I Made a HUGE mistake!! (Mountain Lion Hunt)

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Brothers Productions
Brothers Productions - 3 days ago
I did the same with a deer tag
Mike Stacks
Mike Stacks - 19 days ago
U keep that shit all the way 100! Most people on youtube win everytime and never take an L. You're arevthe first one i ever seen do that. I respect that! Keep that shit up!💯
Greg Kellar
Greg Kellar - 20 days ago
LM Rohr
LM Rohr - 20 days ago
Did brad ever find his new go pro he lost arrow fishing with you?
Will Tickner
Will Tickner - 21 day ago
Bad luck when your with mullet man I geuss😂😂
Boondock Patrol
Boondock Patrol - 24 days ago
Those cats will sure make you run! Nice vid!
Todd Mayhew
Todd Mayhew - 25 days ago
Eat good
James Vonderau
James Vonderau - 25 days ago
Go get those rabbits, they are mighty tasty!
Chet Fowlkes
Chet Fowlkes - 25 days ago
Hey mike, I just got back from the coast fishing for them Reds and trout and flounder. I saw your vid last week fishing Bolivar. We fished Sabine and big lake.
Good luck on the kitty.
Andrew Pascoe
Andrew Pascoe - 25 days ago
Thats why you drive a ford instead of a toyota
Jim A
Jim A - 26 days ago
Stay in Texas - No cat tag needed, Drive American and was that bigfoot taking a leak over your shoulder or a fellow hunter ?
Abby Wafford
Abby Wafford - 26 days ago
Anonymouslllx !!!
Anonymouslllx !!! - 26 days ago
I'm the 900th like ;>
Ayy Emoji
Ayy Emoji - 26 days ago
Might want to check the battery cables on the truck might be a bad connection cut some rubber back off the cables and push farther into the clamp if it is a bad connection it can lead to destroying the alternator because it makes it work harder than it needs to
TY GRIFFITH - 26 days ago
Blow gun and jack rabbit 👍👍
Wesley Jones
Wesley Jones - 26 days ago
Post another one keep us updated
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson - 27 days ago
Do that blowgun thing
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson - 27 days ago
You could have bought your tag online
Blaine Brocato
Blaine Brocato - 27 days ago
Hell yea do that catch clean n cook
Jenny Feugate
Jenny Feugate - 27 days ago
Ya the catch clean and cook would be awesome
Leng Vang
Leng Vang - 27 days ago
Still a good experience
Blant Gilbert
Blant Gilbert - 27 days ago
Do it! I would love to see a jack in the pot for supper
Jaay Torres
Jaay Torres - 27 days ago
do that catch clean and cook brotha 👌
Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson - 27 days ago
If you really wanna get in shape and lose weight, go to smashinfrog.com he has greens superfood called Smashin greens. It’s awesome, and has true results. Definitely check him out, you won’t regret it! Btw, your videos are awesome! P.S would consider you to get strike force to mix with the greens. He sells that too! Good luck on your hunt!
JohnA60 - 27 days ago
Do that cool with a jack rabbit
Kacey Murphy
Kacey Murphy - 28 days ago
Yes to the catch clean and cook Blow gun
GavinBoyle - 28 days ago
yes do a kill clean cook with blow gun
sam shepherd
sam shepherd - 28 days ago
Oh yeah jackrabbit on pit
Jacob Elwood
Jacob Elwood - 28 days ago
Anybody catch the Tyler Childers song in the background at 2:01
Roy Nelson
Roy Nelson - 28 days ago
Hey man it happens that's for sure and you know when that cat got out of that tree and was hauling ass it would be harder to keep up with the trail since he is sprinting but hey man it's all about the experience always a big thumbs up bro you stay safe and we'll see you around,,,, hey you're getting closer to that give away bro big UPS man keep on doing your thing👍👍👍👊👊☺☺
AJ Fishing
AJ Fishing - 28 days ago
The flow is looking 💯 #mudflap
Nube killerjake
Nube killerjake - 28 days ago
I wanna see a Jack rabbit catch clean and cook
Born 100 Years Too Late
Born 100 Years Too Late - 28 days ago
Good stuff .. Maybe if your lucky the dogs will tree over 900 yards from the truck , way up high on a ridge and then when you get about 100 yards from him he jumps and runs across the canyon and loses the hounds in some rough bluffy country .. and they have to start cold trailing .. and you get to stay with the hounds and watch them work until almost dark.. your so tired you don't know if you can make it any further .. then finally the hounds heat it up and get a big ole Tom treed in a good spot .. you finally get to them and you shoot the lion out ... you get him all cleaned up and then have a long pack out in the dark.. finally you get back to camp and have a good nights sleep eat some lion loin the next morning .. That is what a good memorable lion hunt is .. shooting the lion is just the icing on the cake .. Good luck!
Drew Hentrup
Drew Hentrup - 28 days ago
That truck wouldn’t have broke down if it was a ford😂😂
Sam Farish
Sam Farish - 28 days ago
There ain't nothing like hearing those hunting dogs early in the morning weather you rabbit hunting or Mountain Lion hunting it gets the adrenaline flowing. Buy Interstate batteries they never let you down the battery in my Tacoma gave up the ghost not long after I bought it. Can't wait to see if you get you a big ole Kitty Kitty...
Hutton Reckamp
Hutton Reckamp - 28 days ago
Are the dogs vizsla’s?
FAX karie coffman
FAX karie coffman - 28 days ago
Was that Tyler Childers in the background music in the beginning of the video
Calvin H.
Calvin H. - 28 days ago
You have to tape your tag to your camera. lol.. Shit happens, and having your tag wouldn't have mattered that day anyway. #EatGood
Francisco Benavidez
Francisco Benavidez - 28 days ago
Where in New Mexico?
Christian Franks
Christian Franks - 28 days ago
The Tyler Childress sealed the deal
adrockey - 28 days ago
Yep. That's why is called"Hunting" and not killing.
F&W Outdoors
F&W Outdoors - 28 days ago
Yes jack rabbit catch clean cook would be awesome
D Beverly
D Beverly - 28 days ago
You fish better tha you hunt.
The_realest_onee - 28 days ago
Pretty low idle on that yota camera wasn’t shaking much when y’all were moving that tree out the trail
Rylan Trigg
Rylan Trigg - 28 days ago
Yes do a jack ccc
Its That1Guy
Its That1Guy - 28 days ago
Yes would like to see rabbit hunting with blowgun
J.J. Clingman
J.J. Clingman - 28 days ago
Heck ya who in the heck wouldn’t want to see you get a jack rabbit with the blow gun let alone see the awesome catch & cook babby!! That would be awesome & if you can’t already tell yes I would love to see a catch & cook with the blow tube!!
Austin Day
Austin Day - 28 days ago
A little Tyler Childers? Hell yeah
Rowdy Broomstick
Rowdy Broomstick - 29 days ago
Low carb diet work's, sorry about not getting one, that's cat hunting
will west
will west - 29 days ago
Blow Gun Heck yea!!!!
dan pacetti
dan pacetti - 29 days ago
Come on I wanna see a mountain lion sporting a mullet lol.
Joshua Bethel
Joshua Bethel - 29 days ago
Hey my cousin is dating your wife's cousin And her name is Rebecca
Steve Sproul
Steve Sproul - 29 days ago
Love that you show all that goes into a hunt and not just the kill. Keep doing what you do Brother
MostWantedOHA - 29 days ago
yup , that altitude will test you ..... still real watchin it go down , lookin forward to the next one !!!!
Clyde USA
Clyde USA - 29 days ago
You’re out of shape cause you EAT GOOD!
Stuart Johnson
Stuart Johnson - 29 days ago
Last time i tryed jack rabbit it wasnt good like the carp of the rabbit world.
Will79 - 29 days ago
Just went over and subbed Mysterious Brad's channel.
skinnywhop87 - 29 days ago
New Mexico is where Texans come to really hunt. You gotta actually hunt here, not sit at a feeder waiting to shoot fish in a barrel. Come on a elk hunt in the Gila or Jemez, that will make a real hunter out of you
Allen Shaw
Allen Shaw - 29 days ago
Hell yeah on the blow gun bunnies!
Wyatt McClure
Wyatt McClure - 29 days ago
Kill dem rabbits
Wayne Heath
Wayne Heath - 29 days ago
It is called. Hunting and not killing. Lol. Heck yea. Blow gun rabbit would be cool.
Carstonjmoore 5
Carstonjmoore 5 - 29 days ago
Mountain lions sound really hard to hunt
A Pat
A Pat - 29 days ago
Did that with a turkey tag one year, 3 hour drive out to my spot got there figured out i left my tag on my desk, hauled ass back home and made it back by sun up and was able to hunt opening morning. But that was a hell of a 9 hour drive for a dumb mistake haha i was so pissed now i triple check to make sure i have my tag.
anomalee77 - 29 days ago
Was that Tyler Childers I heard? Nice
Dylan Brady
Dylan Brady - 29 days ago
Do you post on the weekends?
Head to Tail BBQ
Head to Tail BBQ - 29 days ago
Been eating too good Mullet Man! 😂 👍🏻
Bobbi Stevens
Bobbi Stevens - 29 days ago
Heck yes on the blow gun and jackrabbit.
416 rem
416 rem - 29 days ago
Maybe out of shape but you live at a much lower altitude. You don't have as much hemoglobin in your blood. I live at 5000 Ft and went bighorn sheep hunting at 11,000 ft. My guides were barely breathing hard but I was even though I was in shape.
alec witmer
alec witmer - 29 days ago
blowgun a rabbit!
L&S OUTDOORS - 29 days ago
I remember driving 3 hrs one year to deer camp and setting camper up and realized I left my wallet at house lol had miss first day of va bow season
Travis Unruh
Travis Unruh - 29 days ago
Hey man, you ain't out of shape! Round is still a shape! Haha just messing! Love your videos brother! Keep them up!!
The Real Head Honcho
The Real Head Honcho - 29 days ago
Lmaooo. Roasted
Roo Ster
Roo Ster - 29 days ago
Crankin some Tyler Childers Grindstone I see haha good song to keep y'all focused
Stephen Selph
Stephen Selph - 16 days ago
Roo Ster yes sir! My man!
Good Ol Boy #76
Good Ol Boy #76 - 29 days ago
I guess it just like fishing. Hunting would be called killing if you got your kill every time you went out. Fishing would be called catching fish LOL. Good luck on the next hunt.
Joe Precourt
Joe Precourt - 29 days ago
Well yeah
Boldo FatBoy
Boldo FatBoy - 29 days ago
Good stuff and of course we want to see you hunt jackrabbit with a blowgun! God Bless
Matt Souza
Matt Souza - 29 days ago
Dang man in pulling for you the excitement an disappointment is felt there the camera can t wait to see if you slock one
Redneck Life
Redneck Life - 29 days ago
Nose on the grindstone
Mike Elshoff
Mike Elshoff - 29 days ago
If u say ur fat that just means u ate good lol
Chris French
Chris French - 29 days ago
killing it, lets slay some pigs soon
jeff bart
jeff bart - 29 days ago
That's one thing Missouri is up on is Technology.. Our state has a Hunting App where you can purchase and tag your animal via the app......
Tom Cembrowicz
Tom Cembrowicz - 29 days ago
jeff bart ha never heard that one about Missouri!!!
UNCLE BUZZ - 29 days ago
Your right , that's why we call it hunting and not killing. It's all about the adinaline and not knowing what is going happen the next split second..
There's an old saying goes like "chicken one day, feathers the next".
That is why hunting, stalking an animal,fish or bird is so darn exciting !!!
Get a swimming pool and a weight set,maybe a treadmill,and check the fit for you ,as a pool adds to the value of your home, a gym membership doesn't,just another expense that is hardly used,but that's just me.
I was wondering if you had gotten the kitty or the kitty had gotten you..?
Glad you are alright kiddo
Thanks for another awesome video
God bless you and your family
Maybe eat good,but unlike me, eat less. Naw I'm sure it's just the elevation ..
Dusty Larkin
Dusty Larkin - 29 days ago
when you eat good you get out of shape.
USN_Ret 84-05
USN_Ret 84-05 - 29 days ago
One year my Uncle and I drove way back up in the mountains in Washington and he forgot his hunting license. We were camping for a week so he spent the entire first day of hunting driving to a town to buy a license and then on the last day he remembered he had put his license in the glove box so he wouldn't forget it.
*Blu Gods*
*Blu Gods* - 29 days ago
Sounds like something I'd do
The Real Head Honcho
The Real Head Honcho - 29 days ago
I hope that Mountain Lion gets you. And btw you sound sick. Take some vitamin c
Top 10
Top 10 - 29 days ago
Keep up the good work man love your vids
Ryan Entz
Ryan Entz - 29 days ago
I was brads 174th subscriber
Lucas Garrigan
Lucas Garrigan - 29 days ago
Cheers from Reno, here for the weekend !
cumminsman191 - 29 days ago
Subbed to brad. #164
Jonah Peck
Jonah Peck - 29 days ago
Great video
Ben Jenkins
Ben Jenkins - 29 days ago
Get them bunnies and eat them sumbitches!!!
Botellofish21 - 29 days ago
Where is this @
Daniel Orr
Daniel Orr - 29 days ago
I hope you have a wonderful week man and im sorry I haven't got watch iv been sick
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez - 29 days ago
Waiting all week for this video bro!!! Finally💪💪💪💪
the country rap playlist 49
First. Love you videos
Mitchell - 29 days ago
Mulletman is the greatest!
Mitchell - 29 days ago
Next videos