Sanders
Natasha Sanders - 6 days ago
I'm trying to figure out why people disliked this video....
The Haters be Hatin'!!!
Cat - 7 days ago
Cookie Gift Can Queen sells Sweetex Hi-Ratio shorting on Etsy for home bakers in small quantities for professional tasting buttercream icing. Just wanted to share with my fellow bakers a great find!
DANI M/A - 7 days ago
She literally met cristine...🤦‍♀️
We all know thats not HOLOGRAPHIC!!!!
Aurelia Edwards
Aurelia Edwards - 8 days ago
You should do a collab with Man About Cake or Ro
Teresa Tuckley
Teresa Tuckley - 8 days ago
slickey dog
saeed francis
saeed francis - 8 days ago
Amazing video Yolanda
crafty times
crafty times - 8 days ago
Already watched
Victoria Enright
Victoria Enright - 9 days ago
Two questions: Is the giveaway ended? If isn't, is it international??
sam aik
sam aik - 9 days ago
Thats Jerome from series of unfortunate events
Analia Guzman
Analia Guzman - 10 days ago
And my fav. it is buzz lightyear
# cake story forky
Big movie night cupcake
Devon Fowler
Devon Fowler - 11 days ago
Cake story woody
daddy dayanna fuck her right in the butt
Cake. Story buzz
Fantasy Dust
Fantasy Dust - 23 hours ago
Um what is that name bro
Tabatha Davis
Tabatha Davis - 11 days ago
Wow! You have an amazing talent.
Kayley Howard
Kayley Howard - 11 days ago
Wait so the only cake is the helmet?
Jailyn Smith
Jailyn Smith - 11 days ago
All of them
Emily Bushe
Emily Bushe - 11 days ago
Imagine being this good at decorating cakes
Ness Loch
Ness Loch - 11 days ago
You know you legit when Disney sponsor you
Will Green
Will Green - 11 days ago
I do cakes. That is literally exactly how every car ride goes. You literally die every time you put one of your creations into a moving vehicle and hope nothing bad happens to it.
María Robledo
María Robledo - 12 days ago
Oh PLEASE! I WANT to win... Hope im not late! # CAKESTORY and obviously muy favourite character is forky!!! But you're Right.... He must be called sporky....
Amanda ISB
Amanda ISB - 12 days ago
Next yolanda should get sponsored by marvel
Like if u agree
Slime time 12 12
Slime time 12 12 - 12 days ago
# cakestory. My favourite character from toy story is Bo peep your amazing 😍
Sarah Romero
Sarah Romero - 12 days ago
Wait I’m confused what does she mean by dummy like the “cake” is foam or something ???
sh z.
sh z. - 12 days ago
my favorite character is
I loved this video btw !!
Lila S
Lila S - 13 days ago
Buddy and Duff are shaking
Raymond Campion
Raymond Campion - 13 days ago
# cake Story Woody
Juliane Newton
Juliane Newton - 13 days ago
You should do a three layer cake for STRANGER THINGS each season should be a layer
Tracy Nail
Tracy Nail - 8 days ago
I think she should wait until season four is out, or even season five if they do decide to have one. That way she can do a full show wrap up type deal
Andrea Guadalupe
Andrea Guadalupe - 13 days ago
The cake looks good👌🏽🎂❤️❤️❤️
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